: A Detailed Reply To These Low Effort "Players Should Not Be Banned For Toxicity" Threads
This might not be one of the most clever responses, and it might also be a bit (a lot) childish... but I think there should be an option to punish opponents who mock you for losing lane to them. The mastery emote spamming, 'ez'-typing douches that you have done nothing wrong to except being in the same lane. I know I can mute them, but that's not the point. It's first of all stupid that they get as much honor as the rest. And to some players (yes I know I am childish, thank you) it's extremely frustrating. I can not get over the fact that there are people existing who actually enjoy shitting on people because they are winning in a game, and they never get any punishment for it. It would be so cool to see a system being developped where you can tag players for being such douches when they win. Like the honor system, but with small consequences, like losing honor or reduced BE gain. Premades might probably abuse it but I'm sure a lot ofpeople would stop being such shitheads if they know everyone will tag them. Yes I am childish.
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: Thaaaank you Riot <3
Riot are you okay? You're acting … not like you
: I´m about to quit lol..
Not to be bragging, but I once got a 17 game losing streak ^^. I never fed or trolled, believe it or not. I played Zoe every game and I got some bad games and some games where I was really fed, but still lost. Started playing at midnight, got salty because I wanted to go to sleep with a win, ended up playing until 8 in the morning just to get a win... even had to go to sleep without one. Next day, four first games losses. Maybe my chances at winning dropped slightly because I got tired, but still, the odds of losing that many games are unreal + I had the best stats in my last games before sleeping.
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: I'm also having this problem. I even tried a clean install and it didn't help.
So frustrating... Nothing helps and neither does riot.
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: Random disconnects ingame
Hi, I have the exact same problem. Have you found any solution yet? I made a post about this yesterday as well, no answer yet.

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