Lxixlxy (EUW)
: Unbalanced!
I find it really unfair the fact how unbalanced this whole system is there are so many champions who are unbalanced, the match finding is just terrible i understand you want people to play with real players but why not just adding bots who you can fight against every time if you find no one balanced to fight against me and my friends are always losing due to lv 100-200 while we are just 20-40 i find it very very hard to figure out how to play this game without a solid tutorial how can i understand to use items or how can i understand using good items to build up with or tactics to help myself rose up to their experience this system is so goddamn annoying and weird there are kids playing this game and they want to enjoy all of their moments in the game not raging for the rest of their 4 or 5 hours the loading screen needs to change because it takes so long to just load inside the game and the match is too long to play in people don't always have time for 1 and a half matches i saw many other games having just only 20 minutes in a single match this is a waste of time and the way you balance champions are highly idiotic poor akali got so many nerfes and mordekaiser is more and more powerful not to mention how many champions are there with stuns master yi is almost not possible to kill same to jax who has the ability to not take damage what the hell is this company even want to go for this game just almot ruined so many things i can't honestly enjoying playing this game even with my friends{{sticker:sg-ahri-1}} {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}


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