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: There used to be a summoner spell back in like season 1 or 2 that did that this right here, made turret go into stasis and attack 100% faster, it was lit fam
really that good maybe they bring it back bring the respect to turrell haha
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Tutlashk (EUW)
: To leave a answer that would be more in like rito's turns: Just having two swords isn't a feature that makes a unique champion. It might suit several archetypes but isnt enough.
just make it 3 or 4 that will be unique
Eambo (EUW)
: {{champion:164}} Does it count if they're your legs? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
im talk about duel sword champion not tank like {{champion:98}} i meant fighter or assassin like {{champion:157}} or {{champion:114}} not {{champion:164}}
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: Why would you think it's a good idea? You didn't explain how anything worked. so if you are for example a 3/0 pantheon with youmuu's and 2k gold in bank and you swap with the 0/5 jinx that has a bf sword and 500 gold in bank, do you keep the same items and gold? And you you actually think you're good enough that you can win against a fed enemy botlane while you don't even main that role? Or are you a challenger player held back by your team like miraculously 70% of the stuck bronze players? Not a single game where I've had a lane that lost hard I thought to myself 'oh boy it sure would be a good idea if I could become the adc now and let that poor guy go top'. That's not the point of climbing. So either provide in-depth information about a change like that or don't get upset when someone doesn't agree with you.
im not upset be cause that u don't agree and upset cause u don't understand my idea and about your question if the summner swap gold and items and champ the answer is yes + did u agree about all riot update think again before u say yes there is people don't like the next rework and u can't say before u try it + no one will do my idea and im just talking . thank you for your time and your answers is very smart
: What does that have to do with anything? you're not making any sense
why do you think that swap lane and champ in game is bad idea
: don't think that can every be implemented in a balanced way
what rank are u ? and did u play league be for dude your answers its like u nvr get troll play jung with no smite and top give 10 kills for 10 min and how about somone play mid soraka and flame the jungle for no gank and he give 20 kills leass 15min dude wake up there is kids play this game
: what's overthinking? It's more like you're underthinking with a big change like that to be honest. Also, what makes you think that I'm worked up? I'm just giving my honest opinion. didn't mean to come over as angry or offensive or anything.
you don't understand what i meant that will fix your game when u see your adc cant even farm you can change with him and give him your feed fiora that will make your game more balance
: but if you know your adc isn't good in that role, you can just change in champ select. Why would they implement something completely new if there's already an alternative? Also, changing summoner spells doesn't even come close to changing roles/champions in game.
dude you don't to need to be workd up and you over thinking
Ìxeas (EUW)
: But then your friend shouldn't be playing ADC in the first place
riot make big change for the next season i just give suggestion and u can ask the same about summner spells now u can change it IN GAME
: then why not just swap roles in champ select?
riot make big change for the next season i just give suggestion
: Do u mean like swaping champs in champ select but in game
Ìxeas (EUW)
: But why tho
if ur friend fail in adc and ur good adc u can swipe whit him to win the lane
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Fathands (EUW)
: Nothing. Congrats though.
{{item:2050}} {{item:2050}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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: Link not working
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WHY I KNOW THERE IS SOME PPL IN HERE JUST TRYING TO BLOCK anyone say something but i say befor lol movie but all ppl say noo we don't like that i say what about pve they tell me ur noob what custem game u call it its pve stop draven me and don't flame plz
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Maíko (EUW)
: I would go for a tanky one 1. {{item:3110}} against strong AD Champs ({{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} etc.) {{item:3065}} against strong AP Champs ({{champion:84}} {{champion:105}} etc.) {{item:3078}} when your lanes is pretty easy 2. {{item:3111}} 3+4. {{item:3065}} (more Healing from your Passive, MR, CDR, Base Healt regen and Healt...through this you get massive defensive stats and sustain) {{item:3110}} (for Mana, CDR, and the Armor oc....this item has all Nasus needs.) {{item:3078}} (you can also get {{item:3025}} to get more tanky stats..your waveclear get's way better and you get an annoying slow) 5+6. Depends on your enemies: {{item:3083}} For more Health Sustain {{item:3742}} For Armor and Health For better Chasing {{item:3512}} Better chasing stronger Splitpush For MR and Armor (needs some health to be effecitve) {{item:3102}} For MR and Health Sustain Spellshield {{item:3075}} For some extra dmg against AA-Champs (good against adc and champs like {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} ) {{item:3033}} to get the maximum dmg out of your q
: Ughhhh trolls
im think about we made clan we call it go out from bronze and we inv just the player who rly wanna to go out from bronze
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Madliv (EUW)
: how to make a new game? step 1: sit on a chair step 2: game is simply made since an user commented it on forum...let's invest resources in something that is not related to our game and not sure if will work, if you want to play dungeon, go play diablo 3
how to say a comment step 1 read step 2 read step 3 {{champion:36}} its not new game its new mode in lol plz dude read not just say anything to make your point
: Fiddlesticks Ultimate Montage Tons of Damage - High Diamond - Amazingsticks
Swaguani (EUW)
: Buy karthus ??? Pveprofit
maybe kathus will be the boss i meant any champion can has his own dungeon and u can get hes skin or box and key
S0kaX (EUNE)
: So you are saying it's not the best game (YES YOU DID)
no i like to be better and ur smart {{champion:119}}
S0kaX (EUNE)
: Not in LoL, maybe a separate game
hmm ok {{champion:119}}
: ***
: if you want a different game, you should play a different game
i love lol that why i d like to be the best game {{champion:119}}
: league of legends is a MOBA. i'd love to have an RPG game with all the lore/characters of league of legends but the game we currently play is a MOBA and is designed to be nothing else. closest we can get to PvE is coop vs ai or custom game against bots.
maybe what you say is true but what im saying riot need to do what player like is that right i will tell example : like call of duty group they did what they see right and you see what happens they lost money i'm not here to say what right and what wrong i ask so much player before and they say it's a good idea {{champion:119}}
duckarp (EUNE)
: If you look at the rate at which Riot manages to add new features, you'll notice it's not a good idea at all and definitely not that easy to implement. > 9 yrs experience playing online games :)))))
dude u can't say its not good idea because your admin u need to ask league of legend player and why admin so negative we can't go further like this {{champion:119}}
Madliv (EUW)
: and how you plan to add that without completely changing the game? like making a new game with new mechanics, but same chars.
(completely channging the game) no riot can do it without change the mechanics i meant like (magicka) player get bord play pvp all time we need pve trust me i have 9 yrs experience playing online games
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