xarisboss (EUW)
: Why riot doesnot give our money back after permaban?
Because that is part of the punishment...? How is that so difficult to comprehend? You are being punished for being an asshole and breaking the rules repeatedly! The account is never actually your's and you agree to this notion when you sign up. Every cent/dime/penny you spend in-game is spent on an account that is only _rented_. Rented in good faith that you will not be a jackass while using it! When you misuse stuff that has only been lent to you, then don't be surprised when they take it away and don't be surprised when you don't get your money back cos you spent it on something that wasn't actually your own! Imagine being grounded by your parents but still having access to your electronics and WiFi. It wouldn't be a punishment at all; just a mild inconvenience. You'd never learn because there'd be nothing lost!
l C18 l (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=sTL7EnQo,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-10-22T10:48:23.867+0000) > > To be honest, if you act as you do in this thread in-game then I think you deserve what you get. Someone being a hold-out is not bannable and never will be. Why should they be banned for wanting to play the game? Missing an early surrender is annoying but maybe you acting like a tosser is what is tilting some players? Be careful you don't get reported yourself! :) Yet still You address this only to ME, when i point in almost every post, that this is the whole team decision, and the trash who clicks no clicks it not because he still believes, but only to tilt the rest 4 players.
Ah, that's because _you_ are the one who made this post and _you_ are the one showing that you are a bit of an asshole! :)
: I personally don't think there's any particular problem with tanky champs these days. Or at least i don't feel any because i feel sufficiently rewarded when i play a tank and help my team by getting good engages and providing CC. And this is particularly true when anyone else in the enemy team is made of paper because you know..."league of snowball" and "game decided at minute 10". And so, why i should ask for something i personally don't feel the need of? This idea that you can play 5 assassins and get away with it it's mostly a delusion of players who are accustomed to do what they are told no matter what. But the moment you think outside the box and learn to take advantage of this misconception, you can profit out of it.
But there are no tanks anymore, really... rampant True Damage, penetration and Lethality dealt with that. If you cant deal damage fast enough then it's just the other team dealing more damage quicker... They should rename tanks to something more based on CC because that is all they are effective for. Not tanking, just lockdown!
: Why is Yasuo still so overloaded and gets nothing removed over the time
He should definitely lose the shield and the Crit Passive should be reduced. I dislike how quickly Yasuo can rev up damage-wise. Perhaps his Wind Wall could have a health bar? Coopt the passive Shield generation into a health bar for his Wind Wall. Give WW no cooldown but its health strength depends on how much Shield has been generated. You could spam it and block next to nothing or hold onto it and block a decent amount of incoming damage. Remove the armour pen from his ultimate too then Yasuo could be reasonably fair as a slashy-dashy samurai that is good vs range projectiles but not so much that it smothers everyone! I know he isn't Meta but that ability is too powerful on a kit that effectively only needs the user to be a %%%%%% like me to lose with. Since the WW has no health value, it is effectively +1 stronger than everything in the game! Stronger than an infinite farmed Veigar ultimate! Could even go to the extent of letting him gain the _personal_ shield if he dashes through his own WW?
auneg (EUW)
: overpowered for a long time
Oh good, cos I was gonna say that if you think they counter Garen, it's because they are all busted themselves! Haha ^^
Luchjo (EUW)
: Free Hextech Chests By Getting S- Or Higher Could Really Use A Rework
Riot ~~needs~~ wants money. Lots of money. Reducing the limitation on **_Free_** stuff would make Riot/Tencent cry corporate tears! ^^
: How to deal with a 14 loss streak mostly caused by others?
Ah, I've had my fair share of games were I've done well in lane or in general but then find out that the other lanes have fed to high heaven! I've also been on the other end and been the lane that's lost us the game. The thing is; when the enemy manages to get one of their team hyper-fed (like an ADC Jinx) they then fall into a bodyguard role. They act as a team - they protect their hard monster carry! So that's what you need to do too - get your team to just bodyguard you! Oh? They won't group? Well, you have to go to _them_ instead then, sadly. Part of winning in LoL is playing as a Team. Helping your Team. If you are winning, then spread the love. Secure gold for your teammates and let your success spill over into other lanes. Many idiot teams can win comfortably just because they have such a gold advantage! :)
Shamose (EUW)
: You have to use reverse psychology with them. If you ask them to come they won't, ping them back and they come.
Gotta love when you ping for assistance (not immediate assistance) and it goes then unnoticed for the rest of the game until the rest of the team starts acting surprised why the enemy laner got so fed or why you are so behind on farm! ^^
l C18 l (EUNE)
: FF
To be honest, if you act as you do in this thread in-game then I think you deserve what you get. Someone being a hold-out is not bannable and never will be. Why should they be banned for wanting to play the game? Missing an early surrender is annoying but maybe you acting like a tosser is what is tilting some players? Be careful you don't get reported yourself! :)
auneg (EUW)
: yasuo, zed, xayah, kaisa, pyke, nautilus, caitlyn, jinx, gangplank, vayne, tresh, rakan, jax, riven, heimerdinger, renekton. yes garen is them problem haha :P
Hold on, are you talking about Champions that _beat_ Garen or are just more problematic at the moment?
: Champion Balance the Forgotten Story of the Devs
Garen is meant to be a "Baby's First" juggernaut/toplaner. He is meant to be simplistic and easy to play. Problem is, Riot seems to have confused this for "easy to win" because instead of him being easy because he is simple; Garen is easy because he is just so brokenly spoon-fed everything he wants! He is tanky, he deals great damage, he has decent mobility, he passively regenerates the only "resource" he needs to worry about quickly (health) and on top of that he has a massive delete button R... Yuumi isn't OP in herself - she is OP at what she allows her _partner_ to effectively do. It's the same with Sejuani and Braum who provide a reliable stun to champions were are already incredibly strong or utterly busted _without_ cc. Yuumi's healing, shielding, movement speed boost and disengage CC that she provides while she is effectively a buff for a teammate is incredibly unfair on some champions! Shaco is a victim of the cancerous Riot/Tencent power creep in pursuit of spectacle _watchable_ e-sports. The game has no nuance for lengthy _regular_ plays. Sure, some champions can dash about a ton, but they do so very fast and flashy and it always ends up with a insta-gib kill... Shaco can have his funny jukes but that is rare; instead he just does what any overpowered stealth assassin in a video game does - completely destroys targets after appearing suddenly beside them. Very few gaming companies understand the difference needed between assassin in PvE and in PvP...! Jax and Yi also show problems for LoL - what is the point of trying to have any semblence of different damage styles if a target attacks so fast and/or deals damage with so few auto attacks so quickly that they might as well just be burst spells instead? Plus, where is the on-hit defence? Thornmail is piss-poor considering targets can still Life Steal and just brute force through it! There needs to be more counters to this... Also, there is too much True Damage now in the game. Why the %%%% is there Armour Shred, Armour/Magic Penetration, and Lethality in the game if so many champions also have access to True Damage... Its not fair. The game does not need any more damage! :(
: Garen needs a nerf
Garen is supposed to be easy to use - being one of the first champions most people pick up. Riot seem to have confused "easy to understand" with "easy win" and just buffed everything for too high!
Rouhsif (EUW)
: how do i play as the US?
Lethality. Magic Penetration. Armour Penetration. Percentage Health Damage. True Damage. Percentage Health True Damage. Slow. Roots. Stuns. Mobility.
: This 14 day suspesion feels unfair (actually serious)
You were toxic. Doesnt matter the context; breaking the rules has no justification.
: Skin for kayn
_**G I V E Y O R I C K A D E C E N T S K I N P L E A S E!**_
: Human patience has a limit
"A little bit toxic" - Uh, no. You need to grow up, dude. You are far too fragile and far too angry to be playing this game. Glad to see you go, sadly. Wow, you are so utterly hateful....
Danitao (EUW)
: What about all i had in teh account i has final request asked for info on how much i used in league it 820 euros(of course he was in th span of 8-9 years). Riot if they cant give the account they should give me my stuff back
_That's the point of the perma-ban._ Don't you get it? The user agreement states that you may lose your entire account and all the effort you put into it if you so severely break the rules. No, you should not have your stuff back, because that us part of the punishment. You dont actually own any of the items - you paid to add them to what is essentially a rented account that would be taken away from you if you continued to break the rules. You lost access to the account because you were an asshole in that exact moment. You cant undo what you - what happened has happened and you have to suffer the consequences. It doesn't matter what anyone else did. Your actions are your own choice and you have to take responsibility. No one forced you to do anything. You are the one at fault for what you did and you were rightfully punished for it, Dude.
Danitao (EUW)
: Well you thank godI am a stubborn guy I think there should be way to prove u deserve another chance that's my stance if you don't like or think otherwise who I am to judge you.
You do not need to _prove_ you deserve a second chance - you are able to make a new account, but the old one is still gone because that is punishment given out for the toxic incident. Riot gives you the means to turn over a new leaf and absolve yourself by starting over with a new account. This is not a way to win your old account back and that should never be your aim. Your aim is to become a better person, not reverse a punishment.
: An idea for smoother Roa
If it stacked quicker then it wouldn't be the Rod of Ages. Just the Rod of Better-Go-On-a-Killing-Spree
: People get angry at me for banning a champion they didn't pick
See, while being flamed is a bad thing and I should feel sorry for you for having to suffer that... I am also sorry that you have a teammate that is too dumb to understand that the answer to their own question is as clear as day. I hope you won those games?
Danitao (EUW)
: I have I spent the last 2 months I proving upon myself and only then I came up with this idea in order to maybe try to save a few people who really regret what they did
Regret doesn't undo what has happened. The player is punished for the actions they have done. Improving your behavior should incorporates the recognition of _why_ you were punished and how the punishment is fair. A person who had reformed understands that their account is gone.
Danitao (EUW)
: Nah they won't go back look at old fiora a complete beats of champion crushing any lane it was in l, people rioted it so rito made her even more broken now ;)
To be honest, just buying {{item:3076}} {{item:3075}} countered old Fiora, and despite it being "overpowered" hasn't her old ultimate been slightly co-opted by Master Yi in his Alpha Strike? Really wish people hadn't complained as much because now we have the totally "balanced" Percentage Maximum Health True Damage...
Danitao (EUW)
: A Second Chance To Change!!
Your second chance is you being able to make a new account. Your original account was banned because you were toxic. The punishment was because of the actions you purposefully took at that time. If the punishment gets taken away, then what about your toxic actions? Suddenly it never happened? No. It did happen and that is why the punishment is there. It is as clear as that. You were punished for your actions, not your mind set. Stop trying to abuse "give me a second chance" when you really mean "I am only sorry I lost my account".
: Mordekaiser adjustment (that makes sense)
To be honest, his ultimate is not the problem. You are stuck in a rather large area against a champion that is incredibly slow. Kite him. Currently his only problems are his Q solo damage and his passive's damage plus synergy with Rylai's. Reduce damage there and he'll be fine.
: WHY IS MY LASTNAME OFFENSIVE!?????????????????
Well it's a simple case of your _german_ surname being an off-spelling of an incredibly vulgar and offensive _english_ word. English is used by a large part of the gaming world and profanity filters are always trying to stamp down on people attempting to subvert them. Your surname is just sadly one way that too many nasty people try to offend people! 😕
: Just saying. Riot's goal for last season according to their "daily update video" they wanted every champion to have a secondary place somewhere, but right now they are forcing champions to stick with 1 role. They haven't said anything that they will make champions only having one role, so they are kinda breaking their promise that they said to their fans if they want Pyke only to be a support. Edit: Read this, They wanted him mid as a secondary role on purpose. But ain't they biting themselves in the butt now? https://www.riftherald.com/interviews/2018/5/14/17352460/pyke-design-interview-lol
To be fair, this is Riot - the same people who have a small number of champions forever in meta and also seem to only give regular skins to another small number of champions. I'd say anything they say that involves "every champion" should be taken with a pinch of salt. Anyway, even with the nerfs, I'd say that Pyke is still viable elsewhere. The focus is still more on his single-target prowess rather than AoE. His clearing isn't as robust but he can still pack a decent punch to his attack target. I think there are a number of reasons why he has been tuned down. Mainly stopping him being a great farmer _and_ a lethal opponent _and_ a decent sustainer.
: Pyke Get non-champion damage removed next patch.
Well, remember that Pyke is meant to be a support, so apart from maybe collecting stacks for {{item:3302}} he is best not touching the wave, right? His E could potentially steal gold from his ADC and push the wave. On top of this, as a main-role support, he shouldn't really _be_ as effective in other lanes - he isn't just an assassin that gives out gold to his teammates. I think Riot are trying to kerb the thought that Pyke is a carry pick that you can choose if you get stuck with the support role. He was put in to add a bit of diversity and give a new perspective to aggressive supports but he certainly isn't meant to be Zed/Talon 2.0. His Q, as I recall, still can damage minions, just will prioritize champions to prevent unluck attempts inside the minion wave. That's fair enough really, as Pyle seems more of an champion killer than a lane pusher.
: Why are people refusing to watch replay after the game?
Because it sounds incredibly pretentious and belittling. Not you in particular, OP, but I mean it comes across in a number of ways as if you regard yourself as better than everyone else. Like the kind of player who is a bit full of themselves because they know so much about the game and then proceed to treat everyone else like children, thinking that they are being charitable by sharing their knowledge with the idiots around them. Don't get me wrong, I can see your positive intentions, but you need to understand that anything along the lines of when someone deemed a peer tries to raise themselves above others in a teaching role without being asked beforehand, can be seen as rather insulting. Comes across as you thinking you are better than them - their superior of sorts and mocking them. Also, pretty much, people in League of Legends and most other games don't really like "I'll tell you that you're shit" services - which is how the majority of people will see the service. Even if it's just one mistake in an ocean of perfect play. No one likes having their mistakes paraded around.
: how to get unban
How to get unbanned if you reformed? Well if you reformed then you'd understand the necessity of your punishment and will accept it, then make a new account and carry on. Reforming doesnt _undo_ the crime you did, so why should they _undo_ the punishment? The punishment is there to deal with the rule breaking you commit to. Reforming is just understanding why that punishment was needed and living with it.
: Super scared of Getting banned, help me!?
The Meta at any one point is a small core of several over-used champions and one or two FotM choices. The list of off-meta picks is massive and would relegate a large swathe of the champion pool to being unplayable. Riot are dumb and have made a number of dumb choices in the past, but I really doubt they'd be that stupid enough to kneecap themselves by stopping 60% or more of their game assets being playable. If you get banned for an off-meta pick, then you'd be wrongly punished. Nothing wrong with non-meta. Even if you lose, what's the difference between sucking at an off-meta pick and sucking as a meta pick? Why does one "deserve" a report over the other. Actually, there is no choice to report for "off-meta pick".
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=6iumB3Z2,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-06-14T12:53:54.680+0000) > > Unless you stun him, root him, slow him, cleanse the debuff, kite him, kill him, become immune/untargetable or tank him for 7 seconds. > > I'd say that is more than a 0.01% reprieve from death maybe, but how many ppl in low elo will do that{{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Well I'm in Low ELO and I can narrow it down to everyone on the enemy team and _sometimes_ myself if I stop panicking. Also seems to work being Renekton.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: i certainly would. I would probably be able to start at 5 cases a day tho and then get better. A small hand of human reviews atleast makes the system feel more reliable
And what will stop you from being biased? What would prevent you from aiding the accused when punishment is based on actions not the context? Many of the anti-bot rants are pivoted by people who have been banned and are oblivious to the clear reason why they were banned.
: 14 day suspension
After 1 perma-ban and close to another, have you not taken time to step back and consider what you are doing wrong? You obviously dont know what trolling or being toxic means, and that is worrying. People can be oblivious to being a %%%% and dont realise that there is a very reasonable middle ground between utter asshole and simpering PC wuss. You can still be decent person and not look like a weak-willed pushover. You dont have to swear to be toxic. Threatening a report on others is toxic - it's an abuse of the report system.
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: just say it correctly. best thing to do is be a punching bag
Best thing to do is grow up and stop letting anonymous people in a video game shatter your fragile macho masculinity. It's not being a punching bag, it's about being the better man and not stooping to the level of angry eejits!
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Yes, I'd take less but quality skins over plenty of lackluster skins anyday. Unfortunately, Caitlyn doesn't have very good looking skins, at least for my taste despite having plenty. I do wish they step up their skin game. Make more quality skins for less popular champs, its boring to see a new lux, kata, ahri, ezreal, yasuo skin every other patch but afterall Riot is a company and they care about the profit first and foremost.
Oh, I completely forgot to suggest Pulsefire Caitlyn as a decent skin for her but then, if you play Caitlyn (I honestly don't play ADC much at all) then you'd have more of an eye for what is good and not good for her. She is just a lady with a oversized rifle after all! I am sure tons of people think Yorick has enough "good" skins, while I beg to differ! But yeah! That's the thing - we have our favorite champions religated to obscurity while the money-printing "forever meta" cool champion get skins constantly! Yasuo is one of these most toxic champions in the game, with such a toxic playerbase behind him, but look at how many high quality skins he has! Look at Kai'sa too - she has tons and she is only a new release... You are right, Riot put profit well before the game itself. Non of us want them to go bankrupt but the priority of squeezing as much money out of a small core of champions is really sad to see... Just look at the "prestige" skin line and its clear to see. I always think if they focused on making the _game_ and not some skin simulator or LCS merchandise backdrop, then they could make so much more money with a much better League of Legends!
Nar7ia (EUW)
: Exactly. Caitlyn and even Kai'Sa do not look like themselves at all in those skins. It seems they purposefully made Arcade Caitlyn lackluster to sell her Prestige skin. These Arcade skins just feel like they were rushed as a quick cash grab. When you look at Dark Star skins you get the feeling that they really put their heart into it, when you look at new Arcade skins they feel like quick cash grab. At this point I just wish they scrap the whole Arcade Caitlyn (Kai'Sa too) and give her some other skin, maybe something like Debonair Caitlyn, been waiting for that since years.
Ah! That's another thing - at least they are getting skins, which makes it even worse when you consider how lacklustre they are... As a Yorick main, I'm already in a bit of a mood because of the last two skins he has gotten. New Yorick Skins are already so rare, but the last two skins are so tacky and lacklustre themselves. Ugh... I wish they'd focus on 1 skin and make it great and then give it to someone who deserves it and isnt getting skins everyone other patch!
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bMftjJZg,comment-id=000900000000,timestamp=2019-06-14T12:41:22.678+0000) > > Illegal means _forbidden_ anyway. Forbidden by law, with "law" in this instance being the Terms & Conditions that Riot has you agree to before playing. > > Illegality does not always mean jail time. The ToU aren't laws, they're a contract and at best, rules.
Laws are rules though. Plus the ToU is there for legal purposes so Riot cant be sued or have legal action taken against them for a number of reasons. Honestly, mate, you are just being pedantic here! ^^
: the issue with the new morde ( well it not really an issue ) is that hes totally team undependant. he doesn't need teamwork at all. the kit just allows him to basicly run over a whole team, bit like darius but way stronger atm. on top of that getting hit by his ult is like a 99.99% surtain dead.
Unless you stun him, root him, slow him, cleanse the debuff, kite him, kill him, become immune/untargetable or tank him for 7 seconds. I'd say that is more than a 0.01% reprieve from death
Nar7ia (EUW)
: I really have no idea but the new Arcade skins feel very lackluster and disappointing. Dark Star Jhin literally mesmerized me. Meanwhile I don't even want to look at Arcade Kai'Sa and Caitlyn despite them being among my favorite champions. Just look at Arcade Riven, MF, Hecarim and Arcade Caitlyn, Kai'Sa side by side and you will know what I mean. The previous Arcade skins feel colorful, joyful and fun. The current Arcade skins feel bland and edgy. The difference between the quality is almost as if the Dark Star and new Arcade skins were designed by a different company. It sucks because I really wanted a good Caitlyn skin and now I'll be stuck with a lackluster Arcade Caitlyn for long time.
I'd hope that the new skins cost less than the previous ones in the series but they dont seem to... They do look like just a set up from recolouring like they used to do back in the day. In fact, they look so gaudy as to be knock-off bootleg toys from some RIP-off fake manufacturer! I'd be worried that Caitlyn's Arcade Skin is purposefully dull just to give more focus to the Prestige Money Grab skin...
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=bMftjJZg,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-06-14T10:10:25.312+0000) > > Account selling/buying is illegal. Naming & Shaming is also illegal by the Forum Rules. You paid money for something you were not allowed to have and should have been aware of such a thing. Furthermore, you actually bought it without any protection whatsoever. You kind of deserve to lose out on this. Do not mix up illegal with forbidden. Will he go to jail ? No. It's not illegal. Will he get banned ? Possibly : it's forbidden.
Illegal means _forbidden_ anyway. Forbidden by law, with "law" in this instance being the Terms & Conditions that Riot has you agree to before playing. Illegality does not always mean jail time.
Azazel131 (EUNE)
: Why can QSS cleane mord ult
> he litteraly transports you to another dimension That's not really something small. I see that as a major cc to be honest. It's a banish attack and is a hard form of crowd control. The banish is cleansed, thats fair. You have to play smart with Morde's ult or be outsmarted!
: plz RIOT look what i say
First off, please learn to use punctuation - use "." after each new sentence. Like, imagine how you'd talk to someone. Where you'd take a breath or stop one statement before going into the next. You also need to understand that punishment is for the _action_ without regard for the context. **_Riot do not want toxic behavior in the game_**. It doesn't matter why you do it; the end doesn't justify the means. If people feed or flame or troll, that is their problem and they will be punished. If _you_ feed or flame or troll, _for whatever reason_ then you are also at fault!
Ιsaac (EUW)
: I bought an account and the owner took it back without refund or notice
Account selling/buying is illegal. Naming & Shaming is also illegal by the Forum Rules. You paid money for something you were not allowed to have and should have been aware of such a thing. Furthermore, you actually bought it without any protection whatsoever. You kind of deserve to lose out on this.
Nar7ia (EUW)
: For me at least, the new arcade skins do look rushed and qualitatively worse than the previous ones. Though the dark star skins they just released look awesome, wish I could say the same about Arcade skins too.
Would it be the exact same people working on both sets of skins? Could be a change in effort between different staff members. Bit awkward for whoever is doing the new Arcade skins if they ever did a side-by-side comparison with the just-released Dark Star skins! ^^
iaapvp (EUW)
: 8/10 games there is 1 or 2 mordekaisers
This happens with all new releases and reworks - not sure what this thread is getting at. Both wanting to play the _new_ champion/rework and also wanting to get in on the inevitable power-spike-on-release. Mordekaiser follows the same trend - he is overpowered but not maybe to a degree of some other releases. He can still be countered hard by champions like Renekton or through simply not being silly. Riot just pumps damage into the new champions to try and push sales of the champion and their skins! :)
: then who is the pudding champion? i'm sorry i'm tired i can't think right XD
OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Ah, right, the "%%%%% Pudding" joke was a joke about the following character from Adult Swim's Robot Chicken show. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/robot-chicken-fanon-2/images/1/17/Angry_%%%%%_Pudding.PNG/revision/latest?cb=20171012165001 Did the image show? She is a nasty piece of work. You can guess her first name; a very prominent B-word. You can look up how nasty she can be to everyone! Haha _That's_ how bad I think Qiyanna is! ^^
: you mean zac?
(Uuuuuugh! What is with the phone version of the boards today?! I didnt mean to down vote you! Haha...) What do you mean by Zac? Zac always seems like a decent personality, what do you mean? Also, saw that you've clicked with Qiyanna being Tira from Soul Calibur! You think she'll be as annoying? ^^
Trias000 (EUNE)
: She can't be toxic because she doesn't exist. She's not conscious. So she can only imitate toxic behaviour. Does it really bother you if a character in a video game is rude to you? There are so many examples of this. E.g. in all Fallout and Witcher games you meet assholes right and left. But not only that's not bad, it's part of what makes those games so good.
First off, _please_ look up the term "roleplaying". I just think you've got it wrong there and are looking for a different word. Secondly, again, Qiyanna is the character - she has been consciously designed by Riot to be an asshole. If she doesn't exist, how can she imitate? To imitate would imply a conscious action towards replicating behavior that she can acknowledge. Since that is ridiculous and she _is_ a non-sentient parcel of data, the blame falls on Riot, _which is who I am pointing the blame at anyway from the beginning_. Riot is creating Qiyanna. They are the ones who have decided that this sort of toxic shit-talking "%%%%% of a character" personality is alright to implement into the game, while also telling players not to act in a similar fashion. They say that toxicity has no place in League of Legends but here they are putting it into the game. Asshole characters in gaming are not bad things, I agree, but remember that those games that use asshole personalities don't also run a complete opposite moral outlook that involves condemning the same behavior that they have implemented into these characters. No one likes being nasty, obviously, but games with asshole characters tend not to say that being an asshole or being nasty has "no place in their game" because the act of putting those nasty assholes in the game really just defeats the purpose. Not only that, but these characters tend to be vulnerable to player reprisal (if the player chooses to do so) therefore opening up avenues for dealing with the toxic behavior. LoL is different - you play _as_ Qiyanna. You _are_ the asshole character. You cannot get _away_ from the asshole character. You are forced to play _against_ the toxic personality put in the game by Riot, who are the same people who will ban you if you act in a similar way. Imagine if Riot completely and utterly banned all swearing in the game, but then released a champion that did nothing but swears.
rHarvey (EUW)
: Hotfix mordekaiser
**_P L A Y R E N E K T O N_**
Trias000 (EUNE)
: I don't know how toxic Qiyana is, but there's clearly a distinction. She's roleplaying, toxic assholes aren't.
That's not really the case. "Roleplaying" is the imitation of a character, but Qiyanna _is that character_. Riot has designed her to be this kind of an asshole. She is not _pretending_ to be a toxic shit-talker, Qiyanna _is_ a toxic shit-talker. Riot have gone and intentionally made a character that emulates asshole behavior, while also condemning that behavior from the players. Double Standards and utterly hypocritical!
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