: Why the **** does riot balance the game around .01 % of playerbase?
For all the downvotes you get, please know that I agree with you. Riot are stupid with their over-eagerness to balance around e-sports level rather than theq majority casual level. It's just plain bullshit and is nothing but an attempt to generate more revenue from what is fastly becoming a spectator-only game. The balance is just too knife-edge in places. There is too much focus on spectacle and flair rather than actual genuine skill and fairness. Riot should actually have 2 seperate balance set-ups. One for common play and one for pro-play. I am sure as a small indie company they could manage that? /s
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IkPatrick (EUNE)
: Me neither they shouldn't change the kit but only add this as a passive on something. I don't think Ivern requires changes to his kit to implement this because he is very underrated and doesn't require hard nerfs to balance things out
So how would it work? It would surely have to be a late game mechanic as having Red Buff barreling down top-lane 2 minutes in would be awful for one of those two lanes (would Red Buff dying grant its buff to the opposing team?)
IkPatrick (EUNE)
: Integrate the "Jungle Army" into Ivern's passive/kit
Aw! Had a great idea for a Champion with a similar such mechanic. _Literally because of Ivern being a Druid and also falling behind in popularity due to his gameplay._ Would love for _Ivern_ to get such a mechanic but I wouldnt want him to lose out on his current kit!
: 10 years, and Riot still hans't figured out a way to not punish 4v5s
OP doesn't really need to outright suggest something because we all know what's needed; a "safe to leave" scenario when a player fails to reconnect after x minutes. Dota 2 managed it, why can't LoL?
Mykat (EUW)
: I hate league of legends
Try another MOBA? Or any other game that you could possible think would grab your attention even for a few days or a week before going back to LoL? I am fully in the same boat as you; LoL is a shitshow. For me, there's too much damage in the game. Too much power. Not enough Yorick skins too. Too much flash and unfairness in balance. What I do is rotate between LoL, Dota 2, WoW and some single player games such as Total War, Civ 6 or Crusader Kings 2. What you end up choosing may be totally different. But dude, I do get where you are coming from ^^
: hope it comes whit a buff or peopel wont buy it for 1350 RP still a good start
Maybe we wont see him coming on the Winter Map? ^^
: Trundle Does Exist
Well he _is_ getting a skin, and Riot only bother putting that kind of effort into a champion that'll be played and therefore sell skins. So seems he's decent enough! :)
Sinking (EUW)
: So Vladimir and Leblanc are a thing now?
Seems to me like Vlad is the kind of guy who'd prefer to suck on a different kind of baguette.
: ME get perRRrrma-ban fOR thIsss??!?!1?11? NOT fhair!! RIOt Made a MistAKe!!1
Oh no! Why is this total serious and definitely not spoof piece in the _jokes_ section? ^^
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Q holding is terrible and only good for executing some one, W is only decent with max stacks and his E well... Only got for disengaging when facing people infront of you, cause the slow is crippling.
Right well how would you consider going about buffing him? Remember, we can't just give him 100% True Damage on all abilities! ^^
Gashru1 (EUW)
: Pantheon
I think he is decent enough though. Not the best but not the worst by far! Would love a change to his Q-hold since that's the only thing that seems to do nothing much.
: I disagree with support being the most important The team can survive with a bad support but not a bad jungler Jungler role is arguably the most important role in the game no matched
Jungles are the best supports because they support the lanes. Supports are the best Carrie's because they carry their ADCs through the early game struggle ^^
: why is diana so strong now?
Her rework also involved pumping in a shit-shed load of damage. Tons of power sells skins! ^^
DemonRimo (EUW)
: Noob question: Prestige skins
Prestige Edition Skins are not chromas. Many of them have all new design aspects. Each PE skin is a stand alone skin.
: but the important part isn't for the adversary to lose his mana but for sylas to gain mana kind'of like kassadin W but with auto attack and W. him stealing mana is just an extra mecanic.
He could drain _health_ aand convert it to mana? That may be something for a different Champion though. Or, again, could cause a debuff that delays either cooldowns or resource regeneration - similar to grievous wounds and healing - and then perhaps he _gains_ increase mana regeneration for ever target affected by this debuff. That all said, is it perhaps this is all redundant with the new changes to Sylas coming in?
: > To be honest, I was originally horrified at the thought that he absorbed all damage up to The Grit Cap - half his max health!! Thought he effectively had 1.5x Max Health! Glad that's not the case. Yeah that would be busted. > But back on point, his True Damage counter, %MHealth and super duper plex ultimate kind of suggest an aggressive short duration fighter. He'll kill the target before mana would be an issue. And 8 seconds is still a decent time to spam, especially when filled in with his other abilities and fist weaving. I disagree His auto attack nature and his grit mechanic, and his second passive (more regen as he gets low) imply a longer brawling playstyle... so energy is out And his abilities aren’t requiring mana gating, even 8 seconds isn’t that spammable for a late game ability, his Q is spammable but also not massively impactful... so nothing in his kit really requires gating, E and R are long cooldowns, W has its own resource, and Q doesn’t need gating. > I'd say that I am just more annoyed that the only champions that "survive" being introduced or reworked are Champions with the fewest restrictions and the most overloaded helping-hand kit. I wouldn’t say that... a lot of the old monstrosities that got reworked were much worse than current champions... and not many champions have low restrictions and helping hand kits.
But the thing is, the lack of mana is still just there to remove "discomfort" of having tactical limitations on the champion. He'll never have to manage how much he uses his abilities in the lane. He'll never have to worry about backing at all considering his HP regen passive. Don't get me wrong, I'm seeing that as pretty awesome - so much less to worry about! Heck, I'll point out that I fully get your point of view and how he is meant to be played. I agree with that! It's just that I don't agree that he should be forever unburdened by the tactical implications of resource management. It's like playing Blazblue _stylish_ mode instead of _technical_. It's choosing the "high resource" or "legendary start" in an RTS or strategy game. It's not cheating, but it's removing a lot of the effort required. He doesn't need _just enough mana to get by_. I definitely don't think he should suffer hard with every single ability (this isn't Dota 2!) but maybe he should eventually "tire out" so to speak? > I wouldn’t say that... a lot of the old monstrosities that got reworked were much worse than current champions... and not many champions have low restrictions and helping hand kits. Oh definitely, some older champions were incredibly horrendous but I am sorry, that isn't what I meant! Look at all the previous reworks; which ones do you still frequently see in meta? Non of them are really "never played" but certainly there are some better off than others - usually the ones with more comforatble mechanics. Easy success requirements with fewer restrictions. Same thing happens with new releases too! (Also, what I mean about "helping hands" would include lack or low worry over resources, high damage, easy to land abilities, safety and lack of punishment for playing wrong and so on.) Sorry for the long wall...
TinaOwO (EUNE)
: Why is ahri broken? ;__;
Sett killed Ahri confirmed?
: Ahri cannot be considered balanced.
Ahri'lly don't think you took into account that Ahri is predominantly skill-shot based. Her Q isn't slow but it's nowhere near too fast to react to it, especially if it's still on its outward journey. Her charm hits only the first target, allowing you to block it with minions. If she doesn't miss outright then most of her kit can be easily dodged anyway. League of Legends does have _way_ too much damage though.
Kalviras (EUW)
: The main problem I have with Ahri honestly is just her mobility, playing as Olaf against her just makes me sad as I tried to axe her to slow her down and ult after her and she just eternally kept dashing away from me, unless you have a hard stun you can't catch her.
How do you think slower champions feel when they can't get away Olaf and get eternally dunked on? ^^"
: 8 seconds fully maxed, so not that spammable... especially as your encouraged to wait for it to be charged up first hitch slows down its ability to be spammed
To be honest, I was originally horrified at the thought that he _absorbed_ all damage up to The Grit Cap - **half his max health!!** Thought he effectively had 1.5x Max Health! Glad that's not the case. But back on point, his True Damage counter, %MHealth and super duper plex ultimate kind of suggest an aggressive short duration fighter. He'll kill the target before mana would be an issue. And 8 seconds is still a decent time to spam, especially when filled in with his other abilities and fist weaving. I'd say that I am just more annoyed that the only champions that "survive" being introduced or reworked are Champions with the fewest restrictions and the most overloaded helping-hand kit. Sett is simple but could still fall from grace if his W is easily baited.
: He has a different secondary resource (grit) which means he won’t get mana or energy Gameplay wise he’s not needed for mana gating as his skills are low impact and aren’t spammable, and energy would kill him as he’s designed for long drawn out fights and energy is designed to make those kinds of fights bad for the champion
Is it me or is his W rather spammable in fights? Or at least I've seen it come up at a regular pace.
: Is there any specific reason why Sett doesn't have mana or energy?
Riot/Tencent want flashy-play champions. If they can't overload the champion with powerful mechanics and miles of sub-abilities, conditionals and passive then removing the "anti-cool" restrictive resource pool is the next best thing! Plus, look at Riven, Tryndamere, Katarina and Garen for example; brutally strong, despite being "simplistic" all because they don't need to bother with mana and just have pure damage pumped in ^^
: Sylas Rework
Mana-steal is incredibly depressing to play against. DotA 2 has some very restricted Mana manipulation mechanics - one such Hero is Anti-Mage who burns mana with auto-attacks. They pretty much ruins any fun for any ability users. Maybe he could _delay_ mana or resource regen, allowing the target to get his resources back after the fight? Or maybe increase the cost of abilities? Add seconds to cooldowns as he saps magic and power?
: I admit, sarcasm isn't my strong suit. :D
Don't worry! Being witty isn't my strong suit either, so it all cancels out! :D
: Expect Garen somewhat recently got the Miami Vice inspired skin.
To be honest, I think my sarcasm didn't work. That's really the point of the thread; look at all the skins he has recently gotten... ^^"
Morrhen (EUW)
: Mecha Leona skin is glorified visual update of the Project Leona. Change my mind. Missed chance to make her DAWNBRINGER Leona skin. Instead they gave Dawnbringer to Nidalee. What a horrible theme for a jungle based champion. Instead of giving it to... y'know, champion who's associated with SUN. LITERAL SUN ASPECT.
Sure, Dawnbringer would have just been a rehash of her Eclispe skins! She didnt need a new skin. So many other champions could have had that skin slot!
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Wannes (EUW)
: It is a fantasy game....
This is not a Fantasy Game anymore; it's an Anime Game. Look at the skins, the cutesy "monsters", the "pretty boy" macho guys. Weebs spend more money.
Fyrijou (EUW)
: Darius is still, after all those years broken and no one wants to admit that he needs a Nerf
{{champion:122}} is pretty strong, but I won't pick him unless I am certain of the match-up. He can be kited - many ranged champions such as {{champion:133}} or {{champion:67}} can really make his time hell with constant poke and harass, while also being able to keep him away with disengage tools. Many champions that are immobile suffer from Darius match-ups, but adequate sustain such as from {{champion:2}} can really turn the tides. Poking with {{champion:8}} can gain similar results. Seriously though, Olaf has the sustain and the ability to stack Conquerors pretty damn fast. He can stick to Darius like dog poo to a new shoe, beat him down while reaching Conquerors quickly and then sustaining both Darius' passive and own Conquerors. Other Champions such as {{champion:80}} and {{champion:86}} show Darius some trouble (and little mercy) with their own poke, sustain/damage blocking capabilities and crowd control. Crowd Control is a God-send. Even {{champion:13}} and {{champion:83}} have very good chances against Darius if they are used correctly. Roots, slows and pathway blocks can really help kite the big man. Or better, stop him from escaping! Even {{champion:24}} has potential to cause Darius grief. As long as a champion can keep close to Darius, keep him from stacking Keystone and Passive through CC and brute force, they work. A champion with sustain works even better. A champion who can kite and deal damage (which technically even includes Yorick) is even better still! Remember, Darius can't stack anything if he can't reach you! Use that range, use those dashes, cc and sustain!
: A question for people who spent years here
Do you really think a company like Riot would accidentally release a champion that is broken or overpowered? Of course not! It's all planned! The PBE is a glorified showcase server - a new/reworked champion's subsequent nerf patches are pretty much laid out even before release. It's no surprise that almost every champion on release is overpowered so both the champion and its skins sell. Unless Riot are truly that incompetent even still after 140+ champion releases.
: Is it just me or are champions coming out of nowhere recently ?
Wasn't there a time in the past when Riot released a champion every 2 weeks or so? Maybe they are going back to that system again? Maybe it just happened that so many champion design team finished up so quickly after each other? Of course, it's probably because it's near christmas and Riot smell money.
Jushuu (EUW)
: I think most of the people doesn't actually understand my comment there I am not speaking about MYSELF but asking questions in general about the comportment of players, thank you.
I am not speaking about you. I am speaking about everyone. Just as you are being generalist in your original post.
DutchPro (EUW)
: Inters and afks is nothing new lmao. What bothers me more than that is not having any close games. Legit you get hard smacked or smack hard, games decided in 15 minutes and ended in 25. Its so boring I just want to have a fun action packed close game where the outcome isn't decided so early into the game
It's rather odd, I've found matchmaking putting me up against ridiculously unbalanced teams... but then after _player-input_ in the lobby, the game tends to have very even numbers of mastery icons. Like, 3 rank 4+ each. It might not matter but it's weird that players seem to be able to get at least some semblance of balance by _accident_ over the massive company that is Riot!
asconakos (EUNE)
: Almost 5 years since Skarner and Mordekaiser got a skin
From no bias standpoint, I would say that Yorick deserves a new skin first. Ahem, sorry, I mean a new _high quality_ skin!
Jushuu (EUW)
: Can we speak about the LoL banning system?
Two wrongs don't make a right. You didn't like those people being toxic to you, so how is being toxic back acceptable? Where does the buck stop? No one has the right to be an asshole! The rules are against being an asshole; there is no excuse over who is and why they are an asshole. Mute and report at the end. Dont give them reason to report you.
: This is why Draft Mode appears in Ranked Games, to ban champions that you don't want to play or, against it..{{summoner:14}}
While I think Riot's balancing is more about selling skins and e-sports tickets, I do also believe that they have some thought for the players! There are a lot of BS champions out there; you may ban X because they mechanically counter you but that leaves that window open for champions that "counter" by sheer number values, which really rather sucks! That all said, I think the Akali nerfs are coming in to stop an Assassin from speed poke/farming incredibly well even when behind.
Ðouble B (EUW)
: Ultimate skin idea
Dragon Shovel Yorick please. Great cloak, massive dragon wing mantle on his back. Shovel changes for depending on items built. Maiden changes depending on current dragon/dragonsoul/rift.
Norzolrat (EUW)
: Stereotypes
More men like League than women. More men are willing to put the effort into becoming professional than women. There is a difference between a woman who plays video games and an e-girl. More men like women over men. /answered
: report heroes
Meh, while it's pointless to do since the Cheating report option is for third-party software abuse only, I do find it therapeutic about the idea of being able report broken/busted/overtuned champion picks. Worse is when they pick hard no-fun counters just to sweaty tryhard a lane! On either side really! Its scummy for my teammates to do it too! ^^ Shame there is no such option...
: NAUTILUS skin, pls rito!
Dress him up as a slutty angel and call it Naughty Less Nautilus? 🤔
Ratatouka (EUW)
: what are we gonna do about neeko and nami?
Neeko is also a name, and so is Nami. It's not one language's fault that another language is dirty-minded.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Before you freak out about Aphelios, read this...
Right, so Riot are finally doing their rendition of Carl the Invoker from Dota 2. So many different "spells" and combinations.
: When will saying "easy" finally become bannable riot?
Since "easy" is used to be an ass in _most_ circumstances, it would probably come under Negative Attitude or even Verbal Abuse since it's used to trigger and cause offense in the pettiest of ways! ^^
: Wukongs R doesn't knock up warwick
Warwick's Q makes him **undisplaceable** though not sure if that also means immune to cc. Could just be a glitch similar to how some champions can be seen zipping off into the sky when certain factors are in play. Warwick could have just been in the correct moment.
: So many people still play only for kills this is actually a great addition. You MUST get Elder now, if you're ahead you can't just fool around and try to get an inhib, you have to secure Elder and then win the game. On the other hand, while one team is doing Elder, the other could just rush Baron and defend without giving the enemy a chance to get them anywhere near 20%. And there IS counterplay. Zhonya, Stopwatch, GA, Liss R, Zil R. Building defenses. So many people are building pure damage and then cry because they get oneshot...
Yes, because adding toxic force mechanics to make the game miserable out of fear is absolutely what we wanted! We definitely needed to no longer play this game for fun! Now we gotta stress over getting the bullshit 20% to execute! Kills or Objective Hunting; either way it'll end up being "Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh no! Oh crap! Gotta get the EDE! Gotta get the EDE! Oh no!" Why don't we force everyone to wear reverse-bear traps with a 35min timer that only shuts off when the game ends? That's a great addition, right? Stops people just DMing across the Rift, right? ^^ > And there IS counterplay. Zhonya, Stopwatch, GA, Liss R, Zil R. Building defenses. So many people are building pure damage and then cry because they get oneshot... Also, remember the EDE will still reattempt to execute once the invulnerability goes through. While revives still count towards the problem of 20% executes from any damage! The EDE **is** pure damage. It's True Damage! There is no point in building tanky with that thing in the game!
: nope. i am even for Buffing the elder dragon... In like 20 games since preseason i only saw 1 team which got the elder drake, and that was my team, cause we didnt finished before and wanted to see how it looks... **You will rarely see the elder drake ever, and if you see him, the team with the elder drake deserve to win. The Elder drake is just a mechanic that prevent 45+ minute games (Most games end ~ 25 min, and the earlyest possible elder drake is 26 min soo.) . The team that killed all 4 drakes and then finally kill the Elder Drake in my opinion should instantly win the game. And for that reason the power of the elder dragon is totally fine. ** But we have to see some more statistics in the next week. So far the chance some team even get 4 drakes so they can finally get the Drake soul is already RARE, now find a team that got the elder drake... thats super rare. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} People always arguing "OP OP OP" in how many games u saw this happen? Its like arguigin Veigar is OP he can have 1700 AP. (in over 1000 games i maybe saw 1 time a veigar got 1,7k ap) **QUANTITY > POWER, even if the enemy nexus would instant explode when you kill the elder drake, it wouldnt be op, cause u did ALOT to finally get the drake during this game!** {{sticker:sg-janna}} **Just see it like the Exodia from card games, or the Sudden Death in Battle Royals. If the game finally last that long, the better team should finally win. **
This "it will rarely be seen" argument is utter naff! If you "rarely" got stabbed in the thigh, you'd still absolutely hate it when it happens and work to prevent it! Might be an extreme analogy but in the end, just because something toxic happens only a few times, it doesn't make it less toxic or any more acceptable!
: Nerf Elder dragon
Yeah, the new Elder Dragon Execute is utterly bullshit! There was no need for it at all as there is already so much damage in the game! Karthus does not need an excute. Darius does not need _another_ execute. Same with Garen. No one needs more damage in this game! There goes all the clutch outplays. Actually, I don't even understand the logic behind the buff? In many normal games, one team will dominate dragon more than the other. It's not giving "more value to the losing side", its "giving a bigger stick with a grenade attached to the end to the team that's already beating the shit out of the other team". Can Riot stop with the knife-edge gameplay? League of Legends isn't just the LCS...
: Senna = Pyke 2.0 ?
Senna and Pyke are Riot's attempt to inject "spectacle" and "playmaking" into the Support role... if it doesn't deal 100000 true damage then it won't sell skins, in theory! :(
: Ban Appeal?
You are sorry that you got punished; not for what you did. If you were truly sorry then you'd have apologised and stopped before the ban, but look, you've only come out with this thread _after_ your things have been taken away. If you are truly sorry you'll accept your punishment and move on. The account is gone, mate. If the punishment is revoked then where go the consequences for your actions? You've had ample warnings to change your behaviour.
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