Ðouble B (EUW)
: Ultimate skin idea
Dragon Shovel Yorick please. Great cloak, massive dragon wing mantle on his back. Shovel changes for depending on items built. Maiden changes depending on current dragon/dragonsoul/rift.
Norzolrat (EUW)
: Stereotypes
More men like League than women. More men are willing to put the effort into becoming professional than women. There is a difference between a woman who plays video games and an e-girl. More men like women over men. /answered
: report heroes
Meh, while it's pointless to do since the Cheating report option is for third-party software abuse only, I do find it therapeutic about the idea of being able report broken/busted/overtuned champion picks. Worse is when they pick hard no-fun counters just to sweaty tryhard a lane! On either side really! Its scummy for my teammates to do it too! ^^ Shame there is no such option...
: NAUTILUS skin, pls rito!
Dress him up as a slutty angel and call it Naughty Less Nautilus? 🤔
Ratatouka (EUW)
: what are we gonna do about neeko and nami?
Neeko is also a name, and so is Nami. It's not one language's fault that another language is dirty-minded.
DasIstNyul (EUNE)
: Before you freak out about Aphelios, read this...
Right, so Riot are finally doing their rendition of Carl the Invoker from Dota 2. So many different "spells" and combinations.
: When will saying "easy" finally become bannable riot?
Since "easy" is used to be an ass in _most_ circumstances, it would probably come under Negative Attitude or even Verbal Abuse since it's used to trigger and cause offense in the pettiest of ways! ^^
: Wukongs R doesn't knock up warwick
Warwick's Q makes him **undisplaceable** though not sure if that also means immune to cc. Could just be a glitch similar to how some champions can be seen zipping off into the sky when certain factors are in play. Warwick could have just been in the correct moment.
: So many people still play only for kills this is actually a great addition. You MUST get Elder now, if you're ahead you can't just fool around and try to get an inhib, you have to secure Elder and then win the game. On the other hand, while one team is doing Elder, the other could just rush Baron and defend without giving the enemy a chance to get them anywhere near 20%. And there IS counterplay. Zhonya, Stopwatch, GA, Liss R, Zil R. Building defenses. So many people are building pure damage and then cry because they get oneshot...
Yes, because adding toxic force mechanics to make the game miserable out of fear is absolutely what we wanted! We definitely needed to no longer play this game for fun! Now we gotta stress over getting the bullshit 20% to execute! Kills or Objective Hunting; either way it'll end up being "Oh crap! Oh crap! Oh no! Oh crap! Gotta get the EDE! Gotta get the EDE! Oh no!" Why don't we force everyone to wear reverse-bear traps with a 35min timer that only shuts off when the game ends? That's a great addition, right? Stops people just DMing across the Rift, right? ^^ > And there IS counterplay. Zhonya, Stopwatch, GA, Liss R, Zil R. Building defenses. So many people are building pure damage and then cry because they get oneshot... Also, remember the EDE will still reattempt to execute once the invulnerability goes through. While revives still count towards the problem of 20% executes from any damage! The EDE **is** pure damage. It's True Damage! There is no point in building tanky with that thing in the game!
: nope. i am even for Buffing the elder dragon... In like 20 games since preseason i only saw 1 team which got the elder drake, and that was my team, cause we didnt finished before and wanted to see how it looks... **You will rarely see the elder drake ever, and if you see him, the team with the elder drake deserve to win. The Elder drake is just a mechanic that prevent 45+ minute games (Most games end ~ 25 min, and the earlyest possible elder drake is 26 min soo.) . The team that killed all 4 drakes and then finally kill the Elder Drake in my opinion should instantly win the game. And for that reason the power of the elder dragon is totally fine. ** But we have to see some more statistics in the next week. So far the chance some team even get 4 drakes so they can finally get the Drake soul is already RARE, now find a team that got the elder drake... thats super rare. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} People always arguing "OP OP OP" in how many games u saw this happen? Its like arguigin Veigar is OP he can have 1700 AP. (in over 1000 games i maybe saw 1 time a veigar got 1,7k ap) **QUANTITY > POWER, even if the enemy nexus would instant explode when you kill the elder drake, it wouldnt be op, cause u did ALOT to finally get the drake during this game!** {{sticker:sg-janna}} **Just see it like the Exodia from card games, or the Sudden Death in Battle Royals. If the game finally last that long, the better team should finally win. **
This "it will rarely be seen" argument is utter naff! If you "rarely" got stabbed in the thigh, you'd still absolutely hate it when it happens and work to prevent it! Might be an extreme analogy but in the end, just because something toxic happens only a few times, it doesn't make it less toxic or any more acceptable!
: Nerf Elder dragon
Yeah, the new Elder Dragon Execute is utterly bullshit! There was no need for it at all as there is already so much damage in the game! Karthus does not need an excute. Darius does not need _another_ execute. Same with Garen. No one needs more damage in this game! There goes all the clutch outplays. Actually, I don't even understand the logic behind the buff? In many normal games, one team will dominate dragon more than the other. It's not giving "more value to the losing side", its "giving a bigger stick with a grenade attached to the end to the team that's already beating the shit out of the other team". Can Riot stop with the knife-edge gameplay? League of Legends isn't just the LCS...
: Senna = Pyke 2.0 ?
Senna and Pyke are Riot's attempt to inject "spectacle" and "playmaking" into the Support role... if it doesn't deal 100000 true damage then it won't sell skins, in theory! :(
: Ban Appeal?
You are sorry that you got punished; not for what you did. If you were truly sorry then you'd have apologised and stopped before the ban, but look, you've only come out with this thread _after_ your things have been taken away. If you are truly sorry you'll accept your punishment and move on. The account is gone, mate. If the punishment is revoked then where go the consequences for your actions? You've had ample warnings to change your behaviour.
: I would innstead recommend to make it brak after like 3/some blocked projectile(of course aa. wouldn't damage it or just in a very low rate).I think it would make it way mor fair...
I'd do more drastic changes. Remove his passive Shield with some stat compensation. Make WW a "charged" ability using the would-be-now defunct Flow resource. WW blocks damage equal to amount of Flow used. Can be spammed for minimal effect or held for a larger block. Scales with something and allows Yasuo to block certain projectiles or key ultimate but only reduce the damage of others. WW can be dashed through and personally destroyed to gain a temporary old passive Shield based on WW health.
: riot will never nerf yasuo its is baby {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
I prefer the term "skin selling cash cow"
: The blind monk can get extra blinded?
Rek'sai can also be blinded and she never even had eyes!
Darkcast1 (EUW)
: how much that cost?
*Thanos Meme* *Thanos Meme* *Thanos Meme*
: Are you even paying money to the guys who coded your matchmaking code?
To be honest, a few games ago I had a mostly Platinum team against me (who has proudly held unranked since season 5) plus some other silver players. I doubt I am Platinum MMR but I'd assume I fell prey to the Premade Fill-in system. Which still sucks tbh...
: my english is so bad XD{{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Well, you probably speak better English than I would speak your native tongue! So don't worry, you win there! :D Anyway, we all couldn't resist poking a bit of fun! I do hope you can find Senna on the champion select. Maybe she is banned? Or has someone else selected her? Or is it simply that she is not there when you type in "senna" in the search bar? Could be a glitch?
: i buy senna and i cant play him
Look under the **_female_** champion tab, because Senna is a woman! :)
: The Yasuo rework.
* Remove shield from passive * Scale Crit Chance damage from low to high over the course of the game. * Co-opt old shield passive flow bar into a resource bar for Wind Wall. Resource fills with movement. * Give Wind Wall a "block value" related to the flow bar. * So the wall has a strength based on amount of flow used but Wind Wall can be used at any time, with varying strength. * Low charge walls will barely block anything while high charge walls will block a lot * Any over-damage just passes through. So projectiles that are only partially blocked just deal reduced damage * Allow Yasuo to dash through Wind Wall to grant a small version of his old shield passive based on the Wind Walls strength (eg. Dash-shielding to avoid a Caitlyn Ult death) * Tweak base stats appropriately to compensate for lack of shield
: Banning of pre-picked champions = reportable?
I'd always say that the Team's choice of who they **don't** want to see in the match always over-rides any member of the Team's desire to see a specific champion in the match. Whether they want to ensure their own pick isn't countered, to lock-out a must-pick OP FotM champion or simple to ensure that that FotM isn't used without prior knowledge of the champion by that player, its always better to be safe than sorry. Yes, some players are great at Yasuo! Having an carrying Yasuo is such a great feeling. Simply not having Yasuo at all in the game is an ok feeling. Having a feeding Yasuo or a super-fed _enemy_ Yasuo is a very bad feeling. Banning Yasuo might deny the great feeling, but it ensures the ok feeling and removes any possibility of rolling the bad feeling; which in the end is good! It's a net-positive great feeling! If that makes any sense? Banning a pre-picked champion is not reportable/bannable. Stop pouting and looking to lash out.
: > [{quoted}](name=IIIrd Bishop,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=XKINaEJ9,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-11-08T01:00:20.734+0000) > > I still feel enough effort was put into TT for it to be a waste to let it go... I think they should tweaked it, not removed it. A 2-lane map is still a great concept! > > The different maps give so much lore, even Dominion! TT is not removed because it's bad or because of RioT's efforts. Is being removed because it's severely underplayed and plagued by bots. RioT wrote that in one case Nexus Blitz happened to have more players while it was already getting out of style itself, which should be nuff said.
But that's what I mean by tweak it. Make it more desirable for more than just a small portion of the players. Still a great shame to see go!
Cadelanne (EUW)
: Is Ekko getting nerfed at last ?
Not when he has a high tier skin on the way! Riot care about the money, not the game. Profit comes first.
Skaja Ruta (EUNE)
: Last Hexakill on Twisted Treeline
I still feel enough effort was put into TT for it to be a waste to let it go... I think they should tweaked it, not removed it. A 2-lane map is still a great concept! The different maps give so much lore, even Dominion!
Kanohi (EUW)
Sadly, gotta agree. If the client doesn't throw a tantrum at having to share focus with anything else, it locks me in to an incredibly slow loading time that leaves me on 100% while the other 9 players are getting to lvl 4 already... And the worst part is that this doesn't happen every single game. Even with similar "external" criteria.
JustTits (EUNE)
: "We want to make sure someone's actually inting and not just having a bad game"
It's not extra privilege, it's just stopping vindictive hot-heads dishing out unproportional and uncontrolled levels of "punishment" above and beyond what is fair. Just keep reporting them. The system isn't perfect. It will take time.
SygSmurf (EUNE)
: Ranked is so god damn stupid
League of Legends is a _objective-based **team** game_. Its not a death match arena. You need to be able to translate personal gains into _team_ gains. If you win your lane, then go help another teammate win theirs. Go %%%% on the guy who'd been bullying your toplaner. Go stop the stalemate in botlane. Prioritise objectives; what is the end goal? Winning the game, or just getting loads of low quality frag snippets for your montage video that you'll never really get round to making? The enemy could have so many more kills than you, so much more damage on the graphs, but if they just go and farm after team fights and push no towers or other objectives, then how will they win? There is a reason people feel relieved when their tower isn't taken while they're grey screened! When you get back; play as a team, play _with_ your team. Getting better is about adapting to the situation. That enemy you dumpstered is coming online? Adapt. You no longer seem to be getting triple kills and appear to be dying every time you try and make a solo play? Adapt. Your teammates wonder off and die alone? Follow them! Adapt. Guide your team, never try and force them to do stuff - that will never happen, sadly!
StandUser (EUNE)
: I mean sure you got a point but why is that so bad and so disgusting. Riot wants to cater to as many people as it can and it wants to make as many people happy as they can for the lowest amount of money (basic business strategy 101). Of course in a perfect world riot would make a skin for every champ every time an event happens ( black moon, true damage ECT) but it has limited resources so Riot has to use them with a bit of thought, of course, they won't make a singed skin cause nobody would buy it but if they made a skin for a very popular champ like yasuo then they will get big money. Again, what I am trying to say is that this business practice is not "scummy", "greedy" there are a lot and I mean A LOT of other free to play games who do it way worse.
Limited Resources but able to hold tournaments such as the LCS with such spectacle and a massive prize pool...? Seems they want to keep a targeted few people happy, sorry to sound negative. They've found the one great money horse in the herd and keep beating it so it constantly shits gold. Of course a decent Yasuo skin will sell like hot cakes, but then focusing on such a small portion of the roster again and again without expanding and strengthening all 135+ champions so that all great skins sell; that is where the greed is. Instead of handing out cool skins throughout the roster that would all sell well, its hyper focus on the same few. It'd be fine if they were the only champions in the game, but with over 100 more champions to look at, it's clear that Riot are focus on Money rather than the game.
StandUser (EUNE)
: > Riot wants to make money. We also can all clearly see how %%%%ing greedy this is! The game you and I play is literally FREE to play. the only way for riot to make money from the game (aside from events) is the cosmetic shop. I have no idea on how your brain thaught up this statement of riot being greedy, it's a business it has to pay people to work there. If you would have watched the new documentary that riot made you would have seen how big of a risk they took by launching League free to play back then when free to play games like they are today didn't exist.
Do you not think I am aware of that? I even stated that we all know Riot wants to make money, so clearly you are just trying to stir trouble where there is non. It is not _that_ they are selling skins, its _how_ they are selling skin. Pushing the same few champions as candidates for new skins every patch. They have a whole roster of champions yet Riot are greedy and are just focusing on profit rather than the game. The game should generate profit on it's own but Riot keep firing out expensive skins for the same few champions, even though most players will only play with 1 at any one time. Do you get what I mean? It's not the money making that is the problem, it's how all consuming it seems to have become!
: Then learn how to cope with this... yeah riven has some rough match ups but if you actually watch high level riven players they don’t get hindered by this. For example when vs renekton players like box box can actually win the lane, renekton beats riven early but actually has a weak level 1, where as riven has among the strongest level 1s in the top lane... so it’s more than possible to do an early trade to get renekton low or even kill him, then you’ve got the lead in the lane. Counter pick meta doesn’t exist, in all match ups it’s the player who understands it better that comes out on top, if you wanna play riven you’ve gotta learn how to navigate rough match ups
There's also players in high elo that can trounce Garen as a Riven. That doesn't mean there isn't counter picks or a counter pick meta, because even I think that that has some logic in reality. What matters is outsmarting the counterpick. All but a few matchups are _impossible_ due to counterpicking.
: Why does Akali gets 4 skins in less then a year
It's partially Popularity but with a whole **_heaping pile of corporate %%%%ing greed_** sadly... We all know that skins sell. We all know that, as a company, Riot wants to make money. We also can all clearly see how %%%%ing greedy this is! No one will deny that these skins are not high quality (look at the care put into them compared to Yorick's last 2 skins...) but the rapid output of skins for a specific few champions is just Riot blatantly shouting "give us your money" and its disgusting. If a champion is popular, great! Give them a really cool skin. That skin will sell loads, but the current method is just abusive. Riot have ruined the game through greedy almost constantly :(
Quınn (EUW)
: thats litterrally what unrestricted means
But League Unrestricted means _everything_. At the moment, URF is pretty much **just** one-shot shitshow make-the-enemy-team-suffer-for-20-mins one-sided crap-fiesta.
Quınn (EUW)
: for some ppl yeah it may suck because it follows a certain meta of "oneshot" but it is still better to be playing what you choose instead of being stuck with a champion you dont play at all and urf is litterally League without restrictions ofc is not balanced
League Unrestricted is fine, but one-shot shitshow is not fun for the losing side.
: mate all u have to do is be that broken champ and kill them
Well that sucks. In a game mode full of madness, it's just stripped down to picking 5 of the entire 135+ champion pool to find the most miserable to play against choice?
: Literally everything can oneshot anything? Or what? You main yuumi and only wanna play her and cant oneshot ppl?
Even Yuumi is busted because of the heals/shields she can throwout.
Luqiez (EUW)
: URF f'ing SUCKS!
To be fair, while URF is not meant to be balanced, I do agree that the game mode is not what it should be. Instead of looking for the fun champion picks, it's just a race to see who can find the most broken URF-mode champion that hasn't been banned. Then it's a matter of making the enemy team's life a misery. There are a number of "S Tier" champions that should just be permanently banned outside of custom games.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Excellent! If it's any consolation, I too felt myself so entirely rescued by the not yet mentioned multiple-monitor setup that I also just so happen to be in acquisition of. Or in plain English, I was able to move over the Task Manager from one screen to another other and close those pesky applications. Once you get more than 1 monitor, everything else seems to inadequate, wouldn't you agree. :) I stared in dread upon the hollow darkness of what I for at least the briefest of moment had hopes and expectations of would eventually turn into the dear, yet most repeated of visions, the loading screen. So what screens do you have, relishing in your precious desk space? As a hardware nerd, I need to know those juicy details! I had 2x Acer Predator G24OID (24", 1920x1200) from 2007 and 2008, until I this year upgraded to an [HP Omen Z4D33AA](https://www.newegg.com/hp-z4d33aa-aba-27-qhd/p/0JC-0019-02374) (27", 2560x1440). A screen I liked so much, I bought 2 more for a triple-screen setup...and now there is no turning back for me.
Ah, I am not as tech savvy as you, sadly and I wouldnt be able to tell the exact specifics of my screen set up! Original screen is a 21" (??) Samsung monitor and I've just pilfered a spare 18" (??) AOC monitor for my second screen! Bit of a shame really; used to be far more aware of my rig specs. Been chopping and changing since just before Uni. I'll probably gut it and upgrade before the end of next year!
Shrekler (EUW)
: The True Damage Skins look like Fortnite Characters
Stop. Giving. Yasuo. Skins. For. %%%%. Sake. Riot! Where is the love for Yorick? His last two skins are so tacky and low quality compared to some of the stuff released for other champions! {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}}
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: This is a known bug - luckily, there is a way to fix this without resorting to the Reset-button: https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/help-support-en/EdKBj1Zf-loading-screen-freeze-at-100?comment=0001
Cheers! Also managed to find out that, for those with multiple monitors, using shift+WK+right. "WK" being the Windows Key and "Right" being the right arrow key - could be left if the free screen is on that side instead. Still annoying that it cannot be fixed "the first time" it happens but I am not prepared for the future! I was able to rejoin and found out my team were mulching 4v5 anyway - shame I got an abandon...
Shrekler (EUW)
: Yeah totally, never said that. In fact wanted to distance myself from that as much as possible. But it seems like your only argument now to take me of my ability to make any Arguments is just to call me a pedophile
Top two comment chains are about you and Annie. You might have scundered yourself there, mate. I don't need an argument as there is nothing to argue - there really is no need to change Illaoi; she is fine as she is! ^^
Shrekler (EUW)
: Too bad it makes me horny lol. Look at most of the female champs!
Mate, we've already discovered that Annie makes you horny. We are all very worried.
: Your last phrase is the point. A tank rushing chain vest or ninja tabi and taking 0 damage from an AD assassin while oneshotting him in one rotation.
Tanks got caught up in the power creep. Riot releases a new champion that is "super cool" and "awesome" because it deals so much damage and is so strong, but then it starts to tear through _everything_ including tanks. Some nerfs are thrown out but that new champion of the time (whoever it was that started the snowball of shit) set a precedent for "super cool" and "awesome" flashy high-powered gameplay, or at least the beginnings of it... It starts small but as champions are either buffed to counter the meta monstrosities or to simply match the same excitement in the game before, slowly but surely the damage went up. Tanks couldn't tank, so they were buffed damage-wise to "compensate". Riot tried to buff mitigation _without removing any damage from the game_, so damage dealers that were already abusive naturally could build tanky and still win off their natural high power. Everyone cried after dipping their toe in that pond and so mitigation has been nerfed. So with Tanks having limited mitigation relevance, the only way for them to be "tanky" is to survive the few nano-seconds required to burst the target down - just a few nano-seconds more than normal damager-dealers... Remove damage from the game by a decent margin, then tanks can become tanks again.
Rioter Comments
: please riot
Oh no! Gangplank is out of meta? The horror! How ever will he be able to constantly annoy his opponent? It would also be a shame if he had some sort of gold-generating ability to help with his farming
: Buff lethality, nerf tanky champions
Lethality is not needed. Assassins were meant to assassinate squishies, not tanks. Why would they need armour shred against targets who don't normally build armour? There's already armour pen in the game. There is too much _damage_ in the game in all places, tanks included.
: Nope. A U2 album is the best option out of these 2.
To be fair, while, sadly I do think you are overreacting a bit much at all this (sorry!), I do find it funny that Riot have combined two of the game's most annoying and toxic champions as a summation of their 10 year anniversary - despite continuously deny that any part of the player base is a heaving mass of spite, toxicity and nastiness! ^^
Shrekler (EUW)
: No reason to get personal
No need to corrupt a fictional character to your own sense of beauty. Illaoi is fine as she is, mate. LoL isn't there to make you horny!
DeejayF (EUW)
: this is truly dumb
What else is a tank gonna do? They can't just "tank" anymore because they get laid open like a titanium buzzsaw through butter by so much anti-mitigation in the game.
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