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: Why Urgot doesn't need a Rework!!!
he just needs a couple of slice of life changes, some number changes and also a visual update and he will probable be played more.
Eveninn (EUW)
: What are your favourite quotes of your Top 3 champions?
{{champion:238}} "The unseen fart is the smelliest" - nothing more to be said :^)
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: LAG and FPS drops
I also have the same problem but dunno how to fix it
AyyLeMaus (EUW)
: For me too mate, I keep getting "Unknow Error" Kinda get spammed by that notification on the Client. And in games, i randomly dc without my ping going over 35 ms. All this since they released the new skins today. {{item:3073}}
Yea me and one of my friends also have gotten a lot of those messages but he doesn't seem to have to many problems with it although i also sometimes get dc'ed I hope they fix it soon and thx for the feedback btw
: The chances of getting a key fragment decreases significantly as you get more of them, to a point where there's a very low chance of receiving a fragment (This is reset every month). As for FPS drops, have you installed anything new on your computer (for example, I had an issue where plays was causing my game to freeze up and crash at certain times. Reinstalling could be a solution, or perhaps try lowering your graphics settings temporarily and seeing if you still get the drops.
The problem with the keyfragment is that i litterly haven't gotten any after the parch launched and i didn't have any keys or keyfragments over since i used hextech crafting although i hope it is just my luck and not that my game is glitched or bugged out in some way and thx for trying to help out with my fps going to try to reinstal or graghics settings down and I really appreacite the advice your giving me ty
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Almighty (EUNE)
Completly agree I have been in a lot of communities and lol's community is the worst by far so when i checked out lol and I felt in love with it but it's always annoying to see those ragers and i'm not even mad about feeders but it's just so annoying when they win the think they are the best at the game
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