Smerk (EUW)
: > You used to be able to own 16 champions when you got to level 30. How? I only had 2 when I reached level 30
Because if you buy 450 be champions you can get 16 and then go troll rankeds and make team lose on purpose for fun
Febos (EUW)
: Don't take what the OP is telling you at face value. He's probably omitting something. You should get at least 20k BE from leveling 1 to 30. Riot doesn't have a reason to lie. If they did it would be easy to prove them wrong by just leveling a few accounts. I'm more inclined to believe that the OP is lying instead. If the 3 champions the OP has are valued at 6300 BE each then it makes sense that he only has 3 of those.
THATS why I asked if its a bug! Look SS:
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Because in real life we can report people to the police if they hurt our feelings. Because in real life we can mute people if we dont like what they say. Because in real life we are immune to physical contact with others. Why isnt earth lighten up 24/7 if theres light coming from stars from directions at all times? Earth is flat!!
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: I recived a 14 Day ban for an insult out of context
RIOT creates their own game toxicity, by giving power to players to report others.
: if your point is that banning you won't stop you from playing the game and collecting banned accounts then that's your problem! The current record is i believe around 56 permabanned accounts. You want to break it? Go for it! whatever floats your boat... {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
Its not my problem, its my pleasure. Its riots problem because if their intention is to stop toxicity, and Im being more toxic in every new account, how is their system working? See? Their problem, the more bans the worse this game gets. (no so much with temp bans) but they perma banned my main years ago and that was it, if they didnt perma banned and just give me like 14 days temp ban, Id guarantee I wouldnt be this toxic, even with a broken matchmaking.
maulocky (EUW)
: Inuk uk has a point tho. He wouldn't be toxic if those braindead mentaly disabled garbage weren't on his team, those players are the one who shouldn't be allowed to play. Not the "toxic" ones
THAT is 100% true. I keep saying, its not the players its the matchmaking. When I see that I play a LOT more than anyone on my team and always have to carry if I want to win, I know that the matchmaking is broken,.. so I just do what I should, flame people because I cant flame riot. 99% of the time ITS RIOTS FAULT for toxicity in this game. Also its fkin chat, if people dont like they can mute, why does riot even punishes anyone for chatting when theres a mute option? Its not like Im not playing to win, its quite the opposite actually.. if I didnt care about the game I wouldnt bother saying anything.
Mada (EUW)
: I believe on your new account, you will find new ways to make me chuckle
I have many accounts, 1 of them ends the ban today LOL I think riot wants me to go back to that account so they banned this one in the same day my other account ban lifts rofl Look this is my other account ban, its gonna be lifted in 40 minutes just a few hours after I got banned on this one LOL
: he's saying that you should have been perma banned because of how toxic you are. seriously do u not see why u were suspended? pretty much look at what u said and look for all the insults and offensive slurs and thats why u where banned. if you see that and dont think its toxic enough to get a 14 day suspension then i too believe u should be perma banned instead.
And what do you think that would happen if I get perma banned? Do you think I will stop playing? Do you think I will buy RP on next account? Do you think I will stop being honest and say what I feel like? Or do you think I would do WORSE on the next account? What do you think that happens if I get perma banned?
Doomley (EUW)
: You need to figure that out on your own.
I figured that a permanent ban is worse. Hence why Im asking you why you say I should get permanent ban? So again, what is the reason IN YOUR OPINION that I should get a permanent ban?
Doomley (EUW)
: You are right, 14 day ban is the wrong solution. It should have been a permanent ban.
How and why is permanent ban better than 14 days ban?
El Ni Shu (EUW)
: Why I am quitting League of Legends
riot is a shame of a company
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Orthian (EUW)
: Read the about the Blue Essence update. You no longer earn it from games, instead you get stuff when you level up, and there's no level cap anymore, so you level up indefinitely.
: How Easy Is It to get perma banned?
Riot has always been changing their policies, because they use to be rtard and ban people, now they give lots of chances, because they know that banning is worse for their company/game. For example I have an account that after chat restrictions for like 3 times, I got twice banned for 14 days, without ever got perma banned (which is cool and the right way to do it) For every account riot perma bans, they lose 5 possible buyers and money spenders. I agree with temp bans, I dont agree with permanent bans because people will just do worse and stop caring and stop buying rp and even stop playing.
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: If I never report anyone, why do I get temp banned?
Rismosch (EUW)
: Because there are rules. If you break the rules you get punished. It's like laws in the real world.
Other people break the rules and I dont report them, and they dont get banned.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Greetings. You can banned if you're breaking the rules. You not reporting others does not mean you're allowed to break the rules.
Others break the rules and I dont report them, therefor they dont get banned. But if people report me I get banned. I dont care about others breaking rules, why am I the one getting temp banned? STOP BANNING PEOPLE! EASY?
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