RayleighTT (EUNE)
: is more easy to spend 10 Euros ... , who cares ?? , you do that , and come back to this game to see same thingh happen over and over again ,troll/griefers broke rules ,and riot not even step to ban them , i swear on my family this grief/troll is not even under control... , i will not even state what informations i have about that , but thrust me i have done this season ,more much harm to this game than i did in 7 years of playing this game... , and next season , i will not even change myself ,because doesn't worth ... , even if throught absurd i would get to the point of being check , which i believe will not happen in the next 12 months... , i still will feel like it worth.
I like how the Chinese not-to-be-hereticaly-mentioned-here make their mobile MOBA ban system. Only that I think it would deserve more severity. I think its sugar and a whip. They give you so much goodies, and even for free. You spend like two minutes after loging in - clicking what's new, where in the menus can you get the proper bonuses and rewards for plethora of actions you made... ...oh wait. You didn't, and you can't. Because your behavior score is 88, you can't play ranked, you have to wait 10 mins before a game, you can achieve only 1/10 of goodies, because many of these are gained from doing what you are banned from, friends won't wait for you, because who would wait 10 mins for a game that lasts 25... And if you are persistent, after 10 matches or some such, you get to your normal score and there you go again with all the sweet stuff.
Rena (EUW)
: Generally I don't find this Idea that bad (I actually had a similar Idea) Personally I think that if someone gets Permanently Banned, they are gonna make a new account and be more toxic on it, since their main account with all of their investments in is gone anyway. So they have nothing to lose. But then again this is just my idea and opinion. Whenever I stated it, majority of the community would disagree with me. Which means either I am wrong or people just have a totally diffrent view. Either way this means one thing: The current way of permanently banning players, seems to make more people happy than unhappy, So yea It's better that way for the League community as a whole. Since the playerbase is not just me.
I think exactly the same with the new account stuff. What's there to disagree, it's a fact. You want to play, you make a new account. Now, I don't say the permaban isn't without an impact, and I don't dare to judge it (no seriously, I don't know).
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