kiro1315 (EUNE)
: I see where are you going with this and i wanted it too but here is why it cant happen: this is team game and you cant communicate and most people in lower elos just ignore pings
ye but i dont ask for a complet "mute all" i ask for a oportunity to mute himself from writing, i can still see wath others write or ping. so i dont think it will be less teamplay.
: If you want to be toxic, then you'll find a way. Wether it s the chat, inting, playing bad, or whatever. The chat isn't the cause of the problem, it is you. Removing the caht would simply lead to you expressing your toxic behaviour in a different way. If you cannot control yourself enoguh to not permanently harass your teammates (and that is the only way to get to a 14-day ban unless you use hatespeech), then removing the chat will not solve the problem, it will simply take another form that's near impossible to detect. Not being a total jackass really is not much to ask - if you cannot comply with such a simple request, then there's nothinng anyone can do for ya.
Look buddy i explain this to you, if you write things like "your useless in the moment, lets wait your Powerspike" or "damn this was pretty dumb to engage there" and you got a bad with 4/10 or else. You will get reported and you will get autobanned, im not talking about hardcore flame like "get cancer" or something. its just so players who are fast mad get a oportunity to "mute all" and focus on the game.
BooDenny2 (EUNE)
: How the heck do you get banned? On EUNE we flame, wish others cancer, having sex with others mums and yet we havent been banned yet and still happily play this game.
I can send you screenshots, on EUW i got banned for words like useless, wtf or dumb
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Lamaslol (EUW)
: why riots sup is so useless??
enemy team got 5 potential feeder and troller, if you dont troll your team got only 4 potential feeder, simple mathematic. if you play good in every single game you WILL CLIMB. stop cry and start to climb.


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