DunderMn (EUW)
: IDEA FOR RIOT: Dealing with afk players in ranked games
I voted No. If you could do this, you could get boosted how much you'd want. Could even duo with multiple accounts and never loose IP. Is the game going badly? Just go afk on the other account. But sure, only losing 50% of the LP you loose today would make more sense. Or that you team would get a buff if someone in the team is too afk for too long, to make up for that player.
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: Is League dying?
Games have died sure, but it's because they never evolve or they evolve in a bad way. Now most free to play games get new updates and content all the time. But if the developer tries to make a new game, a new IP, it will effect the older title. The game may also get less and less support by the developer and so it dies. So maybe League will add horrible champions, change the map too much, make it too casual or too hardcore to get into. Then we will see a large drop. I could see that happening. Many of the changes over the years have been posive though. Like how easy it is now to get skins (which you never could get for free before), missions, new game modes etcetera. The way we can make the game die right now is to stop supporting the game by buying skins, merchandise etcetera. So if that stops to be appealing, RIP.
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: Probably your farm. If you want to get good ratings, you should have more than 50 cs per 10 minutes. So after 30 minutes into the game, you shouldn't have less cs than 150. KDA is not as important of a factor than cs.
Maybe. But that shouldn't factor in as much as jungle. I made every lane win and I took every single dragon. I didn't get rated this badly as old WW (where I almost obtained rank 7).
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: "luckiest" and not even pulling black alistar.. Or medieval twitch.. Or urf the manatee warwick.. or hextech annie... Elementalist lux is trash and i would have discarded that.
I think elemental is way cooler than all of them. Warwick I could go with, since I play him skinless. I like annie prom queen better than hextech though and I play her as well. ;)
OlmiLux (EUW)
: http://imgur.com/a/DZGkb Are you sure you're the luckiest?
Haha, that one that everyone want to be reworked xD
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: Seems a bit specific. if you can carry, why the stipulations for win rate when you said you just wanted good company? ^^ Think you should make up your mind first mate.
I tend to get people who only want to play with me because I carry them :( So I need some requirements so I'm not abused :P They are still below mine by quite a bit! :)
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: Tbh would like to have the normal map, instead of the winter one. Would be a nice option too
You can, if you play ranked.
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warwiller (EUNE)
: **IsheepyI** So cancer shouldn't be removed but talking about it should where are you going with this exactly?
Cancer is a sickness that a lot of people suffer from and dies from. Missbehaving is something else...
: Why this community is worse than cancer
People that talks about cancer in a game should be banned. Agreed.
: I made a club in LoL where you're kicked out from flaming in a game or in the chatroom. "Wtf are you doing?!" Is enough.
Other people I just click ignore on if they say something offensive.
Milan Tomic (EUNE)
: I just deleted LoL because of the community in this game
I made a club in LoL where you're kicked out from flaming in a game or in the chatroom. "Wtf are you doing?!" Is enough.
: How can I get S+ with Janna?
I've done it a few times. Get every assist in the game or get some kills yourself ;3 I've carried with her kinda so there I got a S+
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: I wouldn't call it luck, because that makes it sound like it's random. But there are very clear rules about how this works. The LP you gain depend on the relation between your MMR and your current rank. For example (imaginary numbers!) if you have a MMR of 1500 and are in Silver 4 where the average MMR is just 1200, the matchmaking knows that you should probably have a higher rank and gives you more LP when you win and removes less LP when you lose. Thats why almost everyone earns shitloads of LP right now, because everyone was intentionally placed in a low league. So yes, you can climb the ranked ladder with a winratio of 50% (or even less), but only until you reach the point where the league system thinks that your MMR and league fit to each other. Another factor are your enemies. Not every match can be perfectly balanced. Normally the matchmaking tries to match two teams with an identical sum of their MMR, but of course that's not always possible and one team has a few points more (the maximum difference is normally 40), resulting in slightly changed chance to win (like 49% or 51%). If you manage to win a game against a team that is a bit stronger than your team, you gain more LP and MMR. When you lose against them, you lose less MMR and LP. But when you lose against a team that was weaker than yours, you lose more MMR and LP and when you win against them you gain less. So that's a another way how you can rank up despite not having a winratio above 50%. But all this is basically what I explained before: It's nice to know, but in the end it just boils down to "Try to win games". That's the only thing you can influence and all the fancy math behind it doesn't really matter. If you want to rank up, there are 2 things you have to do: 1) Play a lot of games. Ranking up simply takes time, there is no way around that. 2) Do everything to maximize your chance to win. This involves a lot of things. Obviously it involves skill (and improving skill), but also social skills (for example flamers often cause their team to be frustrated, resulting in less focused players and more unnecessary surrenders ----> lower chance to win), attitude (i.e. not surrendering when there is even a slight chance to win the game), not playing when you are not fit, etc. etc. Or, the short version: Win as many games as possible ;)
Thanks again, you're amazing! :)
: > Nothing that I should care about then :) Precisely. Of course you COULD make an effort to educate yourself about the details of the elo rating system and read all the hundreds of Riot posts about this topic and try to understand it on a deep level...but for what? In the end you will come to the same conclusion that is already obvious: If you want to rank up, you need to win as many games as possible. In the end it's really that simple^^
But luck has to do with it as well right? You can still gain points from a 50% ratio? I'm currently at 56%, but many people in high ranks doesn't got a really high percent ratio.
: > What's Elo/MMR? Elo and MMR are basically the same. Two words, same thing. It's a numerical value (i.e. a number) that describes your average skill level and is used to match you with (and against) equally skilled players. > Really, in details and what does it really mean? The [Wikipedia article about the elo rating system](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elo_rating_system) is pretty okay and provides a decenct explanation. > Can you check up mine? No. Your elo/mmr is hidden and it can not be checked or calculated by anyone outside Riot and Riot doesn't publish these numbers. The numbers you find on several homepages are inaccurate and more often than not horribly wrong. > I'm just bronze 4 at the moment, but I carry very often and get S (+/-) about 33% of my games. Does it differ from rank and in what way? Skill is defined as the ability to win games, not the ability to get a good score or mastery rating. Of course both often go along with each other, but it's not the same. That's why only winning and losing counts. You win a game ---> you gain MMR. You lose a game ---> You lose MMR. Pretty much like it's explained in the wiki article above. > Does it differ from rank and in what way? It does. The rank is just a cosmetic category that has no actual influence on anything. At the beginning of the season the rank is normally much lower than the MMR would justify. The more games you play the more accurately the rank represents your actual skill level.
Thank you for a very well explanation, that helps! People always asks what elo I have, I have no clue what to even answer. I guess they just use a site to get a number. Nothing that I should care about then :)
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: so you hate to waste time doing nothing but on the flip side the side with only 4 players cant be bothered to wait 20 mins to surrender a game which they will prob lose unless they do some massive lcs outplay and ace you this games not only about you
I mean when it's my team as well. You should at least get something out from playing the game, even with remakes and whatnot. The one who's afk should get a penalty and the others should get some kind of a small reward.
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: Stupid Placement QQ thread
Doesn't really matter how well you perform, that's the problem. 4 S ranks out of 10 games, isn't that...Good? Bronze 5!
: Oh hai there
6/10 Wins. Bronze 5. I don't even get the placements... It doesn't seem to matter at all how well you do! PS I got 4 S ranks, I mean... Give me a break?
loradel (EUNE)
: Supports are not dispensable team mates
I tend to get realy aggresive supports that suicide... Now with autofiller all supports are pretty much not supports. We're talking Annie, Brand, Teemo, Lux etc that goes pure AP.
0zalee (EUW)
: Could I get some support?
You sound friendly, please add me if you wanna duo! My nick is... my nickname here!
: 100 MYSTERY GIFT GIVEAWAY AT 139/1000 SUBSCRIBES!! (1/10 wins)
He is thinking that that you're talking about Twitch...
Solash (EUW)
: Just found out that I got placed in Bronze 4....time for a quick shopping trip!
Be glad you're Bronze 4 and not stuck with being 5.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Baron Nashor Figurine/Quest
People are putting these up on Ebay now, hopefully not that many got theirs early then! :(
: Why is it EU NORTH AND EAST (EUNE) if you see more north ppl at EUW
I started at EUNE but went later on to West with a brand new account. The reason = A lot of Nordic people around me played there. 2: There were so many people not trying to communicate in English.
: Candy Cane Thresh (Or whatever)
: When someone steals your penta
A sheep to another. I always try to steal the penta or run back to base and I will camp until someone spawns <3 No! You're joy isn't going to be fulfilled!
: i remember in season 2, 3, and 4
I really don't get people who have gotten all the way to level 30 and never played any characters except like three. I'm just a bronzie (trapped in hell), but I know at least how to play 2 characters in every lane really well. Of course I could be into a mood to play ADC and support another, but I'm not upset if I get another lane.
DarkG0d (EUNE)
: Hey there man =) The video made my day. still smiling thanks for your time and the nice unboxing video. Love your accent
No, thank you! Wish people would leave that kind of feedback on Youtube! You made my day with this comment :)
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