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: How the %%%% do you actually get better at the game?
Alright lets get to it, I have checked your and can see some stuff. Firstly: If you want to get better at league, choose one lane and stick to it. Don't play any other lane if you want to get better (outside when you get autofilled ofc). I see you play pretty much something else every game which is bad, not even pro's can play every lane on the same high level obviously. Secondly: Find a champion you enjoy on that lane and play the shit out of him. Pick him over and over until you find where you lack with it. Then pick up another champion that covers this problem and do this to get a kit of +-3 champions. Thirdly: Read patch notes when they come out. I noticed you still play items that now make no sense such as Doran Shield Tristana after the huge nerf it got for the ranged a bit ago. You should be aware of what is changing else others will get ahead of you. Fourthly: Master your rune pages, dont play the same list every game - you should move them around depending on matchup and situations you predict yourself to be in. This matters double for the big ones. Fifthly: To get better at decision making, watch pros and higher tier players and see what they are doing and how they are doing it (For example, I as a jungler am watching players like Jankos to see their pathing strats to then be able to use these, as well as how they pull of ganks). Rest is just playing and reflecting on what you are doing right and wrong with some specific for each lane. On midlane you need to learn the wave control, to deny xp to your opponent. Jungle is about pathing. Toplane is mostly about dueling and tp usage. Adc is about positioning and powerfarming. Support is about vision control and roaming at correct times. Master these things.
: Why di Riot delete Tham as a champion
I mean you can hardly complain about that cancer not being playable on top anymore. As for support, it is still quite playable in my opinion
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: Saying that if i think jg is so broken then i should playing literallt solves 0% of the problem here.A meta where you have to play a specific role in order to win and totally abbandon the other shows how much of a wacky balance there is rn.And the influence hasn't been decreased since you don't even have to focus on ganking anymore,getting drakes is enough to secure a win and also if we are talking about ganking,camping the bot lane to secure their win will get your team so far ahead that the enemy has no chance of coming back.So the top lane influence in this scenario is close to 0 and since you can just play a tank and bodyblock the lane so the enemy can't roam,the bruisers are left with no choice than hope their team does better than the enemy team.
Dude you have no idea how jungle is right now to the point of it being sad. I literally had to quit the lane and start playing top because of the 0 influence it has on the game now. Even support has more gold and xp now. If you are up 6 kills on toplaner you will probably be about 3 levels behind. That is the sad truth. And yes they might as well call the role "Smite" since thats the whole reason you are in the game. In any high elo game dragon is about botlane skill and mid prio, not about junglers
: On one hand I like it, counter jungle makes more sense, as you can put enemy jungler behind, and they can't just catch up meaning you wasted more time traveling to their camps than they lost waiting for them to respawn. However, I feel like jungle was already a bs role for new comers to learn, and the worst role to have autofilled. It's a role that's manageable when you are comfortable with it, but if you are aren't it's totally unforgiving and this just makes that worse. The difference now between a jungle main, and an auto fill is 3-4 levels easy. In the end I think the jungle mains will find xp from the map, catching waves when lanes roam etc, and champs with strong clears and objective control will be meta. Interested to hear how other people feel.
I like your PoV - my only problem with that is in higher tier elo games the laners catch side farm properly and with characters such as Ryze and Cassio being prevalent it is difficult to consider yourself more important when it comes to it than them. And they will want all of it. It's even more of a coinflip now I guess. If your team picks carries you are out of the game and they are the one going.
TGA 10k (EUW)
: You think that Jungle is unfair? Just play Support once. You get 0 Gold after you finished the Gold item. If you get no Assists you get nothing. only 2g every 10 seconds. This is a bad joke. If your team is behind you get nothing. your counterpart has like 3 items and you just have wards and maybe half an item
Interesting thing is that support now has more gold then I do if I am not hard fed every single game though. By that i mean that either I have 5 kills or the support gets more. If anything support role was changed (I play it too) and now is pretty much the same in the end. You never stop getting gold from the support item if you use it plus it is 1.5-2k gold item for pretty much free. A good deal in my eyes.
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