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MainAkaliXD (EUNE)
: Account Suspended ??????? what reason
Typing a bad word or two is enough to get you banned but if you run it down for 25 games in a row you chillin. This is how the system works get over it.
: season 10 is full of trolls nice game
There is no punishment system for years now...Trollers,Griefers,Wintraders,Boosters etc are customers for Riot and they're a lot of people in total. No company wants to ban a considerable amount of their customers and that's because they're a source of money. Riot made clear all these years that they won't change the ban system.Only Flamers will get punished because their offensive language can force people to leave the game and no company wants to see their customers leaving. If we want to see these dogs changing the ban system we have to stop paying them...But this won't happen...Everyone's going wild for the Jax,Garen or whatever skins they release. So basically what I'm saying is that it's doomed for the most of us.If you are an old player who played the "good,old League of Legends" then it's Impossible to have fun under these circumstances.The amount of trashes in-game at every elo from Iron to Challenger is just insane.
: Wtf are you talking about? You are always running the game with a cpu and a gpu. {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
He may run the game with Intel Graphics without an extra Graphics Card or with a Ryzen 3 or with a laptop which never cleaned or changed thermal paste etc...He didn't post his system specs and i can't know for sure what he's using to run League...I tried to explain to him the basics but it's kinda difficult when this guy didn't gave us a single information about his machine. But you aren't smart enough to understand that.
: High CPU usage
If you're running League with your CPU Graphics then it's perfectly normal,unless you have a 8-core or more CPU. If you're running the game with a GPU,then it's a problem,unless you have a 1-core or 2-core CPU which is normal to raise usage over 60. Post your full system specs here + Monitor's Resolution + In-Game Settings.
Celyx1 (EUW)
: Ping Spikes With stable connection
You can't fix it...A lot of people face the same issue at least 1 year now,including me...My internet in Dota 2 etc gives me a perfectly stable ping,same connection in League gives me an unstable ping. The only thing you can do is to wait for Riot to fix it,but we both know that it's not gonna happen soon or ever :)
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Most boring game mode i've ever played.
: What did you get as your legendary skin?
Gatekeeper Galio or whatever it's called...Actual scam.
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: Looking for TOP and JUNGLE for Clash (Gold 3 to 1 )
Gold 4 (EUW) i think 55% winratio at the moment but i can easily climb to Low Platinum Gold 3 (EUNE) 65% winratio 60-65 games. I can play with almost every AD Jungler currently practising with Bruiser Hecarim with a 70% winratio in like 35-40 games total. I can play other roles too but i have the biggest champion pool on Jungle. Because of limited time today there's a chance that I'll forget to add you later so if you're interested add me on this account or the "BIG LEADER" account on EUNE.
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: Maintainance
Probably just the store. Did you ever faced any problems in the store? No? Exactly...They're making sure that their main source of income stays healthy af...The rest of the client rip
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: > [{quoted}](name=IWDodgeTheGame,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZpVFGGFq,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-09-15T13:03:58.557+0000) > > No no Riot is a company that's trying to make money while hard ignoring every single customer...Sounds weird right? And what do you expect Riot to do about it? If you have a suggestion I'd love to hear it, and I'm sure Riot would too.
Nah it's too boring to do this and without purpose...I've already posted a lot of posts via multiple accounts,send multiple tickets to Rioters and i saw a lot of streamers sharing the same thoughts with me (Famous streamers like TFBlade,Dom, Yassuo etc). It's just a waste of time...They don't care about the community.
: > [{quoted}](name=IWDodgeTheGame,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ZpVFGGFq,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-15T12:49:16.250+0000) > > This is happening for at least a couple of years now... It's obvious that Riot doesn't want to ban any behaviour except flamming because as you know if they ban every single bannable behaviour they are going to lose a lot of money because a lot of customers are inters,griefers,leavers,wintraders etc...They just want to make as much money as possible.Simple...They don't care about anything than production of skins,events etc Wow, a games company that is trying to make money, what evil is this??!!!!
No no Riot is a company that's trying to make money while hard ignoring every single customer...Sounds weird right?
Revenantt (EUNE)
: Feedback regarding Players dodging Ranked Games
Most people dodge games because of trolling behaviours from teammates or maybe because they saw someone who inted them before or their team comp is absolutely terrible etc... So Riot must force more people to learn about the benefits of dodging games and reduce the bans...It's the most effective way to avoid horrible teammates,inters,griefers etc...It's the best way to avoid spending 25-30 minutes with them.
Red Erica (EUW)
: Inting and leaving unpunished
This is happening for at least a couple of years now... It's obvious that Riot doesn't want to ban any behaviour except flamming because as you know if they ban every single bannable behaviour they are going to lose a lot of money because a lot of customers are inters,griefers,leavers,wintraders etc...They just want to make as much money as possible.Simple...They don't care about anything than production of skins,events etc
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: My Goal to join league esports
1) If you want to become a professional player you need to get at least Challenger (probably High LP).You are saying that you're not good so i guess you are Low Diamond,Platinum or Lower so to get to Challenger may take years. 2) Obviously the start of your streaming career will suck.Extremely low viewer count...This can last for months or years until you become known to the League community.The fact that you're not a Challenger or close to it will make it worse.No one wants to see in a daily basis a low elo player playing the game.Everyone's want to see Challengers...Unfortunately this is the reality. 3) Tip: Don't main champions who's boring to watch ex. Azir or Kassadin.
: Just play some games and people in game will tell u what to build and what to do. Happened to me they just explained and i've followed up
I don't really want to rely on teammates for that stuff.I've heard that they're insanely toxic so i'll try to avoid them at least until i'll get used to the game.
Hananim (EUW)
: Play rylai to learn the game. Aoe dmg+slow, point and click root, aoe dmg+slow(+root if you buy aghanim) ult and most importantly, brilliance aura, any warcraft 3/dota 1 player loves this ability, it increases your mana regen as well as the mana regen of nearby allies. My other recommendations would be drow or sniper, both are "adcs" and quite easy to play. Eit: Something i didnt see mentioned, if a turret starts attacking you, a+left click on an allied minion/hero and the turret will switch aggro. Very very useful tip when diving.
Thanks!! :)
: I have around 100 hours on DOTA and who knows how many thousand in League and here are my pros and cons for it: Pros: • Not really gameplay related, but overall client & game optimization.. no crashes, disconnects or bugs (not a single one in a 100 hours).. game starts instantly and runs smoothly.. Riot should learn a thing or two from that.. it isn't impossible, you just need capable devs.. • It has voice chat which is really nice to scream at your allies Cons (I am aware for some people these might not be cons, but for me personally, a League player, they are): • Lack of mobility abilities and dashes, which make the game feel kind of slow and boring • Games are longer Notes: • Didn't want to put this under pros or cons, but Dota has many more active items that have a huge impact on the game. • It is much much harder to play, there is so many little details, strategies and tactics that you learn every time you play. Some most basic ones listed below: • • High / low ground • • Champion turning • • Denying creeps • • Controlling creep and turret agro I've given DOTA quite a few chances, but I just can't play it after playing League for so long.. it feels boring & slow, teamfights aren't as flashy as they are in League.. also a part of it just me being lazy and not willing to learn a new MOBA game.. learning 150 new champions, items.. I am not willing to put in any more time into that when I can just play League.. be aware that this opinion is very biased and may contain some incorrect information due to how much knowledge (or lack of) I have of this game.. but I think I have a pretty good picture of what the difference between the 2 games is..
Thanks!!! :)
: Itemization is only kind of similar. You have to get used to the fact that on many heroes you're going to buy items with active components which is crucial for countering a hero or that item goes well with your kit. So you basically going to have more than just 4 skills and some heroes have many more skills (e.g. invoker has 10). You don't have back to base button. You need to buy TP scrolls or get boots that let you tp, but those are usually only worth on certain split push heroes. Depending on what heroes you played in LoL you may find some heroes quite similar. E.g. Juggernaut is a mix of master yi and garen. It's agility based hero who's a bit weak early but snowballs incredibly hard and is amazing late game. For range heroes like adcs, in dota you may find drow ranger similar to Ashe. For mages Zeus is very simple hero, but you need to manage your mana incredibly well (2 sources of mana: potions that increase your mana regen for 50s - if you get hit by enemy hero potion stops working or tangos - give you 70 mana on use). Some items doesn't stack in inventory. Mana potion do stack, tangos do not. In inventory you have 3 places in backpacks. those items are inactive so to use them you need to switch places with one of other items from main inventory (it takes 5 seconds for item to activate after switching). Additionally in lane - You don't just farm creeps. You kill your own creeps to deny enemy gold. It's crucial part of laning as the creeps you deny only gives enemy 25% xp. It will take a while to learn to focus on yours and enemies creeps (creeps you deny give you a bit gold too). Most abilities in the game do not have any scaling from AD/AP. Because of denying mechanic level advantage is the most important. You max your abilities and increase their base dmg and that's how you get an edge over opponent however every item you buy that boosts your HP, mana regen, gives you actives etc or increases slightly the dmg you deal will be as important. Also in Dota there is something like high ground and low ground. if you try to attack enemy who stands on high ground and you are on low ground (stairs for example) your auto attack may miss. Many heroes rely on certain items. For example Axe needs blink dagger otherwise his engaging capabilities are pretty low since he has no mobility spells. Another important thing. Your hero takes time to turn around. It won't be like in league - pressing ability in lol makes your champ turn instantly and fire ability. In Dota you will have to wait a short moment for hero to turn around. Same goes for auto attacking. So kiting in Dota require a lot of skill to do properly as opposed to lol. For items build you can look in the websites, but dota has in game builds for every hero so you can choose that build and have recommended items showing everytime you open shop. I would forget about most important things. This is another crucial thing: You can buy items without going back to base and your team has a courier that can bring you your items(courier can be killed by enemy and it takes 2 minutes to respawn, your team have a global active to give courier immortality for few seconds - same goes for turrets). This part is important because if you die to an enemy before buying items you LOSE GOLD. Yes. Dying results in losing gold thats why its important to spend it before the fight or if you see youre about to die you have to quickly turn on shop and buy what you needed. You can also "buy back". Use amount of gold to revive right away. It has 6 or 8 minutes cooldown (I dont remember exactly) and it is very important. In late game for example sometimes it's better to wait and not buy the last item so you have gold to buyback (remember that if you die you lose gold so you have to have more than enough to actually be able to buy back). I think all those things are the most important you need to know. You can try out any hero in training mode - Dota has really nice training mode done for that. You can read about all the items in main menu (you odnt have to be in game or even training mode to learn about items). Have fun. It's really fun game once you start playing it and understand most mechanics.
Thanks!! I appreciate it a lot. :)
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Level 16 account crying about quitting. I wonder how many of your other accounts have been perma'd LUL
None of my accounts got perma banned.Not even close to it and i don't want to quit League. Your shit is irrelevant.Back to Twitch Chat where you belong buddy :)
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jolo2 (EUW)
: log in issue
Shit system shit system
Faker 1v9 (EUW)
Billion Dollar Company.
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BgADong (EUW)
: My account got perma banned for literally no reason
You can't get permanently banned without a reason.You were insanely toxic...So toxic that you managed to skip chat restrictions and the 14-day ban.The system for toxicity works perfectly so I'm pretty sure that you deserved the perma ban.
iG Rakan (EUW)
: Bought Bewitching Janna in My Shop, still don't own the skin.
Contact Riot's Support if you are not able to play with the skin.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: are you sure it doesnt update? dont forget that its different for every type of game: there is one for blind pick, draft, solo/duo and flex
In my main account it's stuck on 171 Solo Queue Games.I've played about 240.So yeah it doesn't update.
omri6295 (EUNE)
: stats section isn't being updated
I send a message to Riot,through Bug Report,about 10 days ago.They have knowledge of the problem so we're just waiting for it to be fixed.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Playing smart does not mean playing for KDAbut then again u need to smart to understand it. Check my history check the paper feeding trolls i got for team mates that Riot calls fair MMR The trolling has just begun....Now I WILL play for KDA
You got demoted (45% winratio IN BRONZE).You are not playing smart.Accept it... It's not your teammates fault.I checked your match history and i saw over 30 games in a row with kps like 25-30% IN BRONZE... It's enough to understand what you're doing in your games.You are lucky because the enemies Junglers have no idea how to jungle and you are capable to get the High KDA.
Backstard (EUNE)
: Just got demoted to bronze
You are playing Jungle-Support and you manage to have a below 50% Kill Participation in every single game (a lot of games below 30%).You are just a KDA player in an Elo that KDA players are getting punished.You are playing with Bronzes.You need to help lanes.Congrats buddy you succeeded an insane KDA with a 45% win ratio.You are the problem in your games not your teammates. Btw Bronze is a Blood Fiesta 24/7 so you can easily get a good KDA and an insane Kill Participation as a Jungler(especially early game Jungler like Warwick).Just saying.


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