: but what exactly people write on the chat that is useful on the game? - you can ping when you'll gank - you can ping when it's ss - you can ping when you want to take objective - you can warn teammate of upcoming danger This is all we need to know to play the game. People use the chat to write "gj", "wp" which is nice but emoticons can do it too. Other than that all we see is "report XYZ", "ff15", "omg noob" etc. Which is not useful at all. So, I'd really like to know what Riot think about it and seriously why they think that chat is a good idea for people.
try to make player support or rioters understand that
: Disable Chat
if a rioter see they he will say : "Chat is something which the team needs . we can't do that or u will lose every game" and believe me i tried that and they say that xd


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