VIT Laati (EUNE)
: We have forgiven Rito multiple times for releasing hastily made patches. IF they had done proper testing in PBE, and had taken earlier experience of server loads into consideration, this farce shouldn't have happened. Rito's antics are just getting old. They should give up on adding new game modes, if they utterly break the main game (See Clash).
But adding new game modes and creating new games is just profitable for them, and making them is not an easy job especially if they implement them into the original client. One solution for this would be to have all those games on separate clients, or like Blizzard has done it with their desktop app. But then again, that's ultimately more work which would mean more delay on any of the bug fixes we now got in less than a day tho.
: they should disabel ranked now , since many people have connection issues and lost their lp
well thats true but I knew the second I saw Yasuo's W bugging that I wasn't going to play rankeds...
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Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Neumím Riven,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=0UwxBgBd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-07T16:14:38.852+0000) > > track that guy IP an deal with him IRL Good luck with that. In case you don't know, it's virtually impossible to pin down someone by their IP.
> Good luck with that. In case you don't know, it's virtually impossible to pin down someone by their IP. Not that I really care about that, I just want to inform you that there has been a lot of cases where people schrewed with hackers on the deep web with calling the police which is basically the death sentence if say that, only to get knocks on the door and phone calls from strangers describing their house and threatening them. Again, I don't really care about that since I know this was meant as a joke, but there are people out there who can basically get every single piece of information that exists about you simply by tracking down your IP address.
Memuru (EUW)
: You're right! I completely agree that streamers deserve equal treatment. The way I see it, however, is that streamers need a measured penalty, designed to inflict an equally severe detriment to what a player might receive. Therefore, a month long ban for a player might equate to 2 week streaming ban for a fulltime streamer. And I certainly think it would be an immense overreaction for NB3 to receive a permanent ban, especially given the context. I sincerely hope people take the time to cool off a little over this, and realise that it doesn't need to be such a huge deal. As I am saying, I know exactly how all of this can easily be resolved peacefully and constructively for all involved, including for us - the consumers; and we're the most important ones in all of this. Enjoy the rest of your evening :)
I would give NB a permaban so he would learn that the world doesn't spin around him and that he is a lot lot less important than he thinks he is. But that is just me hating him, I also agree that would be a distasteful thing to do, even to a scum like him.
Memuru (EUW)
: He did a shitty thing and needs a penalty. Sorry for saying this but you have joined a witch hunt. I am pleading that people calm down and have some perspective, as the handling of this case could be hugely impactful on the future of the platform, in context of League and in general.
I mean, I don't care if Riot doesn't respond back to me 'cus I was gonna ignore what they would have to say anyway. But I just hate it when people get special treatment from companies that offer their products to every one simply because of some dumb reasons. If they can't treat all of their player base equally then f*ck.
BadboyUG (EUW)
: Poll: Should Nightblue3 get punished?
I actually sent Riot Games a support ticket asking them about this, and they still haven't replied and I doubt they will. They will also ignore these posts and just try to forget this ever happened. I don't much like the way we, casual players are worth less in their eyes than content creators that basically lay on their asses all day and no nothing, saying "Yea well creating content is hard you do if if you think it's this easy." In my eyes now, Riot are just a bunch of hypocrites that are too proud to eat their dignity for the sake of some one that was punished unfairly by their employee. Nightblue3 also, is a cu*t. And I don't feel welcome since I am not a content creator, so I am really considering whether it's worth pressing the "Play" button again or not.
Memuru (EUW)
: I said he deserves to be punished, but a fair punishment. Yall are getting way to carried away right now with your pitchforks and torches. He will likely apologise to the Teemo, having learned that he was not actually griefing. And I insist that he's much better than he was 5 years ago, but naturally the bulk of the community will only see him when he %%%%s up.
> [{quoted}](name=Memuru,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=xVJl0pYm,comment-id=000200090000,timestamp=2019-06-16T18:10:05.219+0000) > > I said he deserves to be punished, but a fair punishment. Yall are getting way to carried away right now with your pitchforks and torches. He will likely apologise to the Teemo, having learned that he was not actually griefing. And I insist that he's much better than he was 5 years ago, but naturally the bulk of the community will only see him when he %%%%s up. That's bullshit and you know it is, unless you are a hardcore Nightblue fan, in which case get the hell off the computer it's past your bed time and you weren't supposed to be playing League you aren't yet old enough. He didn't think the Teemo was griefing, he had a bad game, and the Teemo was a perfect target for him to vent hiss anger off, and since Nightblue, a piece of **** that he is, in his vacuum sealed head, thought to himself "It's not my fault I am playing like trash. It's this god damn's Teemo's fault." and then flamed and went afk.
WAVenom (EUNE)
: so is everyone gonna ignore this?
I've always hated Nightblue3. And now you see why. But when he goes full AP Hecarim and hoes 12/15/10 and calls it "SUPER BROKEN ONESHOT EVERYTHING UNBEATABLE FREELO MUST PLAY 1000 AP HECARIM JUNGLE NEW META BUILD" that's perfectly fine yes ?
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: 1. You not having an issue doesn't mean it doesn't exist. 2. They made the new client so why aren't they able to do simple things with it? This is like when Destiny got realised and the devs gave the excuse of having a new engine that doesn't allow them to change things. Why make it in a way that makes working with it nearly impossible?! 3. Yeah they have a lot to do and you know what they also have a lot of money to hire new people that can help. If riot really wanted to then they could get a few extra teams for everything from champion design to support. Oh but you are right they are just a small indie group with no money to that... 4. The "then you do it" argument is %%%%ing stupid and I hope you realize why despite using it.
Go read "Ask Riot" before crying about the client. They addressed the issues with the client long ago and admit there are some problems with it, and that they are working on a fix. The "Then you do it" argument is just as stupid as calling out an issue that the developers are already aware of, and posting it on the forums before reading any updates on the client in the first place. Also, if you have all these problems and I don't, there is obviously something more complicated going on, not just "Simple things". I have a feeling that you don't have any basic understandings of how programming works so I am not going to bother explaining this to you, but the issues with the client they have to fix are pretty much anything but "Simple things". Just be patient and wait for them to fix it. It's not like you are paying for the game, so obviously Riot will give a little less damn about it than let's say Blizzard would if their clients were buggy since you have to pay for World of Warcraft. They are already working on it. Of course you would know this if you spent at least half the time it took you to post this to read about the client and go through the updates.
WolfX10 (EUNE)
: Seriously how hard is it to fix the missions???
With all the things Riot has to do (fix the client fix this and that champion fix that bug fix this and that wee wee weee), I think if fixing the missions it this easy then go and do it. Surely they will pay you for it, just go and do it. Free money why not. *smh* Besides, I didn't have any issues with the missions yet so I don't know what you guys are all talking about.
: Dog Shit Ryze Changes
The only reason Ryze will always be impossible to balance is because Riot are stuck with the idea that he has to be that machine gun mage that can just spam spells until he runs out of mana. That's not a healthy design, because he will always be either overpowered or crap.
EfreyS (EUW)
: Which champ can solo carry botlane
{{champion:67}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:145}} and if these fail, try {{champion:67}} or {{champion:145}}
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Teemo2005RO (EUNE)
: Why rammus's dmg doesn't increse with speed ???
Rammus imo, is the most stupid and disgusting champion in the game.
mcheema4302 (EUNE)
: Permanent Bans
The 14 days suspension is pretty much the "One last chance" you will get before getting permabaned. If you don't take that last chance you get, the 14 days ban, then you are not going to take any last chance seriously and won't reform. Not to mention the amount of chat restrictions you can get before getting that 14 days and permaban. Basically you are suggesting that Riot gives two last chances. Cus that's exactly what a 14 days ban is. The last chance.
: You have to do all this to counter 1 champ? Most of other champs only need 1 step from the list to be countered. And that is CC, not even timed CC.
> [{quoted}](name=Xalasmeni Banana,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Fi4UEeRQ,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-05-19T09:25:49.348+0000) > > You have to do all this to counter 1 champ? > > Most of other champs only need 1 step from the list to be countered. And that is CC, not even timed CC. This is basically playing the game as you should, only it punishes Yi a lot more than it does most other junglers :D
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Nävë (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Ian San ,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=OUIeUaEf,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-05-18T17:38:15.507+0000) > > She is a new character. Every new character has a low win% on release. Really... because I can remember Darius being way too strong uppon release! {{sticker:darius-angry}}
Darius is not a champion he is a god damn bulldozer. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: About afk
Hey mate I am in my promos/1 win short of my promos. Wanna duo q with me and if we start losing the match you quit the game so I won't lose my promos/won't get dragged further away from my promos and I pay you 15-20€ for that ? See what I mean ? It counts as a loss because you were defeated in a match. You can't look at it that way. "Why do they have the right to lose my points by going AFK". I mean what are you thinking mate how can you think that way ? Think of it more like as another experience that you will forget in the next hour. There will be victories, there will be defeats. Some victories deserved, some not at all. Some defeats deserved, not at all. You can't make a balanced system that would prevent you from losing LP if some one in your team goes AFK while simultaneously eliminating every possibility of it being exploited. The most fair it can be is the way it is now.
: karthus jungle
I have literally never heard any one complain about Karthus jungle because he has a super low pick rate. I haven't seen him jungle in ages.
Grimizni (EUNE)
: You could say Yuumi's winrate...
She is a new character. Every new character has a low win% on release.
Timikyu (EUW)
: Complete Kindred Rework concept
Kindred as she is now is perfectly fine and doesn't need reworks, imo all that needs some fixing is her passive since the enemy knowing where she will go is kinda stupid. The passive is the only thing that needs reworking imo. Don't do another one of those two forms champions man, we have enough of these already.
: Lf plat support
I bet you are fun at parties...
Silent Note (EUNE)
: How do you farm after laning phase?
If you play top lane you can basically push top hard after I guess, I am not a toplaner. Mid lane you split push with assassins like Zed and LeBlanc or champions like Yasuo, or you simply stay midlane with your team if you play mages. Basically you just waveclear so enemy minions can't go full Kamikaze mode on your towers haha As for adc and jungle, I really wouldn't know. I found some guides on YouTube for you about this. Also go check on YouTube for some more info. It's just basically you clear the waves all the time and you split push whenever you get the chance.
: Which house did you choose?
I have no idea I just clicked one and then accepted the fact that I will be too lazy to finish the missions xd
skywhite1 (EUW)
he's a kite dummy. A good ADC will eat him especially Vayne. And other bruisers can outduel him too.
Emblazar (EUW)
: Ranked System is the biggest pile of excrement known to man!
Sir, you are a moron. You got placed in a game where you weren't carried. Riot can't know in advance how people will play, pretty sure they don't play horribly every game and you over exaggerate with how bad your team was. If they played like you described every game, they would be in Iron or Bronze division, and if that is the case, I am wondering... what the hell is a god like you doing in the same elo then ?
Dyamondis (EUW)
: It's obvious what needs to be done: not focusing so much on eSports and skins and instead investing more in Players support and ideas (like new features for the client or ingame). Fixing the client is a big priority but it's been bugged for so much and it lags for not too good PCs, also introducing new gamemodes and adding features to Practice Tool. You could say Riot is a business, but nowadays it focuses too much on making money that it is so blatant and it's ridiculous.
The bugs on this client aren't so common, at least in my experience. The most frustrating bug I had was the one where I couldn't change the game mode from "Normal blind" to anything else. But I fixed it by simply restarting my client. Also, what more features do you want ? Specifically tell me what is the feature you want on the client that you NEED to make your life easier on League, that the new client doesn't already have. Because I can't think of a single one. Riot already addressed the issues with the client on "Ask Riot" and they confirmed they are working on fixes for the client, and "Fixing bugs on this client" isn't as easy as it is typing it on the forums. Please understand that. Also also, Riot support is, also from my experience, the most advanced support I ever used, and it NEVER took them more than a day to reply back to me and they did always solve whatever I needed them to do for me, and very professionally and with a really pleasant attitude as well, which I can not say for Amazon's support. But again, that's just my experience. Also I agree with the practice tool, but again, you only addressed the issue and didn't specifically tell what's bothering you. In practice tool I would add an option to stack up stackable items and spells like Tear of the Goddess and Nasus's Q for example, or have a dummy that would hit you back so you can practice sidestepping and what not.
Hardstück (EUNE)
: Hashinshin:See twitch chat this is the first vladimir that died ever in the human history for beeing stupid (Vladimir dies again) Hashinshin: TWITCH CHAT THIS GUY IS SO STUPID HE DIED ON VLADIMIR TWICE FOR PLAYING STUPID Next game Hashinshin:Akali gap closes in,gap closes out,gapcloses in,gap closes out (Dies to akali playing aatrox (akali hard counters aatrox)):RIOT REMOVE STUN FROM HER ULTIMATE Q SLOW E DASH W INVIS PLEASE RIOT I love my man hashinshin he is actually funny as hell XD! No but seriously vladimir,riven and vayne have no counterplay XD!
They in fact do. I never had a problem with them, unless they got really really fed and so far ahead that the game was actually over because of them. But... isn't that the case with ANY champion that if they get too ahead and too fed they can 1v9 the game..? Also I love Hashinshin too he's funny until he starts talking for 25 minutes and doesn't stop. That's kinda old XD
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: If you have no interest in coming with ideas and solutions to stuffs then this means you should leave the game not us ,in fact you don't give a f214 what ever would happen in this game... When they touch adc items and balance ,all the players shoulded just say thank you , keep it like this is the best solution , in fact it got reversed but it took like 1 or 2 months for that to happen , even esports suffered about , and when they realise that they f2141 seen that this is not okey , and the esports will bring less people to play the game , in fact the adc was so boring to play when they did that changes that was likely a game without soul and adrenaline and crazy plays... . Yes there are people who write about nerfs and are low tiers and divisions , you can't blame them , they not know the game that deep to understand how the champions strenght scale and why they had that damage strength.. Also i don't think the nowadays ranked matchmaking is balanced , just because when you start the day you start it with 1 automatic lose and 1 automatic win most of the time , the matchmaking isn't random !!!! . If it would be random regarding divisions then it would be more balanced than currenting sorting system who tends to create weak teams or super good teams ... , landing in automatic wins and loses... , If you played much this game ,every time someone dodge the lobby the game is recreated with same players landing even to your champions getting banned, that's not even in Riot attention and is about 3-4 years this happen or more.
I am not saying "Don't complain deal with it" I am saying that people preach on forums about stuff Riot is already aware of and if you would read "Ask Riot" a little more often, you'd know they addressed several issues with the client and that they are already working on the fix, yet people still cry about that on daily basis. Also I specifically addressed this message not to people giving actual feedback, but to the people who give Riot crap they don't deserve. I mean it's even in the title of this post can you not read properly ? If all you do is talk sh1t and bask Riot for stuff they don't deserve like "This game is such a piece of sh1t Riot thanks for ruining my favorite game I have absolutely 0 fun at it because of you..." then this post is aimed at you. That's what I meant by "Addressing the issue that can be fixed by yourself and not offering any solutions at all". If you are the type of player that addressed an issue and offered a genuine solution to this like "Riot the ADC rework is crappy, that's not how ADC should work, it's not how we want to play them and I think reverting back {{item:3031}} to what it was is the way to bring the ADC back to where they should be.", then this post is not aimed to you. Also ranked system is pretty okay. What's bothering you at ranked system ? That you don't always land in a wining team and that "You always get matched with stupid trolls and feeders and leavers and AFS's while the enemy team always has a challenger smurf that 1v9 the game" ? Also what did you mean by that last part game getting recreated with the same players. What's wrong with that ? It doesn't happen all the time, it happens on occasions. It is pretty random and sometimes your previous allies are now in the enemy team and vice versa. Also I checked your profile, and you never made it out of Silver elo, in fact, you have been Bronze and then Silver, and I wouldn't expect any one with higher elo to complain on how "Unfair the ranked system is". It is very fair. You get players in your game based on their MMR which, at the end of the day, matters more than their elo. If they are Gold 2 with an MMR of a Silver elo player well then they got carried there or boosted there and they are just as good as you are, only difference being you worked for the elo you are in and they did not, so statistically, you are better. But if not always getting good team and "Always getting noobs" in YOUR team while getting op challenger #1 Korean smurfs in ENEMY team is the issue you have with ranked system, then I do not know how to help you there.
Rioter Comments
: like a Gold players opinion matter i dont have to read ur message its pointless anyway. i know im right and ur wrong. and im not a katarina main . im a Zoe main i used to be a katarina main
You just ruined your argument with the "You are lower elo than me ergo you are wrong and I am right". If you are too boosted to play against a Yi and cry about him on forums than I would seriously think on that. Also a Zoe main that can't deal with Yi ? Well that's embarrassing to admit my man (': Also if you think you are a God among men cus you are low Diamond (which is nothing to be proud of and every higher elo streamer and YouTuber will tell you that by the way), and you are so much better at playing Zoe than you average player and still can't beat Yi, well first of all you are boosted, second, ban him if you hate him so much ? Lol.
: you get a panic attack if they dont have skin? are u %%%%ign insane? what assummption are u basing this on? are u like challenger with 10k games played in 7 year or something no? oh right.. stop assuming your good and be nice. labeling people based on a skin who da %%%% are u dude xD
I literally said I know this doesn't have any point. But if you are this dumb to post a comment without reading the entire thing through you are on a next level. And if you did read it through then I would suggest you get a lawyer and sue your English teacher because I see you can't understand the point I tried to make there. 90% of the time I see some one not wearing a skin they have super low mastery. That's from my experience, and no one is labeling people here. If you are this illiterate to not understand the part "...g a skin (it means nothing I know)..." then a thousand Christs can't help you my man.
: i hope Yi gets weaker. that champ shouldnt be in the game at all. why did they rework katarina because she didnt had much counterplay when she made penta's Yi is worse CC canceling ultimate stopped katarina. But yi he dodges CC with his Alpha and if u have hard CC he gets Tenacy and Qss u can build defenses against the old kat u cant build vs Yi Armor wont help Health wont help Yi cant be bursted because of damage reduction.
Just as I expected you are a salty Katarina main who thought his champion was fair. Old Katarina was everything but balanced she had way too much burst and was way too fast. Yi ? He is a low elo stomper. You need to be quite good at it if you want him to work at higher elo because look. I am super low elo Gold 3 or whatever and I barely ever, if ever, see Yi and when I do, I NEVER think to myself damn this champion is busted, because if he get's fed and gets going then yes he is harder to stop than other champions, but if he doesn't get fed he is basically a bootleg pimp that tries to do something but just can't because he isn't strong enough. Yi depends on knowing how to play the game to get ahead and then get unstoppable while old Katarina just relied on smashing your face on your keyboard and that was that. You say "But she had combos you had to learn REEEEE" well Q E W R is not much of a combo if you ask me. Siv HD could do it in Silver elo, I don't see a reason why pretty much every one couldn't do it either.
: Minimum mastery score would be nice, but 50k seems a bit high
I know I randomly said a number I didn't think too much about it. I admit. It seemed like a small number of mastery when I thought about it since I have my mains on 100k+ and nowadays you see a lot of people with over 200k mastery, but 50k is still a lot yea.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i couldve said any other champ, but yasuo is the most famous one right now and tbh most of the feeders who is feeding from the start and not the tilted ppl are on champs with lvl 6-7, so your suggestion wouldnt really do a thing
> and tbh most of the feeders who is feeding from the start and not the tilted ppl are on champs with lvl 6-7, so your suggestion wouldnt really do a thing I have had the expected problem; their 700k mastery Vayne pissing over our 500 mastery Draven in botlane. That's something that pisses me off, and I've seen people with 0 mastery too. Just a few days ago my friend and I had this Lissandra in the enemy team who was getting stomped on by my friend who is a Zoe main, and this Liss had 0 mastery and kept crying in all chat how broken Zoe is when knowing the matchup just a little help so so much to not go 0/10. I just don't want people trying new champions out in my promos that's all. Btw, Smite has this idea and they have a filter where you need a mastery on a champion to pick him in a ranked game, but there is a whole different system with bans and mastery, all I wanted to say with this post was that Riot could start thinking in the same direction. I didn't specifically mean 50k or mastery 6 on a champion per say, but I meant in the direction of preventing people from first timing champions in a ranked game. You know what I mean.
: 15 champions on 50k or higher means that you have to play around 90-100 games with each champion (at about 50% winrate), which is 1350-1500 matches before you can go ranked. Do I need to explain why this is a bad idea?
I am more surprised I have to point out that I just wanted a limit on what champions you can play so you can't go in ranked and play a champion first time. Then I just gave that 50k mastery from the top of my head I admit I didn't think too much about it because I didn't mean it specifically, what I meant what in that direction. I am sure Riot would figure something out if they went in the direction of making a limit to what you can play, kinda like they did with the autofill. If you can't understand the point and jump straight to the example I gave from the top of my head you can start thinking about why using your brain would be a super good idea.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: yup that would totally eliminate the matches where our 400k mastery lvl 7 yasuo goes 0/40 in 3 minutes... do ppl actually give any thought to stuff before posting or they just spew garbage immediately after coming to boards? on a more serious note: nothing would change, you can get mastery lvl 5 being afk in aram, so setting up a barrier like that is pointless then there is the case of trading in champ select, lets say jungle picks last and im first, we agree that we switch champs, but since i never play jungle i dont have any jungler on lvl 5, now i cant trade with him
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ENJRojIs,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2019-05-01T17:34:04.200+0000) > > yup that would totally eliminate the matches where our 400k mastery lvl 7 yasuo goes 0/40 in 3 minutes... You can't expect any one to take your shit seriously when you start the argument with "Ally Yasuo goes 0/40 cus he is ally Yasuo" bro.
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=Ian San ,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=uharE7cf,comment-id=000100010000,timestamp=2019-04-27T19:56:24.690+0000) > > If you are a programmer, you might offer some more useful information than just "Fix the client it's bugged." > I can't offer useful information if I can't access the code of the game or client or even memory dumps of the program.
Then read the article I mentioned earlier. You will see they already addressed the issue with the client bugs.
Ian San (EUW)
: Then go play her and get that free elo. Quick before they nerf her !
Well, firstly, strong and broken are two different things. Second, a Riven that knows what she is doing will feel overpowered no matter how much you nerf her, you can't expect nerfs based on people who paly that champion really really well like Viper, BoxBox, AdiranRiven or maybe even Hai... they are mains, they are good and they will always be good no matter the state of their champion. Third, Riven does have 51.31% winrate in Platinum+ elo, 51,18% winrate in Platinum, 49,73% winrate in Gold, 48,82% winrate in Silver and 48,29% winrate in Bronze elo. So you see, the lower the elo, the lower her winrate gets. That's because she requires a certain amount of skill to play. With her winrate being so very low in lower elos points to the fact that you can't be a bad player and still win games with her, which is exactly what broken means; not being good at the game and still win games with. Bronze, Silver and Gold players are bad that's a fact. I am Gold too and I admit I am bad. That's why you don't see a lot of successful Riven mains in these elos, because a successful and a good Riven is bound to be high elo, you can't be "Good with Riven" and be low elo it's just not how it goes. That's why she has a mediocre winrate in lower elos because a bad player can't play her, ergo she is not broken or in much need of nerfs. If I would nerf anything about Riven, it would be her shield. That I admit, is not fair. And if you think I pulled those statistics from thin air, here is the site I used as reference: I am not saying she is perfectly okay, but she is okay to the point where she does not need any heavy nerfs, and her win ratio across all the elos is proving me right. I would much more like Riot to focus on champions that ARE in need of some heavy nerfing, and just leave Riven for later cus there are other champions that are in more urgent need of nerfs than she is. I think you know what I mean right ? By the way, hope I don't sound too harsh or whatever, English is not my 2nd language and I sometimes can't phrase myself correctly :P
Dewritoes (EUW)
: This is why everyone needs to play supp/jungle at least once in their life. Much more time to look at the map, what's going on, constantly asking yourself how you can impact the map in your favor, not necessarily looking for the outplays. I love playing support because of these things. It's very chill if you know what you're doing and incredibly satisfying when you outsmart the F*CK out of that 500k mastery yasuo. This does require communication though. And your team needs to listen, which is... difficult.
True. But it's easy to know what people should do, but some god damn stuck up mains won't listen.
: riven is suposed to be oh so hard to play yet she has a 50%+ winrate across all elos .. a hard to play champion should actualy reward you after you played like 100-200 games with it .. resulting in a winrate of ~48%+- 1% .. sure you can punish her with braindead champions like kennen but .. kennen and those other champions all also need nerfs .. its not like riven is weak because the literal op class champions win against her .. let me reiterate : just because kennen > riven doesnt mean everything > riven .. also : according to this site riven is currently s+ tier .. i dont think nerfing her would be affecting her all that much..
Then go play her and get that free elo. Quick before they nerf her !
Silent Note (EUNE)
: What's wrong with the client?
I really wouldn't know, mine is working just fine. On Ask Riot, they already addressed the issue with client and confirmed that they are working on a fix, so sit tight while they take care of it. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I'm not gonna bother reading your wall of text. I read the first few lines and all I say is this; You are part of the problem. You believe it is acceptable to tell someone to kill themselves (and thus break the law) so you can remove yourself from this thread now.
As I said. You are deluded. So deluded. But hey, do not worry you are not alone. If literally 1 or MAYBE 2 people PARTIALLY agree with the point you wanted to make and EVERY ONE ELSE disagrees, and if we all logically and in a more friendly manned than you bothered replying back to us, explained why YOU are the problem and not us, and why YOU are in the wrong and WE are in the right, then I guess you alone are still right and so many of us are still wrong. There is no hope for you. And rest assure I will not remove myself from this post simply because a steaming kid told me to do so, but I will send a ticket to Riot and I really, REALLY hope they reply back tomorrow because I wanna have a bit deeper discussion about this with an actual sane person, which you have proven countless of times you are not. Aezander and Skouriasmenos explained EVERYTHING to you. EVERYTHING. But you chose to ignore that and continue being a sassy kid. I won't repeat their words, because they basically told you everything already and if you didn't listen to them I am safe to assume you won't listen to me either. Anyway, I am gonna have a smaller discussion about you with Riot Support, since you and your behavior here on forums and in the games makes me sick to the stomach.
: I'm a snowflake? Someone literally told me to kill myself and I'm a snowflake because of that? You're part of the group of people who believe they can say and do anything on the internet because they have anonymity. I already accept that my banning of Kayle, when a teammate had pre-selected it was the root cause of the outburst in my direction and has the other person simply called me a prick, or an asshole, or any other number of choice words, I'd have laughed it off, apologised for banning his pre-selected champion and not thought about it again. But I was told to KILL MYSELF. I'm hardly crying. I really wish people would understand what that phrase actually meant. But alas. The thing I find most concerning in this entire situation is that no-one can seemingly see past my actions. I accepted that it was shitty, and that I should pay more attention during champion select etc, and yet, people are siding with and defending the person who broke the law. But, I'm the toxic one for making a rightful ban. I've had champions I wish to play banned away from me hundreds of times, not once have I told someone to kill themselves. I simply ask why they banned my champion, and then I select a different one. But, yes, I'm the toxic one in this situation. I should go and kill myself - amirite?
If words from a random nobody in an online video game made you nearly cry then you should consider whether or not it is a good place for you to be. I will say it for the last time and then I am really not gonna bother replying to this anymore because it looks like I am talking to air here. If you do not want some one to tell you to k*ll yourself, do not provoke the reaction. Do not ban their champion. Make sure they do get it. I really REALLY hate {{champion:517}} too and I ALWAYS ban him, unless one of my team mates wants to play him. If the enemy then picked him first then well bad I will just have to deal with him in game. And no. I do not belong to the people who flame and are toxic and believe whatever you want to. My account has been clear from any chat restrictions for over a year now, because I actually did reform. But your original post and this comment differ so much that you really make yourself look like a crying wolf and with the "He told me to k*ll myself and I almost cried" kinda pretty much looks like you are milking Riot's strictness towards the all mighty three-letter word and want to get that player banned because you can't deal with the situation you put yourself into when you provoked his reaction. Tyler1 was the same thing. You wanted to win ? Don't ban his Draven and he won't troll and he might even carry you. But people did it anyway and then got mad because he trolled. He shouldn't have, as much as that moron shouldn't tell you to k*ll yourself, but provoking their reactions and then demanding them punished is a d*ck move too. Just because you can't get punished for something that doesn't make it okay for you to do and it doesn't mean you can do it and expect sympathy from people on these forums. If you do not get what I am trying to tell you then you will simply continue getting hate and you will continue keep almost crying, your problem. If trying to tell you something is like trying to tell river to stop flowing then by all means, fall in depression from all the hate you will continue getting from as*holes in this community, because there a re a lot of them.
: i feel like riven compared to other stuff isnt op .. but from the perspective of someone who knows what powercreep is: she together with like already 30% of the champ roster is op and needs nerfs ..
> i feel like riven compared to other stuff isnt op .. but from the perspective of someone who knows what powercreep is: she together with like already 30% of the champ roster is op and needs nerfs .. I don't think she is overpowered because she can get punished early easy, she has so many counters in lane you just need to play against her correctly which is something low elo players can't do and that's why you see all the Bronze and Silver players crying on forums how she is broken. I don't know what is the opinion of high elo players, but mine is just that she is easy to play against once you understand how to.
: I love riven I am not a riven main but I don't want to see her nerfed or hated {{champion:92}} also I STILL hate conqueror
And I told you she is not getting nerfed any time soon so stop worrying. Also let me now explain to you the concept of the "Wrong rune" cus apparently you still refuse to understand. If you HATE the best possible rune for a champion then well, there is something very wrong. If you pick something that is not as beneficial to you as it possibly can be, you are not able to perform at your best since you don't do what you were supposed to be doing efficiently, ergo you are throwing the game for your team simply because you decided you for some reason hate Conqueror. And that is what costs you your elo bro...
: kid like thing ? maybe you won't say the same shit when all boards call for nerfing your favorite champs but you neither want them nerfed or to be op it's riot's fault for creating unbalanced op shit riven on herself is okay
You don't get my point. Riven directly will not receive any hard nerfs dw bout that bro she won't. And purposely not playing the best possible rune on her because "That is what made her too broken WEEE". And my favorite champion that I onetricked to completely reworked. And that was Fiora. I onetricked her since the day I started playing League and after rework she was the most unappealing champion to me. Then I started onetricking Shaco and he was nerfed and reworked into oblivion as well. And I didn't complain I just went with it and played him for one more year straight. And now I main Yasuo and I am really not afraid of any nerfs or reworks, also I don't care about runes they balance around him or not. And all of the boards wish Yasuo mains like myself to die of a painful death, we get denied our champion by our team mates cus idk why and they want to nerf him into the ground too since day one and I really don't care man... and neither should you. Plus I checked your profile you don't look much like Riven main to me mate.
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