Gajoob (EUW)
: Well that's the same with anything, really. You get people in diamond who feed their lane and the people on the team say mean things like, "How much was your account?" People will just use any excuse to be mean.
They sure will use any excuse to be mean, and then most of the time they don't even need an excuse. I can't say that I didn't expect this, by matter of fact when I went to bed I was quite sure that it'd go down this way. Regardless of what I did or didn't say, I hope that it's obvious that I did see more pros than cons. We all cast a million shadows, it'd be odd to cast the final judgment based on only a few of them. Additionally, I've always tended to be very harsh when casting that judgment whereas others would be more careful or mind their tongue. That is to say, don't take the things that were said too personally. I can't help but be impressed with how thorough you are and were generally though, even having deleted the bit of interaction we had on here before. Well, here it started and here it gets its proper end, I guess. Having said all of that, it's only fair to admit that I'll miss your silly antics. Above all I'll miss the more serious talks, and the TW playthrough; I guess that was doomed to never truly go beyond 100 turns after all. I'm sure that I'll think about you every now and again, and I'm sure that a smile will creep up on me every time I do. I hope that you'll do well gajoobie, and I hope that you find someone, or stay friends with people, who suit you better than I did. For whatever it's worth, I do believe you deserve that and more. Take care and all the best in a very literal sense, Kai
I like Math (EUNE)
: and i made you read this one 3 years later {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
You're a bad person and you should feel bad, but then you like maths so it seems like I'm the one who gets the final laugh anyways. Hah, nerd... who'll probably get a good job... and stuff... stuff it.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Colactic,realm=EUW,application-id=jeJYsmwG,discussion-id=8d3owQZ6,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-04-22T21:10:31.802+0000) > > Here is some good advice. Don't continue playing. You are not going to enjoy your League experience if you keep on going, that I can guarantee you. Not to mention, this game doesn't need new players, and the current players don't want new players in their games. A lot of players might not want new players in their games, especially at higher elo, so I can fully understand that!! I'd hate it if my inexperience ruined my whole teams game, but as far as unranked and lower Elo games which is probably where I and many other new players will begin, I'm sure we fit in right? I'm hoping you're wrong and I will continue to enjoy my league experience and I also hope that the players I do end up matched with are fine with me being new! Just gotta keep playing and find out I guess!
Honestly, as someone who's played this game a little too much and for a little too long, I can only recommend you don't listen to these... players. Seemingly you don't either way, which is great. Every game needs new players, and of course there will be current players who don't want new players, just as there will be current players who love new players. A lot of people like to easily forget that everyone had to start somewhere, and they consider themselves veterans because they started in season 3, conveniently forgetting that the "current players" of then are the exact same as "the current players" that they represent now. Although the matchmaking system isn't the best you'll still get matched with people who are about your MMR (Matchmaking rating), which means that you should consistently be matched with people around your skill level. Losing games is never fun, especially if you're the reason your team lost it, but that simply means your MMR drops which in turn means you'll be placed with people of an equal skill level. "Higher elo" players will never see you, and the day that they will, will be the day that you deserve to play amongst them. Or it'll be the day that the game died and is in dire need of new players. Either way it means that you'll fit right in! Oh, and quoting people doesn't actually notify them that they have been replied to. You'll have to reply to messages (like I am replying to yours, and like you replied to The Colactic's) individually if you wish for them to get a notification. And as a long-time player: everyone's bound to have bad games, everyone's bound to miss skillshots, everyone's bound to mess up. Don't let those mistakes get to you, and don't let the 'infamous' toxic player base get to you. It's just a game, as long as you enjoy it you should keep playing it, when you stop enjoying it you should stop playing it. Best of luck with your LoL journey, and if you ever need help with anything in regards to gameplay then you're free to add me and/or ask me questions! p.s. Xin Zhao's passive "[Challenge](" procs when you either AA or Audacious Charge (E) someone. All enemies hit by Xin Zhao's ultimate are knocked back, _except for the challenged target_. This lets you isolate and kill them even when enemies are around. Notice how, when you attacked Yasuo right before ulting him, it marked him with a white symbol. That means he's challenged, and that means he won't get knocked back. Prevent this by using your ultimate before you use any abilities or AA's on the target!
: Nerf Janna
My favourite shitposter is back Under a new name now I fear But please guys let's cut him some slack For his shitposting abilities are severe Oh how I loved you in your prime Your posts always so sublime A shame you have fallen from grace Yet you owe a place in my heart no one could replace If you have read this far Read Apatosaurus's other work Nothing is too bizarre He always leaves me with a smirk Although you will leave again Just know that to me You've always been a ten
: I have played talon, I just haven't played him recently. So weak that he has 59% win rate in diamond+ in mid lane. I know that win rate is not the only thing to look at, but 59% is pretty high. And you have 71% win rate on talon, is that not enough for you? You need 80+? As I said a lot of people want their main champs buffed and are biased af about them. How can you have 71% win rate and call him weak? Blows my mind. Talon is so %%%%ing weak. - I hope you understand how biased you are.
The 71% winrate was all him The 29% lossrate was all his champion being underpowered
: Dude, MAN UP. IF YOU ARE TAKING A SHIT AND SOMEONE WALKS IN, GO ON AND %%%%ING PEE ON THEM TO SHOW DOMINANCE. Works evritaym 4 me. Don't let them think that you are 10 years old. Show'em watchu got. Happy New %%%%ing Year man. Have a great night
MyungSoo (EUW)
: Your guide on its own is excellent, I would personally just prefer less ''I's'' or simply less opinionated statements so instead of getting how you feel about characters, we get a more specific way on what these characters can do and how we can play around them.
That's a fair point, I'll try and pay some more attention to that in my next guide. If you still have anything else you'd want to remark or criticize then please do so. Thanks for the feedback and thanks for reading the guide!
MyungSoo (EUW)
: Great guide, would've liked it to be a bit more blunt. It seems slightly biased in some parts like especially reading how the writer dislikes ADC's in the Jungle etc.
I agree with the part that I might be biased regarding the ADC's in the jungle, this was written shortly after the ADC rework which put them out of commission in the botlane. I thought that mosly funny and ironic, hence the comments regarding ADC's in the jungle. Would you have any (constructive) feedback regarding the lack of bluntness? Any concrete examples of how you would've written it yourself? Although I won't be updating this admittedly very obsolete guide anymore I'm planning to write another one, so any criticism is welcome criticism.
: Ranked Rituals
After the queue pops I always wait until the waiting timer hits about 40%, so that it's 1/3rd dark blue, before accepting.
: Find teammates for the Slumber Party IP Weekend!
: > [{quoted}](name=Antenora,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=d2zRUt9B,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-07-29T11:55:22.426+0000) > > > > Watch his "Guide to becoming an AD Carry" videos. he asked for a "coach" if such a thing exists, not a video...
"If such a thing exists" Do you doubt that league coaches, for free, exist?
: HI guys can help me
The icon on this site is linked to the icon in your League Client, as the account is linked. Change it in-game, and the site should follow suit in due time.
KKasuka01 (EUNE)
: you should upgrade it i didnt see {{champion:498}} andd what champ is best for supp except {{champion:497}} ?
I fear that this overview is indeed painfully obsolete, however I am working on some other projects (namely a mid guide and some other things) currently. After I have finished them, I will see whether I update this. Xayah, as a short overview, is a low ranged ADC with an interesting kit to make up for her lack of mobility. Generally she makes up for that lack of mobility with the extreme movement speed boost on her W when attacking champions, her invulnerable-inducing ultimate and her root. Even though these abilities come with relatively low cooldowns (except for the ultimate) she still struggles against higher ranged champions. If she can not close the gap she can not make use of her mobility, rendering her in a very tough spot against anything from Caitlyn to Xerath. She more than makes up for this with her extreme damage in the mid to late game, however, shredding enemies that get close. The biggest trait that Xayah has is that she is far better when being chased rather than when chasing, as she can make use of all of her abilities which tend to be defensive rather than aggressive. Rakan is not the best support champion currently in my opinion, as he lacks a good laning phase against wary opponents. I think that the original champions are still exceptionally good, in their own fields anyways. If you want something like lane dominance you should look for champions such as Nami and Thresh. Nami scales poorly into the game, however, compared to other champions. Thresh maintains his edge, but Thresh can not make use of the best support item (most cost-efficient) namely Ardent Censer. Janna is great as she can both make use of ardent censer and takes very little skill to play. However, that does not mean she surpassed other (slightly harder) to play sustaining supports such as Karma. Yet, even a good Karma can not stop a Bard from roaming, and if he does so succesfully he can win the game by pressuring the map. The answer is that there is no best support currently. You'd have to clarify what style you wish to play, and what you're looking for in particular. Micro, macro, lane dominant or late game dominant? Skill dependant, flexibility or easy to play?
Rismosch (EUW)
: I don't want to use the boards anymore
Long time lurker, and- I'd like to think- for good reason. Lurking and laughing at posts is one of the few joys I can still get out of Boards; arguing and actively posting has (also) become a thing of the past for me due to the... questionable replies one can expect to get. Impressive and unexpectedly well articulated post, and I'm genuinely quite sad to see you go. (I guess it ended up being the upvote way, huh?)
SmB Koji (EUW)
: Yep, that's how unlucky some people can be. No one is saying they play perfectly, but you doing your job while all / most of your teammates fail is more common for some players than others. Dunno if you're french-speaking, but one famous streamer is Corobizar. He's very funny, and a (in a very deserved way) famous among French. Turns out he completed a "Road to Master" stream, despite being merely skilled as a Dia 3/4 (I'm far below that, I'm not trashtalking him). How did he achieve this ? Most of his games, and you can check that on stream, he gets carried. He can go 1/7/3 with his Fiddle jungle or Yorick support, it doesn't matter : the rest of his team will carry him. This argument of "they're 5 randoms, you got 4 randoms" is true in the overall experience of LoL, in a scale of regions, or league, by example. However, by the true nature of what statistics are, it happens that you can't verify them for some people. OP seems to be one of them, and so am I. I tracked notes on my games, several times since I started playing 7 years ago, and it's true that early on, I often lost by my mistakes / mechanics failure. Recently, the more I climb (I mostly play against high plats and diamond 5/4), the more I end up with terrible team, blaming each other for their mistakes. Just the last 2 games : I was the jungler, 80% kill participation, only positive KDA plus objectives and counterjungling. Meanwhile, all my lanes were losing 1v1 / 2v2. Twice in a row, they end up blaming me. My point is : yes, I blame the lack of luck for a good 70% of my losses. I'd even say 80%. Because I'm 20% of my team, and 4 times out of 5, the one throwing / inting is one of those 4 (and that's how statistics work) ;)
Hm. The biggest issue in measuring "this" is that it's very hard to measure one's worth in a game. Yes you can have a high kill participation %, but that doesn't automatically mean you actually did a lot for the team. Positioning well in that one crucial moment can be worth as much as playing well the whole game, said otherwise, get caught at the wrong time and all your efforts have been for naught. And I'd say that 1000 games is a pretty big sample size. I agree with you that loss streaks of say ten, twenty games can be luck (or lack thereof). However, 1000 games truly is a whole 'nother beast. If people can not get to the elo they deserve in their own eyes in so many games, then they might want to reconsider where they actually belong and what they actually contribute. Not to mention that psychology plays a huge role in this, from more vividly remembering the bad moments to overestimating oneself. The lad has a 51% winrate by the way: had he played consistently well then he should've gotten anywhere between 55-60%. Especially considering that 'smurfs' (aka genuinely better players, which is very achievable for everyone as skill is not decided by account but by personal ability) can solidly get a 70-85% winrate around that elo. I don't really believe in the stars aligning, especially not when it comes to humans telling me that they do, with the best argument them bringing forth being 'I'm not saying I'm infallible, but I'm pretty sure I'm relatively close to it (paraphrased). 'tis nearly always my team that loses it.' I've coached too many players to know that that's _always_ faulty in some way, that people _nearly always_ overestimate their true value and contribution to the game. Alas, everyone may believe what they may believe. If it brings them comfort.
Rstonius (EUW)
: is 1000 games enough?
You can't actually think yourself a rational, reasonable human being when you've played over 1000 games and would blame luck (or the lack thereof) on 70% of your losses, which you couldn't do anything about? The odds of that is quite literally the stars aligning. Come on bud, they have 5 random players and your team only has 4 random players. Not that hard to figure out what your winrate should be if you'd played consistently well.
Lizz4rD (EUW)
: ***
Somewhere inbetween mildly amused, slightly confused and strongly bemused. It really is hard to determine whether someone is being sarcastic or not just by text...
NYZ Nero (EUW)
: Very thanks
Although the guide is more obsolete than not, and I start working on it again soon, I thank you for your apprecation ^^
Praes (EUNE)
: Are assuming these are silver players or diamond players? Since they're completely different things. A diamond player will follow down to bot lane in the very minimum take or severely damage mid tower. I wouldn't know about silver players, I think they're inconsistent. If you read everything I said these posts, you would've noticed that there's not a way to make a call since there are too many variables to this. So I can't make a proper call because I don't know the mid match up or how much vision do we've. If you're hanging bot side you could just go and place a few wards in their jungle and remove the chance of mid not being able to follow. Also if you're hanging bot side and your bot lane is ahead you'll 1st fight the 3v3 since their mid won't be there from the start, you've plenty of time to back off if they try to make it start as a 3v4 or 2v4. Also, I made a very basic assumption the fact that your bot lane took the tower 2v2 and is pushing the wave. Two things which bot indicate they're winning, not a "very faulty" assumption if you ask me. For the "you can do something positive for your bot lane" or something like that, too lazy to actually find it. I'm pretty sure that counter ganking a winning lane is positive. But yet again too many variables to actually make a proper call. You shouldn't be a hypocrite and complain about me making assumptions if you're gonna do that in next 5 sentences.
To start off the "faulty assumption" remark referred to the first point (botlane is winning) as much as it did the second (you can do something to actually positively influence your botlane). Although I agree that the first isn't too much of a stretch, the second one definitely is. In my post I argue that you can _not_ do anything to positively influence your botlane, which was the main point of it all. And regarding the point that your midlaner could follow, even if you gave him the vision, no. We'll have to **strongly** agree to disagree on this one, because I think that what you say is complete bollocks. If their midlaner pushes as much as one wave he can come down without even taking too much tower damage, and your midlaner can not follow because he has to take the longer path and should still be fearful of being ambushed. There are about 3 bushes and 5 solid spots you can ambush him from, you genuinely can't ward them all. Not to mention he could just put down a control ward to block vision in a vital spot. Assuming you could even get the wards down without dangering yourself too much, that is. I agree with the variables part, and that's why I made an assumption. However, unlike you, I very clearly stated that this was an assumption so we could get to some kind of constructive reply for the OP. Otherwise you indeed get posts such as '... but there are too many variables to make a proper call (aka it's still your issue and thus my reply isn't very useful for you, even if it was written with the best intentions). If you'd written that it was an assumption that your botlane was winning _because they destroyed the tower_ then I'd have no issue with it, however this may not always be the case. I'd, thus, not call myself a hypocrite as there's still a fundamental difference between your assumption and mine.
Praes (EUNE)
: If you focus on top side you lose the pressure from bot side. You wanna focus on the winning side not the side that has already lost. Also I think the best call is for botlane to swing mid and then go top to get the outer towers, but your call works too. Also you don't want to gank or help your top, he's most likely a lost cause at that point so just focus on bot and mid.
You reason from the (very faulty) assumption that botlane is both winning and that you can actually do anything that positively impacts your botlane. As OP described the situation botlane is pushing up, which means that they're already past the outer tower. As midlane is not described at all, I'll assume it's an even matchup. This means that their midlane has way more accessability to botlane- even to the point where your midlaner can't follow as their midlaner could trap at basically any fog of war spot inbetween. Like I said previously, this puts you at a 2v4 / 3v4 disadvantage. Winning such fight is near impossible, especially when your toplaner is getting outpressured. Losing such a fight comes at the cost of both having to give up botlane completely and delaying your action on mid/top, and giving their midlaner a rather big opportunity to get ahead of yours. Did I mention yet that your midlaner will have to push like mad to protect your botlane? Focussing the winning side is a 'fist-rule' strategem, just like building tank when losing is. A fist-rule doesn't always apply, and I'd strongly argue for this case being such an exception to this rule.I think you're severely confused on the matter (especially the 4v4 comment where you apparently trust your midlaner to roam along with theirs, your midlaner can NOT follow their midlaner easily, and even if he does he'll be extremely late to the party, and expecting that of him is imo indicative of lack of experience), especially when one takes your other comments in this thread in consideration. However, it is obviously up to the OP who he wishes to believe or follow.
: Jungler Predicament.
Ask your botlane ever so kindly if they would swap with toplane, and then gank either botlane (with the toplaner) or help push down the toplane turret with three. If they don't want to swap it's often best to try and dominate the topside jungle and look for mid/top ganks. There's really not much you can do if they won't swap, especially not on the botside of the map as it quickly escalates into a 2v4 (As their midlaner also gets easy access to botlane). On the other hand, however, since there's so much pressure from botlane you basically get the opponent jungler's topside jungle. You'd 'break' this situation by either getting all the outer turrets or by getting the top turret and then having your toplaner swing mid, so basically you _have_ to focus on the topside to prevent your botlane from feeding (too) much
: I like the new and old, and I like playing the new graves in the botlane too. People underestimate botlane graves so much. However, with the current 9000km long rnage marksmen, Graves bot isnt a good idea, but, its not dead either.
The biggest issue is probably in the fact that his AAs can now both get dodged (with dashes or flash) and and get blocked by minions, if Graves faces any intelligent opponents he both gets outpoked and out-traded in all-ins. The only supports that really work with him are either ones that can help him shove or ones that can all-in. Then you have the issue that supports like Leona and Alistar are rather awful currently because they don't scale at all. Ones that help him shove don't quite promote any kind of actual fun, interactive play either. I find it utterly frustrating to be "outplayed" by such a simple condition as having minions between me and my opponent. It's so alike to- but so much infinitely much worse than playing Ezreal.
GameBear64 (EUNE)
: Will i be fine if i buy boots for ashe? {{item:3020}} + {{champion:22}}
Boots are rather essential for every character in the game, however Sorc shoes aren't the best for Ashe as only her ult can benefit from those. Even if her ult does benefit from it, it has too little damage and too long a cooldown to be useful. You could go for Bers. greaves for the AS though, Lucidity for the CDR or Swifties for the movement speed. Other boots on her are not very viable.
Fathands (EUW)
: Why do your threads always have 4 upvotes and 0 comments?
Probably upvotes himself, or has friends upvote him. _oh well_
: {{champion:22}} {{summoner:4}} {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
I've had some descriptive comments, but this one beats them all. I'd love to help you, if you help me with helping you? Ashe feelsbadman
: Wow, your knowledge and your time taken to answer a question struck me again. Thank you a lot for this huge amount of information you provided. For Example, I've never used Zeke before - but I'll definitely try that one. Thank you for reminding me of cat 40% CDR cap - I have heard that before, but I have to admit I am still forgetting things in game ^^' May I ask you what you generally think of Zz'Rot and Banner of Command? I guess they are both not working too well with Sona - But are they generally support items to buy?
Zz'rot and Banner of Command are interesting items because they (obviously) provide something that no other item does, namely the ability to push a lane without actually being in the said lane. Even though the items might look familiar, they're distinctly different both in use and in functionality. **(Introductory, not necessary to read)** Historically Zz'rot has been the superior item to Banner, as it provided a more constant source of pushing. Once the Bannered minion dies the item's active becomes useless, whereas Zz'rot only becomes useless once it dies itself. However, as Zz'rot got nerfed , particularly in its range and health, it's evened out in worth for toplaners. The big difference between toplaners and Supports though is: I) How they use the stats, and which stats they can make use of II) The way they use the item, and where they need to be to use said item To use the Zz'rot you already have to be in the lane, so if you want to push a T2 tower then you have to place your Zz'rot pretty close to said T2 tower. Banner, however, can be used in your own base and the be forgotten about. Most toplaners get away with buying Zz'rot as they have a tendency to go rather deep into other lanes, even if that'd be risky for them. Supports aren't generally allowed to run into lanes alone, and overextending tends to be punished. Banner would be the same for both Toplane and Support, as they can both stand in base and wait for the wave to spawn. This would (thus) generally be a preferable situation for the Support, whereas the Toplaner wouldn't much mind either option. **(Partial answer to the question)** Looking at the stats for both items, and especially the gold cost that comes along with them, you can safely say that Banner is superior for supports. [Banner of Command]( features CDR and Mana, which are both stats every support can use. It also gives you a fair bit of armor and MR, and costs 2200 gold. [Zz'rot](, on the other hand, only gives you MR and Armor, for 2700 gold. Because the gold difference is 500, which is a high number for Supports, Banner wins both on stats and cost. Zz'rot also has the same issue that Locket does, namely it features resistances without health. This means that you'll build it later on, once you've already bought Health, and are _forced to buy health to make it work._ This means that Zz'rot can only be built on tanky supports such as Braum and Taric, and is automatically excluded for Sona. Banner, on the other hand, can be built on even champions such as Sona. It, to a degree, has the issue that you have to build Health, although CDR + Mana aren't bad stats to have. Due to the fact that it also costs 500 gold less than Zz'rot does you have more flexibility regarding when you want to buy it. **(Answer to the question)** As a Support you're there to support your team, and if you think that you can help your team out, or win your team the game, by getting a splitpush going then these items aren't too bad. The stats that Zz'rot provides is definitely not worth the price, whereas Banner is. Banner also has a better active for Supports, which makes Banner the go-to item if you have to choose between the two. Needless to say the items are situational. If you have no one who can splitpush, and you can't 5v5 either, then buying Banner should be fine. Again, this item does better on tankier Supports than on squishy ones, but as the goal of the item is peculiar it works on both. I'd recommend building either item as fourth, fifth or sixth item, as you can't make use of it in the early/mid game. Definitely works well when you need to break stalemates, by for example Bannering a botlane minion and then dance around Baron. --- Note I) Try to always Banner Cannon minions. Note II) Due to the fact that Bannered minions become impervious to magic damage they work especially well against AP heavy teams. Note III) The interesting thing about Banner is that you can use it to push against champions such as Ziggs and Xerath, which makes it a lot less niche than Zz'rot is. You can use Banner to support a siege, whereas Zz'rots active is always limited to pushing a sidelane.
: Sona Items in 2017
Generally I reckon there are about 2 item builds you could reasonably go, namely the offensive and supportive. Each of them obviously has their pros and cons, and "signature" / recognizeable items. I'll go by them one by one. First off, before discussing any of the builds, Sona can go two supportive gold per 5 items, namely Coin and Spellthiefs. Generally Sona's will always build Spellthiefs, as it is easy to proc, helps a lot in the damage department and doesn't have a bad upgrade. However, when you feel like you'd need the extra health in lane or want the movement speed from the upgraded Coin, Coin could also work. Coin also tends to sync well with your E, giving your team a fair bit of engaging or disengaging power. However, the damage with Coin tends to be a little underwhelming, especially when you're used to Spellthiefs extra damage. You can play around with both of them and take whichever one you prefer most though. --- _I) Offensive_ As the name suggests, is a build that generally features high damage and supports an aggressive playstyle. You'll primarily build items that midlaners / AP carries would build, ignoring the more supportive path. The whole idea behind it is that you can become a sub-carry, not to mention that your heals/shields on W also become stronger with more AP. --- **Offensive pros:** * Features a lot of damage, higher capability to carry & influence the game * You become more important in lane, both with damage on Q and healing on W * High snowballing capabilities **Offensive cons:** * Jungler will most likely hunt you down, as you have damage but no survivability and naturally no mobility * Sona isn't and will probably never be a full-on carry, such as Brand or Zyra, thus there's a cap to your strength * ...High snowballing capabilities; when it goes wrong you become useless. As Sona is an item-reliant champion, especially towards the later stages of the game, she suffers heavily when she doesn't have those items * -Very squishy, everything can kill her and she can't tank anything. 1.1) Items that'd be iconic for an offensive build: [Sorcerer's Shoes]( This is, in particular, about [Sorcerer's Shoes]( vs [Ionian Boots of Lucidity]( As you'll read further on CDR is a stat that is valuable on Sona. However, as there is a 40% CDR hard cap combined with the fact that your items in this build already contain a lot of CDR, Sorc shoes tend to be superior. Going over the cap is wasting money, and going Lucidity will most likely result that. The passive on Lucidities, to reduce Summoner spell CDR, isn't worth that much. So if your build has more than 40%+ CDR already, then Sorcs are a no-brainer. Otherwise I'd still say Sorcs are superior, as the MPen is valuable in the laning phase, however that is up to preference. [Lich Bane]( A particularly good item on Sona, as it works really well in conjuncture with her Q-AA "combo", not to mention the fact that the stats are nearly perfect for Sona. She can make use of all of them, and the CDR and MS are always good stats to have on an APC. Just like champion such as Twisted Fate or Viktor, Lich Bane is extremely cost-efficient on Sona due to the fact that you actively make use of the passive. Due to its build path, especially the [Sheen]( she wants to build this item early. Sheen is often thought of as a bad item for AP's as it scales off of base AD, and deals physical damage, however in the early game this is not true. The damage buff that it provides is significant in the early stages of the game, which makes Sheen a good item for Sona as long as the game hasn't progressed past 15 minutes. Due to the power of Sheen in the early game with a fall-off in the later stages it's the most cost-efficient to build this item early. This, like the morellonomicon, is built as second or third item. [Morellonomicon]( Gives a lot of CDR, AP and mana. All stats Sona can use, especially the CDR and Mana (regen, aswell, with passive). Normally you'd build this rather early, so after your support item or after your second item. The mana generally diminishes in value in the later stages of the game, and so does flat AP. That's why people normally don't build this last, and nor should you. --- _II) Supportive_ As the name suggests, is a build that generally features high peeling and supports a supportive playstyle. You'll primarily build items that benefit your team by giving them additional stats or restoring health. Most of these items are rather well-known for the supports, such as Redemption and Mikaels. The idea behind this build is to become the shadow of your carries, and make them shine as bright as possible. --- **Supportive pros:** * If done correctly you can make scary players or champions even scarier. * Generally it is easier and safer to peel for carries than to kill them. * Although Sona is item reliant, she isn't as item reliant with this kind of build. This means that even when you're behind you're still providing for the team. --- **Supportive cons:** * You're heavily reliant on your partner, whether he is a random or a premade. If he messes up big time it's hard to fix the situation. * Might not feel as rewarding or fun, especially when not premade with your carry. * It might be frustrating to deal little damage, and thus not be able to finish off enemies. --- 2.1) Items that'd be iconic for a supportive build: [Ardent Censer]( This item features great stats which Sona makes use of, without exception. The unique passive is also one that Sona can actively use due to how her kit works, which makes the item all the better. However, in my experience I've always found that this item is very susceptible to being all-inned. It doesn't provide any defensive stats, which makes it hard to stop an all-in from the opponent. Although generally a good item it's not of much use when you're dead. Mostly bought as second, third or fourth item. [Athene's Unholy Grail]('s_Unholy_Grail): Again another item that works well with Sona's kit. The stats are mostly worthwhile, however Sona can't make very good use of the MR that the item gives. I'm personally not a great fan of building this item on Supports- it doesn't work too well in my experience- however it's great on paper. You generally only want to build either Ardent or the Unholy Grail. This item is generally built in the later stages of the game, so as third, fourth or fifth item. [Locket of the Iron Solari]( Although Locket probably features the worst stats it features the best active out of all the items in this list. The stats aren't bad on itself, however resistances have to be accompanied by Health to be cost-effective. This means that Sona has to build other items specifically to compliment this items stats, which she tends to not do. The active is extremely good for stopping burst such as Zed ult, and the active is an AoE. With a good use of the active you can block up to a few thousand damage, which is insane. However, as this item doesn't provide any offensive stats it doesn't help at all with pressuring your lane and is thus built later on in the game. You'd normally buy this as third, fourth or fifth item. [Redemption](; Redemption is a god-tier item currently, featuring great stats and a great active for a low price. Although this item has a few cons, such as its build path not being optimal and it not giving too much pressure early game, its a must have for supportive support players. You generally want to use the active for healing rather than damage, as hitting enemies is tricky with the activation time. Generally this item is built rather early on into the game, as it can then be used for the rest of the game. [Mikael's Crucible]('s_Crucible): Mikael's is a great item for peeling, as it removes most of the CC, and gives them a hefty MS boost if it did remove CC. Although it is primarily features defensive stats, the active can be a game changer. Do note, however, that this item does **not** remove suppresses such as Warwick-, Malzahar- and Skarner ult. Generally built on in the later stages of the game, and as a niche item against certain comps that rely on their CC. [Zeke's Harbinger]('s_Harbinger): Ah Zeke's, what an underrated item you are. Although not all of the stats that this item gives are equally useful, such as a combination of Armor and Mana, the active is a gamechanger. Yes- it's hard to proc at the right time, especially with randoms, but boy can it be worth it. The AP can be used very well, however because it features Armor but no Health you'll need another Health item to compensate for the lack of health. I'd strongly recommend building this item with a carry you trust, as third or fourth slot. --- Two notes to finish it up: I) It should be noted that when going for the offensive build you normally take Ignite, whereas with the supportive build you'd normally take Exhaust. Ignite helps with pressuring the lane, but falls off later on. Exhaust stays relevant throughout the game, but it makes you more reliant on your laning partner II) It is unlikely that you'll only build items from one category or the other, as you'll normally build items from both. It is important to understand what each item offers and how builds compliment eachother though, and having a gameplan as to what you want to build that game often helps with building correctly. It, for example, makes no sense to build Lich Bane with four supportive items. It doesn't make sense either to build Locket without any health items- so try to come up with a few builds in advance, rather than making it up on the spot.
PauIo (EUW)
: 43, so I wouldn't say it's that big haha x) Why did you think it was?
Well in my minds eye I can just imagine you amassing people on your friends list. For some reason. I reckon you don't really give people a reason to remove you either, so I figured it'd go up over time. I'm weird okay :^(
PauIo (EUW)
: Hi. I'm afraid I can't help you myself as I'm not a native speaker, though I'd like to ask whether I could add you nevertheless? It's always fun to get to know new (friendly) people :)
How big is your friends list by now anyways? I'm genuinely curious, the thing must be huge!
Mumblebum (EUW)
: Asking for a friend (jk) (not really) (lol jk jk) (no srsly)
We have definitely gotten into an anti-feminism era (an interesting way to name it, as I think feminism and the "hate" on females that currently goes on is not the same), and it's all thanks to, well, feminism. Obviously I can't speak for every man out there, but I think it's just that males are pretty much done with the female that tries to get a one-up on everyone else simply due to being female. Many posts, and comments, out there have always been "I'm a female gamer / gamer girl, looking for duoq partner". Many people now see this as abusing your sex to get a (good) duoQ partner, often smurfs who want female companionship. Do note that "Chicks dig elo" has been around forever. Using your sex as some kind of leverage of any kind is imo a disgusting thing to do, and I think that many people agree. I think that most males are done with these "baiting" females that so easily use their sex to gain something. Rarely do such boosts end up in relationships either, so I think that males just feel slightly abused. Not to mention the fact that in my experience females often don't "admit to being female", rather they're just telling everyone they're female. Names such as "Princess **insert name**" are not appreciated, and I don't think they should be either. Also note female streamers. Most of them are legit.... huge 'personality' and no gameplay, and they get thousands of viewers. That definitely helped the female part of the community out :^ )
: {{champion:126}}
: Noob seeking advice: How do people tell what champion is suited for a certain role?
First I'll give you the useless, theoretical explanation. Then I'll give you a more practical and useful one, even though it sharply denies the first answer. I'll not delve into the second question, as that one is even more complicated than the first one. You could answer the question cheaply by answering with something like "Exceptions confirm the rule" which they most definitely do, but that doesn't exactly answer the question. So onto the question itself: How do you tell whether a champion should be used for a role or not? The short answer is "You don't." (Dissapointing eh?) There are many, many factors depending on whether you can viably pick a champion for a role. This goes from playstyle (Such as a bully heavy playstyle with Quinn toplane) to being a "meta-slave" (Such as playing tanks/bruisers on toplane) to picking accordingly (Have a bulky AD team? AP toplane becomes viable, and AP toplaners such as Karthus you normally wouldn't pick now become generally all right). These are generally "exceptions" though. What truly defines whether a champion is fit for a role depend on the following things: 1) Base stats (Movement speed, Attack damage, Attack range, 2) Ability kit, what does your champion offer. 3) Scaling possibilities (Every champion gets different stats upon leveling up, such as +0.1 health generation per 5 sec per level or 0.4 health regeneration per level). This goes for every single stat, so you can think armor, health, magic resist, AD, attack speed **et cetera** 4) Situational circumstances, touched upon in the last paragraph 5) Available possibilities, also slightly intermingling with the previous points, especially regarding the items that you can currently buy, the possiblities of getting these items (and you name it) --- #So to answer your question: two things. 1) You can't and won't be able to predict where certain champions go, even though you can rather precisely indicate what you'd expect of this particular role. The amount of variables, not to mention that these variables **also influence eachother, thus resulting in countless possibilities.** 2) It becomes partially gut feeling and partially experience. Obviously this answer is, sadly, useless to you as it doesn't give you any applicable knowledge. The community generally doesn't appreciate you going off-meta either, making this answer less usefull. Scrinnid's and Ngmepuq's answers are a fair bit better than mine, mine is simply to illustrate that there's no certain logic or consistency in champions. --- #For the more practical, useful answer: _A good toplaner would probably have the following traits:_ A **fair bit of damage**, **high survivability**, plenty of **mobility** both to stick to targets and get away. Toplaners often have a lot of CC to boot. Toplaners are often masters of duelling. Examples would be [Poppy]( and [Irelia]( --- _A good midlaner would probably have the following traits:_ A **lot of damage**, **low survivability**, but **high mobility** to either deal this damage or get away when threatened. **Range** can compensate for mobility, on champions such as [Xerath]( and [Ziggs]( Midlaners often don't have too much CC. Midlaners also normally have some kind of wave clearing ability, so AoE abilities can often be found on midlaners. Midlaners are often good at duelling. --- _A good jungler would probably have the following traits:_ A **fair bit of damage, **reasonably high survivability** (often less than toplaners but more than the other roles), **Good clear times so they can clear the jungle quickly**. At least decent ganking potential (Often in the form of a dash + CC) OR A **decent amount of damage**, with **extremely high survivability**, good clear times and at least decent ganking potential remain vitaly important. --- _A good marksman would probably have the following traits:_ A **lot of SCALING damage**, **high range and attack speed**, **mediocre mobility**. Marksmen are, without fail, AD heavy. Unlike other roles they don't really have a choice. Although some marksmen peak at mid game, such as [Ezreal](, and fall off later on, they tend to be weak early game and strong late game. (With the exception of Graves and Quinn who are both good early game but fall off late game. (Who ironically both don't really classify as ADC's anymore)) --- _A good support would probably have the following traits:_ **Little damage**, **medium to high survivability**, **mediocre mobility**, the unique possibility to **do well without items**: scaling often isn't their strongest point either. This also means they tend to have a lot of CC. Examples would be [Thresh](, [Janna]( OR **Very high damage**, **Low survivability**, **Low mobility**, rely heavily on scaling and gold income. Champions like these are [Brand]( , [Vel'Koz]('Koz), [Annie]( And as a sidenote: I use the word would to not differ from the first statement too heavily. A good toplaner could also, like said before, be Quinn who has no survivability but instead trades it for more damage and mobility.
: Not my thread, but I saw this answer and I really appreciate your posting!! Thank you for taking your time!
If it helps anyone then it's worth the time on itself in my opinion. However, the issue with comments rather than full posts is that they tend to go off-rails and become incredibly hard to read and understand. Having read through my own comment again just, in its entirety, I can confirm this. But then I really only post long comments. At least I don't get some kind of weird perfectionist tick when writing comments, and thus they don't take me months to complete.... Sometimes. Write guides even fewer times. Very very sometimes... If you have any particular request, such as my thoughts (Wew that sounds _so_ pretentious) on a subject feel free to ask it. I'll dedicate a whole post to you! I have plenty of free time currently, anyways.
: Need advice on how to have the confidence when engaging the enemy team.
You've gotten some decent advice so far, but I'll throw in my two cents for the hell of it. As you might've noticed yourself, teamfights are rather tricky due to multiple reasons. First off there's the fact that many things are going on at the same time, as teams finally coalesce. Missteps _really_ get punished, not to mention the fact that every role has their own, well, role to fulfill. Then, indeed second, we have the fact that you need to fulfill your role in these fights. Third, last but not least, you have to make fast decisions under high pressure, this point being a combination of all the elements at play. I'll start off by addressing these main points, as they're the most important, and then move onto some particular elements. (Sidenotes are at the very bottom) --- Like I said, many things are going on at the same time. This is where most people write **keep your cool** and **just do what you should do**, although I think those sentences come rather cheaply. My primary advice would be to keep it simple. When there is absolute chaos going on, aka your average teamfight, you have to focus on one thing and drop the others. Accepting the fact that you're not a good teamfighter currently, and that you won't be able to react correctly to the situation, is fundemental in improving, at least in my opinion. You seem to primarily play assassins (Noc, Kha and Rengar) so I'll try to explain what you should be actively looking for. Keep in mind that assassins are generally the hardest role to play correctly, as they die fastest. Tanks generally get you more into it, as mistakes are allowed and threading the line is easier. --- Assassins are (obviously) all about assassinating (key) targets. Do notice that I put parenthesis around **key** targets, as this is an important point that many players tend to miss. Your job is to assassinate players, if you can get off cheap by helping your backline kill their frontliner then that's completely fine, by matter of fact that's sometimes even preferrable. You feature high damage, but low survivability, so sticking with your backline and protecting them against beefier, less DPS characters is often a good way to get started. This becomes especially true when you notice that you either can't get to their backline due to peeling or because their DPS's can straight up duel you, after all you're no good dead. (1) --- # First off, creating oversight It is particularly important to have a plan previous to the fight. If you plan ahead of time you have more time to react to various situations, especially when you're still inexperienced or are struggling on the particular point of teamfighting. If you make it a "goal" to only fight their carry when he's completely out of position _and_ at low health, you only end up wasting very little time looking for opportunities on this target. Following through with this plan can be extremely beneficial, as you keep your eyes on the important bits of the teamfight, while still being able to react to opportunities to some degree. Accepting that you're coming on short, and thus won't be able to play it perfectly most of the time, is also fundemental. You will make plenty of mistakes and making mistakes is completely fine. Looking at streamers should also give you some level of clarity on what should be done. Although I disagree with this method fundamentally, it's undeniable that when you're stuck you sometimes need a "fresh" insight in how to play. Try to think about why they do the things to do, and how their playstyle differs from yours. If you want to be even more active constantly wonder about what you'd do, and compare it to what they do. If they do something completely different than you do, look at whether this is fundamentally different (fight instead of flee) or whether this is simply a variant of what you'd do (Flee right side instead of left side). Then try to look at whether your differences are systematic (You always flee when he fights, or you always fight when he flees, et cetera.) --- Although the last part went ever so slightly incoherent, I'll try to sum up the ways in which you can keep some kind of oversight in the chaos that is a teamfight. 1) Make a plan, and stick to it. (2) 2) Don't try to be a perfectionist. You're not going to do everything right, so you might aswell try to stick to one thing and do that one thing well, rather than trying to be a jack of all trades. 3) Looking for help by watching streamers isn't something to be ashamed of. However, this does not help you at all when you're not actively trying to figure out what they do differently. I'd suggest following the steps as I wrote them down, but merely thinking about the why's and how's is just fine too. --- # Second up, knowing your role This one sounds very simple, and I'm sure everyone thinks they know their role. However, roles are dynamic. They are not static, as players differ, situations differ and champions differ. If you are better at peeling, even if that is with assassins, then it is non-sensical to force fights and play a risky high-risk high-reward situation. Especially not if the peeling has been working out for you so far. Try to figure out not only what your champion excels at, but also what you excel at. Then try to figure out what your opponents' champion excels at, and to a degree how he likes to play. These last two are rather advanced though, but they're note-worthy enough. --- Defining roles seems very simple on the surface, but like I've said previously it really isn't. Only fools think the essence of your playstyle will _always_ remain the same, regardless of the situation. This is why I'd suggest experimenting with playstyles, champions and preferences. Alas, getting to the point. In the first paragraph I already elaborated on the fact that the normal role of assassins is to assassinate (key) targets. I also pointed out that you're more useful alive than you'll ever be dead, which means that your sacrifice has to mean a lot to justify the death. --- Opportunities are normally the word you're looking for when you're playing an assassin, as you often don't have the survivability to engage a fight, nor do you have the sustain to stick around at any place in the fight for longer than a few seconds. Thus it normally ends up you picking an opportune time, especially on Kha'Zix, to jump in. This is very alike to how Katarina plays: both look for timings when the major cooldowns have been blown, as they just need one kill to either get out or continue their streak. Whether this kill be on a tank, support or carry doesn't even much matter. I'll refer to the (1)st side note again regarding what the ideal time for you to fight is. Sound reasoning and trial and error get you a long way, and since it's so case-to-case based it's hard to make any rule of thumb for it. If something doesn't work you have decent odds on it not working the next time, especially when you can **not** point at a certain cause for your death such as a blunder from your part. If you get outplayed then you can put decent odds on that you'll get outplayed next time, too. --- So to sum this part up 1) Roles are dynamic, don't play different games the same 2) If going for their carry doesn't work out the first time, you can put good odds on it not working out the second time either 3) You're not very useful dead, try to stay alive even if all you can provide is just the threat of you --- # Third and last, Making fast decisions under a high pressure environment, how should you go about it? This is pretty much a continuation of the first point, as planning correctly takes away a lot of the high pressure and will improve the speed at which you make decisions. However, that isn't all there's to it. I'll go ahead and assume one thing, and that's that teamfights will always be a high pressure environment for you. Experience tends to numb this down a bit, making you less susceptible mistakes that happen due to (too) fast reactions, but experience is relatively hard to come by. It's a pity there's not much advice to give here, as this is an issue that seems unavoidable. I'd propose two things, one being more supportive of the other. These two suggestions are: 1) Distancing yourself from the fight, especially as an assassin 2) Playing *your* game and not being influenced by others --- If you distance yourself from the teamfight, and as a plan have thought out that you shouldn't be joining the teamfight in the first five seconds, then you can lay back and see how it plays out for a bit. Not only are the biggest cooldowns blown at this point, but you also get a sense of calm over you as you're not joining in anyways until it dies down slightly. You will get a lot of backlash for this, as people see you alive and with full hp, however you shouldn't be too bothered by their comments. You're improving, and you're doing you. --- Ran out of character space. RIP. Hope this helps at all... If you've read it anyways. Long read, this is. (1)(As a side note, some sound reasoning or trial-and-error often teach you these things very quickly. If they have something like a Janna-Caitlyn, and you can't reach the Caitlyn no matter what, then you should only look for **opportunities** on a target such as Caitlyn. Whether this come in the form of her flashing towards you, wasting her escape tools, being chased around by your frontline or being completely out of position. Otherwise you should look for other targets. This could be, like said prior, their frontline or even their support.) (2)(Second side note, doing this will create some level of peace of mind, and give you something to systematically do. Playing systematically (Thus always doing the same, such as assisting your backline untill the opportunity arises to go for the carries if they're out of position) also makes it easier to improve can improve, as you notice systematic mistakes far more easily than you notice chaotic and random movement; it is easier to reflect upon.)
: Ofc he is an AoE disrupter, being a mini-baron in the enemy team. But the point still stands that his R is underwhelming (except below gold where nobody uses counters) and here is why: -You cant first pick Karthus becuz then the enemy pick X-assassin + Diver-jungle + Soraka/Janna/Taric, making you useless. -3 ticks of E and 2 crits (3 non-crits) of Q outdmg his R. Both Q + E are almost instant compared to R, deal dmg <1 sec, and doesnt need to be channeled. I can (try to) CC/Kill him or time my shields/heals/defensive spell vs his R, but cant do much when im slowed in his E while he is in Zhonyas. -Everyone can build a Maw/Zhonyas/GA/EoN to nullify a 200/180/160 sec CD(!) + 150/175/200 mana cost(!) ult, which is both the highest CD and highest single use mana cost of any ult (only Kassadin with 3 or 4 stacks on R cost more). Too much counterplay for such a prize. Its just a fact that Karthus is week, compared to other mid + top + jungle champs. Like I said: his lategame with E + W + Q is godlike, but he can use some love (mainly with QoL mana buffs and an "oompf" on his R).
We'll have to agree to disagree then, I'll address your points point by point: 1) I completely agree, and I wrote the same thing in my post. He's not picked because he isn't the best pick at the moment, this however does _not_ mean he should be up for buffs automatically. If we were to follow that line of reasoning then about 50 champions would be up for buffs, which then require the rest of the champions to receive buffs again. 2) His ultimate is one of the few global ultimates, and it's the **only** ultimate that is not a skillshot in any way while also being global. Other global ultimates normally require you to either target onto someone, especially damaging ones. Karthus and Soraka ult simply cancel eachother out, but Soraka's doesn't damage anyone. Also, Soraka. 3) This is completely true, and kind of the downfall of AoE casters. Champions such as Leblanc future arguably too much damage, make these items necessary. This in turn hurts AoE casters who can't finish off targets very well. However, again you ignore the fact that his ultimate is unique, and can be used in coordination with your other laners in the earlier stages of the game. It also hurts their ADC for a lot, normally you're looking at 1/3rd or 1/2nd of his health. This combined with bruiser toplaners normally make it a lot harder for the ADC to play it correctly. And yes- Zhonyas counters it, but again it has to be saved solely to counter Karthus ult. Not too bad a trade I reckon, especially when Karthus can then try to force- or pay attention to such abilities before using his ultimate. I'll agree with his mana issues being somewhat... limiting. However, I'll stick to the fact that his ultimate is in a correct place and that not being the issue with his kit currently. Try pinging your toplaner to take a fight when they're both on half HP, and then ulting mid fight. Few other champions can do that, not to mention you also get some free "harass" on their botlane, midlane and jungler. Yes, for a price of an extremely high CD, no, that isn't unwarranted.
: Not really, but it isnt a threath like it supposed to be. His E + W are more scary then his R 90% of the time.
Would you not say that Karthus' ult is one of the few remaining ults that would classify as a team based ultimate? Funnily enough most ultimates aren't like that anymore, they instead tend to be best used in small skirmishes, catches or duels. The fact that Karthus ultimate is not a skillshot, and hits 5 people, makes him an AoE monster. Even if say Camille can dodge it by ulting (Assuming she actually keeps it untill Karthus ults, which is a ludicrous notion in the first place) then it's still damaging four others, provided they're not dead, not to mention that the damage tends to be really, _really_ substantial. Late game Karthusses are beyond scary, as they pretty much singlehandedly destroy fights due to their AoE capabilities. Unlike any other champion, really. --- Where I'm getting at is that if you think that "His E+W" are scarier than his R is ("...90% of the time") then you're probably looking as his ult incorrectly. It can be used as a supportive tool for other lanes, deals rather significant damage and is one of the few global ultimates left in the game. The issue that I'd point at is his poor and squishy early game, combined with an extreme lack of mobility giving him a hard time against assassins/junglers. If you're trying to duel others with Karthus you're playing Karthus incorrectly, and that his kit tends to be a bit obsolete is simply the result of Riot trying to push the game into a "play this champ however you want, you have all the tools you could wish for". Karthus isn't like that, rather than asking for a buff you might want to attempt playing him how he was intended to be played.
: Because i make storys about League of Legends and i just send it tho them and i get rp?
Generally you're thinking ~10 RP. It's really just to get that one skin without having to buy additional RP. As Xêm said, it's a one-time thing aswell. You'll have to file a report to Player Support with the added work of art, I think they accept stories. Definitely not going to get you anywhere near 50+ RP though.
: I clicked on this thinking just this one time it might not be a huge ass novel. Well oh my God!
You actually kinda cracked me up. He shoots! And he misses!
: TL;DR c:
TL:DR I quit league. I sought for attention, I got a lot of attention. Also; try to have fun and cherish the teammates & moments you have. Uuuuh... Hi!
: Would love to get some tips on my play style, if you are still involved with this game even if not playing. Want to improve, but not sure what i do wrong.
That's a bit of a tough one, I'm sure you understand. But if you were to i.e. record a game (On youtube, not the League client itself) and post it I'd be glad to either go over it with you or give you some tips. If you were to just give me the league recording then I'm pretty sure I need the League client to watch it, I'm sure you understand the issue there. If that, however, is not the case then you can send me that recording too. I'd be glad to help either way, even if that help can only be offered sub-optimally. EDIT: I think that also requires League client, so don't think that can be used either. Royal pain, that is.
PauIo (EUW)
: There have surely been times where I enjoyed League more than I do now. Most of the people I used to play and talk with a lot suddenly aren't active anymore, and it kind of hurt removing them from my friend list (I know I didn't have to, but I don't like to keep people in my friend list whom I don't talk to (anymore), I'm weird like that). It's sad to see you go too. I really want to thank you for all the time you've spent helping me whenever I had a question. Good luck with whatever you want to do, and good bye (for now)!
Hey if you ever need anything from me, be free to message me in discord. I'd be more than glad to answer, I have a lot of time on my hands nowadays anyways. Like I said in another comment, reading all the comments most people believe I'll end up playing league again anyways. When I do, I'll be sure to give you a greeting- maybe even play a game together if you're fine with that. Best of luck with life anyways mate, and the friends list thing? I have always done the exact same...
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
Red Roger? You must've meant Rouen. Really close And well if you removed me then there's no need for you to add me again- I'm sure you had ample reason to. Don't feel like I'm pressuring you into anything. Oh the the broccoli thing... Could've gone with a potato. Potato's are more meme-resistant, more of the _now and here_. I'm a potato all right, I accept that. I like potatoes too, hell I like french fries a lot. I don't much like broccoli though, never have and probably never will. Especially not cold broccoli, eurgh. And I couldn't help but recognize you, c'mon man. Your name was probably enough, but the lulu meme was a dead give away. You aren't gonna tell me you didn't wanna be recognized if you're gonna put lulu pictures in there...
Gajoob (EUW)
: ***
Would you then not call it a possibility that I stopped enjoying the game _due_ to having matured? Seems like a double edged sword to me, in which either goes. I suppose that's a fair point of discussion though; one I ironically can't answer or argue about untill I've matured. Even more. I guess. And well I never excluded the fact that I might come back, as apparent in the second last paragraph, but enough on that. Who's Red Roger though? Did I miss something? Did you mistake me for someone else? I don't know who Red Roger is and I feel like I should... ALSO GAJOOB YOU"RE STILL ON THE LULU MEMES AND WHY DID HAVE YOU NOT BEEN ON MY FRIENDSLIST FOREVER? I'M 100% I DIDN'T REMOVE YOU. GAJOOOOOOOOOOOOOBIE :^(
TTekkers (EUW)
: Normally I treat threads like this with a quick _cool story, see you next week_ or similar, but I actually know you a little bit and am genuinely sad to see you go. If nothing else, just by playing with me a few times you showed me a peak I could strive to reach in terms of my gameplay, but my pride is too much for me to admit that more than this once.
Aw, I'm glad that I could be inspiring in some way or form. Hell- even getting someone to admit they had a standard to strive to? Being me? Weird how things go, I suppose. Looking at all the comments I suppose it's inevitable I'll eventually return, although I obviously doubt that right now. When I do, I'll be sure to greet you, and if you're up for it play a game together. Especially thanks for reading and commenting on all my guides, and telling me that my toplane one wasn't the best. I'm embarassed to see how poor of a release that was in hindsight, and without you I'd probably have gone my merry way and made another one like that.
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MadWifeHR (EUW)
: THE EPIC SUPPORT THREAD, (why its under-rated and how that can be genius!)
TL:DR This post consists of confirmation bias, a need of positive reaffirmation and overconfident, unproven and unchecked claims. I think that you should be very careful when making any kind of claim, and provide context while doing it. Take for example the "People always... bad adc." (Fourth paragraph). I've seen plenty of supports that ran with a ~51% (Especially Janna players tend to score just over 50%) over plenty of games, and I have seen midlaners or toplaners who had a 70% winrate. This is what you'd call confirmation bias, you _want_ to find a certain statistic that benefits your cause or strengthens your claim thus you use it without any reservations or nuances. Not only does it make for a weak argument, but without hard statistics over averages (Such as "Nami and Janna's have an average winrate of 55%, whereas other roles hover around 50% [insert source]) you really shouldn't use such stats as confident arguments. You also mention the fact that a support can have way more of an impact than any other role, and you claim that it is the best role to carry lower ELO's. I'll counter this by saying, as an ex-master tier player, that any role is good to carry lower ELO's. I myself would say that the solo lanes and jungle have the easiest time, as they're least restricted by other (random) players. It generally matters little how good you are as a support, leading your team often tends to prove tedious at least, as AP heavy supports lack a solid engage tool. Sure you can use your Nami ult to engage, however reliably using it as such **and** expecting it to hit those "3/4 players" is slightly optimistic. Not to mention the fact that you might get your ADC fed, but he might be off-role and get caught or simply die to the objectively simpler roles to play; the assassins and bruisers. The support role really isn't a taboo role, not to talk about nor is it to play it. Sure- Support players most definitely are a minority, however from what I've experienced they are also the role to gloat most and expect the most appreciation from others. Rarely to never do you see "The epic *insert role* thread" that isn't support. Everyone likes to brag, everyone likes positive reaffirmation. Support players, however, seem to need more as compensation for the fact that there are fewer of them. I find it annoying, but that's really a minor complaint I suppose. The unproven and unchecked claims are rampant throughout the post, which is a shame. Especially regarding the Sightstone issue- one I dare say is about as old as the item itself. Anyone claiming that something is, and I quote, _"this is basic knowledge that can get you to mid-high plat like a piece of cake"_ has plenty of reason to be distrusted. If getting to such ELO's was that simple, and they're not even that good by any stretch of the imagination, then no one would be bronze. Thread carefully, as telling un-truths or simply portraying your opinion as the one and only truth often ends up negatively influencing others. In more way than one.
: 1 Flat penetration is applied before % 2 % pens are applied after each other So 100-20% then 80-20% etc 3 the higher res you have the less each individual point is worth 100 MR -30 is a bigger loss than 200 - 30 Also don't ignore when it ONLY penetrate bonus stats
That is actually incorrect sir, as you can see in the client itself it clearly states that, and I quote, "This [% magic penetration] applies before non-percent Magic Penetration." (Found when hovering over Void Staff's unique passive, Magic Penetration) So having i.e. that 35% from void staff and 15 mpen from haunting gause would cause you to reduce the magic resistance of someone with a 100 MR to (100*.65) -15 = 50, rather than having (100-15) *.65 =55.25. This means the system values your flat magic pen to a degree in the later stages of the game, when you get % mpen and big numbers on the mpen. Further I'd say that % pens are _not_ applied after eachother, but rather with eachother. This would be evident from you having stats such as 20 I 50%, where it doesn't say 20 I 35%+15%. Too lazy to find a source for that, but you can see it for yourself in game.
: SummonersLab, Part 9: Support Role Improvement (2)
Hey, I think you've received comments about this before, but two remarks. First up: even though I might not agree with every thing you write, they're nice posts. They certainly help people think about the game, and offer some guidelines, which is unarguably a good thing. Second up: the typo's are simply unecessary and reduce the readability, which is a shame. If you wanted a proof reader for your pieces I'd happily volunteer, as it is a shame to ruin relatively good posts by not dotting the i's and crossing the t's.
: Jesus another post of that singed guy.... He got banned for TROLLING/NOT COMMUNICATING WIT HIS TEAM! He picked sup, but played Counterjungle! It doesnt matter what he played! He could have played Garen or whatever! And no even a 100% winrate troll is still a troll! Trolling is intentional worseing other players experience of the game. His troll is the same as a leona top, who then plays as 2nd mid.(or an Aatrox top ;P) **THE ONLY EXCEPTION TO THIS IS IF YOU DISCUSS AND GET THE PERMISSION OF YOUR TEAM/THE INFLUENCED ROLES!!!** If he had discussed this whit his adc and got the permission from him, then everything would be fine! if he had picked jungle, everything would have been fine! But him picking sup, but playing counterjungle singed is troll!
So generally what you are saying is that there is an established meta, which would then be a "normal" adc and "normal" support lane. To deviate from this formula- by i.e. playing something in between a jungler and a support- he'd need WRITTEN confirmation by his ADC? This idea is simply ludicrous. The fact that Riot so conveniently put roles, although they've never clearly defined them, into Draft is so everyone knows their roles. This is no more than a convenient tool indicating a position, _rather_ than forcing others to play in a position that they're uncomfortable with. So people don't go ahead and steal eachothers' position, you see. If you get support, and you play a supportive style, whether that be with or without smite, then you're fulfilling your job. Whether you're a meta slave and you disagree with the forementioned individual or not should _not_ be of influence in his case. Next thing you know it's the support telling the ADC to pick Gangplank or get reported, because that's what this kid of communication tends to be. The "Let me tell you what's best" rather than "Let me make a suggestion as to what you could play" is not only the accepted way of communicating, which is a joke, but you're also simply supporting such ideas. And for the love of god. Calling something like a Leona toplane "or an Aatrox top ;P", even when said as a joke, by your definition makes them a troll thus reportable thus bannable. That's pathethic. Make a fair point or stay out of the discussion, don't just rant on subjective visions. Exclamation mark.
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