Skýcrow (EUW)
: No one is ever on the same skill level because then a game in theory would never end because every fight and trade would end in equality which is simply impossible. Having a good day bad day, being on tilt. Bein offrole, autofilled, or just making simply a one time unusual missplay can lead to easely snowballing for the enemy. That's why there is always people winning and loosing. Sometimes a team that gets closely matched with mmr, gets rng players that totally are in sync with each other because everyone thinks similar to the other, while a other team can get matched with closely mmr, having completely different play styles. One values farm much more and doesn't want to perma fight, leading to akward situations, while the other guy completely ignores farm and wants to go ham. Also there is counterpicks aswell. The system is fine. If ur not way better (consistently get leads and transform them into huge leads ur simply not winning alot of games) there is still ten players in the game, and very often ur gonna notice that one player of the ten player will pop off including urself. Are u now arguing that it was just ur top that is 0/5 that played bad instead of saying the enemy top player just played fantasticly well, then why do u always tell urself ur playing so good when ur 5/0 instead of saying ur playing bad and the enemy just plays worse? Well there u go ur already starting to think different in both situations depending if it includes urself or just randoms Also comparing ur stats in ur elo to master elo will never be accurate. U can have close gold dmg whatever u want compared to master. There is still a huge difference. Ur not playing against master tier enemys, but gold-silver whatever ur elo is and i heavely doubt u would even get close to the same stats when u play against actual master Players. Because real "master tier players" would easely climb with atleast 70-80% winrate into diamond.
> [{quoted}](name=Skýcrow,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=GM4rylXB,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2020-02-11T20:28:34.042+0000) > > Are u now arguing that it was just ur top that is 0/5 that played bad instead of saying the enemy top player just played fantasticly well, then why do u always tell urself ur playing so good when ur 5/0 instead of saying ur playing bad and the enemy just plays worse? Well there u go ur already starting to think different in both situations depending if it includes urself or just randoms I thought I was the only one who noticed this! My midlaner dies five times? Clearly, they're unskilled or trolling! I get five kills? Entirely down to my superior skill!
Player 00 (EUW)
: Matchmaking for Solo Q is complete joke
Something I notice in this type of thread is that nobody assigns a loss to the enemy team being good. Only ever their own team (except them, obviously) being awful.
: "Let me mid I'm a smurf"
And then come onto the boards to complain about matchmaking and how they'd totally be challenger level if not for Riot's busted systems and how they get teams too bad to carry. Uh-huh.
Hansiman (EUW)
: > And yet, the cumulative effect is that nearly every game has someone toxic in it So why is this not my experience? Be it in groups, or alone, most of the games I play do not contain toxicity in the chat. --- > And reporting the ping-spammers, the "gg ez" guys, the "report my team" ones and all the others just starts to feel futile after a while. But it isn't. Read the Player Behavior sub-board, and you'll daily see threads created where people complain about their penalties for their ingame behavior. Reporting does do something, but it won't abolish the behavior in question. It just causes consequences for ones actions to take place. Just because we have a police force in the real world, doesn't mean crime doesn't occur.
> [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=fmYNAO6Y,comment-id=0000000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2020-01-26T20:44:55.493+0000) > > So why is this not my experience? Be it in groups, or alone, most of the games I play do not contain toxicity in the chat. > --- No toxicity at all, not even the annoying grinding stuff that's depressing precisely because of how petty it is? So nobody ever spams ????????????????? after you die? Nobody ever sneaks in a "gg ez" after winning a 4v5? Nobody started making report calls on the support and jungler? The toplaner never starts ordering people to play different champions, issuing unsolicited orders to the rest of the team, descends into raging and blaming after getting ganked, and then afk's? Nobody ever tells you to kill yourself? None of the enemy team ever start taunting and smack-talking in all chat? (reported most of those, zero indication that any of those lovely credits to the community were punished) Because those are all things that have happened in my _last ten games_. And again, I can't see the enemy chat, or I'm sure the toxicity rate would be closer to 100%. Maybe it's my region? Or maybe it's a quirk of my elo? > > But it isn't. Read the Player Behavior sub-board, and you'll daily see threads created where people complain about their penalties for their ingame behavior. Reporting does do something, but it won't abolish the behavior in question. It just causes consequences for ones actions to take place. > > Just because we have a police force in the real world, doesn't mean crime doesn't occur. It doesn't matter how draconian the punishment is if the "crime" keeps happening, and people don't feel safe from the "crime". Of course, I don't really know what Riot could do, but letting people know they're not just shouting into the void when they press report would be an excellent start. Periodic notifications that your reports led to X number of punishments over the last month or two, perhaps.
Hansiman (EUW)
: When I think of "mild" toxicity I mean cases of someone calling someone dumb, or calling for reports. It's still not cool, but it's pretty mild all things considered. If a player displays such behavior once in a blue moon, that doesn't mean they'll get punished if they're reported since most people will step out of line every now and then. But if they go around frequently calling other players dumb in their games, that may warrant a chat restriction.
And yet, the cumulative effect is that nearly _every game_ has someone toxic in it (whether they're malicious or "just having a bad day"), and that number would probably be near 100% if I could see the enemy chat and pings. And reporting the ping-spammers, the "gg ez" guys, the "report my team" ones and all the others just starts to feel futile after a while. Why bother when there's always going to be another one in the next game, and there's no evidence that anyone even noticed the report at all? If I could report the guy who blames everyone but himself, rages and then afk's and know for sure that he actually faced some consequences for his actions, it would help make the game not something that I play in spite of the community.
: how to deal with stubborn, selfish supports and junglers?
Well, that's one side of the story. But as a support main, I have a hunch that most of the players whose chatlogs read like this-- "OMG USELESS SUPP K Y S IRL 9x REP WHARGARBL WRYYYYYYY!!!!onehundredandeleven!!!!!!" --remember their conduct as being like this-- "I say good chap, could I humbly ask that you provide me assistance in a timely fashion to accomplish this vital objective which will aid our odds of success considerably?"
oMehzinyy (EUNE)
: Why won't players surrender
Had a game today where it was 3v5 and the other two still refused surrender. I don't even try to get it any more, I just enter minimum-effort mode until the game's done.
Hansiman (EUW)
: There's a couple of issues with this that I can think of. One of the problems is that it could potentially breach privacy for players. Penalties on an account is between Riot and the player in question, nobody else. The way the system is designed now, it's not really possible to accurately know which report that you've submitted that lead to a punishment. --- The other problem is that most reports you issue may not lead to a penalty, because the player doesn't deserve it. Not because your report was false, but because most of the toxicity you'll encounter comes from players that are generally neutral or friendly, but you just happen to encounter them in a game where they get so frustrated that they step out of line. We're all human, and we're not being punished for that. So if you report this player, with valid reason, in this game, but then they go on to play maybe 100 games where they behave perfectly fine: Does that warrant a punishment if the toxicity in itself was pretty mild? These players won't cause you to get a feedback, because they don't get punished. But if feedback came from every single time a player you reported was punished, it could be counter productive, as players may believe that the system isn't actually punishing bad behavior, or that certain behavior is tolerated becasue they didn't get a feedback from it.
The """"""""mild""""""" toxicity is actually worse. At least when someone chimps out in all chat, it's kind of funny. But spamming ? pings, asking "why?" after you do anything, and report calling is more grinding in it's sheer pettiness.
: Misconceptions of League, and why you are not climbing.
Well said. One important thing to remember is...._just because you're doing something a lot doesn't mean you're getting better at it_. Playing a lot doesn't equate to becoming more skilled or "deserving" a higher rank, if you're just making the same mistakes over and over and you're oblivious to them.
: Yet another "**Flamers never trolls and trolls never flames**" Thread. Turns out, very often Flamers WILL troll and trolls WILL flame. But of course flamers still try to spread this tale for which: "i flame only because of trolls, and they should be blamed, not me". Pathetic. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
**In the chatlog:** WTF OMG 9x REPORT CANCER N***** H******** WHARGARBL INTER TROLL I AFK **** THIS GAME S****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **In their memory of the game: ** "I say, good chap, I'm frightfully sorry to interrupt and make requests of you, but I must ask, would you try to avoid these tactics that are detrimental to our collective chance of winning? I daresay it would be more enjoyable for us all if you played in a more team-focused manner. Thank you so much, my friend."
: Errr all of ur points are just rambling and u try to make points with them but u dont seem to be able to.
Essentially, the changes are bad for teams they're in, but never for teams they're playing _against_.
: re-entering the lobby doesnt give you same opponents?
I've been put up again against the same premade when I queued too fast. Now I always give it five minutes between games.
: Frozen
Just let it go.
: Thought I Could Handle It
Either don't react (except to compliment them when they do well, so your team is clear who the jerk is), or mute as soon as they start raging.
: Anyone else noticed an increase in toxic behaviour?
Hahrimazd (EUW)
: > Use chat for informative purposes and strategy like: So me asking what someone his bronze logic was (maybe to me it would've been bronze, but he did it because it's challenger level) behind something is, in the hopes of learning and being able to climb is passive agressive? I literally ask someone why he's iron and why he's playing with his brain turned off, how am I at fault here? How am I at fault for trying to learn? If you really think 'don't say anything if it's not positive' is the right mindset, then I can tell the problem isn't me, but rather you. Don't make a foolish play and no one will question you.
> [{quoted}](name=Hahrimazd,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=WaErKyoA,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2019-11-02T20:54:54.013+0000) > I literally ask someone why he's iron and why he's playing with his brain turned off, how am I at fault here? I don't believe this post was made with any sincerity. Nobody is _actually_ this oblivious.
: You forgot to mention it was in normals. Besides, you played with our peg-legged friend. As long as the Yi doesn't have a QSS, you can counter him with a press of a button.
First couple of times, he ganked while it was on CD. After he got the Mercurial Scimitar, I was completely useless, and the blamehunters scented blood in the water.
: Come back soon!
Every couple of months, I think "Hey, let's play Pyke, he looks cool." or "Sona was fun when she worked, let's give her a spin." And then premades vs pugs, grinding low-level toxicity and games that drag on for 50 minutes after being decided in 10 remind me why I stop.
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: Just go semi-afk. Sit on start, but move just enough not to be officially afk. As long as you aren't officially afk you need not to worry. The report system is a joke right now. Unless auto detection catches you nothing happens.
I've been doing it for months and months when I get a hopeless game and the two NEVAR SURRENDAR HURRR players. Not had anything happen yet.
: So you basicall have the stance, that flaming is okay, because the other player shouldn't care about it anyway? And I think if you do badly you lose games, if I drop from Gold1 to silver 3 I'm pretty sure I would understand, that I am a factor in losing many games, without someone flaming me on top. The sole reason to gain elo is basically, that others are doing worse than you anyway. And criticism!=flame, someone can tell in a nice way, that he doesn't agree with your items, or tell you 'hey mate, if you went more tanky, we might have won'
It's internet culture, where the winner is the one who is the most jaded and uncaring. The first one to have an honest human reaction to somebody being awful loses.
: Am I the only one who thinks that Leona is unhealthy for the game?
Meanwhile, Illaoi and Darius can have more tank than a support Leona and 1v3 in lategame while ending up with more health than they started with..
: Match making is a huge problem in LoL. I'll go on a 10 game win streaks with stats like 19/0 or 12/2/21 where I carry well. I always look at the stats of the enemy team comp before we start the game and they seem to be more or less the same as my team when I win. Then all the sudden I get stuck in a vicious cycle of losses kicking me back further than where I started -- due to players in much lower rank feeding in excess making it impossible no matter how well you can carry to win the game. How am I getting matched with these players? The influx of rage quitters where remake isn't an option and being matched with 0 point players isn't helping at all. Its actually quite deflating to play ranked with their current match making system --- not fun at all. I honestly can't remember the last time I had a loss and thought... great enemy team that was a tough/good game. Nah, its always me thinking... that was not a fair match at all. Either the enemy all has mastery levels with 60k+ points and yours has only 1 Mastery with everyone less than 30k points, or someone went AFK, or supp is going full ap and stealing ADC's farm and kills, etc... Many times when I look at the stats while waiting in the lobby, I already know whether the game is going to be a win or a loss. I think I need to start queue dodging or going AFK before the game starts when I am being matched with these players. That could be a strategy. Honestly, the current match making system is broken. I recently made a post to suggest how they can change it to fix a lot of issues: I'm over the whole vicious circle of extreme games - its never in between or a close match. Either I slaughter the enemy team or my team gets slaughtered and there isn't much I can do. 10 games win/losses seems to be the cycle. I'm going to likely cancel my account and move onto something else. Waste of time if you aren't being matched and awarded fairly. Like... why should I downgrade or promote at the same rate as the jungle who was inting the enemy team or going AFK?
That's my experience too. On average I'm probably getting the W/L I deserve, but the games streak like crazy. I'd say it's less than 1/3rd of games where the outcome ever really feels in doubt after the 10m mark.
: Kits you Thematically disagree with
Blitzcrank---theme says big tanky robot with crazy high-tech weapons in his body. In practice, a walking Q.
N o (EUW)
: Saying "easy" should be punished way harder
In a way, it's worse _because_ it's so petty. I mean, if someone chimps out in chat, it's at least amusing. But there's something about the sheer petty nastiness of it. It says that winning isn't enough, you also need to make your opponents feel bad Even better when it was a premade vs pug, or when your team had an afk.
: Being held hostage
After a certain point*, I just mute sound, wander off into a bush somewhere and tab out, tabbing back in and moving every few minutes. There's optimism and then there's just being oblivious. Nothing seems to happen as a result, perhaps because the teammates in games that go that badly are so toxic that their reports have no value. * Enemy team has 3x our kills, mid inhibitor is lost, they have three dragons and just got baron. ADC has 1/5 the cs of theirs, due to walking headfirst into every bit of cc that comes their way. The skill difference is so obvious that either someone's smurfing or the MM glitched out. At least two of my team are raging so hard I'm worried I'll see a string of tttttttttttttttttttttttttttt from them, meaning they actually had an aneurysm and fell face-first on the keyboard. Enemy Twitch, Yasuo and Illaoi are superfed and can all solo the whole team while ending with more life than they went in with. Yet every surrender vote still ends 3/2.
: Oh that's easy. People get angry when they're afraid. The reason is: _an anger can beat the fear_. And that is a general rule. And in League whenever you make the slightest mistake you risk to be flamed and humiliated in chat. And you won't be able to talk back or do anything about it, except maybe fullmute all and pretend that nothing had happened. People will call you bronzie, wooden league, boosted animal, will tell you to shut up, will ignore you shouting your KDA on your every phrase, will ignore your pings or ping you all over, will tell the tother team to report you... you know how it works, right? That all is very toxic and quite painful (in terms of mind). And people are usually afraid of pain to come. So you just get angry first and attack instead of being attacked. And maybe it will be some other guy to be stoned. Not you.
: Do well and you get flamed by the enemy team for playing a n00b champ {{summoner:14}}
I had someone call Volibear a noob champ in One For All. That was...unexpected.
Bloopar (EUW)
: Welcome to League of Deal with it Int? "Sorry, cant detect, part and parcel of playing online!" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ AFK? "Sorry, part and parcel!" ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 12 farms at 45 min, never played their champ? Part and parcel! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Flaming? NANI KISAMAAAA we have to develop a speech analysis system to ban people who could just be muted, the fate of humanity depends on us!!! ignorance is strength, flaming is genocide, inting is just having a bad day.
> [{quoted}](name=Bloopar,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=ungAiIWJ,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-01-31T23:43:00.518+0000) > You need to look up the actual quote that line was cherry-picked from, it was saying the exact opposite to how a certain Islamophobic Twitter user tried to spin it.
Krubaver (EUW)
: can you improve matchmaking pls?
It probably does even out over time, but the matchmaking streaks HARD. 6 - 9 game loss streaks aren't uncommon for me.
: How would YOU make the matchmaking better?
Not immediately rematching me against the premade that handed out a one-sided stomp first time round would be a good start.
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Yeah, the thing that made me stop and think was comparing how many memorably good and friendly teams I've had recently (a couple) vs how many memorably awful ones I've had (a LOT). Yes, I can mute everyone but at that point, I'm effectively playing a single player game (with really bad ally AI).
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: prehistoric {{champion:112}} (simply cause it makes no sence Debonair {{champion:105}} Definitly fits into a suit Mecha{{champion:34}} (could look like that steel bird pokemon I cant recall the english name right now)
What, this one?
Bombardox (EUW)
: LETS PLAY ''a random skin and champion combination''
Infernal Teemo...wait, we already have that one. :) Nightmare Lulu? Battlecast Zac?
: i've never understood why someone flame you when you have a bad game. Are you supposed to carry every possible game ? Which mean that to not get flamed you must have a 100% victory ratio ? Wait WHAT ?
Because they need to establish overwhelming documentary evidence that they're not responsible for anything, so _they_ don't get flamed. If someone is having a bad game (enemy laner gets a couple of lucky kills, then starts snowballing) then congrats, you just volunteered as team punchbag. Enjoy 30 minutes of everyone ranting at you, and four reports at the end of game.
: Sometimes when you lose..
It's rare. IME, everyone's sweetness and light if they're **winning**, but when things go badly, that's when the devolution into poop-throwing baboons begins.
: What exactly am I supposed to do?
Instamute. Though I sympathise, it still makes me nervous and tense, and generally ruins my game if another player seems to have picked me as their punching bag, and I'm constantly feeling under scrutiny every time I miss a skillshot or die in a 3v1 ambush.
: Yeah one of the biggst problems is that people tend to blame others straight away, without taking notice what they trigger by it. It would be more easy if people first admit there own mistake. For example "sorry I was to concentrate about my lane, so I missed that you had an hard time." On this base you could rethink your tactic like "hmm lets try to get some kills if they split" or "wanna try to come for a bit to bot to come back in the game a bit, I think the top tower will be done anyway ^^"
I think the problem is, when someone makes a mistake, they're terrified of being flamed and gang-reported, so their first thought it to pin the blame on something else. Doesn't matter who or what actually gets blamed, and it doesn't matter that you'll anger the other player or make them feel too timid to contribute for fear of getting flamed again, the important thing is to establish that you weren't responsible for anything. I think that a lot of games where one team is losing could be salvaged, but once the blame train starts, players just give up and go through the motions of walking into the enemy and clicking on things till they can leave the game.
Xinotine (EUW)
: Flamers and loss streaks
Do you actually talk to your supports to tell them how you play? Silly question, maybe, but I've seen a lot of carries who assume I'll know what they want to do, leading to either flaming for not backing them up, or flaming for taking an initiation opportunity and dying while the carry looks on. I do say "target an enemy when you want to initiate", but it's a 50/50 if they'll remember that.
Lauralf (EUW)
: I'm with Crisp here :), try jungling if you really want to feel the might of the blamehammer. As support you only get blamed for your ADC losing lane and possibly for not warding enough. As a jungler you get to take the blame for every losing lane. Endless amounts of fun. :). Example: I just finished a game as 6/0/7 jungle Heca with a 2/10/3 Malz in mid. Guess who's fault it was that we lost that game ;)? Still, if you can look beyond the incredible amounts of raging silliness that you will encounter in ranked I think you might come to enjoy it. It is in my opinion a more challenging game mode then the other options out there. And who knows? One day you might even find yourself in a rage-free game :).
In my experience, everyone's friendly if you're winning. But when there's a mistake, then the ragetrain starts, and it has no brakes. I suspect that a lot of losses (on my team or the other) could have been recovered from, but when the bile begins to flow, most of the team just stops caring and they just go through the motions to get the game over as soon as possible.
Emillie (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Icedrake402,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Y4Vpj3ZA,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-06-03T15:55:35.143+0000) Is it really that rare to be able to accept you screwed up? It's a team game. While I myself may screw up often, you cannot tell me some of my losses were my fault only.
Doubtless. But I'm talking about the times when the midlaner fed Talon seven kills, but somehow, they weren't to blame for any of them. That sort of thing. Perhaps it's because everyone's scared of getting flamed when they know they screwed up, so they spend minutes of typing establishing overwhelming evidence that they weren't responsible for anything?
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