Ninjakuni1 (EUNE)
: Riot will you consider adding new Summoners spells ?
I think they should re-add the old summoner spells clarity, clairvoyance, surge, fortify, revive, rally but make them exclusive to the Unsealed Spellbook rune (the one that lets you change summoner spells during the game). Right now the rune is so niche that I think I've seen just one person ever actually using it in game. If they add all the old spells in the Unsealed Spellbook people will start using it more ofren I think and it could lead to some interesting strategies.
Smerk (EUW)
: I created my account at the start of season 1, 7 years ago. Still have 2 refunds. If you wasted yours then it's your problem.
Same. I also remember I used my 1st and only refund on Blade mistress Morgana coz I thought her old splash art looked dope but then I saw it ingame and was super disappointed so I refunded the RP and bought something else.
: Presenting the EU Boards Discord!
: They will be deleted and (sort of) replaced with the new ones. However the new ones can not be bought, they will just be there, similar to Masteries right now.
What about some old special event runes like the Season 1&2 Christmas and Halloween runes or the Razor Event runes? They are very rare since they never came back in the store unlike the holiday skins.
DankplankTV (EUNE)
: Possible bug in the newly added mission page
Same thing is happening to me only I received the Yasuo icon immediately but not the Riven icon. It still says reward pending. The thing is my laptop is kinda old so the client is very slow for a few mins after I finish a game and I didn't understand if I was supposed to pick just one of the icons or I automatically get both? Cuz after the game ended I just clicked OK, didn't choose any icon and it seems I got the Yasuo one only.
Irarius (EUW)
: exactly, i mean there are even some razor promo runes, that where given out if you got their products, and so on. i just wondered i think promo runes are an interesting thing, and at the time they had their charm, as 2.5 tier runes
I think it would be cool if Riot created some limited edition (not legacy) skins or at least summoner icons only available for the players who bought the promo runes back in Season 1 & 2. I would hate it if they didn't commemorate them in some way.
Irarius (EUW)
: What will happen to Promotion Runes
Good question. I have some quintessences called Piercing Present, Piercing Screech, Sugar Rush and Witches Brew. They are all from Season 1 & 2 Snowdown and Harrowing events and they never came back in the shop again unlike the Promo skins that get re-released as legacy every year so that makes the runes rarer.
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: Another Mazlahar nerf !!
Used to main malzahar mid for years. I'm so disappointed that they ruined my favorite champion and degraded him to a support. If anyone at Riot is actually reading this: Please, just admit that his rework was bs and revert him back to what he used to be - a glasscannon midlaner and a 1v1 beast. I see no reason he got reworked. Yes, he did a ton of dmg but he had zero mobility and required proper skill in positioning and lane control. He was easily countered by QSS and mobility champions too. He used to be in no way OP especially compared to some of the existing champions today. Just give him back his old kit...
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: RP contest ^.^ Best nickname
I'd call him Comrade. For some reason Braum really reminds me of a Russian dude who spends all day chopping wood and binging on vodka.
Miss Fawn (EUW)
: Christmas Skin Giveaway
I've always wanted to play **Pulsefire Ezreal**. Now let's see if the Christmas miracle exists :D
Enzer0 (EUW)
: It was a joke... like because you have a blank screen, Rito are trying to drop a hint that you are doing nothing in game. I dunno, try a different browser - it might be where you are opening it thats the problem.
I've tried multiple browsers and devices. Doesn't work on Chrome, Safari and Mozilla.
Enzer0 (EUW)
: maybe it's telling you to do more as you seem to do nothing! Ay, ay! Yeah.. i know it's bad.
I've played 20 games since the 15th of December and it doesn't show any of them! Can you please clarify what exactly do you mean by "you seem to do nothing" ?
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Azy Sin (EUNE)
In-game name: Icodor Region: EUW I shared my opinion on your video on YouTube and you replied to it. I'm glad you're open to constructive criticism as I believe listening to other people's remarks is a major step in improving. Looking forward to future content.
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: I want to be able to order with SMS FP in Bulgaria! THERE IS NOT SMS Purchase Method IN BULGARIA ARE
If you are talking about SMS RP purchase, then I don't see a reason anyone would ever use that method. It is definitely not worth the money. I believe this is because the transaction is not direct and Riot also has to pay the carrier for it and in the end you get just a tiny amount of RP. Use any other method and you get much more RP for the same amount of money. If you don't have your own card you can always ask someone you trust that has one and give them the money personally.
Kiimahrii (EUW)
: RIOT we need something to spend our IP on!!
Sffc (EUW)
: You know what can fix matchmaking? Making everyone start with Bronze 5 MMR. What does that mean? It means that good and bad players start with the worst players. Why is it important? Because that way you're only affecting the bottom where games are random. If you have unranked players play with Low Plat -> Low Silver you're getting a whole bunch of games ruined. For example, right now i'm in the loading screen. I'm currently in mid silver (S2), last season I was Gold V. My team has 4 gold loading borders and 1 plat. Their team has at least 1 unranked. Rip Edit: Turns out I had one guy boosting 2 others. They threw. Great.
I believe the best solution would be to create a system which matches you with and against people of your current division only. That way if you manage to reach 100LP by winning against people of the exact same divison as you, you have basically proved that you don't belong to said division and it's time to proceed higher. To me this seems really straightforward and I don't see a reason why it hasn't been implemented yet. I'm not a fan of *mixed* teams at all, in ranked games at least. The only drawback I see is probably longer queue times.
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Machariel (EUW)
: Lag Spike - EUW
Just lost a ranked game bcs of this. Around the 10th min of the game, my teammates and I began experiencing such lag spikes ( 500 ~ 900 ms) and it made the game totally unplayable. I don't care if I get a loss forgiven or not (since I lost just 14LP, no big deal) but I'm really wondering what the heck is wrong with this server.
xCillion (EUW)
: You might not notice these short hickups on youtube for example, as videos are generally buffered meaning a short dc or interruption would barely have effect. In league however it results in the trouble you experience. It`s really hard to track down the culprit of such annoying Issues, so first i would advise you to start with general Troubleshooting if you have not done so already. [Run through this Guide]( Step by Step and see if Things improve in League (i advise custom games to test, to avoid leaverbuster penalties or unpleasant gaming experiences^^) Should that not yield Results, i think you should consider Running some Tests and report to Riot Support with them. You can find the needed logs and how to obtain them at the bottom of the Post i linked above. Unfortunately connection Issues can come from a variety of Sources, so it is probably easier if you run through it with Player Support right away. They can maybe help you track down what is causing this, and solve it in the long run.
Thank you for all the info & replying so quickly. I'll go through the steps in the guide you sent me & play a few custom games to see if any problems persist.
xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings, ugh.. connection troubles are terribly frustrating! Been there, i would not wish that to my worst enemies! Now, first of all, do you experience any Issues outside of League? For example other games, or applications during those times? Usually it is not related to the installation of league, so it is rather unlikely that a reinstall would fix it, first i would try some generic troubleshooting for connection Issues.
I do not experience connection issues outside of League. Infact, the first few times this problem happened I immediately checked my connection & google chrome to see if I could connect to youtube or some other random site & everything worked fine. The lags I experience only last 2-3 seconds but if I'm in the middle of a team fight that's more than enough for the enemy team to kill me.
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Skyfallz (EUW)
: Game Crashed
The same just happened to me during a ranked game, at one point the ping went to 500 with an attempting to reconnect msg, I closed the game and logged in again. Pressed the orange reconnect button but couldn't reconnect bcs of the said msg. Glad I'm not the only one experiencing this bs ... I hope it's gonna be a loss forgiven!


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