: How about no? Never got a champ I dont own in aram... When I got 16 I get only these 16 and never anything else
How about yes? http://imgur.com/a/ZNawp
w1ldan (EUNE)
: Vayne Montage part 7 ft. W1ldan
Only if at least half of vayne's knew how to Q away not into enemies, that would be great, just like this montage... EDIT: 2:11, what is this vayne skin? Kappa.
Arcessam (EUW)
: 1. Crashing is your own fault, most likely it would have lost your team the game anyway. Also, you don't lose 30 points unless your MMR is really bad. 2. No matter how long it takes, playing 20-40 min 4v5 is a complete waste of time for both teams. /Remake saves you the effort. 3. Because the system existed before /remake doesn't mean it was better, it was strictly worse because you would lose more games because of AFKs = more random. 4. Unless you are playing in low bronze (no offense) no decent team will ever lose a 5v4.
"Crashing is your own fault" Last time I checked, applications crash itselves not because of hardware.
: I actually needed 5 games to get Kata from 5 to 7, but I actually have only S and S+ on her except the random moments I get fed as hell and get A+ for no reason ^^ Does that make me a pro naow ? <3
Teach me your ways senpai.
: Example of actual flamer who should be banned above ^
More like, example of actual flamer who should be permabanned is above me.
Demeisen (EUW)
: Please remove Taliya from my champion pool
You can get any champion in the game when on ARAM, not just from your champ pool.
Ben Vagan (EUW)
: The "/Remake System" and the instant "Leaver Buster" punishment
/Remake prevents anything bad happening due to being afk, so punishing players for that (which most likely is a bugsplat for the afk) Is fucking stupid. Yesterday I had /remake on enemy team, it was draft normal but still, I lost 5 minutes of my life due to it, not sure why player should get punished, especially when intentional afk happens in midgame, not right when game starts.
: People don't understand that. Singed has probably the most unique gameplay in the game, but solo players won't be able to take advantage of it. Stonewall008 called it pressure strategy I believe.
Singed can get away with anything, this is why everyone hates and loves him.
kilnda (EUNE)
: I hope the won't ruin singed with a dumb rework, because that's gonna be the day i quit league. Btw people never understand who you are and what is your purpose as singed, so even when 5 people are chasing you down, your team can never push down lanes, or take objectives. Your carries will most likely just sit close to their turrets, last hitting minions, and flaming you for not contributing, even tho you gave them a chance for a free drake and 2 turrets..
Hah I wish that was true, normally 3 people chase me but my adc still gets caught by jungler and adc or jungler and support.
: such skill, much wow
If it didn't take 5 games to get from level 5 to 7 then you succ, kappa.
: 2 people in jungle lane at the same time (bugg)
Not sure how it's possible but I couldn't queue up if I was premade in 5 and two people had same role.
: it is. but that is against the terms of service as it alters the game files
Oh yeah, you're right, the same bullshit everywhere, because changing cursor will make you challenger and will make you play at least 10 times better, so it's prohibited.
: The judgement system is completely corrupt.
> "After one-two games of arguing with flamers or trolls" >"if you flame certain trolls for two games straight on the same day" Wait, so do you suffer from flamers or you are a flamer? Because QQ thread {{item:3070}} {{champion:32}} And yes, I got 14 day ban for sarcasm, because it was taken out of context, but I am not here to talk about my "punishments" :) EDIT: I still miss the days of games where you would talk shit and mods in that server would destroy you through chat instead of banning/muting you.
Shak1ng (EUW)
: Urf, Hexakill and OFA
I am not sure how it would be fun to play against 6 zeds that can ult you whenever you respawn, every damn time zed is not banned.
GLurch (EUW)
: What do you think about certain smileys in League of Legends or the internet?
: So in that system 1 report from one "police player" could be enough. or if 2 then so be it. at least he won't ruin 10 games before he gets banned. or worse not get banned at all. and it's easy to know a troll from someone just having a bad game. Not that hard at all.
Wait I will just farm up my honours, act nice in chat then will go on report streak banning everyone I want, just because I can.
If you think logically or ever went to school, you would realize that they went afk at around 10-12 minutes, when you can't /remake anymore, next time actually read the post before spamming "/remake" whenever you see "afk". EDIT: I would rather lose 4v5 ranked game with loss prevented and enemies getting halved or even lower LP than they could have gotten if it was 5v5, than some /remake which is useless unless your teammate bugsplats, as we all know ragequits are more common than bugsplats.
: A suggestion to fix trolling and toxicity [Riot Police] - Needs rioter's input -
One thing that QQ thread owners do not realize is that trolling/int feeding/etc has to actually happen before player is punished, that's why you can still get flamers/int feeders/trolls and so on.
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Singed is the guy I'd only play with buddies. If the random teammates doesn't know how to exploit having him in the party, he tends to fall into the useless and/or feeder category. It helps nothing if it's technically not my fault.
Funny thing is I started with like 1/7 then into the late game enemy team went full retard giving me free kills. (that's how every game actually goes)
: How to identify a bot by a few reasons
I remember I once queued up for bots in twisted treeline... Just to get more bots, on my team too. Literally had to carry those two bots, and I have no idea why, but TT bots are a lot harder than SR ones. Well at least I didn't have to 1v5, but still, that game was like 30mins because all they did was feed.
Rioter Comments
Big Paps (EUW)
: Im a Toxic Player
"I want to stop but excuses, ya know."
: When you play Veigar in ARAM and get fed
>annie is a noob champ. *Feeds with annie.*
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: But still, RIOT has to invest time, which they don't wan't to. :/ they said somewhere it was insanely difficult to create this gamemode. And they're too lazy to do it, however they said it was very likely to be added eventually.
I'd rather they invested time into Doom Bots than BoosterQueue.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: The map got updated. The Ai bots got smarter.
Do you think bots actually see the map more than a coordinate system with cells where they are allowed to walk on? Like I said there were minor collision changes to it but nothing that would break bot AI unless I am missing something, also not sure what difference it makes when you have a bot which can either walk or attack and that's it or smarter one which can do more things... Spells in both cases would be exactly the same. P.S. Okay, I'll stop, they can't even add a replay system.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: This is not the right category for this. I'm suprised RIOT didnt close this thread. I'd put this is Champions&Gameplay But. I got some news about Doombots . . . With the recent changes to gamemodes. ( Rotating game mode queue) RIOT is still figuring some stuff out, and that's why the system isn't perfect. RIOT has said that they will add new gamemodes. (such as the new siege game mode now) They said that the possibility that DOOMBots will be added big is. Because the community really enjoys it. . . . But now some news that might not be so fun . . DOOMBots is insanely difficult to program, very difficult. So they'll have some work with it. Also RIOT has lots of other things to worry about now, Siege, the new gamemode, Ryze-rework, Balance changes, the summer event, (pool party) etc... When this is all over Worlds is about to start probaly, after Worlds The Assasin Rework will come, AKA preseason 7 So don't expect DOOMBots anytime soon, We're about to get the siege game mode, they won't add something new soon, but I definetly see it coming in Season 7, maybe a bit sooner. but not the next months or so. . . . I hope that helped! RIOT is very buzzy now, but I'm sure DOOMBots will come eventually. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
I would like to know what do you mean by insanely hard to program, for example, ezreal ultimate, all you need to do is take current ultimate and make it shoot into more directions at the same time... Same for splitting them midway to shoot into different directions again(not sure if that's how it worked, it was long ago), can't see anything insanely difficult in that, WHEN YOU HAVE MECHANICS IN HERE ALREADY, all you have to do is modify them a tiny bit. But yes it might be hard if they needed to create literally a new game.
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: They didn't remove it, they still have it. But so many of the bots have changed, the bot system had an upgrade, items changed, all the patch notes should be exactly up to date in the gamemode. Doombots is 2 years old, it had a different map, they can't just use the same program. they have to change it! But they said it's VERY LIKELY to come back. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Not sure what you mean as a different map, bots never jungled, except doom bots going full team on dragon, walls had some collision changes and that's about it...
Xeronan (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=GLurch,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=OFz4XGq5,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-07-02T21:20:09.441+0000) > > You notice this just now? Nah i noticed it since i started playing league, just wanted to see other people's opinions
Of course everyones opinion will be "yes" unless they mute everyone/play only in 5 premade with friends and don't really know. Every community has some cancer in it.
: So I get a chat restriction for this??
Except you mentioned kda at least 5+ times. EDIT: >Dictator123: trynd stick a dildo up your ass and stop saying the same thing <...> Dictator123: report trynd flame LOL, talking shit and report calling for talking shit, this is classic, I need a good frame for this find.
Xeronan (EUW)
: Is the LOL-Community toxic?
Why is this post not in "Games, Contests & Jokes"? I mean, that question must be at least rhetorical?
Mumblebum (EUW)
: :D <3
If being serious, LoL must be the only cancer on my computer, as much as I hate it I can't uninstall :^)
Mumblebum (EUW)
: Hello! I am cancer and I have arrived on your computer! <3
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Dota 2 explains it better. Yes I do realize this is not Dota 2.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I like how your example has nothing to do with /remake.
: What happened?
Because overwatch is totally a superior moba to LoL.
: Eu Nordic Server
Glad that I got out of there. Even though euw doesn't look any better.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: To everyone who names and shames.
I could write down every name but wouldn't my computer get cancer because of that?
: "You are among only 5% of League of Legends players to recieve a chat restriction"
Just the fact that LoL went through 6 (almost) whole seasons nullifies this stupid statement.
ymg (EUW)
: Permanent Ban
They are lying, it's actually not permanent ban, depending on when you were banned you just need to survive until 2130 or 2222 and your ban will be lifted, goodluck.
: Yes, it is. It's a violation against chapter 6 of the Summoners Code (the part about sportmanship). In general EVERYTHING you think is bad social behavior is reportable, you are the judge. Riot collects over 100.000 data points per match, so not only the chat. This means that people can also be punished for stuff that did not happen in chat, including emote spam.
As much as I want to believe it's sarcasm, I can't, knowing who you are.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I know Riot tries to be original with those hextech crates and shit(insert kappa here), but I wish for once they did something that already was tested in other games and was proven to work, at least better than what we have now, I only ever saw /remake done once. And that wasn't even ranked game which literally does not matter either way.
: The amount of babys wrapped in cotton wall is ridiculous. What people call flame and toxic, get a fucking clue and a grip on whats a real issue. People telling you to heal/flash/ult, giving advice, asking why not do this instead of this etc.. is deemed as flaming. Honestly if you can't handle little comments like this life will suck for you. Grow a bit of skin and report for necessary stuff jesus My whole discussion is people crying over nothing, things that aren't toxic are being labelled so. So imo flamers don't even exist in this topic, if you get what i mean?
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Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I am pretty sure you can get perma for high enough level of insults without even getting other 3 levels of punishment. But well, you must try hard enough, also it must be over a single game because obviously you will get 10 chat restriction and fail your challenge of getting permabanned instantly if you don't flame hard enough.
: What were some of the dumb or funny things you did when you was lower levels (unranked)
Statikk shiv on annie, because I can now burn people, shock them and autoattack faster than before. :^) or AP jinx which I still sometimes do.
Lsayu (EUNE)
: What's good for support mains is that you can put fill and always get your role XD
Except I put fill on ranked as secondary role and got mid. And I fed it harder than I ever could in any other lane.
: A Support "Main"'s Opinion on the Role
>You have low gold income & you are constantly underleveled Well now I finally have an excuse to be level 12 when the rest of my team is level 17+...
Evanitis (EUNE)
: Can't decide if Trynda was the 'first time in ranked' or the guy who decided this is worthy of a report and being salty. Pic 6 is missing. BTW... just had my first ranked match yesterday. But I was a tactical genius: I didn't tell it. I wasn't awesome, but didn't feed either. We won. (ok, I totally was a worthless feeder in the second one)
Pic 6 isn't missing if you open link but I have no idea what's wrong with it on boards, anyway obviously I cut out only trynda because "naming and shaming" or whatever is prohibited, even though it doesn't make sense to me. P.S. I called that it will be "good game" should have dodged but I am an idiot. It also was my "first" ranked game, but I didn't tell it either, because I already know what happens whenever you aren't perfect challenger 999LP with 300cs before minions start spawning.
: 1. You tell the new guy to instantly mute the toxic guy 2. You did a new player a favor and improved lol ranked 3. Profit
4: I told him but he just kept asking trynda why he even tries to insult him, only my adc somehow managed not to spew out anything negative, which is rarest thing to happen.
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