: Sorry to bring it up but i can't seem to find any other information on this.
I really hope they will add something for an individual rank. More then half my friends quit slowly after playing more then 3 years. They are not coming online again. We now use logging into LoL client as some sort of chat room. I always used to have at least 7 people online even at 3:00 in the morning. But nowadays almost noone is online anymore except for some closer friends during the evening. More then 60% hasnt come online in 3 months. Yeah dynamic queue is fantastic. /s It will never be how it was because some players will never come back. I still give it a few months as my nephew is showing some interest in playing games against bots. But Dynamic queue killed it for us group of friends as we do not have an individual rank anymore. Mind you we were all Silver with a few bronze and gold. As average as it can be Riot, thanks for forcing all the soloQ players into your system so people can play with their casual friends Edit: some words. Grammar worsterst then ever seen
Eambo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=DELDE115,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=jdYMh7WV,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2016-05-05T13:36:30.333+0000) > > Well to be completely honest, I believe that the new herald buff might be a bit too much. Yes herald can pack a punch now, but a 20 minute buff that doesnt disappear even after respawning... > > {{champion:39}} {{champion:48}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:24}} and many more will be... man I cant even imagine it. > > Yes the game will be pure chaos and we´ll have to accept that, I just hope that Riot doesnt buff/nerf other stuff just to make the mid season patch work. What I mean by that is, I dont want Riot to do a Kassadin (nerfing everything and keeping his ult, aka, "what made him perma banned for over a year in ranked across all ELOs" the same). > > > That´s the only thing Im afraid of. Nothing else. In the same light as Player Behaviour, feedback is also extremely valuable to us - but when done so maturely. The sort of post you're giving here is an opinion, with information. Throw your thoughts like this into a thread, encourage/foster a mature discussion around it, and this is feedback. The difference is unfortunately a lot of threads are simply "X IS OP, F U RITO YOU SUCK" - which are the sorts of topics I think OP is referring to. If you have thoughts and opinions, we definitely want to hear them. A good rule of thumb when making a post to provide feedback or encourage discussion would be: - Give a short opening - what's your thoughts, what direction do you propose. - Give a detailed overview of your thoughts and outlook on "the thing" that you're talking about. - If you have one, give a proposed solution/alternative/adjustment that would make things "fairer" or more even - If you have one, give an example of downsides of your own solution Feedback in a constructive, well thought out method such as this are the kinds of things we look out for the most - even the title of your thread can make a big difference. Personally I'm more inclined to look at a thread titled "My thoughts on the Herald buff, and how to improve it" versus "HERALD BUFF OP WTF." This of course is just a general suggestion - writing a well constructed argument won't necessarily guarantee your thread will be read, nor will it guarantee that your thoughts will result in action. But it has a much higher chance of being seen and considered than the QQ threads we oftentimes see - and such thoughts and discussions normally encourage others to post their thoughts too, meaning we get a lot of valuable feedback in one thread, all because OP decided to be mature about it :-)
Now lets talk about soloQ YOu kill it in an obsecure Asian (North-korean or Chinese, I'm not sure) interview. After months of hinting you were working on how to implement it. Many people reacted with common sense and tried to explain to you what is wrong with this dynamic queue and what the game is lacking now (individual rank instead of group rank now). And many more points you can agree or not with. You ignored them all so far.......
Almighty (EUNE)
I just want soloQ back because the ranked system we have now is just to easy to abuse and cheat your way divions higher while you couldn't get there solo. Gratz RIOT for mixing up all divions so noone knows what his real individual rank is. And then they have the nerve/intelligence to say this is good for the competitive scène
Adama (EUW)
: The legendary meme.
: Dont expect much love here. There has to be someone to blame. Its "toxic premades". Or elo hell. Sometimes lag. OP champs... just pick something. And when solo-queue comes, everything will be fine. Worldpeace. You will climb at least to plat than. Everyone ingame will cheer you for your plays. Riot did everything right. The current system has its flaws and they are working on it. They even did a survey to reassure they do the right thing. But some buthurt people need this fictive thing to blame.
WoW You must be one hell of a narcissist to say stuff like that as if I think soloQ gives world peace. I get it you want dynamic queue so friends can boost you to places you couldnt go a year ago. Well gratz for you. But I like to meet 9 strangers and play solo. Thanks for your coorperation in forcing all the solo players into this BS dynamic group queue You rank is meaningless this season
: gold 4 jungler/sup looking for dynamic queque partners
Great you can play with *kuch* friends and climb to heights you would have never come solo. LONG LIVE DYNAMIC QUEUE
Cosantoir (EUW)
: Just cant beet that Friday feeling.
Im getting ready for another day of being lied to by RIOT. WHERE IS SOLOQ?!?!@?!@?@?!@?!~@?
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897zua (EUW)
: ***
Its funny how you all have been brainwashed that business should work like that. have you ever heared of customer service? It does wonders to keep people involved in your company. But when you continuesly show you don't give a fuk about someone you're going down the long run. And this game with DLC's wouldnt have been the LoL you know it is. No way the game would have been this populare
TheVojo (EUNE)
: Instead of moaning to RIOT for every change they make trying to improve the game, imagine if they released new updates as DLC which u need to pay for in order to go ranked (for example). Be thankful they put so much effort in the game we all love and continue playing.
if Riot would do this then this game wouldn't be here no more. So stop getting fantasy bs in your story to proove your vision is right. Although i agree Riot is in this for the money and not for you as customer. They don't give one rats ass about you as customer as long as they make a profit
: Riot don't "only want to earn money fast", they made some bad decisions. But they actually see the players and try to interact with us. They try to make the game better, they are always updatin,... I hate people like you who only hate This idea is easy to do and will make the game a little better in my opinion, they may see this and do it
And I hate players like you who are blind to the thruth and still think Riot is there for you without the money. I laugh at you Just read this bs http://ask.fm/RiotGhostcrawler/answer/131681747595 And then ask yourself: Aren't masteries and glyphs not an unfair advantadge? Ohh right he totally forgot about that when he wrote this. well shit. I spend more then 2000 euro on this game. This is the first time i feel any kind of hate against RIOT. because they basicly said sod off when I asked them for a compensation fo rwhen they would delete my Waterloo MF skin (and they did). These are two completly different skins http://i.imgur.com/VzgBzPo.jpg
Don Wrong (EUW)
: Surrender-Window doesn't change with the HUD-scale
Just read this http://ask.fm/RiotGhostcrawler/answer/131681747595 Overlord Ghostcrawler knows what is best. Although he comes from a game which is FULLY customisable. He now declares that you changing your HUD, or anything related to it, gives you unfair advantadges against other players. That he totally forgot about masteries and glyphs doesnt matter because its Overlord ghostcrawler
I208iN (EUW)
: Of course they aim on making money. But the idea of achievements via icons is completely feasible. For example, the new HUD is free, but a good interface is aiming to make it easy for the game so he plays more game. Achievement usually serve the same purpose, they passively make players take more interest/ invest themselves more in the game.
I get it. but Riot doesnt give a fuk. they only want to earn money fast. Look I spent more then 2000 Euro in 2 years on this game and when i asked them to replace a skin they completly changed into ao totally different skin, http://i.imgur.com/VzgBzPo.jpg. I could go fuk myself. So no they are not interested in players for the long run. I would have spend the same amount again in +2 years but now Im so utterly pissed off i'm gone
Cosantoir (EUW)
: It's something that has taken me a little bit of time to get used to also. However I really like that there is almost nothing that obstructs your vision or takes your attention away from the gameplay itself. It's probably a little weird how much I appreciate the new definition for minions on the minimap and how each one is more visible. Overall I think its pretty snazzy and has a nice flow.
Its funny how you guys from Riot don't comment in bigger/larger discussions on the same subject on this board/forum.
Galvanize (EUW)
: The New HUD
Overlord Ghostcrawler sais this is better. So just get used to this and stop crying like a pleb
: Summoner Icons
First answer this question yourself. How can Riot earn more money with Summoner Icons. If you come up with that they want to listen. They don't give a damn about it when they don't
: We need names when I press tab on the new HUD.
Overlord Ghostcrawler sais its good. So stop complaining about stuff ok! Just accept this HUD because Ghostcrawler thinks its better for us to play this way
: New HUD, did we really need it ?
Overlord ghostcrawler sais it's better so be quiet and accept this glorious HUD
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Riot: Instead of trying to make everything viable for lcs start making older champions more fun
Riot doesnt give a real shit when they can't profit. Most of the people already bought the champions so they won't earn anything. This is why the process of updating the champions is going so slow because they invest money into new champions/skins and not into people who update heroes. That team is way way smaller tl:dr They can earn more money with new heroes. So don't expect a lot of excisting heroes to change
: > same comments and backslash about it as when they had it on PBE I never saw any of these comments, the majority of people who I have seen comment on it on both surrender@20 and wiki liked it. And remember the exact same comments where made about the new rift... And then they all disappeared a couple of weeks later when people got used to it, same thing will happen here.
Then you are blind or you are lying that you haven't seen those posts
Jettling (EUW)
: How could anyone not enjoy this update?
Almost noone is saying something about the event. The event is pretty awesome. They really did a good job with that. But I think RIOT doesn't understand the impact the changed HUD and the anouncer has. When I started the fist game it almost felt like I hadn't played the game for a year and then came back for the first time. The champions are the same but everything feels different. Announcer Sounds are different with kills/double kills. Its also really unclear what he sais. Bleep sounds everywhere when you press abilities,menu's or anything else. Blueish mini-map together with the blueish from abilities/being OOM makes me feel like Im colourblind. yes its nice to have almost all the info on one place but now its a clusterfuck of information and its annoying What I can't believe is that this new HUD came through as it is on live servers. They now get the same comments and backslash about it as when they had it on PBE. But they changed nothing but the small timers on your teammates ulti. yeah GJ Riot. really makes PBE useless with this move
Lsayu (EUNE)
: I could never effectively track anything with the old hud, and honestly I never really really tried to get used to it. Now with the new hud everything is so much more clear when you hit tab and it doesn't cover the entirety of your screen. Just saying. >summoner's rift minimap color. Just...Please, Change that color. I don't understand, what about the color? It's beige with black, right? I like it. In fact, I love it, I think it looks cool and I think it looks sexy.
It looks blueish to me. This is the first time in my life I'm considering the option I am colourblind Yeah... Great HUD......
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