: >only sad thing is that Riot's warning system doesn't decrease on time. It does decrease, however _**the metric is not measured on time elapsed.**_ It's measured on games played, and your behaviour within them. If you played 100 games over a year, or 100 games in a month, with the exact same behaviour in both, you'd have equal progress to resetting it. It's all about your behaviour within those games that affect it. Positive behaviour will push it faster. Nuetral will progress, albeit slowly. Negative will regress, or result in further punishments.
Oh I see, not bad. And yeah i meant on time. You can stop playing games because you had enought of getting warned (like me lol) but you mean that if you get warned once in 100 games it's over. 100 games is like average 30-35 hours gameplay unless you stopped completely with the bad humour or you get banned because of 1 or 2 bad games in the time between you restart playing and the average 30 hours ending. But anyone that is tilted easely will have to mute everyone each game what makes the system imperfect but well rules are rules
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: Permabanned players - Second chances.
You're right, only sad thing is that Riot's warning system doesn't decrease on time. If you had 2 warnings 1 year ago and the third is yesterday as exemple. It's over for you but that no one knows it and one tilted game can end you hahaha
: welp, im from EU and IM NOT WORKING, still can afford skins and passes for the game, lul, and im wasting money on several games like OW, Heartstone, R6 Siege AND LEAGUE, think again if you come to complain about prices, still 50% of that money will go into winning pool + noone told you that you need to buy the pass, ITS A FREE TO PLAY GAME afterall, would you like to have league to be pay to play with monthly fee and still have to pay for passes and skins?
You sound like some spoiled kid or a guy getting aids. It's true not everyone can afford the prices while euw is where riot comes from, it's also where the prices are the highest.

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