: Riots ranking system is simple sorta If you duoQ you get harder opponents obviouslee but since it's dynamic que now it's whoever has the better pre's HOWEVER From my experience if you win the 1ste game and lose the other 9 you get placed higher then if you would lose the first 9 and win the last idk how that works but i think first win is important I'd say you get bronze 3 or 4 since you're on a losing spree probably 5
that's what is making me worry the loosing spree :/
Fernanix (EUW)
: Maybe leave ranked for a bit and work on your typing skills :PP <33. Ritos placement system is (from my point of view) slightly random or takes into account some things that you dont know about / didnt think would count. These are some results from last season, all of the people "mentioned" are basically the same elo. Me: 8-2 Silv III (was Silv V before that) Friend 1: 7-3 Bronze I (was bronze I before) Friend 2: 2-8 Silv V (Unranked before) Friend 3: 3.7 Silv V (Unranked before) Friend 4: 4-6 Silv V (Unranked before) Friend 5: 6-4 Silv II (Unranked before) As you see i dont really understand how it works but im pretty sure the system does not only place you depending on your win/loss. Might help you, these results are old though and the system might have been changed/tweaked since then so dont count it as 100% reliable for this seasons placement system. {{summoner:17}} {{summoner:17}}
for the typing skill tbh honest i type randomly without looking to the screen nor checcking my writing (english not my born lang) and yep thnk you that's what my freinds told me it's like they confused me one of them had 2-8 on placement and ended up silver 3 that's why i'm asking ty anyway sir
: It depends but you'll probably end up in low-mid bronze
by the way 4games were solo and 3 were duo and ii ended up in most of them with and vs silver 3 gold 5... i got trolled hard by afkers and trollers --' darus going 2/22 --'
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jppeer123 (EUW)
: You may got like some million players, how many of them are even worthy of playing in the LCS, tho... I mean... Not everyone is going to be challenger or something {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I said at leass start with a server... for ur scnd poit i'm defently gonna say 99% of them r'nt worthy but let me tell you something personal just in my discrit ther's bout 6 master players so i belive there would be some "mybe really worthy" player who can join teams... but still that's a suggestion specially bout a server not LCS, the tittle was for grabing attention
: Well, you've got the players in North Africa, which aren't tremendously numerous anyway, and then you've got the other lot way down in South Africa, basically the same distance between as Europe has with the US. Setting up an LCS and expecting the African challenger players to congregate in the same place, given their separation, isn't fair-doo.
Well, Hi first, tbh i'm not gonna lie most lol player in africa must be in north africa it is the truth but i didn't say there aren't any other player in other countrey i believe Ivoiry Cost, Nigeria and some Middle West African Countrey have also a big fan base and the majority of them playin the NA server so to be fairely honest Creating a server would be a good beging for us, + i actully found that there is a suggestion for LCS africa :p
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