: The most annoying thing about client crashing is when it crashs in a Ranked game, And u %%%%ing %%%gots Don't understand that this was ur client problem and u want us to understand u r hard workers? I almost lost a whole diamond div because of this client bugs, Pls "Understand" This, Since u won't give my LP back or something, then fix ur %%%%ing client. {{champion:122}}
If your teacher gives you an hour to complete your exam, while you might need 3-4 depending on how sophisticated it is, you'll understand how these workers work. We have projects that are estimated on 356 man days, but our client says nah you have 200 because that's my budget. Corners are always cut, that's capitalism for you. Time is money.
: I guess most people doesn't understand how those server are working. 24/7 every single day in the year. Its a freaking miracle they didn't crash earlier so first respect on Riots side to keep them up and in a good shape. So now the issue. It was the same on the PBE and during Clash both times... To many people try to login and try to start a game. Not only TFT but any gamemode. These Server can handle much more than PBE but still there is a point where they can't take it anymore. Riot never got such issue anymore since they move to Amsterdam. Exept clash.. but we all know that this is never going to work. So all people who complain about the server are part of the issue itself. I take a break or continue testing on the PBE. Riot should be able to fix it, but since they need to make sure this isn't going to happen again right after they put the server back online. That might take a while. After that is done, please think about the people working on the server to keep them up - and encourage them - not shit talk. They are just normal workers.
This is seriously wrong in assumption. Let me explain: Imagine leaving your pc on, every day for the whole year, 24/7. You do tasks on it, you game on it, whatever workload (not even comparable to server-load). You will notice that your pc, even after a week of non stop running, will perform slower and will decrease in performance over time. This is because your RAM is clothed up with stuff that you have done (say go on google chrome) and stopped doing. Your pc still has the process using RAM, just in case you decide to re-use it, so it boots faster. Most things aren't used anymore and are clothing up your RAM. That's why servers require maintenance and periodical restarts. We restart our services every month (all servers) so they spin as fresh as new. A server has a lot more time to fill up its processes, though at some point you'll have to restart it no matter what. That means shifting loads onto clear servers for a second (not really a second) and performing a fresh restart so your server is back to full functionality. Second yeh, the login servers have a hard time. It shouldn't be an issue tho. You have asynchrous login request coming in, which are probably put in some sort of Q waiting to be processed (aka your login Q). On this Q are restraints so that your main performance goes to keeping up servers for gaming, while logging in has less priority. Hence why you'll notice massive Q's if a lot of games are going on. Servers do not run 24/7 every day of the year.
Just Ange (EUW)
: Not a dumb idea considering the 65hr Q time. I'm 100% sure they'd come back up quicker than that.
Oh they will but depending on the infrastructure and its setup restarts (actual restarts) might take between 2-X hours. Especially if you do not own a datacenter but have your servers scrambled across EU in different datacenters.
: And so we start hoping for a crash and burn...
Network Engineer: first troubleshoot: lets restart this piece of sh*t and see if it works now.
Just Ange (EUW)
: Agreed, same goes for Security. They don't invest but then cry all day long after getting fined for their stupid mistakes. It's the higher ups that try and develop 'Shadow IT' that lack brain cells and shoot themselves in the foot as a result. Sorry for not getting your point sooner, I stupidly assumed you're defending their Infrastructure wholeheartedly.
God forbid anyone defends their infrastructure and awful client. I'm just saying, if you throw a party, with a barrel of beer, and 1000 people are coming, your party will surely become a joke in a bit.
Just Ange (EUW)
: 'I'm from IT and I know what's going on here' They're an almost $2 Billion company, they have an option to host their servers ANYWHERE their hearts desire, even in multiple locations. With that much money resilience should be priority. I understand your out of hours point, it's the weekend, regardless, a company with that much profit shout be capable of providing 24/7 all round support. And by that I don't mean a single engineer who's capable of restarting a VM/doing a password reset, an ACTUAL team. In addition, this is not a first. I keep repeating this but LoL protects themselves by stating that they're trying to maintain a single client to provide for users still running XP. This was 100% expected as server overload happens ALMOST EVERY TIME with a new champion release/**** game mode. Prioritise ranked/draft over a dumb new mode, trying to encourage NEW players to join the environment - if you can't handle it and risk THIS MUCH downtime, why even bother???
I mean I do have a fairly great insight in server maintenance and load mechanics as we host servers for very important clients, who tend to have a constant load base of +- 50k users. That being said, yes I fully agree. It's exactly what I'm saying. Neither the developers nor networking engineers/teams should ever to be blamed for this. This is all decided by the higher ups who dictate how many people should be on guard, aswell as what should be developed, refactored, etc. No one wants a shitty client for its userbase, but if your CEO says %%%% no we're saving money and cheaping out, well then that's that.
: You can check how the login works yourself, you just need wireshark and start capturing packets while you are logging in. One thing is sure, its encrypted and hard to read but once you got it, you can read all possible part of the SYN-ACK and FIN-ACK sequences. You can see incoming and outgoing packages live.
Meh, their load balancing and amount of servers is skewed. Either the load balancers can't keep up with all the traffic (login Q) or their servers are going into the red (ingame lag/issues). It's been both the past few days and it's kinda tiring to see it reoccuring everytime.
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: It's not that weird considering the fact that EUW is the region with the highest amount of different datacenters all working as one unit aka EUW. They have datacenters in Amsterdam, NL; Frankfurt & München, DE; Milan, IT; Paris, FR and Madrid, ES; That being said there's a lot of load balancing & cluster synchronizations between them and the more datacenter you have, the trickier (gives more room for errors, failures) it gets to let them operate as a single unit. EUW is also the region with the highest player count (except for Korea, but that's another thing, see https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/8fpkcu/server_by_ranked_population/). If you wanna check their AS registrations: https://db-ip.com/as6507
You explained it roughly the right way. However tracing calls etc could give us a glimpse in how they have setup their authentication service (logging in), how the client posts these logins and wether it is done the right way. You can write bad code, make a million requests instead of 1, however depending on your server you can offload 10m+ if you have the capacity. Then again the other way around may also be the case. Let's say it's a combined failure of server capacity reached, aswell as client probably doing a lot of garbage requests that put extra stress on the servers. Don't forget that load balancers also need high capacity to route the traffic. Nowadays you can literally make a game, take an amazon plan (aws) and whenever your load balancer detects that traffic is high, it will send this info to amazon and they'll spin up some more servers to crunch the extra load. Riot probably has a static number of servers running, at full performance and sometimes it's just too much. Most datacenters nowadays have 2n+1 servers, where N is required servers and 2n+1 is redundancy.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: Please remove duos from solo q and make it solo q
Technically soloQ isn't solo, neither is Duo or anything else. You will always be in a team so I never really understood the name 'solo ranked' as you're still playing as 5 in your ranked game. It's why league is so frustrating. If you play solo, as 1 in lets say fortnite or apex legends there's no one to blame if you end up losing, you are the one to blame. In a game of 5v5 you can just blame teammates for your own mistakes etc and climbing is a lot harder (especially in this MOBA) because once an enemy gets ahead it's hard to catch up, while in shooters if you are a better shooter you really have a chance to win 1v3 or 1v4.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: What did you do to the client? -.-
I had to adapt my windows color scheme in order for the client not to hang 24/7 after a game. I also experience loads of framerate drops, and when checking in the task manager I see 3 LolClient.exe being open and they're just eating up my resources.
: Yes please rito, add more dashes and make his windwall send projectiles back with increased damage PLZ. Tbh the easiest way for yasuo to become less OP is to nerf his windwall or passive, he has way to many defensive options while he can already dodge a shit ton of damage by spamming E on a minion wave.
Actually this concept of sending projectiles back to the sender would be an amazing addition to a support. Reminds me of the yugi-ho card that used to return damage :O
: There is no reason to keep premades in SoloQue. Otherwise, it turns game into "Better premades wins" situation, but on my experience, it's reversed to "Worse premades looses" I have never seen good premades, through entire my practice from silver to diamond. They always plays worse than solo players. That's why feature was removed to show premades on lolking and similar sites. Also, i dont understand, why game allows premades go to everywhere, but not strictly ADC+SUPP. Stupid positions combinations such as ADC and Top, for example, have no any posibility to cooperate and often, VERY often, leads to both lanes loosing.
The thing about this game is that it isn't really solo anyways.. Solo means you have all the tools to carry a game SOLO. The only tools we currently have is to lose a game SOLO. If you play bad you'll autolose. If your team plays well you might win. But playing well yourself doesn't equal autowinning. I agree soloQ should be literally a SOLOqueue. However duo's aren't too bad and mostly fill roles other people dislike playing. Also to your strictly ADC+Supp part : Because jungle and top/mid synergy is really good in this game and it comes with good timed ganking and good objective control/roaming potential. That's why it's not strictly limited.
: ? i didnt said it works other way, still in most matchups only 2-3 ppl can kill twitch that shoots from 900 range
The whole point of twitch is to not get killed instantly before damaging...
FNC Ahri (EUW)
: So how does the jungle really work?
I'd recommend watching some jungle mains play their jungle. You should watch some streamers, etc. Knowledge is gained from playing yourself, so you should grind for this knowledge. Mostly enemy junglers just path the same as you and you'll always end up in fights no matter what, it's how the jungle works now..
: Remove damage reduction for ranged champions from red smite.
They only get reduced damage from the person they smited. Not a global 20% reduction. Read the tooltip or check : [here](https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Skirmisher%27s_Sabre)
Eugo (EUW)
: Riot lied to me took my cash and told me that its not fair to fix it.
That's not how it works. You buy loot boxes and open them and if you end up with a ward skin you already have, well unlucky you. It's a game of chance. You CAN get it from lootboxes but chances are slim. Riot didn't lie they just answered your question.
: Playing as a tank top you need to know cd of conqueror to trade exactly when it is on cd. Not that hard. And take tank that has some kind of protection in team fights eg. If fiora or irelia is going for you in teamfight, then just leap to another target with maokai for example. Or if you want press the attack bruiser instead, take lifesteal items. They always countered true damage.
I mean I genuinely understand what you are trying to say right. But I think true damage is just busted on a god damn rune. There's already champs who are designed to be this tank buster, or take fiora who does constant true damage. Giving it for free to everyone just seems busted af imo. I generally don't really care about anything anymore as ranked has became a massive joke. Everyone runs conquerer in top-lane (don't forget the new mundo). Giving people damage for free, in a form that has no counterplay (you can't build against it), is just blatantly enforcing snowballing.
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Egillion (EUW)
: Duo-lane game design flaws...
> - Nerf Support items and their gold passives **>Why? Supports don't have any income except for kills if we do this? Are supports just supposed to be a boring class with 2 items in lategame while everyone has 6? This happens on both sides so I do not see the issue. Both yours and theirs get extra gold for being in lane with an adc.** > - Nerf ambiant gold **>Meh** > - Remove catch up XP so they can't roam all around the map and still get XP progression anymore **>Lower it atleast. It's ridiculous how fast people get leveled up because of catchup xp.** > - Nerf Tank support's base stats **>Yeh no. Tanks already get shredded so easily with all the true damage nonsense and resistances that go lower than my age. At least tank supports are viable early game to develop a lead against some cancer matchups like brand or karma botlane. ** > - Nerf base dmg across the board and increase damage and utility scaling **>Not sure how this would help. You shift the problem to midgame rather than early game. Tweak some damage numbers but don't touch them so much that supports are literally just their to be the ADC's %%%%%.** > - Bring back philosopher's stone =^) **>Everything changed when they changed this whole mana mechanic. But I do agree.**
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