: ? i didnt said it works other way, still in most matchups only 2-3 ppl can kill twitch that shoots from 900 range
The whole point of twitch is to not get killed instantly before damaging...
FNC Ahri (EUW)
: So how does the jungle really work?
I'd recommend watching some jungle mains play their jungle. You should watch some streamers, etc. Knowledge is gained from playing yourself, so you should grind for this knowledge. Mostly enemy junglers just path the same as you and you'll always end up in fights no matter what, it's how the jungle works now..
: Remove damage reduction for ranged champions from red smite.
They only get reduced damage from the person they smited. Not a global 20% reduction. Read the tooltip or check : [here](https://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Skirmisher%27s_Sabre)
Eugo (EUW)
: Riot lied to me took my cash and told me that its not fair to fix it.
That's not how it works. You buy loot boxes and open them and if you end up with a ward skin you already have, well unlucky you. It's a game of chance. You CAN get it from lootboxes but chances are slim. Riot didn't lie they just answered your question.
: Playing as a tank top you need to know cd of conqueror to trade exactly when it is on cd. Not that hard. And take tank that has some kind of protection in team fights eg. If fiora or irelia is going for you in teamfight, then just leap to another target with maokai for example. Or if you want press the attack bruiser instead, take lifesteal items. They always countered true damage.
I mean I genuinely understand what you are trying to say right. But I think true damage is just busted on a god damn rune. There's already champs who are designed to be this tank buster, or take fiora who does constant true damage. Giving it for free to everyone just seems busted af imo. I generally don't really care about anything anymore as ranked has became a massive joke. Everyone runs conquerer in top-lane (don't forget the new mundo). Giving people damage for free, in a form that has no counterplay (you can't build against it), is just blatantly enforcing snowballing.
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Egillion (EUW)
: Duo-lane game design flaws...
> - Nerf Support items and their gold passives **>Why? Supports don't have any income except for kills if we do this? Are supports just supposed to be a boring class with 2 items in lategame while everyone has 6? This happens on both sides so I do not see the issue. Both yours and theirs get extra gold for being in lane with an adc.** > - Nerf ambiant gold **>Meh** > - Remove catch up XP so they can't roam all around the map and still get XP progression anymore **>Lower it atleast. It's ridiculous how fast people get leveled up because of catchup xp.** > - Nerf Tank support's base stats **>Yeh no. Tanks already get shredded so easily with all the true damage nonsense and resistances that go lower than my age. At least tank supports are viable early game to develop a lead against some cancer matchups like brand or karma botlane. ** > - Nerf base dmg across the board and increase damage and utility scaling **>Not sure how this would help. You shift the problem to midgame rather than early game. Tweak some damage numbers but don't touch them so much that supports are literally just their to be the ADC's %%%%%.** > - Bring back philosopher's stone =^) **>Everything changed when they changed this whole mana mechanic. But I do agree.**
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