: yeah and that's why lee gets free wards just like everyone else and doesn't change it's not like he still has ward jumps avalible to him (at least most lees i see don't change their trinkets as it removes an essential part of his kit )
Yea free wards, 1 every 3 minutes to make his W completely useless for the rest of the time. Btw, giving everyone free wards was also a stupid decision.
: >they will find out when the majority of their player base stops playing because of the imbalance in lower ranks. That "imbalance" is coming from people that don't know how to play game. You won't balance game around worst people. I thought that was basic logic thinking.
Logically thinking -business wise- is balancing around the largest part of your community to keep them playing as long as possible. Its perfectly possible to balance for lower ranks and have special "tournament rules" for pro players specifically (as they have done before with disallowing gragas picks because he gave unfair advantage because of a bug), or even better, rework the hard to balance champs.
: m8 i took the test completely 5 times on 2 different browsers and both times i didn't get a result they could explain you aren't likely to tilt or whatever not just shove everyone else back and have them wondering why it's not working with no explanation of what happened
It seems you didn't get the joke.
: Galio W flash combo
They basically did take lee sins ward jump when they removed the jungle item that placed wards (forgot the name). Anyway; Their decision to balance around pro-play is just not well thought through, they will find out when the majority of their player base stops playing because of the imbalance in lower ranks.
: then at least they could tell me that not just shove me back to the original screen and tell me to retake the test XD
That was the test. The way you reacted to that is your tilt type.
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: The game is getting worse? Is that why servers are getting so crowded they're crashing? lmao. Your entire post is straight to the point, but then you throw that nonsense here just to ruin the post.
Wow haven't been on the forums for a while. Did feel like necro-ing this tho. A game having a lot of players currently does not mean its not getting worse compared to how it was earlier. Also it does not make it a "good" game. Maybe it's just addicting as i've stated? And lastly, i was just stating **my opinion** on the game. The fact that it does not line up with **your opinion** does not make it invalid.
: Attempting to reconnect while E V E R Y T H I N G is fine by my side
Every game between 3-4 minute mark today i got attempting to reconnect for like 20 seconds and before/after the whole game is smooth. Also since about 4 patches ago i randomly get massive lag spikes up to 500-700 ms for a couple seconds about three or four times a game. (And i dont think its my GPU since this happens in fights but also when there is 0 action anywhere on the map). Normally my MS averages around 15-18.
: proof na board members get twice as butthurt as eu board members do
Or it's because they ignore EU as always even in moderating the forums? My vote goes here.
Dr Poro (EUW)
: Unless you are a big smurf and playing a carry champ, the game is nearly a coin flip. Note the word nearly. Even a 51% winrate makes you climb eventually. If you consistently perform above your level, you should have about a 55% winrate, though. The chance that the worst player would be in their team would be 55% if it's never you. If you're far above your elo, quickest way to climb is playing a carry champ. If you've been stuck at certain elo, it's better to play a high winrate soloQ champion which is usually a lategame/teamfight champion. Of course this heavily depends on your playstyle. After a bad game, the only thing you can do is think of what you can improve and whether your current playstyle should give you above 50% winrate. If that's the case, just shrug it off and keep playing if your mentality is still good. btw: don't expect things to be much better at higher elo. There are still plenty of games 'lost' by one person.
> [{quoted}](name=Dr Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2oET0EVm,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2019-09-07T21:30:13.871+0000) > Unless you are a big smurf and playing a carry champ, the game is nearly a coin flip. Note the word nearly. Even a 51% winrate makes you climb eventually. True, but for the casual gamer this is undo-able and very very frustrating. > [{quoted}](name=Dr Poro,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2oET0EVm,comment-id=0012,timestamp=2019-09-07T21:30:13.871+0000) > If you consistently perform above your level, you should have about a 55% winrate, though. The chance that the worst player would be in their team would be 55% if it's never you. Also true, but theoretically you would then be fighting 5v5 from the start. The problem becomes clear in the laning phase, where you yourself may be matched against a fairly competent player, meaning you would not get so many gold/exp lead etc. Where an enemy might be matched against your teams "weakest link" netting them a much larger advantages and in the current state of the game causing a large snowball which results in a loss. (remember if you are the highest average ELO/MMR player in the game, your team will most likely also have the lowest ELO/MMR player in it to compensate).
PorterdFnCn (EUNE)
: Elo hell does exist.
As i've been saying since S2. Elo Hell does exist, but the ELO/MMR you encouter it on is different for everyone. It's basically as you say the point where your own skill can no longer compensate enough for dysfunctional teammates. That means you can not climb further, but its not "your" skill level since you basically beat the others but cannot beat multiples of those others. The problem with this game is that it rankes you based on a win or loss instead of your own personal score (like champion mastery does (off-topic: champion mastery is severly flawed as its more an indicator of how often one plays a champ instead of actual "mastery")).
: Back in, I think it was S3, NA had some server issues and were compensated with RP. EU players went mental as the EU servers had always been shit and had worse problems than NA and demanded compensation also. Riot gave EU players an IP boost weekend as way of compensation and stated that they weren't going to give RP out as compensation for any further issues as it would a slippery slope (despite already having done so for NA). This was a long time ago so doesn't really matter any more but highlighted at the time that Riot saw NA as more important than EU, which didn't go away when Riot finally improved the EU servers, moving the EUW to Amsterdam (mid S4 iirc). This past week has exacerbated those feelings in those who were playing back then as it seems very similar - NA's issues got sorted the first day. EUW still has problems on the fourth day - and worse issues than NA had on their day. It's not actually to do with how Riot views each region but rather the fact that EUW has far more players than NA and thus has insufficient servers (although I would be interested to know if the server space was actually greater in EUW - it should be but whether it is or not is another matter), so NA hasn't been 'fixed', there just isn't a problem there anymore. That being said, the fact that this is the fourth day of problems with little communication does not reflect well on Riot at all. We had an explanation for the first day, but nothing since. It would be nice if Riot could actually give their customers some information as to a potential timescale as to when the issue will be fixed. Either that or Create a separate client for TFT and have it run on different servers so as not to %%%% up LoL for everyone. I do find myself wishing I hadn't bought a couple of skins prior to this mess though :(
To be honest, in the case where NA got compensated with RP that was because their issues caused players to lose bought skins (which were unrecoverable for as far as I understood). Anyway still the way RIOT handles EU problems compared to NA, and especially the communication around those issues is really really bad and has been like this since I started playing in S2. The problem is, they have no employees that actually know or do anything in any other region than NA. So noone here can give any kind of feedback, or is not allowed to without running it by someone in NA which is the main cause of the massive delays. All they have here is “community managers” which they were called in the good old days, but they renamed them as people started to notice. They have an addicting game but the company behind it is shit and the game is getting worse and worse as well.
Requıem (EUW)
: Why isnt Riot making skins for the champions that need them?
The less a champ is played, the less skins they get. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
: The Moment You Loved LoL
Started End S1/Start S2, when the game was still fun and Riot still cared about their players. Now i'm just addicted to an imbalanced game with a crappy and greedy company behind it. Everything i liked about the game no longer exists.
: Looking for a Udyr Main Name
: More mastery levels?
Unpopular opinion: Champion mastery is useless because you can get it even by just playing the game a lot. No matter how horrible u are. They should make mastery time framed, like X amount of S+ and then get an S+ every 3-5 games or something and if you dont make it, or you just dont play the champion for X games (or maybe days) your rank drops. Could be lower ratings for lower mastery levels. Mastery 1: Get 3 ratings of at least an A in 5 games, after this get an A once every 5 games (or lose the mastery) Mastery 2: Get 3 ratings of at least an A+ in 5 games without failing above criteria, after this get an A+ once every 5 games (or drop down to the first mastery of which you met the criteria) Mastery 3: Get 3 ratings of at least an S- in 5 games without failing above criterias, after this get an S- once every 5 games (or drop down to the first mastery of which you met the criteria) etc. etc. If you dont play the champion for 1 week (or 30 games, whichever is longest (for the casuals)), you drop a mastery rank. So If you are mastery 3 but fail to get even an A in 5 games, you will drop back to no mastery at all. Or maybe thats to harsh, but whatever. You get the gist. This would also be usefull for clash where you cant just see how often someone plays a champ but also a meaningfull way to determine their mastery of a certain champion. TL;DR: Playing a lot does not equal skill
: This is something that riot has been talking about recently. They are gonna do it one champion at a time but they are gonna start with urgot who will get it soon, then give it to champions who already have an indicator (so chogath and garen vs villain) Pyke was a test to see if an indicator was a good idea... it has worked out so far,
> [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=lvKeYPIz,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-17T18:20:59.397+0000) > Pyke was a test to see if an indicator was a good idea... it has worked out so far, Meh... All these indicators for everything. I think it can be considered skill to know when someone has low enough HP to execute them. Click-target executes are easy enough, why go as far to even give them inidcators?
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: well thats why you search for dedicated groups and find certain people who have the same wishes as you.
The ones i know play SR and don't like the PvE game modes. I added a lot of people here from the forums but they got the mission by now. Its just %%%%ing stupid to make missions that screw with eachother and then expect random players to cooperate. Riots gone crazy with the cooperation mentality. This is not pro-play.
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ShadWooo (EUNE)
: What basic statistics are you reffering to here? These guides were written by players who finished the 2 augment mission once, sometimes twice. That is not enough data to tell a shit. And we also don't have the right tools to calculate the builds with augments as it is not possible to test in practice mode. All those calculations about builds that can be found on reddit are highly debatable and low credible. The augments unfortunately don't show the bonuses they grant based on items so it is all just theory and guessing.
You don't need a very large amount of data to crunch numbers. Which i've seen is actually being done in the discussions on for example Reddit. The augments do show the base damage and the AP/AD ratios. We know the stats of the items and the base stats of the champions so anyone good with numbers can easily calculate the DPS of specific builds and then compare them against the DPS of other builds. In most of the stages you are flooded by a large amount of mobs so its crucial to have great AOE damage, that is why Jinx's comet and Yasuo's tempest are so strong. The only variable you have is that you dont hit the same amount of minions with your AOE each round. This may be because of player skill and/or difference in spawn types. But as i said, that is not the problem of the build but of the player or RNG. Maths explain highest average damage output. And statistically a high damage output has a better win ratio (since damage is pretty important).
Tarolock (EUNE)
: i love when ppl act like that you cant win games only if you follow a guide... i had countless games in onslaught when ppl said i should change my augments/items, but looking at the score after a defeat i had better scores in everything: more kills, more dmg, less deaths etc or when i did 800k dmg with 2 augments going with a "random" build while ppl next to me with same augments but used the guide did 200-300k dmg only and died more
I never said you can't win or do better than someone who follows a strategy/guide. Its the same as META picks. Basic statistics. Smart people do the maths to get the best builds/augments etc. so that you have the highest PERCENTAGE of chance to win. I never said any other strat or build will always fail. It just has a lower percentage. Now that also has to be combined with player skill, like dodging and being able to execute a strategy. Lastly it also has to do with communication and cooperation, which is VERY VERY hard with 5 solo players (that is why soloQ is basically shit compared to real pro play). So again, im not saying you will always fail if you dont follow a strat, but following one will greatly increase the likelyhood of winning.
: 2 augment mission is impossible.
The problem is not the gamemode. Its the unwillingnes of solo people to work together and follow an optimal strategy. Or just people who dont do their job correctly in one such strats. Its exactly the same as in Raids in MMO's. If people screw up their job or just %%%% around, you cant win. Unfortunately, in MMO's one would be kicked from the guild, in League you're just screwed and cant do shit about it.
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: The stupidity of peoples doing odyssey missions...
There are some very smart people who calculated the best build/augments and you just do some random stuff. Thats pretty annoying, people just want to get the missions and the highest % chance to get them. Just follow the strats a couple times so you get the mission and then go back to %%%%ing around maybe?
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Suptra (EUW)
: my grandad died today of cancer, watching how he couldent breath, how he lost 40kg in the span of a week and how he transformed from a person my whole family loved and knew into a skeleton which was being consumed by its own body, you must be the lowest of the lowest form of life to wish people to get cancer and die and i seriously hope only the worse will happen to you, i would say your family but im sure your mom is a lovely lady ;) who dosent deserve to have a piece of shit son who dont know how to behave
> [{quoted}](name=Zulkrix,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vMQuKuPR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-27T20:48:28.610+0000) > > you must be the lowest of the lowest form of life to wish people to get cancer and die > [{quoted}](name=Zulkrix,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=vMQuKuPR,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-05-27T20:48:28.610+0000) > > and i seriously hope only the worse will happen to you, i would say your family but im sure your mom is a lovely lady Ok then.
RallerenP (EUW)
: Why are you assuming they are going to depression from it? It's unsportsmanlike, it's really annoying, it's not something we should have to deal with.
> [{quoted}](name=RallerenP,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Em0ypQKG,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-05-27T15:56:18.507+0000) > > it's not something we should have to deal with. Really? Is it that hard to just ignore something from a tiny little chat window? If you say something like that, it probably effects you more then it should and you may be looking at a depression right there. Losing a loved one is something you "have to deal with" Losing your job is something you "have to deal with" Losing your house is something you "have to deal with" Reading a tiny bit unsportsmanlike chat message isn't!
BloopyLad (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IkOerman,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ivJ6dyze,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-05-27T10:25:40.240+0000) > > I just have the feeling watching e-sports has become a waste for the first 20 minutes because nothing happens. Its just farm up, and the team to get the first objective slowly and safely pushes its advantage untill the game is over. Try watching a few Fnatic MSI games - They're always entertaining and bloody quite early on - See how they do the laning and warding differently to gank and secure kills You've definitely put a lot of thought into this and I can see that you make a very good arguement. However, as cool as some of these ideas are, the potential future impacts might actually influence other parts of the game which then need to be changed. Not even Riot can see what these ideas might do to the game. > > Flash is basically a required pick for summoner spells at the moment, and everyone takes it. I vote for removing it from the game as there literally is no choice in taking it. Along with almost every new champion having a built-in means of escape, i feel flash could be removed, allowing better punishment for mistakes and finally some more flexible choices in summoner spells. This is debatable but I can't really be bothered to discuss how different the game would be. Tbh - I just take whatever changes come and embrace whatever's new. :D
I agree the changes will have a large impact on the game, but that is what pre-season is for right ;) I know there are a couple teams trying to innovate (like M5 used to do) but the META is just locked in way too hard right now and no strategy fares better than going "slow and steady", unfortunately. I loved watching M5's double jungle in season 2 and ROX Tigers with Peanut just a couple seasons ago, they had so much going on early with the ganks and it was really exciting to watch. Awesome high risk - high reward play. But now its all just playing safe and rotating objectives, like all the korean teams do. Just saddens me a bit, as a player and an e-sports fan :)
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: The scuttler change actually forces whole team to pay attention and prioritize them. It's such an underestimated gold boost that not many laners take it. However some regions(OCE challenger, russians as well) have been picking the new gimmick up and I tend to see mid and toplaners joining in on crabfights or even straight out take em before enemy jungler can react.
And that is exactly the problem. Riot tried to come up with a way to have **junglers** interact more with eachother, instead they overbuffed it and made it so crucial to a team that it basically becomes a team objective. The other team ends up with a jungler that falls behind. Riot is focussing so much on "lanes" and seeing the 2 junglers as a "lane" and want them to interact and counter jungle eachother, but thats just not possible with so many vision, its just too dangerous. On top of that, it will negate any interaction with the other lanes, which is exactly what makes the first couple minutes of the game exciting to watch.
: " balance for competitive" is killing fun and makes u feel bad cuz u cant learn some champions and huge changes every 6 months is pointless for "normal" players. They dont need us anymore they made it.
Thats what they think. And just as any other game will be why they will fall. These companies need to understand that the "casual players" are what makes them great. If the game is shit to play, noone will watch the e-sports either. They had better opted for a tournament rule where some champions arent allowed to be picked. Ah well. They see dollars. Just wait.
: Suggestion: Elixirs rebalancement
I agree that they need to be changed, but i think you shouldn't let them scale. It would allow the winning team to just stack elixers to easily destroy everything. I think the only change that needs to be made is to make them more viable for the earlier stages of the game. Where items provide a permanent smaller increase of power, an elixer should provide a temporary significant increase of power. Sure you could say: "Then im only going to buy elixers and no more items". Yeah, you could! Its a high risk - high reward play. Because if you get something for it its nice, but if the opponent plays it smart and just plays defensively when you get an elixer, it could be quite a gold drop! ---------------------------------- Reading your post i was also thinking how right you are that gold is practically useless at the end of the game. How awesome would it be to be able to buy a "super minion wave" at the shop, where you could pay to have a super minion spawn in each group of the next wave. Could possibly make for some interesting gameplay.
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Isn't this why the trinket ward timing was changed? Longer time to wait for wards but the wards last longer. So if your support luckily finds a brush ward, then their lane will not be able to ward for a while giving your jungler a window to gank. This also gives you back your lane pressure. It's all about where they placed their wards and where you place yours, Control wards for example help out.
Sure, you can destroy wards. But there are multiple problems here. 1. The team that is able to play most aggresive because of the matchup can just push and have lane control, not allowing a support to go check the river for a ward. Later in the game this translates into the team that is winning (has map control, and) will be able to do anything they can, because they will have huge amounts of vision while the losing team has next to none. 2. You have to actually see them place a ward on a specific spot to be able to effectively clear them or otherwise you would need to be "lucky" to scan the right spot. 3. Even if you manage to destroy the ward, chances are it had been there sometime and the CD is almost of trinket again, or its botlane and they just have the other laner to drop his ward, or there even is quite a large chance its just replaced with a pink ward. There are just too much wards early game at the moment. And why does it stack 2 charges? 4. This one mainly has to do with solo play; You have to rely on the laners to effectively clear the ward. Sure as a jungler you can do it, but it will cost you time and the gank wont be able to happen anyway since you have been spotted destroying the ward. Look, i dont care about this while playing myself that much as basically everyone in my league ignores the minimap even though they have wards anyway. I just have the feeling watching e-sports has become a waste for the first 20 minutes because nothing happens. Its just farm up, and the team to get the first objective slowly and safely pushes its advantage untill the game is over. I feel this has a lot to do with the lack of early jungle pressure which could force laners into a "high risk - high reward" or "low risk - low reward" choice. I think everything should always be a trade-off, its about making smart choices after all, not just abusing the snowball mechanic. **I would propose something like the following:** - Players can place only 2 wards (normal and control) - Warding totem only gives one charge, can be upgraded to multiple charges for a cost. - Zombie wards should give more gold when they are destroyed. You pick the rune because you want to be a bit safer or get free vision, it should come at more of a cost. - Scanner works like duskblade (blackout), revealing the ward and 1-hit killing it (if i scan stuff now and take the time to kill a ward, scanner is over before i can find another one, so i need my teammates to effectively clear them). - A new upgrade to scanner trinket (for a cost) that works like farsight, but instead clears wards in a small target area. This way a losing team can effectively reduce the winning teams vision. It has to cost gold otherwise it would be too strong. - Have items/runes that increase the maximum amount of wards a player can place, up to 5. But this way it will at least be a trade-off. **If you really want game changing stuff:** Flash is basically a required pick for summoner spells at the moment, and everyone takes it. I vote for removing it from the game as there literally is no choice in taking it. Along with almost every new champion having a built-in means of escape, i feel flash could be removed, allowing better punishment for mistakes and finally some more flexible choices in summoner spells.
: Well, I mean it would be interesting to see how Riot teams balance the game. Like how do they determine who needs changes, how do they try to keep it level across all elos and pro play. Also it'd be interesting to see how they deal with champs similar to Janna who was arguably the best win rate support across most elo for over a year.
> [{quoted}](name=Hypnotic Orange,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=rUK3XlvF,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-26T11:09:11.727+0000) > > how do they try to keep it level across all elos and pro play. Riot stated just a couple week (months?) ago that from then on they are only going to balance for competitive. Probably the balance team and the way these changes are decided isnt all that bad. Its just that some champion kits are impossible to balance for lower skill, that plus the fact the game is changing way to fast to keep up with balance.
: I would like the ability to honor more than one player, including enemies.
I think if someone isnt reported, he should be honored automatically. A lot of people just skip the honor vote because they lost, or just give the one with the most kills honor when they win. Premades also always just give eachother honor (even though its less effective). Basically you get rewarded for taking the last hits or being the ADC. Not for actually earning it. And if you lose, there is no chance at being honorable at all.
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TTekkers (EUW)
: I'm on the fence on this guy. He seems like an assassin with his stealth and his ult, but I feel like Riot are going to try to shoehorn him into support (R gold share + 2x CC) and make him completely redundant in the process.
Nope. Hes going to be apeshit stupid in the first couple weeks. Then he's going to get nerfed so hard he'll be useless.
: nope. I strongly disagree with that. I am a true gamer and have played many more games (Battleield1, Arma3, WarThunder, Warface, HerosOfTheStorm and I can keep continuing) and the chances of getting life threats and wishes for death were almost 0. While n League it is normal to say: cancer, autist, %%%%%% and other horrible things
Thats because in those games you can just leave the game without problems. In league you are stuck with bad players for at least 20 minutes wasting your time. That is just Riot asking for people to flame.
Orsted (EUW)
: Games really aren't decided after 10 minutes. Maybe if your entire team is really, really bad it is. If they get 10 kills in 10 minutes then yes, they will win. Otherwise, nah. It just feels like complaining about the RNG aspect of playing with random people is a circlejerk at this point.
> [{quoted}](name=Orsted,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PGrpAAnJ,comment-id=000b,timestamp=2018-05-14T23:56:55.775+0000) > > If they get 10 kills in 10 minutes then yes, they will win. Welcome to Bronze! We have rights too! #metoo
Etherim (EUW)
: The main issues with the game in it's current state.
> [{quoted}](name=Etherim,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PGrpAAnJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-14T17:22:20.753+0000) > > -Comebacks are nearly impossible as the game is decided by the worst player on the team rather than the good one who has carry potential > -Game determined after 10 minutes. > -The game balance is an absolute joke. I feel the first one is the cause of the other two. Snowballing (on some champions) is just way too strong at the moment, once someone gets a few kills, there is nothing you can do anymore. A kill usually means gold + experience advantage + map control + 1 or sometimes 2 objectives, its just way too much. Also, from a competitive perspective this is really bad, games get so boring to watch because the winning team just plays safe, rotates a couple of times and forces the opponents to overextend to dragon/baron. On top of that, the newer champions (relative, the champs since about S4) just have so much in their kit, i remember the days where hard cc (knockups) were rare and there were just a handfull of champs that had them. Nowadays, a shitton of champions have knockups/knockbacks, sometimes multiple AND dashes AND % health damage. It just getting completely nuts. > [{quoted}](name=Etherim,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PGrpAAnJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-14T17:22:20.753+0000) > > -Riot games is focusing more on the Competitive aspect of league This is a really sad bussiness decision indeed. They are aiming for the quick money, but that is the start of their downfall. Remember, the casual players are the heart of your game. If noone likes the game, you wont have viewers for your esport. A better solution would just be a tournament rule that disallows the "unable to balance properly" champs from being picked untill they are reworked. > [{quoted}](name=Etherim,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=PGrpAAnJ,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-14T17:22:20.753+0000) > > -The community has no %%%%ing idea what to do anymore and so does Riot This is one Riot has been doing wrong in my eyes for a long, long time. I've been playing since end season 1 and seen alot of shit players. Sure not everyone is great at the game, heck, i'm not that great myself. And probably most casual players dont really give a fck either, but i think Riot should make a real effort to teach players how the game works, or at least force them out of ranked untill they "achieve" the right to do it. For example the decision that was communicated just a couple weeks ago about Riot wanting replace the tutorial with a "fun" experience for new players. I understand, u want to make them stick for the dollars, but just think how much players you will lose having those people that dont have a single clue wanking around, losing games for others. Again, short term thinking and not a great bussiness decision. They should improve the tutorial, and teach the importance of objectives over kills! ----------------------- In my eyes, those are the main issues with league at the moment. **But you know what the saddest part is?** We're sitting here, spending a couple minutes of our lives trying to give our opinion about the state of the game, and what do we get? At most a community manager saying "Hi, how are you doing today? Lets play a fun game!". If you want at least the small chance to be heard, go to the NA boards. ----------------------- > _Even though it may seem like it after reading this post, i dont hate everything Riot has done. I like the new client, hextech crafting, BE system, >lvl30, continuous changes (refreshments) to the game, runes reforged, voice chat, collections, emotes, skins (they became awesome bro), remake, ladder system. Some parts (like the ladder system) couldve been done better IMO, but the start is there. Basically the out-of-game stuff has gotten better and the in-game stuff has gotten worse._
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: Hextech key mission
Dont know if u are able to get the key from the mission. Keys are not visible in your loot window (only key fragments are). Best way to know is to try open a chest if u have one.
Saibbo (EUW)
: So you expect your teammates to always be better than the opponent? Why don't you try doing something about it instead of just complaining?
No, I don't. But i do expect them to at least have a brain and not try to continue fighting when they are already behind. I do expect them to not die once every 2 minutes. I do expect them to play under tower and just farm until i (jungler) come to gank. I do expect them to not shove the lane into the enemy tower every single time, with or without wards. You think i don't try to do something about it? Thats a pretty bold assumption. Its kinda hard tower diving a winning lane don't you think? I did take infernal drake, i did give top lane 2 kills on ganks, i did get a double in botlane after our adc suicided himself again. The problem is, when they are SO FAR behind, i just can't do shit. So stop making assumptions about things you don't know shit about bro.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: The harsh reality is that they are as good as you are.
This is not true, even Riot seems to agree with this (see preview video of 2019 ranked season). They may have the same MMR but It depends on a couple of factors. For example, the position or champion a player is playing. The skill difference is also determined by how long you have been in queue, the longer in queue, the larger the skill difference between players etc. Also, in the current system matchmaking is decided by your hidden MMR, but you have a "visible" rank of one of the teirs (gold, silver, bronze etc). However, when, for example, my MMR is around gold, but i am in a bronze teir, i will have A LOT harder time to climb, since i will get matched against players of my own skill, instead of players that are actually bronze skill. Which means i will win about 50% of my games, but will be stuck in bronze because i dont actually get matched against bronze players. Your argument may be true on a basic level, but if you look at all the factors separately its just false.
Rioter Comments
: I have experience in programming. So a champion throws an ability lets say zed, it hits and deals dmg, so the game knows what hit the champion (shuriken) and how much dmg it dealt but somehow the death recap doesn't???? I know it is a pain in the ass to do it now that you have over 100+ champions, having to tell it to put an image and display the number and % of your health that it dealt to you for every single ability, but Riot you're a video game publisher, you should be working hard at these noticeable flaws and that is why I quit your game because you don't even try anymore, you just fix things that people cry a biach about and ignore the bugs and glitches that are in your game. And holy F!@#$!%^ S@#$ is {{champion:82}} still not fixed? {{champion:136}} {{champion:240}} What about these 2 with their 2 skins? Riot, please try harder. People are starting to leave your game because we can see that, when you tried hard we saw that and enjoyed the game. Still no mystery skin that you use to give away on x-mas, you don't even seem to care about your players.
This is the fate of all companies really. Including Riot. New company -> Be nice to the community Grow larger because of being good for the community -> Become arrogant because the $$$, which is all they wanted, is there now Lose players because of arrogance -> Game dies off Somehow they never notice its the community that made them big...
: What I Have Learned From Climbing from Bronze to Gold | Tips for Climbing
I like how you are telling people they are sad in the chat and then expose it on the forums. Balls of steel.
: RP price adjustments due too strong €
Prices always go up, but they never go down. Thats just how the world works (as long as the people accept it).
: Why do players even care about the FLAME?
"The pu.ssy generation" -Clint Eastwood Srsly its just that these people weren't parented right and expect everything to happen as they please by crying over some lame ass shit. Like learn to deal with life bro, people have and will always be bullied, be it in real life or on the internet. Just learn to accept yourself for who you are. I wonder how these people fare in other parts of society like careers, families and stuff. I bet most of them have (non-existant) issues there as well.
: 1: keep track of her Q 2: be careful where her item/summoner spell orbs are 3: pick{{champion:90}} or {{champion:25}} ... and also be good at dodging spells most of the time people die because they dont zig zag and avoid the spell they run into them or dont predict accurately where shes coming from
"Dodge or be 1-hitted" Best mechanic in a game ever! Very balanced also!
Kami Aqua (EUNE)
: Zoe has difficulty to land her e so she can "successfully ?" hit you without you being able to dodge. I agree to an extent that her e is too much time for sleep, but other than that I believe her q damage is so high because it is the only (not counting passive) damaging ability she has that can actually do damage.
So pls Riot buff soraka Q to be a 1-hit. Oh wait Soraka already has a worse CC and her Q missile speed is way slower and better telegraphed. Nevermind Zoë is fine! /sarcasm This logic destroys the game. A champion should never be able to do so much damage with one ability and definitely not when cast from a safe range at a non-moving (sleeping) target.
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