: riot its not fare please lock at my last 10 match in rank every match i haved 4 usless ally. i playe
ShigureRin (EUNE)
: varification
Maybe you had a typo like your title?
PsychoGO (EUNE)
: So a game appeared in my match history that I have never played. rito wut.
Maybe there is something wrong with their database. Or 1. someone else uses your account - pw change 2. you played the game without knowing - check your history regularly. Unless you were blackout drunk that should not happen. If it does/did happen again take it serious!!! Consult medical services.
Demënto (EUNE)
: Ranked matchmaking broken
> If I say something like "stop inting" Do you know what inting stands for??? Guess what?! If you falsely accuse somebody of something in RL you can go to jail for that...
JuiceBoxP (EUNE)
: Yeah it helps me so much when i see that i took 400 damage in 0.5 and died while i have 2500 and don't understand what popped me in a oneshot
Looks like you have never been killed by Barrier ;)
: "Oh he was JUST GM in SoloQ, all right to place him in flex against Goldis" Wtf ist that logic. It's not suddenly a total different game just cuz u join another Que. It IS Summoners Rift. It IS 5v5. Just the Name is different. Thats like u guys all ok with buying something to drink in a bottle that has "Bread" written all over it. It says "Bread" but the fact of Milk inside is the same logic as placing GM's in low Elo games cuz the name of the mode ist different. Milk stays Milk. Dont justify riot logics just bc its riot.
Most master+ players are gold or unranked in flex queue because competitive players don't give a \*\*\*\* about flex. The gap between full 5man and several solos/pres is just too huge which leads to (unintentional) boosting. Different queues have different matchmaking which has pros and cons
Takumaron (EUNE)
: Why LoL isn't as much fun as it used to be
Too much damage. (Riot: "We are listening" \*adding more damage to "weaker" champs and introducing stuff like conqueror\*) . And every new/reworked champ has a totally overloaded kit (abilities AND damage). Nowadays every champion has to have a HUGE powerspike at one item. Sorry ADCs - you are out. Stormrazor practically did this for non EZ/Lucian-ADCs but they didn't like it. After _**constantly bragging**_ how well botlane changes turned out, nine(?) months later they got almost fully reverted. I used to play the devils advocate but right now I have lost faith. Imho Riot has absolutely no clue what they are doing. They introduce changes just for the sake of change while rarely adressing problems, e.g. client is still very unstable and or laggy for many players...
: system crash from game LoL its ok too ? lol, thjat game so %%%%ed me up{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
Well, this is a super rare "bug" so it is probably (defintely) on your side! {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
: Need to also remind you of some shady surveys Rito did through 3rd party sites asking people if they would be interested to pay to get access to reccuring game modes like URF. And Riot didnt deny the accussation and a representative here in the boards said its completetly ok and the surveys try to figure out if people would be willing to pay $$$ to get to play URF and stuff. Here is a relevant post in the boards. Plenty to be found on reddit too. https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/YogxJluq-received-a-concerning-survey-from-riot
Actually that is very old and btw very immature... Hosting and curating game-services actually costs a lot of money. It is legitimate to conduct surveys whether a gamemode that is not self-sustainable could be realized as a paid service or not.
StyrosNinja (EUNE)
: garbage event
BONUS DROP (**10% DROP RATE**) DROP RATE Random Emote 50% Hextech Chest + Key 40% 1 Lunar Revel 2019 Orb 9.89% Lunar Revel Skin 0.10% 3 Lunar Revel Skins 0.01%
en2que (EUW)
: This. Hope riot finally forces ppl to have a phone number linked to play PvP. EUW has the highest smurf rate across all regions by massive difference, nothing comes even virtually close.
Not phone number... - PID verification. It's ridiculous this isn't worldwide standard, e.g. for juvenile protection. That way Riot could find a way to properly deal with smurfing and act legally against boosting.
Alex Gunboy (EUNE)
: 99Lp........
Unless they changed it if you lose at 0 LP it stays at 0 LP. (If you dodge you go negative and maybe if you leave, not sure about the latter)
Mada (EUW)
: why not both? So you think the jungle entrances don't need to be covered when the game starts or are you just trying to help me get annoyed? ^^
If you see they haven't been covered you always have to consider an invade. If you don't - your fault (the same mistake killed me or blew my f several times in the past; but it was always **my** mistake)
Mëthode (EUW)
: mode* hard to find mistake :)
Lol the downvote... Clicking the X next to "Find match" and create a new lobby should usually do the trick. No need to restart the client. Hextech repair probably won't help but you can give it a try. It's a reoccurring bug of this superior client...
: > [{quoted}](name=Il Sten lI,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=EM0wpkO6,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-01-29T12:44:13.364+0000) > > 1.) Why even bother setting language to dutch??? > 2.) bottom is past 7 days (says so in english) > > 3.) press "update" button (that'll fix it) uh because im dutch
Obviously. But as far as I can see most words are still english. As for games generally translations are useless/misleading because most keywords are abstract terms. No offense intended. Just a hint. Always use english for Wikia's etc because non-english versions are generally poorly supported. (If you were from eastern Europe russian would probably the go-to.
: still no custom game possibility for urf?
lets be real: you don't want ARURF (the actual RGM) so it's basically pointless
: Can someone explain me this difference on OP.GG?
1.) Why even bother setting language to dutch??? 2.) bottom is past 7 days (says so in english) 3.) press "update" button (that'll fix it)
Mada (EUW)
: lol. It's not my fault to get matched with a towertard. Neither is it my fault that randoms don't take orders from me so it's not even worth telling them _why_ I hate their guts. edit: I really think it should be possible to block a player on the boards.
Cool story bro. If you're dying early in tri it is always your fault. Suggestion: Instead of being hateful try to be smart... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Mada (EUW)
: Make it 2 minutes instead. At 3 minutes in mid you already missed 1 minute of minions. Make remake possible if a player did not provide 1 minute worth of vision at the 2 minute mark. It annoys me to die in the bot tri brush because midlade afk's under tower.
Typical case of blaming others for **your** mistakes... (Even proplayers make mistakes like that but I suppose they apologize instead of looking for a scapegoat...)
RW Heaven (EUW)
: Imo Clash is quite different from 5v5 Team Ranked, because it's based on Tournament mode, even if when I tested it the matchmaking wasn't bad but neither perfect. You could feel the competitive rotations, and that's a completely different way of playing the game (and a more strategic one), But yeah, you got the general point of the thread. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
I agree, clash is even more competitive because you can scout opponents. 5v5R was poorly populated and I gave you the main reason. (Imo they should have tried to make it work, e.g. disable soloQ during 2 hours of the day and make only 5v5R available - that would probably have fixed matchmaking and stompyness; but that's only my 5 cents on the topic.)
Bomber (EUNE)
: Huge lag spikes only in League, net is fine.
Even if you don't like it: the reason is probably your ISP (or something else on your side). I am claimng this because I have friends in Romania and Bulgaria who had similar problems and changing their ISP did the trick. (They had "fast" internet before but net neutrality seems to be a lie.) Still, could be something else.
Mëthode (EUW)
: maybe fix your game?
Mods are not allowed!
: Do I have to sit back and listen to the jokes of insulting my parents and I?
If you are trigerred that easily **DO NOT PLAY ANY MULTIPLAYER GAME WITH RANDOMS**! Suck it up and/or mute them and report them for harassment. Multiple reports have the same effect as single ones in case you were affraid of that.
RW Heaven (EUW)
: Delete Flex Queue and give us back Team Ranked 5v5
TeamRanked would be the only mode where they could do REAL matchmaking. Matchmaking with individual mmr for a team-based game simply does not work... But: when 5v5 ranked was live it was very unpopular due to games being extremely stompy. They are probably trying to get there with "Clash" and maybe they can make it work (the mode itself) over the next few years...
Warix3 (EUW)
: What are blitz runes and why are they in ranked?
Lol, really lol. Using a third party app and doesn't even know what it does. If you are using a publicly accessible pc you should be careful with your credentials and in case of LoL check your match history very often because of potential security breach.
Xasıon (EUW)
: Lunar Revel 2019 Pass Packet is worse than Snowday Packet
Most folks cannot do simple maths, e.g. many don't understand that upgrading a champ shard nets a 20% BE-discount. And Riot is exploiting that. (They are not the only company doing that.) Admittedly they need to do some fine-tuning due to different gamemodes/event-duration etc but basically they are just testing how far they can go. With the addition of prestige points Riot went too far imho and they will see no more money from me. The only thing people can do is vote with their wallet. But in times where players dump shittons of money for cosmetic-lootbox-lotteries I cannot see a change in the near (nor distant) future...
: what was i even hyped about? this aurf is complete trash
Original URF was super boring - same 10-20 champs every game... Catapult, Elder and Baron should not be on this map - they don't make it more interesting or fun, just boring... edit: > why could it be the aram map atleast Here is the reason why "Riot rarely listens". Many people want stupid things - in your case because of pure greed (mission rewards). HA would be the most terrible place for URF I could imagine - more long range poke == autowin...
: lol, this game has come to a full circle
Made my day. Sadly, many won't understand it ;)
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >20% discount. its not 20%, you can get the 6300 champ shards for 3700 or so, thats more like 40% discount
This is the reason they removed it from faq... you can either upgrade OR disenchant. If you upgrade you lose the disenchant value (20% of champion cost). Hence it is 20% discount...
: Meh, I guess. I'm happy a game I play is being noticed by Gold Per Second global companies, but with everything going on in the real world summoners rift right now you choose Shell out of a long line of potential sponsors? Won't lie, that hurts a lil as a consumer. Personally, I can't mid with a pre-made bot lane that locks in that for it's support. Not that that makes me a hero or that I'll be missed as one viewer - just my 2 cents.. NA LCS it is BOIS!!!!
Name one (1). And give a source please...
: 2 BIG issues 1) Im not a fan of Shell joining LEC. Promotes pollution, and global warming. 2) LEC represents all of Europe, not just Germany. If a partner joins the LEC it should repesent all of Europe, not just one nation. Otherwise, you should have called LEC, League of Legends Championship Germany.
Hreef (EUW)
: as much as I like to see esports prosper and getting all these "conventional" companies on board I have to say that Shell feels like a bad choice. Esports feels like a thing for younger generations as an innovative, modern, future-directed sport/entertainment while oil production and conventional fuel feels outdated, old-fashioned and "backwards"-looking. With this plus the always present topic of global warming and climate change it just feels to me like a partner that will generate a lot of bad image for you Riot and it sends a wrong message to your younger audience. I hope that you will have the opportunity to change your decision next split/year and get a partner that fits better.
Gawd, how naive. Main LoL-population is young males. Their usual interests are sports/technical stuff and guess what: cars. And although ecars are superior in every category but distance per fuelling they prefer the classic. Probably you would support something like Tesla, but keep in mind they are exploiting employees and customers (e.g. repairs). Sponsoring is a monetary decision and nothing else. Be glad it's forbidden in several countries that a tobacco company is doing sponsoring because it would be very likely that they would pay the most...
: Maybe that's the problem, the upgrade champion lvl cost. I have six champions lvl 7 yes, but still look at my lvl and the time i spent. I should be able to lvl up my favorite champions and still have some essence to buy the champions... I'm sure everyone has their atleast 3 favorite champions, you want to still get that lvl 7, because why would they even make the lvl 7 available. To spend essence and that's also keeps me away from buying all champions.
The "mastery"-levels were introduced as an IP sink. Many players had several 100k's. And it has nothing to do with mastery (getting an occasional S-Rank is not that hard). That's why imho they should have called it something like dedication level because that's what it represents, e.g. I have a lot of champs at M5 which I have no clue how to play properly on SR. During the first URF(s?) you could even get mastery tokens...
Tarolock (EUNE)
: games dont need this... this is why we have parents/teachers/close family/etc: to teach manners to children, if they fail to do so then you cant do anything from the game itself
A common misconception but that is not the responsibility of teachers... Compare to a sports club: if you fail to adapt to a minimum of social behaviour you might get a chance to learn but soon get expelled if you fail.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: It's quite simple Don't be toxic, don't insult others and be nice A tutorial in 9 words
Can't you simplify it a little? That's too hard for the majority of players!
: Essence, champion purchasing & lvl up rewards.
Not sure if the chosen site provided correct info (lolking is dead): Six times mastery 7, seven times mastery 6: 13 x 2450 + 6 x 2950= 49950 So that is already 50k BE(IP) wasted, probably more if you **bought** the "mastery-levels" before they made them a little cheaper. And assumably you also bought something at the essence emporium (chromas, icons, gemstones) - if so you should keep that in mind. The glorius champion capsules are usually ~2000BE (every ten levels). And one thing about the glorious old system people tend to forget: I myself spent at least 200-300k IP on runes... (plus another 50k on runepages). Finally: i have witnessed several times that players instantly disenchant champion shards but if you upgrade a shard it results in a 20% discount. I will definetely not explain the simple math; riot even took this information off the faq because some (probably lots of supporttickets) people are not able to understand that. Although, i have to admit, you usually get 6300-champshards only in glorious capsules but I recently had one in an honor 5 orb so there is hope! ;)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: It's easier for people to blame someone than praise another, and it shouldn't be that way
Blaming and shaming is probably a result of a first-strike-mentality.
: Players performance, end of season rewards and missions. Something needs to change.
This post is so confusing... Most of the points you mentioned are valid but I simply cannot understand one thing: You talk about teaching and the community not learning. BUT: you claim to be diamond but cannot keep HL2+. And that is absolutely ridiculous. Being toxic, no matter how you do it, does not make you win a single game but it definitely makes you lose some games you would have otherwise won. The only positive effect you can achieve is letting some steam off - many don't even get that benefit.
Rioter Comments
: It seems that I stand corrected. I didn't understand the question well and I got confused. I will ask my statistics instructor next Monday just to be sure. In this case, we can calculate the amount of repetitions by finding the complement (chance of not winning) and solving for n. For 50% it's: https://i.imgur.com/FRuE8Y1.png Similarly, replace "1/2" with "99/100" to find the amount of repetition required for the second question.
You should learn LaTeX. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Client not working properly on 10.14 Mojave OSX.
: demotion on 40 lp?
: When it comes to individual games, toxicity is bad, yes. However, when it comes to the big picture, toxicity actually plays a vital part in improving skill. If we would create a scenario where everyone was positive on a certain server, i guarantee you that the overall skill level of that server would be very low. That comes from the fact that people wouldn't have any drive to become better. Flaming comes from people caring about the results. Then people want to get better to avoid getting flamed and the cycle is ready. Remove the flame and you remove the skill. Or at least the potential for high skill.
> toxicity actually plays a vital part in improving skill Do you actually believe in this bs? The only reason to flame is to make others feel worse. And still there are persons who defend that.
alpha croc (EUNE)
: I sent riot a ticket and it got me suspended
Title and story don't really match. And that is the most suspicious in here. I can still remember people crying they had to verify their email...
: Why revealing prestige kai'sa only now ???
[It was all there:](https://euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/game-updates/special-event/learn-more-worlds-season-2018-event) > What is a Prestige Edition skin? Prestige Edition skins take skins to the next level with a special chroma, border, splash, and VFX. Redeem Popstar Kai’Sa (Prestige Edition) with Worlds Tokens from missions and use your Worlds Pass to earn unlimited tokens! They did not show it to create hype AND because the skin is super ugly compared to regular popstar kai'sa. (There were "leaked" pictures, too.)
new pekka (EUNE)
: champions are too expensive , am i right ?
Champions need practice. And by practicing you earn more xp which lead to earning more BE. People, especially newer players should understand that there are also very good champions for 450, 1350, 3150 - more expensive does not mean better. Every normal capsule contains champion shards worth at least 810 BE, glorious ones are ~1500-2000BE in my experience. Upgrading shards to permanents nets you a total 20% discount (you consume the shard so you have to factor in its disenchantment value).
: With no evidences no one believe you. You got banned for a reason and yet you don't want to show your chatlogs, that means you know why you got banned :3
You obviously love to troll but there a these magical little programs(apps) like photoshop so a screenshot does not prove anything at all. And he clearly stated he was banned for offensive language which is probably the most common reason (because it is easy to prove).
: Can i get from honor lvl 0 0 checkpoints to honor lvl 2 until season ends?
If you are lucky maybe you can make it. Someone tested it and went from hl0 to hl2 in roughly four weeks. But he spammed lots of games (aram) and was never behaving negative in them.
: > [{quoted}](name=Il Sten lI,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=NoIX71aE,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2018-10-10T15:37:23.071+0000) > > Do you use OBS or other software (ofc you do)? And AMD FX are causing problems, btw, not sure if a fix was found. My amd fx6350 cause no issues.
You are so helpful... only certain cpu types seem to be affected. I did not have issues since season 1, and?
: http://euw.op.gg/champion/jhin/statistics/bot# Fleet footwork is vast more popular, and not only that has the same win rate as HoB... Firstly actually use statistic sites... your own experiences are a very poor indicator of popularity especially as a one trick (most of your experience with the champion is you)... I’ve psrsonally never see HoB jhin it’s always fleet footwork, suddenly your anicdotal evidence means nothing as it’s conflicted by others... but the statistics show a very clear preference for fleet footwork. Secondly fleet footwork on jhin is legit. Reliable crits mean that he gets more use out of it than others, it gives movement speed meaning while not as fast as HoB he still gets to reposition and isn’t reliant on crits early game, and a HoB adds very little damage early (its a % increase, when you’ve got no AD yet that % isn’t doing anything). So it gives him a safer early game, gives sustain which he would be lacking in otherwise, gives movement speed more reliably, and doesn’t cost him much if not anything in terms of damage. Also remember jhin has always favoured runes that have AD ratios on rather than runes that give attack speed. We’ve seen this plenty of times, warlords bloodlust, lethal tempo and HoB are all runes which saw a spike in jhin using them when they where released (or when jhin was released in the case of warlords bloodlust) because they gave attack speed which was seen as the obvious choice for jhin thanks to his passive... all of them died off without any changes because they wherent that useful. What replaced them was DFT and fleet footwork... both runes which have built in Ad ratios... the reason for that was people realised jhin doesn’t need a rune to get high amounts of AD and it was better for his rune to make use of the high amounts of AD rather than to try and add to it. So historically jhin has always defaulted to fleeet footwork and that hasn’t changed... HoB was overhyped on him and seriously not needed.
> Firstly actually use statistic sites... I actually looked it op, no time-/league-/patch-information so I assume what? (Just checked other sites and especially the time frame is usually not shown!!!) Problem is HoB was introduced in 8.11 and adc's regained viability with patch 8.13 > So historically jhin Talking about a game where every single patch can have drastic impact on gameplay I would avoid wordings like that.
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