: In theory if you played all your ranked matches together, you should have identical MMR (MatchMaking Rating, hidden from us players that decides who you play against and how much LP you win/lose), but that one match where you DCed and he got a remake might change that. When you get a remake you don't gain or lose any LP or MMR. But because you DCed and it counted as a loss, you would have lost a little bit of MMR. So now your MMR is lower than your boyfriends, which means the system considers you to be less skilled than your boyfriend. The system then rewards you with more LP per win because in theory you should have a harder time of it. Of course, this is pure speculation based on the very limited knowledge we have of the matchmaking and MMR systems, since Riot (for whatever reason) doesn't let us see our own MMR.
Thanks for your reply! That would actually explain a lot, but in order for us to be equal, he also disconnected in one of our games and I got a remake, shouldn't that also make his MMR a bit lower like mine?
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