Minstrel (EUNE)
: I just sit there, do my best, and report him afterwards. I won't be harmed by one lost game. He will get punished sooner or later.
ok but what do i do if everyone in my elo is that malphite?
Bush Camper (EUNE)
: OH MY GAWD IS DER A MUT BATTON ? - average player No but seriously , most players dont even know that mute button or /mute command exists. And some people are just too lazy to do that. So they would argue infinitely.
then by definition they are noobs as they are still unfamiliar with game options or /commands ? is noob even bad? whut
Minstrel (EUNE)
: >Are there circumstances in which being toxic can be justified? No. Plainly put. No. Never. Njet, nein. No.
So you get the dunkey game, with a malphite feeding every lane and spamming emotes, and you just sit there? or is it better to afk then?
: Why would you? Telling someone that they're bad doesn't make them play better. Most of the time it does the opposite and makes them tilt even more. It's never justified and never helpful to be toxic. Say it out loud if you need that and if it helps you, but dont type in in the chat.
yea but saying they're bad is better than other crap? I can agree with you but i dont think it's fair that if people are feeding, accidentally or intentionally. If they dont want to hear my flames then they can mute right?
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