: Maybe the Hextech Repair Tool or a support ticket could help you more? The client is basically a shell around a chromium webbrowser component. For me I need to load my laptop's CPU with a whole bunch of other things (for ex. firefox with hundreds of tabs + another game + maybe also a twitch or youtube stream) to get the LoL client to stutter. So if Hextech Repair Tool doesn't work, maybe closing more other stuff or giving the LoL client higher priority in task manager works?
When i have the client openned, the client is the only thing openned in my computer xD Otherwise i would be way worse xD But yeah i'll try the hextech repair tool!
: To be fair your computer has to be pretty potato level to not be able to handle the client. Riot has always gone out of their way to make the game super technologically accessible. Usually problems like this come from "user error", so to speak - for example, having a harddisk with like 50MB free on it, which will make everything run like shit.
I have 90GB free on it xD And my computer is a mac book pro mid 2012 intel hd graphics 4000 8GB ram i5 3210M 500GB HDD
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