Tarolock (EUW)
: if you think that a support is useless in games then you are doing it wrong
I dont wanna say they are useless but they dont have any impact. U go in and die an hope ur team cleansup
: You got a point, ranked shouldn't have autofill. On normals it's fine on my opinion. It doesn't hurt anyone to play supp every once in a while (and if it's so bad, you can dodge without major penalties). Normals are for trying new things anyways.
Tristen (EUW)
: If you ever get autofill and you're forced to play support or whatever, you'll be guaranteed not to have autofill for the next few games. It's just something to make games happen, without it games apparently would take too long for the game mode to be interesting. Besides, I think it's good for people to walk a mile in the boots of roles they don't understand. Perhaps it's just what we need, to have those cocky yasuo's play a game as a support for once and learn to respect weaker champions a bit more.
I play 4 roles, 2 good 2 bad and 1 lets not talk about it. But the thing is i wanna carry i wanna feel like im usefull instead of being a useless %%%% thats just throwing the game.
: In theory autofill is fine. However, for instance, I'd happily play 4 roles (anything but jungle) I just done enjoy the jungle, I dont want to play it, Im bad at it, etc etc. So why, in a competitive gamemode, may i occasionally be FORCED to play something that I'm poor at, and dont want to play? It enforces a silly idea that you HAVE to play everything or you cant play league etc. I dont mind occasionally not getting my main role, thats reality, but I dont like to be forced into something I dont want to play, with no choice in the matter.
I mostly played mid and top. But wanted to learn other roles aswell, so i also learned jungle and adc but im definitely not a pro or good at it. The reason i dont like playing support is i dont feel like im doing anything. When i play MID i carry games and then i feel like im doing something.
Tarolock (EUW)
: the last few days my queue times as support went up to 1 min from that 10 seconds i used to have, so yea remove autofill i dont want to wait a whole min for my main role ffs!!
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