: I need more names bros
: i want a summoner name for vayne main, i gift the winner.
I have few good ones, was keeping them for myself, but I guess I can share them with you :) Add me. Don't want to tell them in public
: When Morgana hits you with a Binding.
If you get hit by morgana's binding, then your team can report you for afk.
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: High gold Support Lf main high gold adc
: Have you tried playing an assassin against a mage without any extra magic resist? They desperately need the free hexdrinker.
Or adc, 1 lethality item and i get one shoted even if im higher lvl that assasin.
: Looking for high silver low gold people to start a team
Affilog (EUW)
: Ieskom zaideju!
tai, kad tu mane banini amzinai as nzn ka daryti, mantelio baik tuos bairius.
Chelzu (EUW)
: Legacy Gaming LF All roles D5+
Name:Neal IGN:50centkidisback Age:20 Country:Lithuania, but i live in Sweden right now. Lane:Adc Elo:Plat, but I stoped try harding after hitting plat if you give me try out I'm sure that I would past it. Main champs:Cait, Vayne, Twitch, Kog, Varus, Mf. (Learning Jhin and Xayah right now) Reason to join:Want to join competitive team because ranked or normal games dont give me as much fun as before. Already have been in a team(not required):Nope.
Antunes39 (EUW)
: Lonely guy looking for a girl to play with and talk and have some fun with
Morasaky (EUW)
: looking for a team
im adc main, add me aswell im looking for a team. plat 5 on main.
Leptyx (EUW)
: All Runes in one chart, with simplified descriptions
4Ø4 (EUNE)
: The latest patch has made the game unenjoyable for me
I dont like that i dont have any armor as an adc agenst assasins, deals true dmg to me when they have 1 lethality item.
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: New Rune System...
I hate new runes more than BE change aswell.
HarrowR (EUNE)
: First morning of the update i got 2 penta kills,one Vayne one with Jhin,i actually think they're even stronger now if you know how to utilize the runes
Jhin and Vayne are stronger i agree with that since they have this burst, but Cait, Draven, Lucian are way weaker since its harder to take trades in lane when you gotta tank minions without armor so late game carrys have better early game now, but that dosent matter to mutch if your team members are not feeding and if they r not behind can easly 3 shot adc :)
Achmed Bo (EUW)
: Riot's new snowball game
Adc is dead again, no armor or mr in runes and get 1 shoted by leona, blitz or any assasin with durk.
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: Don't play with him, he is toxic and he's terrible, if he's a smurf I'm Maradona
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: > [{quoted}](name=Im White Collar,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=s3dxbcjT,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-09-22T10:21:49.231+0000) > > lmao no end of season rewards for you. just in time ha? funny cause its all i care about and this happens... 5 years i didnt even get a chat restriction. nothing... and then this. man if i miss out on a victorious skin im just gonna abandon the game. Its all i play for and the game is a minefield.
You will miss out . Everyone who got suspension for 7+ days after 8/22 are not able to get end of season rewards.
: yay finally, after 5 years i get my first ban!
lmao no end of season rewards for you.
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