Quiprimeich (EUNE)
: [Eune] looking for duo
I am also looking for a duo , I don’t main a lane but most experience is in top and jungle, with the new yuumi release I will see if I will main support, I am happy to duo with you I am currently b2 on this account with s4 mar, my other account got permabanned for toxicity but I PROMISE I AM A CHANGED PERSON and won’t tilt u , on my other acc I climbed from b3 to g4 last season, I am on the climb but my old duo partner is on a gap year and is travelling so need new duo partner for around 8-10 months I main these champions{{champion:58}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:142}} {{champion:518}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:497}} well I am experienced and fully highly mechanical ( basically really good ) with these as I said I don’t have a main but can play top mid and jungle and support if I like yuumis playstyle
Noctiss (EUNE)
: its nice and all but i still feel like riot is pushing out too many champs tons of existing bugs with existing champs, im sure no one would mind if they took a 3-4 months break from making any new champs what so ever and focused entirely on existing content improve still looks great, and its so strange to see people making guides for unreleased champs, its like how smart are u? i make guides for not yet existing champs ~~and i watch rick and morty~~ jesus.......
i agree, riot should definitely focus on the existing champions, i wouldn't mind them taking a few months break, the only problem i can find with riot releasing new champions is that, the build up is toooooooooo long! about the question on how i can make a guide for a champion that isn't released is, i have amazing game knowledge. i can apply many concepts that are already existing in the game' think rakkan e with an invaunerability, and as stated above there is footage in the 2nd link, what riot said when the pronounced that the new champion will be a traditional healing support, i instantly thought, soraka, janna, sona, nami. looked at these builds and worked with that info to decide thier build. its not knowledge its common sense, its like looking at a sausage and saying this will taste SIMILAR TO PORK NOT BEEF OR LAMB!!! im not bieng toxic, i just think you should apply some logic before responding, also that isnt me trying to be rude, i also come up with many champion concepts, with a a similar concept to this called osydia, a midlaner/supp with 2 playstyles, healing or assasin, much like tf's 3 cards.. thankyou for the responce i will update this page more in the new future.
: She looks op af great info, I wonder if other viewers found this helpful like I did , tell me viewers also comment if this has helped
Ty for the feedback , yeah 8 agree if there was some replies then we can get talking, we could get together a yummy main clan.
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malécy (EUW)
: ignore them, they just seem to enjoy being negative, ty for sharing ;)
Do u want me to post another board about possible yuumi builds?
Shamose (EUW)
: 3 hours? how? Just typed in "yuumi lol" into youtube and found a shitton of videos on her. Even the dude that leaked her in the first place is there at the top.
Have you actually watched the video, it was uploaded 5 mins ago, it WASN,t leaked 2 days ago. As I said ( no negativity) I am putting the link there to show the gameplay not the fking thumbnail If u want me to make a chat for SALTY YASUO({{champion:157}} ) i4 mains I will send u the link
Shamose (EUW)
: You litteraly stole the thumbnail from the leak picture. It even still has the buttons on it.
Well I was watching YouTube and came across it, it is for people to find this link easily rather than surfing YouTube for 3 hours like I did( please no negativity){{champion:157}}
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