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: Well it has like 3% drop rate, the chance to get them is really low. But they introduced bad luck protection in the last pre-season so you shouldn't open 50 chests without getting at least one gemstone now (or for last 9 months or so).
I heard it, but still nothing. I don't want to create a debate about gemstone, since is pretty fair that they are rare. But I will never be able to open 50 chests if I don't get the keys :D
: I have a bigger problem with the Keydrop, i have 7 chests waiting, i remember in the beginning of the hextech crafting, u could easly 2 keys fragments in a day. now it's like 1 Key Fragment each 2 days or even less.
Yes for me is even less, as i posted in the proof, i got 28 chests, but i get like one key frag each week
: Gemstone is just a bait so u would spend money.
Never spent a single rp in this
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