Speknekje (EUW)
: Afk
Would love this implemented ^^
: Yes it is and it is very overrated. His stats are pretty impressive and his active is very good for teamfighting
The only player i've ever saw building that was Trick2G lul Could maybe be nice for towerdives earlier on... But for teamfight, i dont think so... Towers barely hurt tanks... 100 dmg per Attack sometimes....
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Kutso (EUW)
: Duo Q Platinum Ranked Tchill
:^) Pena seres Plat... Mas se por acaso precisares de companhia pra normals/flex, Sou Sup main, consigo jogar qualquer coisa (menos jungle)
: Unchained Alistar free skin
http://woobox.com/rmz3jb It worked for me, go try it out
: AFK cooldown queue
That way it wouldnt be considered a Penalty Bruh
: Good thing i got kennen top who is rly.. rly "good" so he "won" a lane..And didnt "feed" her... :|
Sometimes people have bad games, you should understand that... I've had a game... Not long ago... With one of my fav champs (Darius... Champion that i can with carry most of the times) But that game i was against a really hard lane... {{champion:80}} {{summoner:14}} ... The dude was diving me even after i get lvll6... I ended 5-15-5... So i can understand what is to have a bad game... Soon or later you will have a bad game too... But see things like this: "its just one game, less 20 LP... Lets play malphite now, build zekes and make my adc carry this easly" and get your 20 LP back :P
loljames1 (EUW)
: My Perm-Ban for Being 'Extremely inflammatory and offensive'.
Well... The first game you did 3 things wrong... 1st - Never say the word cancer... No matter whats the sentence... The system will detect that word... And well... 2nd - "loljames1: You might need to see a doctor for that sensitivity"... This is beeing toxic 3rd - You report called... That is bannable... Even tho everyone does it... It was just another reason for your first game for u to be considered toxic... Second game: 1st - "loljames1: ...... loljames1: Honestly loljames1: Pathetic" 2nd - "loljames1: You lost loljames1: With your iq levels" This are the only 2 reasons i see you might be considered toxic on the last game... Well this beeing said... It was enough to perma ban you?? If you ever got 25 game chat restricted or 14 day ban... Yes, its enough... If not... I dont really see... I see lots of people in game "flaming" (not really flaming, but saying things in a agressive way) and nothing happens to them... But well, you might just be unlucky... I've also got 10 game chat restrict... It really sucked... After that i never flamed anyone... Okay, i can say things like "CMON DUDE, stop beeing stupid, look at this mistake you did, you are in a ranked game, you should not be doing that man... I wanna win you know, try to do better"... But not often, neither i call people %%%%%%ed or that stuff... And most of the times, when i see i was agressive 1 time, i stay quiet for the rest of the game... But well, if you got permabanned, there is nothing you can do now
: Fiora? NERFED? Could it rly be? *EDIT* Idk whats the point. i got promo for plat and got same guy trolling 2 games in a row..Then i get fiora oneshoting me as ww tank...Kinda pissed bcs of that...
Well, thats just Fiora late game... Remember that her Passive does %HP True Damage... And if she was also fed... There is nothing you could do about it... But no, she doesnt need a nerf... In lane she can be 1v1ed easly by some champions that (if they win the lane phase) will be unkillable by fiora If you complain because she is a good late game champion... I supose you want Twitch, Vayne, Nasus, Veigar, All of them nerfed?
AJ Clawz (EUW)
: Guys, please listen to me, this is the real MVP of problems..
Steps to escape "Elo Hell": 1 - Queue as midlaner 2 - /mute all 3 - Learn this: {{champion:55}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:7}} 4 - Spam Them 5 - Once you have decent winrates, you should be around B3, and now whenever you get autofilled you can say "Guys, can i mid?? OTP Kata, Fizz and LB" 6 - People will let you go mid 7 - Puff, you are in silver now (This is legit, happened to me... I got placed in Bronze this season.........) Oh and answering to your last question... No, there is not a "second chance"... But there is one thing called MMR... If your MMR is really higher than your current rank, you can "skip" divisions... Happened to someone (dont remember who)... And Happened +/- The same to me... I was in promos (without the free win) and i won my first promo, i stomped that game... And i didnt need to do any promos... With the first game i climbed without having to play 2 more to get the second win
: Nerf pls.
{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}} Whats the point of this?? All those champions are pretty easy to counter... Yasuo got a nerf not long ago... LB got nerfed really hard some time ago... Yi and Xin dont need nerfs, they are just noob champions that scale really well into late game Fiora will get nerfed soon (from what i heared on some place, dont remember where) Fizz is a problem, kinda Riven doesnt need a nerf...
: There is one firend that got my acces but he didnt play on my account for couple of months, I didnt log on any free skin website only visiting twitch to watch some people or LCS. Yes I play sometimes on a different PC and different location then my house but thats not forbidden isnt it?
Account sharing is illegal... That could easly be one of the reasons you got banned... But since they said it was 3rd party programs, you should try to insist... That happened 1 time to me too... Not in league, but in CS:GO... I got VAC banned for a momment because some program was making my ping get extremly high... Then i uninstalled the game and installed again and it was all fine... But you should really try to send more tickets... Try to send them some proof, etc
: Im stuck at 5/7 too, I dont get new missions over 2 days already...
Just to let you know, might be this problem... Well, i said it on the post but i can always copy.paste it Maybe you changed your icon... If you do the first mission of the day (wich since u did 5 missions, ill assume u did the first one) and u did with riven icon and then changed to the yasuo icon, the mission wont count... You have to do the 2nd mission with the same icon as the first one... Check the mission texts, there says wich icon you should be using
: stuck on 5/7 missions
Maybe you changed your icon... If you do the first mission of the day (wich since u did 5 missions, ill assume u did the first one) and u did with riven icon and then changed to the yasuo icon, the mission wont count... You have to do the 2nd mission with the same icon as the first one...
: Is sion AP or AD?
Sion is a tank... Simple as that... If you wanna play him with of-meta builds... Thats up to you, but he is a tank... That beeing said... His Q and R scale with AD... E with AP... So you can build him both ways ^^
KrisBendix (EUNE)
: Autofill Evading
"Would you cover it for someone else?" Actually, it happened many times... The same way sometimes i queue as support (to have lower queue times) and i say in lobby "hey guys, got autofilled, can i top or mid??"... I do whatever is good for the team... If someone asks me to support (first i check their op.gg) and if its good, ill let them go the role they want... Im kinda of a support player anyways, so... Yeah... People will swap if you deserve it... But yeah, people in low elo dont swap :P
: We are searching Team members, pls read description!!
Sad that i dont have the requierments (elo) But well, lets comment to make you stay on the first page of the boards (: GL ^^
: Janna Tooltip
Me personally ( i also play janna) i ping whenever i throw my tornado... Especially in lane... But yeah, they should defenetly make something for allies to see where you were throwing it... Great ideau got there ^^
MadWifeHR (EUW)
: im a plat main but cant carry in silver games
This account is not even lvl30... What is the point of this post?? Yes there are good and bad players, like in every elo, some times everyone will have a bad game and you wont be able to carry... If you are really a plat player, where is your main account?? Where is the proof?? You should always try your best to coop with the team, no matter how dumb they are... Teamwork will always win, even if u are behind... My last win with nautilus is proof of that... But you really sound just like a "hardstuck silver" (even tho ur account is lvl27 lmao)
: Support is also a player. He wants also to survive. He won't take exhaust and heal for you. He needs ways to escape a dangerous situations just like you. He takes Flash for that reason and Exhaust to protect you. "Yes but Exhaust is not enought to protect me", I don't know if you are living under a rock, but there are items for supports that heal, shield you. Redemption, locket and Ohmwrecker are some examples
Wait... What is Ohmwrecker?? Is that even a item?? xD
: Where can i report a support who refuse to come lane with Heal/Exhaust ?
Omniarch (EUW)
: [EUW] ADC Looking For A Support Of Any Rank!
Well... Im Here... Silver 1... Close to promos... Main Support that sometimes plays the Tank/Supportish toplaners... Well, i dont have a best support since imo i can play all of them to a considerable good level i guess... But my favourites are: Janna, Thresh, Rakan, Karma and Ali (if i have a agressive adc) ImJanemba, in case u are interested...
Khã Zîx (EUW)
: Top tilts adc and i get banned? lmao marcus hiller = autistic
Both Youmuus and Gripex got banned because of inting... Not flaming... There are 2 different systems... You got banned for flaming... Wich i totally understand if you ever say something like "Renekton, shut your fking french bombed mouth and play"... You are: 1 - Beeing Kinda Racist... 2 - You Are Insulting them... 3 - You Are Literally Just Beeing Toxic... Yes, riot ban system works like 10-25, etc... But there are cases where you can get straight perma banned... Guess you are a lucky one
: Yasuo nerf is too harsh [PLEASE READ BEFORE HATE]
Okay, i guess you are just someone who doesnt understand anything about Balancing the game... First thing: "Shield capacity is equal to LEVEL x 10% Health" level 18, Yasuo with 1k HP (i wont say more for easier maths) so it would be 18*100... Wich is 1800?? Yasuo is not meant to be tank, like what are you even thinking?? They nerfed his ult a long ago because they wanted to stop people from building Tank Yasuo... His Q is fine as it is now... It makes Yasuo a bit "harder" to play... Wich makes Yasuo less viable for lower elos... W: BugFix?? What is the bug on Yasuo's Winwall?? Hmm... The fact that he blocks projectiles??? And maybe all those skills you mentioned are projectiles?? E: Not as nonsense as it seems... The fact that he has the cooldown to use the ability would "balance" a bit... But once again, Yasuo is not meant to build tank stuff... At max he would just build {{item:3508}} ... Wich would be a waste of money because of his passive that gives him double crit chance... Because im not seeing anyone Swap IE for ER R: Late game... Yasuo has {{item:3036}} ults 5 people... hmm... 35% + 60% Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Questionable i must say
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Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: uninstaLL* lol
Yeah, i suck with english ;_; On my computer it appears as Portuguese (because its my country)... So :(
: "Noob" champions
Why is Lee Sin on the list?? O.o
: What if Fiddlestics could move while draining?
What if Fiddlesticks could move while draining?? http://imgur.com/a/VEaXf
: botting is not ok no matter what type of games are played. It basically encourages people to mass sell level 30 accounts
I mean, i said it was fine because of the fact that its not against other players... For example, you can still outplay a 20-0 lux if she is a Bot... But if she is a Player, u cant... Bots are kinda predicteble, with a couple of bot games u know what they will do and when... That was the reason i said "fine"
Blacky94 (EUW)
: Talon: safer Waveclear // better map rotations // better escape possibilities
Yasuo: More Carry Potential // More sustain damage // More bans xD
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Mada (EUW)
: Awfully heavy players writing "ez" after being carried are actually correct
See the good thing... At least you are not the enemies... Its a lot harded to read a "ez" when you are toplaner... Stomping the enemy 6-0... He ends the game 2-12 and says "ez"... Think positive ^^ xD
: Problem is, I would like to practice In dia+ elo without losing lp/mmr In my solo/duoq and my flex/draft is like silver mmr. And my smurfs are from bronze to plat to play with friends :/ I could try to get a custom game but that's quite time consuming.
You can play with Plat players if you queue with your plat friends in either Flex or Normals
ZexXxoN (EUNE)
: My brother slided his chat off screen
Go to interface menu (in-game) "Restore Default" Done, i gueess
: > [{quoted}](name=Dardasim,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=YYhpqZRU,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-06-21T03:58:57.540+0000) > > =) > > Oh.... > > Well... > > I could have had an orb by now.... <_< Its all about reading the missions properly, nowhere did the missions state that it has to be PVP. If the missions specifically said get 400 minions with your team in PVP game, then it would mean pvp. But since it was NOWHERE mentioned, alot of people assumed it can only be done in PVP.
Actually it is mentioned.. "Any matchmade game" Wich means any type of game
: Talon Or Yasuo?
Yasuo: Perma banned // Easy to counter // Hard to get used to Talon: Noone bans him // Strong early game wich makes you snowball easly // Easy to pick up
: I'd say I'm pretty balanced in my playstyle, even though I like to play a bit aggressive.
That takes {{champion:163}} out of the list
: Suggestions to make the game non-toxic.
Could be a really nice idea... Maybe changing the level you would unlock it because we dont know how hard it will be to get each level... But appart from that, really smart idea ^^
: Their is too much to say for a forum message O.o. If you want we can just go for a 1 hour lesson and see what we can do to set you on track ^^. You can just book a lesson on leaguecoaching if you want or add me on skype (michael.brunauer from austria).
HOOOOOLY ._. I guess i might be really bad ;-; You dont have discord or something?? Im more used to Discord so it would be easier for me... If dont, i'll add you on skype, np ^^ Well, im from portugal but i can speak english kinda well if needed :)
: Free Coaching from experienced Coach
So... I dont know if you can help here but... Im Silver 2... Support Main... I'm hardstuck and so i decided to switch a bit for other champions i feel confortable... {{champion:7}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:55}} {{champion:122}} {{champion:157}} etc But im still stuck... http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/223945928?matchType=2 There are games where i play like challenger... And games where i play like bronze... What should i do to make it more consistent?? Where should i improve to win more?? In case you wanna spectate some game/s, feel free to add me... I really wanted to get gold this season... But im really stuck in Silver 2... Sometimes i lose because of me, i admit... But sometimes its uncarriable... What can i do to carry more frequently?? Thanks ^^
: Looks like Yasuo will win VS. *sigh*
Aint gonna lie... Yasuo face looks weird af ._. But he looks like he is charging his Ki xD
: The 400 minions kill mission
400 Minions Isnt that hard to get... as long as your team knows what they are doing, everyone only needs aroud 150 Minions killed 150 x 3 (mid top adc) = 450 In a 20 minute game, its not that hard to get it.... Leave missions easy as they are tho :P
Zedazih (EUW)
: Oh I waited... Nah but seriously, I've not even bothered playing him at all. I miss the old Taric that could easily take down a Zed 1v1. Rip old W
I actually only played 1 time the old taric... But as riot says when they rework something... It was getting outdated... New taric is gorgeous... And can still 1v1 easly (no jokes, i played taric top and won vs yasuo and renek)
dokma (EUNE)
: Hello
Are you saying yasuo is noob champ?? TRIGGERED
Gasburger (EUW)
: Why do people put "^^" at the end of sentences?
Zedazih (EUW)
: Looking back at it now, do you still think he is one of the strongest supports and is a must pick/ban champion?
Dont tell me you waited 1 year to comment this LMFAO
Tower94 (EUW)
: LF DuoQ Smurf
Defenetly not a smurf... In case you want someone to boost... kek Im Silver 2 Support Player... I can easly survive in case we get matched with plat players... In case you are interested im here to protect u whenever u ADC :P
Realznk (EUW)
: Support stuck in Silver LF teammate to help climb out [FLEX]
You should consider change your role... I am support main too... I got placed really low this season... I was forced to play other stuff... I recommend you playing in other role to climb to at least Silver 2/1... After that you can think about backing to support
99l9 (EUW)
: People are dying in the Rift! People are getting totally desparate and started losing (lane)control!
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