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: LoL Client crashes after windows noise
Same here. Been experiencing this for several months now. Anyone help?
: Is that not "smart cast with indicators"?
Nope. Test it. With "Smart Cast with indicators" you press the key and, while pressed, the range indicator shows up. If you release the key, the spell is casted, but if you press right lick, you cancel it. What I suggest is the above but in a way that you can't cancel it by right clicking.
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: Train yourself not to look on your character or his vicinity, but to look where you want the action to happen or expect it to come from. Also you need to get a feeling for projectile speeds and enemy movements (where will he walk to, will he use a summoner spell or a movement ability etc.).
This could be the key.. Most of the time I focus on my champion. Everything else is on periphery.. I'll work on that.. Thanks!
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: xPeke: Origen on the hunt for a new, young ADC to nurture
Ok Enrique, reasons why you really need to pick me: - My cs record is 80 at 35:00 mark - i know that tower shots hurt badly early game - i know that wards give vision in fog of war - Last one and most important: Im Teemo main.
Riryz (EUW)
: rift herald looks like blue buff and red buff merged and purple.
It looks like an extremely rushed idea of giving action to top lane translated into a poorly designed rock that walks on water. That's all.
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