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: got banned, what do you guys think
Just dont type like make the chat so small and then move it off screen
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munraker (EUW)
: they would lose monerino...and they hate this its not a serious company like blizzard they have chinese owners, so dont expect this
Okay thats cool if we dont get it ill just have to grind it out then lol.
: They should gave + 500 IP everytime you get promoted from bronze to silver silver to gold gold to plat plat to dia should give 5 k lP diamond to master 10 K master to challenger 20 K
I think that would be way too easy for people who are good at the game and unfair to the people who are always stuck in bronze 5.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Don't you think this is unfair for these players that had to unlock everything by hours of IP grinding?Also these level up bonuses will someday be brought to league,so you will get the rewards
Yeah, because I think one of my friends has most (not all) champs and if they add this reward system in the game that would be unfair for the players that unlocked everything because I am having the reward system to help me complete the game faster and my friend had to grind so much hours and days getting all the champs. Now, that I think about a reward system when leveling up could be unfair. Thank you, for your input!
Zanador (EUNE)
: While in general i'm in favor of nearly everything that gives new players a more polished experience, i don't think that this one is such a good idea. I mean, getting free stuff is nice and all, but at first glance, i don't see how this system is better than just handling out some free stuff. I think new players would straight up benefit more from official guides on how to build up their accounts well. How important runes are, and which ones they need to buy first, how they should use refunds (...), maybe some IP bundles, and so on. A MOBA game is very hard to start even if you have friends to guide you, but Riot should provide basic help for those who do not have friends to ask, because with 10k IP you can set up your account quite well, or you can blow it on an early rune page and some magic resist Quints... The Garena level up system in my opinion is only good for smurfs. People who already know how to use their IP, and they know the game enough to know that they are going to spend some money early on for a faster start. In every FTP online game i've ever played, i've been advocating for a good free player experience, and i never liked deals that wants to force / lure people into paying early on. 50 RP for 5 champions is obviously a good deal, but a new player does not necessarily know that they could buy these 5 in less than a weekend of playing, and last time i checked, you can't just purchase 50 RP specifically either. Giving new players a deal like this, to spend real money so early on is not a friendly move, but rather something i usually see from cash-grab games. And finally, while again, i'm all for polishing the new player experience and helping their start, once again i say that actual new players need more information and guiding rather than a simple speed boost. With this Garena deal, they can have the needed champions for ranked game mode in less than a month after starting the game, especially if they skip buying runes all together. That is a one way ticket to the bottom of Cardboard V division, and they will regret ever picking up this game. tl;dr: this level up deal is only good for smurfs, while actual new players can end up being hurt by it a lot.
That's right, but there are online build that user can use to play in their games and not only that there are free champion rotation so that would mean everyone gets to play with that champ once. It would be a advantage to the smurf players so that could get in the way of things. Thank you, for your input!
Zed genius (EUNE)
: It's basically worthless for 50% of the players that own every single champion and rune page
Yes it is worthless if people have everything unlocked but think about how many games, season and hours that is put in getting everything. Thank you for your feedback! :)
: The reward is the good feeling when you see that you're making progress. Furthermore, at the end of the season you are rewarded for you rank at the end of the season.
But isn't that only ranked, I can't get into ranked games because i do not have 16 champs unlocked and i have to grind my way though to get the IP and spend it just so i can do ranked. and even worse is that the 7.11 patch update players will need to have 20 champs to play ranked (I heard this, i dont know if it is true). Anyways, thanks for your feedback!
LazySlav (EUNE)
: It seems pretty nice, but let me tell you one thing. Riot announced that MISSIONS are in development :) There you will be able to earn prizes
That would be a better idea the leveling up rewards, thank you for your input.
ade7c (EUW)
: there is enough ranting already "I lost my promos because of my team", dont need to give them more reasons to complain about.
Okay, that could be annoying. I just wanted to know what people think of the idea, and if they should have it in the game. Plus I am not really competitive at the game because I am actually bad at the game.
Farce (EUNE)
: It is supposed to not be easy... First, it makes it more satisfying to progress and holds you to the game for longer. It's hard, but not impossible. You can get a 3150 IP champ in literally 1 day if you play long enough. AAAALSO, **monieeeeees**.
That could be true, now that you have said it I also do like a challenging game. Hmmmm.... thanks for your input about the game! Hope you have a nice day.
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