: ye Im a bad supp: top no summs ye Im a bad supp: jg flash ye Im a bad supp: weren't you premades lol ye Im a bad supp: I got ya in late game no worries ye Im a bad supp: yi dont talk ye Im a bad supp: everyone says that every game and I carry them ye Im a bad supp: I died 2 times to a gank ye Im a bad supp: what are u saying [All]ye Im a bad supp: sej [All]ye Im a bad supp: chill bud? ye Im a bad supp: god this yi ye Im a bad supp: no wonder ye Im a bad supp: 5 lose ye Im a bad supp: THIS KID STFU BRO ye Im a bad supp: Dude ye Im a bad supp: kids like you will stay on the lose streak ye Im a bad supp: afk farming ye Im a bad supp: BROOO ye Im a bad supp: ITS FINE ye Im a bad supp: WHAT ABOUT IT? ye Im a bad supp: I died 3 times to sejuani ye Im a bad supp: and look at you ye Im a bad supp: its a 3v5 ye Im a bad supp: 4* ye Im a bad supp: muted yi ye Im a bad supp: care ye Im a bad supp: challenger ye Im a bad supp: player ye Im a bad supp: has joined the chat ye Im a bad supp: damn better jg wins ye Im a bad supp: yi bad ye Im a bad supp: XD ye Im a bad supp: yi happy with his lose streak ye Im a bad supp: yi barely gets adc lol ye Im a bad supp: the cc on the nemy team ye Im a bad supp: sej ye Im a bad supp: morde ye Im a bad supp: yasuo? [All]ye Im a bad supp: yes ye Im a bad supp: I wish enemy team had the same people as yi XD ye Im a bad supp: yas ye Im a bad supp: stop engaging like that omf ye Im a bad supp: wait me ye Im a bad supp: they got drake ye Im a bad supp: why ye Im a bad supp: engage ye Im a bad supp: with ye Im a bad supp: out ye Im a bad supp: me ye Im a bad supp: vlad ye Im a bad supp: dont surr dude ye Im a bad supp: please ye Im a bad supp: <3 ye Im a bad supp: ALL MID ye Im a bad supp: ok ye Im a bad supp: yas ye Im a bad supp: we cant engage ye Im a bad supp: no r for me ye Im a bad supp: vlad no hp ye Im a bad supp: vlad dont ff ye Im a bad supp: we can win I swear ye Im a bad supp: thats my boy vlad ye Im a bad supp: :D ye Im a bad supp: yi ye Im a bad supp: can you please group? ye Im a bad supp: with us? ye Im a bad supp: you need the win ye Im a bad supp: and I do ye Im a bad supp: same goal ye Im a bad supp: so come please ye Im a bad supp: dude I am sorry ye Im a bad supp: just comem -please ye Im a bad supp: omg dude ye Im a bad supp: This yi ye Im a bad supp: what is he doing ye Im a bad supp: Yi look bro ye Im a bad supp: sorry for giving you bad experience ye Im a bad supp: just comme with us man ye Im a bad supp: my promos are always hard to play ye Im a bad supp: let me report this on website with gameplay proof ye Im a bad supp: I feel bad ye Im a bad supp: yi will get a win ye Im a bad supp: we should of got inhb ye Im a bad supp: buy ay ye Im a bad supp: but ay ye Im a bad supp: all good ma g ye Im a bad supp: ward it dawg ye Im a bad supp: cmon yi ye Im a bad supp: farm it like you farm ye Im a bad supp: xd [All]ye Im a bad supp: rep y [All]ye Im a bad supp: yi ye Im a bad supp: vlad comme bro ye Im a bad supp: vlad ye Im a bad supp: guys omg ye Im a bad supp: Yi please dude ye Im a bad supp: for god sake ye Im a bad supp: play with us ye Im a bad supp: Thanks ye Im a bad supp: Classic trash players ye Im a bad supp: hard stuck ye Im a bad supp: will never leave gold [All]ye Im a bad supp: gg [All]ye Im a bad supp: this yi
Not saying you are very toxic, but you tend to talk too much. The RIOT bots perceive this as harassing your teammates. You should calm down and talk less in the future, you are only tilting your teammates with such behavior.
Kolumbus (EUW)
: FIx the Game!!
: Did the average player rank on EUW move up this season?
G4 players are Top 40% of the playerbase I'm G3 - 67 lp and I'm in the 30% top players So gold is still not the standard, like you say. But I was also curious about this topic, I'd like to know if people tend to rank easier now.
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N o (EUW)
: Skins are getting out of hand.
I agree that skins are more and more getting distant from their original form. Skins should be recognizable at any point. But the problem are not necessary the skins. The problem is RIOT wanting money so bad, they make skins always more "crazy" more "out of the box" , with more features and stuff on it. They don't care so much on the champion anymore but only their money, the more crazy the skin, the more buyers. They should focus more on staying in the concept of the champion, because some skins do relate more to other champ than the original champ, which should not be. I don't think you should have an option to disable skins, that would completely remove the point of having skins. People like skins, because they can flex with them on their peer summoners. Skins look cool and everyone wants other people to see your skins obviously. You don't want to be "default" , that's not cool.
: Wow. Thats what i get for commenting on tumbleweed posts. Your idea sounds dumb and unhealthy for the Game. It sounds like a nightmare to play against and will be super stressful to balance. And like i said, league has a blood champion that inflicts damage on himself to damage enemies. And what kind of comparison is champions with blades to a champ that used blood. You can't compare one bloodmage to the Amount of bruisers and assassins that use physical weapons. That's ridiculous. You would need to compare the champs with Blades to the mages. And there are a LOT of mages in this game. In conclusion, i commented that this game already has a champion with blood magic. And you replyed your stupid comment. Your champion idea is unoriginal and Impossible to balance. Vlad is the Blood mage of this game and he is %%%%inf great at his job. You're champ can stay in the Trash. Good day.
Just because I use the word blood it is unoriginal?? Man i can call it whatever I want, there doesn't need to be actual blood involved. I can call it dark priest, necromancer priest,.... The word "blood" is only to create a theme around the champion and has nothing to do with his abilities like Vlad does. Well again you showed that your comprehension and understanding is completely non existent. Your comment is consequently irrelevant (again). If you can only respond to spread negativity without trying to figure out the true meaning of the idea, than don't bother reacting.
: League already has a champion that hurts himself to kill enemies and uses blood. Vlad w and E cost hp and his attacks are blood.
This is totally not the same thing. And besides that my champ does not use blood in particular, I call it a bloodpriest because he uses blood from his enemies to start a dark ritual. And vladimir doesn't reflect damage at all, he just uses his HP as "mana/energy", again not the same thing. League already has 30+ champions with blades, is this a reason for riot to not make another champion with a blade? Hope you understand that your comment is completely irrelevant.
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Lumiko (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=AnthTWolf,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=1JOkYpdx,comment-id=000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-23T01:16:07.425+0000) > > Lee was taking 2 kills from Ahri and left her to die then, like a super example of non-toxic player said : report bot, they lose game..... > Meanwhile he had only 2 kills. He was playing for kills, not to win. > > Also, Ahri was blaming me for losing while we were 3v2 on bot but she had like 5 ganks and still couldn&#x27;t do anything on mid...but hey, I didn&#x27;t start blaming but can&#x27;t you see the irony in her statement? > > > Also, how hypocrit can you be to blame someone if you had si much help and kills yet you don&#x27;t help teammates?only insulting them. I just told her she did nothing so she would stop with harassing. > > > About &quot;carrying&quot;. Why would I continue saying &quot;hey you didn&#x27;t help but I wasn&#x27;t being mad or rude to you&quot; > I just told him he is a pro so he will carry me. Is that bad? > > 2018=the year of offended people You just cant seem to understand .... and to be honest i'm getting tired its really late here so this is my last comment. The way you talked was against Riot policies. You were warned. You should have been silent. Also i cant read this : "hey you didn't help but I wasn't being mad or rude to you" line in your pictures at all. Sooooo .... I have teammates like that . The type that goes nuts over others performance. Do you know what i do? MUTE. NEVER REPLY. IGNORE AND REPRORT AFTER. If we lose we lose. If we win we win. I won't talk a single second with an idiot who thinks saying ANYTHING about others is the solution to world hunger. But you should learn that Riot doesnt like the way you are so you either change really fast or you will be punished again. That moment you get tilted and take up the argument you lost. And you threw your chances of winning away willingly. This is a game for F sake. You lost GET OVER IT. Its a game. Games are not won by words understand this. NEVER . If they want to lose and keep argue thats THEIR PROBLEM. IF you argue you are the same as them. They should be punished just as much as you were. " 2018=the year of offended people" <--- With you on top. Understand this already. This ban is not a personal attack aginst you only. And noone cares about the others. If you and your friends go and steal candy but the cops only get you. You will be punished. Maybe your friends will get caught too maybe not. It doesnt matter. You did a bad thing and got punished end of story. Stop complaining about how THEY behaved. You got the ban because of how YOU behaved. So sorry i sound angry but after i explained a few times alredy your attitude is getting to me. Just as you said : " I am speaking with a wall ". So good night ! I hope after a nights rest you can think thru what YOU did. And learn to play without chat turned on at all.
You can't win against community guys buddy :/ You will always be guilty to those nerds, they literally don't care about the situation. They will never believe anything but riot, they have that typical tunnel vision mindset. You can't really discuss with them. I got 2 unfair chat restrictions and honor reset at 0, and i figured out there is nothing you can do about it. Everything is controlled by automated bots that sometimes have no clue of the situation. Basically, the more you type, the more you have chance on getting banned, it's sad but true. The only thing you can do, is keep your calm and mute the toxic ones. I'm sorry for your account, I'm sure your teammates were more to blame...
: And you could've muted the others and just let the game be. You chose not to and instead couldn't shut up. You dug yourself the hole there and I'm not sympathetic towards it.
I muted the guy immediatly, but than the others started flaming too. And again I didn't talk that much that game. I just responded to their insults. I'm sure I'm less toxic than you are, with your useless negative comment without any argument.
: >Didn't even really type that much that game, this log is pretty much everything I said. Okay I'm not an angel in the log, but it's pretty normal to lose your calm with such teammates. The thing is, everything you typed was negative, or at the expense of something else. On top of that: >Immortal Enemy : Q 1 MORE TIME AND I AFK This is never really the appropriate way to respond at all. Threatening your team mates because you're unhappy with something isn't fair - not only on the teammate in question (It doesn't matter if they were trolling or not because:) or the 3 other people on your team, as well as the 5 on the other (I don't find 4v5 games enjoyable regardless of which team I'm on). Regardless of whether you were going to or not, threatening people with that isn't ok. -------------------- Have you had restrictions or bans in the past?
Well I had been chat restricted a couple months ago, I dropped from honor level 4 to 0. I was so mad about this, because I have never been a toxic person. I just lost my nerves in **1 game** due to very toxic people. I didn't want this to happen again, so I really did my best to be the best teammate you could possibly get. I was a couple games away to get honor level 2, and than this game happened.... I tried so hard, and everything fell appart again due to 1 game. I was so devastated when I got this message, I didn't expect it at all, cause I really put so much effort to change my attitude and I still get punished for 2 persons that managed to get me mad. It's just not fair how you can get punished for other people getting on your nerves and making you really angry. I tend to neglect those people, but sometimes it's not so easy to do so. And yes everything I said was negative, but that's because I'm responding to people that are insulting me and blaming me at every occasion. I know I didn't have to reply to them, but ok I don't think I crossed a line by the things I have said to be punished this hard.
: > [{quoted}](name=Immortal Enemy ,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=MvY8E3Xa,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2019-03-24T20:12:39.843+0000) > > There is 0 toxicity in there, u just ticklish No. You were toxic. We can see your chatlogs, don't try to pull the wool over anyone's eyes. > If this is toxic, than with your reasoning, your comment would also be toxic. I don't know if you realise but, by calling me toxic you actually do the same thing as I did that game. It's not even _remotely_ the same. Arcade Lulu isn't aggressively berating their teammates, calling for reports, threatening to go afk, moaning about the state of the game just because they aren't getting their way, proposing a surrender for the same reason, and blaming everyone else for alleged mistakes. No prizes for guessing what _you_ were doing.
Dude learn to read before making false accusations. Blaming teammates??? I didn't blame anybody. And how in the world can you assume that I was aggresively berating my teammates?? U don't have any context, so your point hasn't any valid argument. - Calling someone toxic isn't even an insult. - Responding to a series of insults by just simply saying in a calm way " report X" is not aggressive - Asking for ff **1** time is also not toxic in any means. So surrendering is toxic? Isn't it logic you don't want to play any further in a game were people are just ruining your experience? Didn't insult / blame / harass anybody, I just expressed my anger to the REAL TOXIC players that were continiously griefing me. I called them toxic, which they were and said I would report them, which I did. The thing is you community nerds will never agree with someone who has been banned by RIOT. Everyone posting threads like me will get downvoted, because everything is about the community in your eyes. So people like us who get banned, are the people that "affect" your beloved community. That's why you guys never possibly can look in an objective way to these posts. The people creating these threads will always get blamed no matter the circumstances. A lot of people complaining about bans obviously are really toxic people, but there are a lot of people getting banned for ridiculous reasons. And that's something you community nerds will never accept.
: > with the mentality that THIS is flaming Meanwhile you get banned for what you typed because is flaming. You didn't made the rules so when Riot say that this is flaming then it is really flaming.
It's not because RIOT judge something is flaming that it really is, its all about where you draw the line. Because obviously you can't ban every single player who aid "stfu" for example. Riot uses banbots, so a lot of bans are automized by algorithm. An algorithm is looking for words and does not really understand context. It's all about context; If you are respo,nding to really toxic people, well then ofc your use of words will become more negative. But compared to those real toxic people you can still appear as calm. If player keep insulting you, you can calmly say these e.g: STFU, pls report X, enjoy ban But if you only look at the chat log like you do, you will pobably think taht the person is trashtalking and just was in fact really toxic.
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: ''didn't harass in any way, you just don't have the context'' Dude wtf Your chat logs are full of harassment and the context doesn't really matter 'cause you were toxic, end of story
There is 0 toxicity in there, u just ticklish If this is toxic, than with your reasoning, your comment would also be toxic. I don't know if you realise but, by calling me toxic you actually do the same thing as I did that game.
: Immortal Enemy : stfu Immortal Enemy : let me farm and be quet Immortal Enemy : muted btw Immortal Enemy : Q 1 MORE TIME AND I AFK Immortal Enemy : report my supp pls Immortal Enemy : nice kayle Immortal Enemy : ty Immortal Enemy : reproted as well Immortal Enemy : ff Immortal Enemy : this game is fked already Immortal Enemy : enjoy your ban Immortal Enemy : toxic player Immortal Enemy : ahri probably premade with these trollers Herassment, giving up, treatening to afk. You dont really have anything but negativity in this chatlog. You say muted, you should have just done that, mute flamers, report, move on. You retaliated.
I actually did mute him, but the other teammates were also flaming and griefing. didn't harass in any way, you just don't have the context I shouldn't have treated with AFK (something i would obv not do) , but man I was so mad. I just wanted him to stop troll and leave my cs be. And I don't share your opinion at all, this chatlog is a really casual league chat. These things are said in every league game, it's a pretty mild harassment that everyone is doing. It's not something u should be banned for. I'm not toxic at all, I never flame. I just can't stand when people troll me and even blame me for it.
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: 5 teleport mision
MikeyK (EUW)
: tp mission 3 more
Immortal Enemy ( me and my friend looking for players as well)
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: Need a Gold team or higher
maybe go inform yourself on what the word "boosting means" before you talk
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: Looking for a team to get the "Team Reward Ward" :)
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Nightsaur (EUW)
: I am so fed up with hearing this nonsense... I admit I make mistakes in game, but that's not what we're talking about here Just played a game where our mid Cass with 500+ normal wins spent 30 mins standing at her tier 2 turret, was too afraid to come out and defend her tier 1 turret. Our gold 5 support was level 14 at the end of a 43 min game! Try climbing out of that game after game after game. I understand the OP's point, I feel the same way.
Teammates that do bad things happen in nearly every game and not only in bronze. And if you think you should be in silver you should be able to carry at least 40% of your games. And if you keep in mind you don't carry every time you win, that should be an escape of bronze pretty quickly
: Bronze V looking for duo q mate
You are literally in the worst division of the game and you are speaking about reaching gold :/ This is a typicall low eloplayer reaction: My team is so bad blablabla, don't blame your team if you are ranked bronze 3 it has a reason. It's a teamgame and if you have trouble climbing there are still some problems with yourself. Believe me, the best tip i can give you to rank up is to stop blaming your team and admit that you did mistakes too.
pioneer12 (EUW)
: My account is hacked what can i do?
sit down in a corner and cry ?
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McPounder (EUW)
: Diamond 3 ADC LFT [Tournaments etc etc]
Im planning to do a tournament today, so you could join me. But problem is that im silver 3
: LF high elo players for Twisted treeline tournament ( 13 april 20:00 BST)
No not at all, i organize everything so that we can participate to the event, so i put my time in assembling a team and inscription. And i play for the competitive aspect, so i play for fun. When i ask people to play with me they are happy that they can play for a real tournament. I already found members now, but i play with my friends and they are good as well. I don't see the problem too find an extra good player. It's not because you have a low rank that you must look for people with low rank.
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Earlyrave (EUW)
: Main top laner lf team
I added you (Immortal Enemy)
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: Pick Order: Your top Sona plays
A lot of these plays are just pathetic. If these are called sona plays, i'm a god with sona

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