rèV (EUW)
: Hello, it's very likely caused by the Xbox app. I would suggest to disable it completely since a lot of games have problems with it. Please take a look at this website: http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/8637-game-bar-turn-off-windows-10-a.html Go to "Option Two", download the Regfile in Step 4 and follow the steps till Step 9. That disables the game overlay. Would be good if you could report back if it worked.
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: Aram
But in summoners rift. There are people who love summoners rift so much that they won't play any other map.
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Mecar (EUW)
: I got reported for getting "boosted"
Don't do it again ir you dont want perma
Mr Naekh (EUW)
: This is how people should react, happy you found a way. Flamers will get tired if nobody answers them, or they won't , but if you mute them, who cares? They will break their keyboards typing with their little angry fingers, they will have to get new ones, keyboards manufacturers will see increase in sales, that will create jobs, unemployment will be an all time low and misery will go away. So see all in ones, flamers are a good thing, as long as you don't care about them. This is a Xmas miracle ;)
You're implying all flamers are angry. But there exist people like me who just enjoy flaming and do it for fun.
: Shaco is just too weak.... its pathetic how much you can fall behind on shaco while still ganking successfully. THe enemy jungler pretty much just has to tax some lanes and farm his jungle carefully and you will lose. Even with a Hydra Shaco sucks at farming. Maybe you could have payed a little more attention to cs between ganks... but then again Shaco sucks and needs to be reworked. Period.
A good shaco can be very powerful and single-handedly win a game. If you're doing poorly as shaco then you're not playing him right. Shaco's job is not to farm, it is to be a crazy nuisance on the enemy jungler and laners by giving constant pressure. The shacos in the high elo i play at often do very well, it takes a lot of skill to play him right.
Agidyne (EUW)
: You know those supports who go back in so their adc doesnt die alone?
Yeah, and you know those supports who go in when their adc is about to die, and then they both die even though only the adc had to die, true autism right there.
: How many losses does it take to get demoted?
Right when you climb to a new division, you can play 4 games before you have a chance to get demoted, if you've already played more than 4 games in your new division, then 1 loss at 0 lp may be enough to demote you if your mmr is low enough.
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: About toxicity and how to deal with it
Sorry but i dont think being a vegatarian has anything to do with league of legends
lindojc (EUW)
: My game doesn't Load Since Windows 10 Update
Try uninstalling league of legends and then reinstall the Windows 10 version
duckarp (EUNE)
: See you in a week with the glass of whine. Your. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
I demonstrate toxicity on a more subtle level you see, i can often get past the reports for this reason. Despite being toxic for months, worst ban i've gotten was a 10 game chat ban, and you might think that these offenses stack and that i will get a 20 game chat ban next, but the thing is, over time the offenses reset, and since i rarely get punished i won't get past a 10 game chat ban :^) Career ended
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SacredLie (EUNE)
: If i play league of legends, and click on that start button, i do so after i am ready to take atleast enough salt to make another dead sea, and enough flames to erupt a volcano. LoL is a battlefield. Not of champions, but of wills. There was a time when i used to easily win games by just typing stuff like " Man, gotta thank your ezreal for giving me easy farm " Which caused the enemy to flame him to oblivion. League is mind warfare as much as skill. You can call that passive aggression but sorry to break it to you pre made 5s players, but the majority of the community hardly cares.
vav4o (EUNE)
: No, of course. Support-tahm ;adv.-vayne; mid-heimer ; top-nasus and jungle-tryndamere. P.S. Interesting name
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CrySumPT (EUW)
: Hi there, can you share the rest of the chat logs? :) You showing us the 2 game so there has to be a 1 game, and maybe better in a SS if possible.
In my email it only shows the chat log for game 1 for some reason, in the Lol client it showed all 3 games and that's where I copied this from, but I already closed that popup and I don't know how to get back to it. Maybe Riot didn't email me game 2 because they knew they were wrong to ban me for it..
Luis Sc (EUW)
: He fails editing the chat log, he fails making a funny poll...
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Savage Devi (EUNE)
: That's an easy claim to make. But even while being "sarcastic" the use of certain language like "_retard_" and "_useless jungler_" **isn't** ever acceptable.
No, I meant that when I said "I am positive" I was being sarcastic. Career ended
Hansiman (EUNE)
: > Only bad thing I did was say "retard" once "retard" is still a very severe insult, as you're mocking every single person with a mental disability. In my book, it's the same as using "cancer" to insult others. However, it's not the only bad thing you say: > dont kill ahri please, she is troll xD classic useless jungler troll team again ahri, however, is mad you've hit 0 hooks this game you're one to talk you play janna, the easiest support in the game, get carried and then trashtalk pretty sad you're not allowed to trashtalk if you're playing janna. thats the rules if we didnt have troll nautilus jungle we could win elo hell You can't claim to be a positive player when you insult and mock your allies. That's not what a positive player would do.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: When you start heading down the road of toxicity, ...
Now i kind of feel like adding you, playing with you and being purposefully extremely toxic just for the lolz xD
: i played in all divisions from high bronze to diamond 3. honestly the worst of all is platinum 1 and diamond 5. and ofc when you are plat 1 and you are going for promos you always get diamond 5 players. the problem with diamond 5 is that it counts as 2 divisions. its like what diamond 1 was before masters. so, if every division has, lets say, 100 mmr, then diamond 5 has 200 mmr. even if you have been earning +25 lp and losing -17, and u promote to diamond, then you start winning + 13lp and you lose -26 the moment you hit diamond 5. and you have to win more than 15 games in a row (!) to see your lp adjust to normal +-17 or so. What this means ? most players give up. 1st because of the lp, and 2nd because most player's goal in their life was to hit diamond tier. Then the troll starts. whoever was ever in platinum 1 or diamond 5 knows this. the common flame here is "who boosted you". typical. thing is they are just pure troll. i personally know smurfs from diamond 1-2 and master tier, who are honestly stuck in platinum 1 and diamond 5 and they just cant get pass it. one of my friends ended masters in season 4 but in the whole season 5 he was stuck in platinum 1 and sometimes he would demote to platinum 2. he played over 300 games and he still stuck there lol. i remember from bronze where we said elo hell etc. dude, plat 1 and diamond 5 IS the real elo hell.
Good read, but i feel that im stuck in diamond 5 because im bad :/ oh well at least thats a good mindset.
Squaid (EUW)
: How Justice works in the eyes of Riot. (My personal opinion ;p) @RIotAnyone answer this
LOL a perma ban for saying that? I doubt you'd even get chat restricted. Quit being afraid and say what you want, Riot isn't that strict.
raps1355 (EUW)
: dont pick fizz!
: > [{quoted}](name=Love The Madness,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=q33waTEI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2015-11-26T08:00:09.105+0000) > > I'm thankful for being able to stomp scrubs and then say " GG easy" in all chat. I'm super thankful I get to be the guy that gets your account banned for saying " - GG easy". PRAISE THE LORD, AYMEN
I say gg easy all the time but never banned, despite getting a report warning multiple times, sorry kiddo :P
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Luis Sc (EUW)
: All this crying and whining will eventually stop...
I'm thankful for being able to stomp scrubs and then say " GG easy" in all chat.
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: {{item:3009}}{{item:3111}}{{item:3047}} (Choice) {{item:1401}}{{item:1409}}{{item:1413}} (Choice) {{item:3742}}{{item:3748}}{{item:3065}} (Core) {{item:3083}}{{item:3075}}{{item:3143}}{{item:3102}} (Optional 6th Slot) Make sure to have "Grasp of the Undying" Keystone. 12 / 0 / 18 Masteries. Works even better Toplane. As for your build. {{item:3742}} is too good of an item not to have. {{item:3151}} is good for his Cleavers but that 80 AP is a wasted investment. His only AP scaling is 10% after all. Its a very inefficient item to build. Mundo only needs {{item:3742}}{{item:3748}} to "Carry" as he will do absurd damage with his E and Q while being hard to kill.
So in what order shall I get these items
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: Best sentence you ever said after a penta?
: Finaly proof the system works
Sorry but i will never get banned >:) Those who are sneaky can bypass the law..
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jana (EUW)
: rageblade op. ad masterys -> broken. some champ reworks -> to strong/weak. ad itemization > ap items. that sayed i would wait for the bugfix to the lifesteal mastery and the balance changes befor judging. i dont think its actualy that bad after they toned down graves and fixed th masterys. we will see who shines then. (yauo still seems broken, maybe they need to nerf his passive). but over all i get a better impression. i like faster games with snowball over 40+ mins game with 1 mistake costs the team the game or wher op late game scaling become the only way to go. atm it evolves around early game. but it feels like late game alot faster. so, we have to wait. i am excidet to see where the way goes :). cheers
What is the bug for the lifesteal mastery
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Alaisea (EUW)
: LF Jungler for a serious team + subs
Hi I'm a Diamond 5 jungler but I'm not a girl. Maybe you can make an exception for me because I'm pro :^)
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