RayleighTT (EUNE)
: well ,let's say i play cs-go , online shooter ,everyone flames there , i play other games where people flame , i go back and play league of legends but what and how i been threat in some other games turns me to be aggresive in league of legends to , i get punished okey .. You wanna hear what happens if you toxic in cs-go , there is voice chat .. there is also chat in cs-go while playing , you can write what ever you want , no one cares , no one takes insults in serious , even if you would get banned in any of those games , you still have acces to your skins ... , cause those are in steam inventory... , the only reasons you lossing your buyed skins are when you cheat ... , as you get vac ban , which explain the imposibility to trade or have anymore acces to your skins. Explain now why a MMO game like league of legends do this , Dota 2 is a MMO game too , have items on steam too , multiple ways of customizate your champions cheaper than paying a full price for a skin ... , both are MMO games , how it comes dota 2 have respect about them players and they not doing that to them customers when it comes to issues in them behaviour , applying bans on people accounts is just a coward decision of forcing them to close them mouths , is like you would tell someone shut up or i ban you permanent ... , well what if my mouth is big and i can't stop i should lose my account for that .. , is just foolish ,i know you will tell me to go play dota 2 , i played , i like how league of legends champions work ,recall system , summoner spells which dota 2 don't have.. That dosn't mean i like how i am treated by Riot punishment rules, and that dosn't mean is the only solution Riot coulded find to estomp that behaviour inside chat lines , is too harsh pushed and everything punished even if you not actually insult someone in person ,which explains why the permanent ban feels like you get steal when you get banned for criticism, or saying report x , or threats against trollers ... , i don't think any from Riot staff spent time to see how other games treat them customers , and i one don't feel well treated even if my behaviour had issues that dosn't mean that i should be hited in the head because i can't control my behaviour , and lose the money i spent on content , on buying anything to use and have fun from , expecially dosn't depend about the fact that people who pay shouldn't be threat different , but you already threat different us , because someone who not payd to buy content don't lose anything , people who did that lose everything they buyed ,which already means you not treat us equal and we have more much to lose than someone who haven't bought content to use ... . So is actually more wise to don't buy content and behave how ever you want , because then when you get permanent banned you actually lose nothing than your time , which extremly explain the fact that customers who buyed something to use should be respect even if they had chat behaviour problems , because everything they buyed on an account is extra content , which assuming throught the fact if no one would spend money to buy it , it wouldn't exist or be part of that account .. , if i buy a skin only on an account because that's only my possibility that dosn't mean i should lose it once you not guarantee anymore access to me to play over it. Hope is not long ,but it really open my mind to discuss several thinghs in my opinnion are ignored.
Put simply; cosmetic items, boosts, etc and the game itself are only ever "licensed" to you. It is all referred to as "digital content" in which you may receive a license freely to play the game (such as the base game), and you may make monetary payments to "use" other features (such as skins). Digital content, for the most part, is only ever licensed to the user (in this case, yourself) as the full ownership rights remain with the seller (in this case, Riot Games). When you make a purchase for digital content usually, you are paying for a license to use something rather than purchasing it outright as ownership. The only exception to this rule is generally if you have made a purchase that includes a physical item. For example, say Riot was selling a skin on the client and you would also receive an action figure as part of that sale, then the entirety of that single purchase becomes a purchase of "goods" despite it containing digital content. _______ In regards to the reply from Cyclone referring to the "I didn't know" quote; they are not fully correct in what they say. Irrespective of whether or not a purchase is made for digital content, products, goods, services or otherwise, there are still regulations in place to safeguard proper conduct. It is very easy to tell someone that they should have read the T&C's, but such text is often written in a particular way and it is incredibly understandable that some people may fall trap to ambiguity. It is an ongoing hot topic concerning consumer practices - as such (at least in the EU) it is now mandatory to receive confirmation outside of the T&C's for information that would be considered "important" - usually marking acknowledgement that digital content is non-refundable immediately after purchase for one example.
: Perma chat bans were a thing. They were removed due to a reason I (and some of the others) already explained to you. It didn't work. And they will not bring it back. It's just adding a 3rd or 4th "2nd chance", to a never ending downwards spiral that ends in a permaban, tears and misery. Riot had a sample size of tens if not hundreds of thousands. The result of the study was - if you're toxic through chat, you will find other ways to spread your toxicity when frustrated. So if for 95% of the player-base the system works well, why delay the inevitable, and face more toxicity + lowered communication abilities before finally handing out that permaban. Which again - was pretty much inevitable in the majority of the cases. You have to understand how a legal contract works. Because the TOS, that you agreed to upon account creation, was an actual legal contract that you signed. Riot has a certain quality standards, and rules. You break them enough times, you're out. Every single LOL player agreed to them, those who flame know exactly what will happen. They are warned on each "reform card" or whatever it's called - that if they don't reform IMMEDIATELY - it's gonna be too late to do it another time. I know that the system is not perfect, but it's better than the old one, that I can assure you of, since I've played this game since 2011 or so.
I think you are missing the underlying point here really. There are those that will break the rules, and there are those that will not. Between those that do, it will be under a myriad of different circumstances and situations. Some people may be negative in a chat-only related manner, some may combine that with intentionally negative game play. The point I believe is being made is that the system, as it is currently, reverts to a permanent ban eventually for all tiers of punishment - whether that be hate speech, mild but frequent chat toxicity, game play trolling, etc. When a person has been permanently banned, should they return to the game under a new account then they do so with a clean slate. The purpose behind permanent chat bans is to mitigate that particular group of people that only commit chat-related offences receive a punishment more appropriately fitting for their offences, and without driving them to create a new account in which they will be free to type as they wish all over again. There is the argument put forward that in some cases it will not work - and that would be correct, but it would be false to say that it would fail in all cases equally. So while claiming that, based on previous tests, those which commit chat-only related offences are more likely to commit other offences of any other type; consideration should also be given owing to the fact that there are potentially many people out there that will only ever commit chat-only related offences, and a permanent chat ban would sway them from creating new accounts in which they are more likely to repeat the offence of that particular type. All in all, no-one here is disputing the ToS, so there is no need to actually bring that up as the subject is focused on advancing the punishment system in a way that could have a long term benefit.
: If you could have one champion reverted (if more than one state which version) which would you pick?
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Asura (EUNE)
: > If an adc tells you to get out of the lane or they will afk and feed (keep in mind this is at level 2), what are you actually supposed to do? Tell them to go ahead, they usually don't have the balls to actually do that. You can even mention how you'll be happy to write a support ticket about them after the game.
Is that considered negativity though? I mean in the same context that people who call for reports is seen as negative behaviour? The only reason I ask that is because I often see people on the forums make very clear that "two wrongs don't make a right" and how one person being in the wrong is not a justification for another to do so as well - hence why I was wondering if we are allowed to just leave the game completely to save all that hassle.
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Invoker (EUW)
: A suggestion and a question about skins for the dev team!
The mini map shows champion icons by the way, irrespective of whatever skin is used. :)
: That still won't help you get out of gold. You seem nice tho. Thank your parents for the quality education you received :^)
I think you missed the rhetoric lol.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because thats the only way some people understand things, would you prefer i went off on a massive explanation of how the internet works by trying to explain how packet switched networks work, how network routing works how peering works between backbone providers etc Because thats likely going to fly over a lot of peoples heads :P Its actually easier to literally describe it as millions of those things his PC is connected to as he can physically see his router so all he has to do is imagine a chain of them spanning thousands of miles
No need, as you already gave an analogy to explain it. Though in a world revolved around money, just try to remember that manners are priceless! :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: > It does prove something. That my connectivity to anything else, every other website or software is fine. Which is irrelevant, do you not understand how the internet works? you see that thing your computer is connected to? the internet is millions of those, all connected to each other, much like a road system if a road is blocked you can still visit other places that don't require you to use that road, it proves your ISP's tiny network segment is working fine, but thats such a small part of the internet its not even funny > But hey, Im just saying that everything else works perfect. Just league in that one single moment NOT. Yes, and thats completely normal when you're dealing with a global packet switched network, unless its a monumentally massive outage most people and most sites aren't going to be affected at all > My connectivity and my isp has been fine for years now. The only disruption was league today. Nothing else, ever happened. In ANY game at all. And again, your ISP's tiny network only affects things that are literally in the same place you live, which i'm going to go out on a limb and assume the LoL servers aren't Yes it proves your ISP's network is working and that most traffic is fine, it doesn't rule out a connectivity issue between you and the server itself > also sorry if I use the wrong terms for specific things. English isnt my first language. That isn't the issue :P
> [{quoted}](name=Cypherous,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=QJAi9aEV,comment-id=00000000000000000000,timestamp=2019-06-04T17:50:22.640+0000) > > Which is irrelevant, do you not understand how the internet works? you see that thing your computer is connected to? Do you always make a habit of talking to people as if they are a toddler? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}}
Pirottz (EUNE)
: I've already uninstalled my antivirus and disabled my firewall, nothing has worked yet. Also, still waiting for the reply from Riot.
Check if there is a software update needed as well. I'm sure you can access it quickly by going to the desktop, clicking on the apple icon on the top left, then going into software specs/options. If a minor update is needed and your laptop or PC hasn't downloaded it on MacOS, many applications will simply not function properly.
Pirottz (EUNE)
: Stuck on Authenticating
Check your firewalls and antivirus, MacOS system updates can sometimes mess them up. Also, when the next major update for MacOS comes, hold off on upgrading to it if you are still wanting to play League. Mojave is the last time that MacOS will be supporting 32bit programmes.
: ***
Could you not just have let this go? The OP was merely a suggestion pointing out that the scores exclusively are not the only "spoilers", as it's very simple to determine who won their games by seeing what teams are listed for future matches. Some people watch the games live; some watch them at a later date and others simply don't watch them at all - there's nothing wrong with any of that. And lastly, hold your tongue behind your teeth if you are insistent on making a mockery of the different types of jobs out there. Whether someone is a dentist, or whether they stack shelves, a job is a job and we all start somewhere.
: She will be forced off of her ally. It makes morde a pretty strong Yuumi counter, as if the person Yuumi is attached to is too far away from an ally for Yuumi to immediately dash to morde ult can make her extremly vulnerable to the rest of morde’s team.
Okay thank you! Yes I was just confused on whether or not it would force yuumi off the champion because I know in other instances (like fizz for example), if he leaps around or uses zhona's, then she just hovers next to him still untargetable so didn't quite know which way it would work.
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: > Before, I would be able to check my MMR on the website "op.gg", but it doesn't seem to have it anymore and I've seen a few people mention that MMR can be found under the "stats" section on the client Both things are a misunderstanding. You never could look up your actual MMR on op.gg or anywhere else. All those pages provided at the very best educated guesses. Those values were and still are mostly nonsense and can be several hundred points away from your actual MMR. That's probably why op.gg got rid of it. Sadly some others didn't and still falsely claim to calculate your MMR. The second misunderstandig is that people sometimes incorrectly use "MMR" or "elo" as a term for rank/division or LP. That's not the same though. > One other thing I was wondering as well is does anyone have any recommendations on how to get a proper game in ranked flex? Nope. Exactly like in all other queues the best thing to do is to focus on yourself, do your best, stay calm and play consistently. Personally, I didn't experience what you are are describing in flex, maybe it was just bad luck.
Humpel do you know if there are is any information out there which would indicate to us whether we're performing better, on average or worse than our current rank based on the LP gains and losses from each match? In my recent game I had been getting +32 LP for a win.
: > Before, I would be able to check my MMR on the website "op.gg", but it doesn't seem to have it anymore and I've seen a few people mention that MMR can be found under the "stats" section on the client Both things are a misunderstanding. You never could look up your actual MMR on op.gg or anywhere else. All those pages provided at the very best educated guesses. Those values were and still are mostly nonsense and can be several hundred points away from your actual MMR. That's probably why op.gg got rid of it. Sadly some others didn't and still falsely claim to calculate your MMR. The second misunderstandig is that people sometimes incorrectly use "MMR" or "elo" as a term for rank/division or LP. That's not the same though. > One other thing I was wondering as well is does anyone have any recommendations on how to get a proper game in ranked flex? Nope. Exactly like in all other queues the best thing to do is to focus on yourself, do your best, stay calm and play consistently. Personally, I didn't experience what you are are describing in flex, maybe it was just bad luck.
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MSF Ness (EUW)
: [Helpdesk] Ranked Rewards 2018 & Ranked System 2019
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone had noticed my earlier post? Thanks!
: If you leave any game, regardless of flame, you will get LeaverBuster. However you can mute the chat by typing /mute all or /mute (insertname) if its only oen person being vulgar.
Okay thank you! They should really include that in the tutorial!
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: i want a summoner name for vayne main, i gift the winner.
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Your enemies are decided based on hidden stat MMR (don't believe what pages like op.gg and others say, they are rarely close to accurate). The game idea is, to have a MMR identical (or as close as possible) on the both sides. As a new ranked player, you start with MMR around mid silver. You are silver 1, so it is natural for you to play with enemies up to mid gold. But, player can have a platinum rank, and still have MMR around mid gold. This is why you are matched against them. There is also a question of the hour. If you play in non-typical hours (when people sleep/work) it is harder for game to find you enemies in your MMR range, so they allow higher and higher MMR players just to make a queue of acceptation length.
Hiya! So do we ignore what the MMR thing is on op.gg then yeh? Someone else responded and messaged me in the client and asked me if I know how many points I gain per win and how many I lose per loss. I told them that I am getting +30 points for a win and I lose -11 for a loss (I went from 100 LP down to 89 LP after going win-lose-lose-lose) and they said that only one loss is counted for it. They mentioned that the amount of points you get per a win and a loss is a closer resemblance of your MMR, is that right? Okay, so is it better to play during normal hours? Though I'm pretty sure I was playing normal hours before when I was getting put in those games haha.
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: Will you receive the orianna skin, when you finished the season at Silver1 in Promotion Series? No, bcs thats below gold. Will your preaseason rating have any influence on the new season rating? Yes, since it's a soft reset, your rating that you hold before the reset will influence, where you end up after the reset (basically your new rating will be k*(R-1200) + 1200 with k<1, probably k~0.5, basically your rank gets cut in half, instead of reset to the generell new account starting point, that would be a hard reset, which wasnt done since s3(?)). SO the games you play in preseason will affect your mmr before the reset, meaning you can to a certain extent influence your reset point. And wrt ironIV, even with no games played, you would need to go something like 0-10 in placements to be placed in iron IV. But its likely that you will start lower after the reset, simply because of the nature of a reset and the tier insertion, so you might start your climb in silver III or something when going 5-5, but that's hard to estimate (take this with a reasonable grain of doubt).
Oh no that's the thing, I didn't have a rank in the season because I wasn't level 30 when it finished, I only managed to finish getting level 30 the other day but it was just after the 12th November, so I was wondering if there was any room for manoeuvre for new people to have an opportunity to get the skin albeit we started towards the end of when the season was finishing. Does that make sense? My rank just now is from "pre-season" games ^^
Breakhz (EUNE)
: Can someone tell me the names of all harry poter movies?chapters too
You belong to a rare group of people who have never seen all the Harry Potter films! :)
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: It sucks that I need to mute the chat because of all the flame when learning a new champion
Sometimes that's true, but I've also experienced times where people have taken 10-15 minutes out of their day at the end of a game to talk with me and explain things I never knew before. There's good along with the bad; I try to focus on the good!
MSF Ness (EUW)
: [Helpdesk] Ranked Rewards 2018 & Ranked System 2019
Hello! I have a question about the Orianna Skin and another about how the rank thing works. I started league a few weeks ago and it took me quite a while to reach level 30 on my account so I wasn't allowed to play ranked games until then because it was locked whenever I tried to click on it. I hit level 30 a couple of days ago and I've been putting my best foot forward with everything I've learned and been practising with the help and guidance from a few other players who've been kind enough to reach out and show me the ropes as well as some tips and tricks on my journey so far. I done my "provisional" games and I was awarded Silver 1 so that was quite nice. I've been trying with lots of effort to win my games and now I'm in a series to be promoted (if I understand correctly, if I win most of my games in my series, I'll move up to the next division which I think will be Gold). What I was wondering, is there any way possible that there might be an extension or allowance for new players to also receive the Orianna skin if we're only a couple of days out of the deadline but we manage to reach the requirements? Orianna is the champion I've been practising on most and I already have two skins (Dark Star Orianna and the Christmas one) but I really like the look of the "Victorious Orianna" skin but some people have said to me that I need to get lucky by finding it in chests or orbs I open to get the skin or to ask player support to see if I would be able to receive it if I reach the requirements. So I bought a bunch of the "KDA orb" bundles, I think I bought 75 in total but no luck in getting the Orianna skin, and I don't really want to be spending much more on the gambling element so I'm trying to second suggestion which is asking if there is any possible way we can receive it if we manage to reach the requirements in a timely fashion after we're eligible to play ranked PvP. The second thing I was wondering is do I lose my rank and do I become the lowest rank in January? Someone said to me that I will be "Iron 4" because I didn't have a rank before the season finished and the pre-season rank doesn't get included in your actual rank, so I'm a little confused with how that all works but if someone could explain it to me that would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time and consideration!
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Screwed (EUW)
: ***
ah ok so it's a combination of the games are still ranked and still count towards your hidden score, but in essence it is actually just a bit of fun until the next season starts properly? have I got that right?
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: I have been punished and suspended on this account for almost a year and I changed
Smerk (EUW)
: Reset happens at the start of new season, not now. Also it's a soft reset, so you won't start from the very beginning if your level is higher than 2. And this reset doesn't affect those with level below 2
Is that from January 23rd onwards? Thanks!
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: Changes to Honor Eligibility for End of Season Rewards
I see a lot of people saying that they feel this is counter productive, but I would actually say otherwise. This is a good incentive for those that have been punished to be on their best behaviour - hopefully after some time of maintaining that, they will remain that way indefinitely!
f l o x e y (EUNE)
First and foremost, contact your card issuer and cancel the card if you have not already done so - that is by far the most important thing you should be doing right now. If you fail to do so, and your card details are used fraudulently, then it will be due to your misjudgement. Furthermore, don't purchase "products" unless it is from the owner or they are licensed to do so. League content is property of Riot Games, not an individual selling accounts.
: As Smerk said, However I'd like to add, that CS entirely depends on your playstyle. A "MEH-farm" hyper-mobility roamer, might win you a game faster, and with more ease, than a control mage. Since we have a super-snowbally meta, you can get away with 6-7 CS in high ELO, but you gotta pull off 2-3 good roams on bot/top + crab follow-ups (as a midlaner for example - top does TP plays on bot, and crab covers/herald + maybe some mid roaming) - you basically won the game in 6-8 minutes. Nowadays it's all about seeing the opportunities, and knowing when/how to take them.
The roaming is still something I'm not entirely sure of when it would be good to do. I'm caught between controlling mid and freezing it so I stop the enemy mid person getting minions but that means I don't get to roam much, or if I want to roam I'd lose the control over the mid and the enemy will be able to safely get their minions and gold. If the side lanes are doing well and holding their own, would it be best to stick to mid and keep pressuring the enemy mid? I have started going for the crab, only noticed that it actually gives you a boost of manna when you kill it, so when I'm nearly low but not got enough gold to buy the item I want, I will usually see if there is a crab I can kill.
: The number is quite irrelevant since in some games you can actively farm enemy jungle, it also depends largely on the matchup. For orianna specifically there's 2 routes: Summon aery & grasp of the undying. Aery is for the easy matchups where you can actively poke & get lots of harrass off. Generally there's more roaming potential here. Grasp strongly favours a RoA rush for added tankyness & utility. This is the counter vs all in champs (irelia, akali, fizz, leblanc, ...) where you'll have to settle for lane cs only.
If we are a mid laner, should we be taking jungle monsters as well? I've always left them for the jungler to get and only focused on minions which come into my lane. Oh ok so there's another starting item and runes for countering Fizz (I've been wondering this from my other post). I'll definitely try that out thank you so much!
Smerk (EUW)
: 5 is good in bronze, add 1 for every tier above it
: 14 days suspension for using "Int Sion" strat. (Controversial response from support)
I can understand why people may do it as it seems to be a part of his champion kit, but from my perspective if I had seen a Tweet indicating it was allowed, I would have imagined that it wouldn't be a valid reason for a punishment. If it is causing issues and giving mixed signals, could they not alter the champion and replace it with something a little less controversial?
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: Cassio, Lissandra, Kassadin, Annie are the once who win a lot against Fizz. Cassio: her W makes it not possible to land a fizz Q or E (unless he is already in E) Lissandra: her R dodges his R, his W makes it not possible to turn E Annie: Land a W (stun) when fizz uses Q. Deathly combo comes after Ziggs and Akali are also good. Akali is overall a good pick, not sure why Ziggs beats Fizz (maybe because of his W)
Thank you! I've played a few games against a Lissandra and she seems quite interesting. I think I might buy her next when Ive got enough essence and practice with her. I'm starting to get better against Fizz in mid when I'm playing Orianna now though. Starting to actually keep the correct distance and keep track of when he uses his abilities as well as denying him minions. Eventually I think they get fed up and leave mid lane to go to the other lanes though some people tell me if the enemy does that, then it means you're doing something right in your own lane! Thanks for the recommendations ^^
253IQ (EUW)
: No. We can't shut up . We tell what Riot have to do . They should listen or we %%%% up their boards.
Have a closer read at what is written. :)
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Maíko (EUW)
: Something that helps me alot is playing with something i can't play against When you play a few games as Fizz, you will notice really fast what his weaknesses are and how you can punish him. >Because of this I think I'm getting targeted a lot (and I mean lots!) by the enemy jungle as well and my minions eventually end up freezing on the enemy side. Don't push him in 24/7 Try to setup vision and only do so, when you know you can't get punished for that. If the enemy jungler targets you, try to hold the wave on your side in the middle... that way they can't dive you easily and when Fizz starts to roam you can shove the wave into his tower. Make sure to warn your team when he leaves the lane tho. > Which is the correct item to build first? That's hard to say... cdr and mana are good stats to be able to presure him in lane but if he manages to kill you in lane, you should prio MR...otherwise he does it over and over again You don't need an early Zhonyas.... but a Stopwatch on lvl 6 can be very usefull. But as i said... play a few games as Fizz and you will see his weaknesses
Thank you! Would it be worth switching "Magical Boots" to "Stopwatch" in my runes whenever I fight against a Fizz then, yeh? So far I've been using: - aery, manna, focus, scorch - magical boots, biscuits
: Well, as a fellow orianna player it's safe to say that fizz is one of the harder champs to play against, so I'm not too sure, but I can give you some useful Orianna tips in general. Your damage comes from the ball, not you. Meaning you can always do damage at a distance; rarely ever any need to be close you your enemy or a minion wave. (Btw the combo is: Q-W-Ult-Ignite) This also means that in the early game, you have a much higher poke potential than any {{champion:105}} ever would. And remember that Fizz has 0 waveclear, whilst Orianna can just Q-W the backline of a minion wave. What I like to do personally when I'm up against champs with high burst is to take {{item:3157}} as a third item after{{item:3003}} and boots because Orianna uses quite a bit of mana. The reason I say {{item:3003}} over {{item:3285}} is because, unless you're REALLY careful about your mana expenditure, that stuff'll be gone in about three full combos. (Q-W-Ult-Ignite) Back to zhonya's, you have to make sure that you time it right so that you don't get hit by Fizz's ult, because activating {{item:3157}} too early and still getting hit by the ult is never a good time. Oh and a useful tip in general, you're gonna want to start the game with your E ability; it gives you 10 armor and Magic resist as well as the shield (it'll make quite the difference during the first few trades) Since you mentioned Magic resist Items, {{item:3102}} is always a welcome option. TL,DR; Out poke Fizz with your range. Take E first for survivability. Time your Zhonya's right. Learn the Q-W-Ult-Ignite combo. Hope this helps.
Thank you so much! Yeah, the trading is really good for me in the early levels and I am usually able to stop him getting lots of minions and have him at very low health so he just stands back near his turret while I wait to get one hit on the minions to get the gold while their minions destroy my minions. But I wasn't sure what the best tactic was for once he has his ultimate - whether or not I'm supposed to play passively until I get the correct items or if I need to keep pushing and denying him minions (but then running the risk of being caught by his spells or the enemy jungler too). Yeah I'm much better with my manna now, at first I wasn't but then I learned to use my Q and auto attacks to poke and to calm down on using my W unless I know for certain it will hit the enemy, so ever since then I've been able to practising keeping enough manna until I am going back to buy more items. So the correct item purchases would be either of those two items, then boots, and then buy the zhonas? and do we just play passively until we get the third item and once we get it we can then start playing more aggressively? One other thing I was wondering as well - I have been practising the minion freezing. Quite a lot of the time my enemy will be losing so much minions they just decide to leave the lane completely and go roaming. Sometimes they get kills other times they don't. When this happens, I'm usually still freezing the lane so it stays on my side and they miss as much minions as possible, unless I need to go to base then I will push it all the way in. Is that the correct thing to do? Sometimes people tell me that I should be roaming as much as possible, but I'm not sure what is more valuable - roaming and allowing their mid champ to get their minions and gold, or for me to keep in my lane and stop the enemy getting their minions while I save up gold for my items? Thanks!
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: Do I loose my Gold border over this?
To be honest, I'm not a particular fan of judging a book by the cover without reading the story. The only thing you know, by that point, is the cover illustration. The same I suppose would apply to a post like this. It's pretty difficult to establish the context of a conversation without seeing the chat from each participant in full - and so many will leave it to their imaginations to fill in the blanks and assume the context. I've seen a number of games where people have been really negative or aggressive in the chat system. I typically ignore them and focus on my own gameplay. Set yourself some mini goals ingame, they really do help you avoid the chat feature and focus on what actually matters. Remain positive as well. I had one game yesterday when the enemy team was pushed in right to our Nexus and we were all dead at the time. The enemy team had got out Nexus down to around 25% health when 2 of us revived. We immediately went at them to fight in one last attempt to defend and eventually we won that team fight. It gave us time to defend our base and push the lanes out a bit further while we waited for one inhibitor to respawn. In the midst of this, we were able to win a few more team fights later in the game and eventually we actually outsmarted the enemy team and won the game. So morale of the story: It's never over until it's over. Don't let negative incidents or comments distract your attention or your goals.
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