: You and your friend should have grown a pair, press the mute button on those making the remarks and reported them after the game. They were right on one thing though, biologically men and women are inherently different. That is basic scientific fact. Just as much as it is a fact you should have known that after a 14-day ban, there are only 2 paths: you either reform or you don't. If you don't, then a permaban eventually hit your account.
Well you know hindsight is a superpower for people like you.
ImpulseHD (EUW)
: I got banned Because i defended a friend from sexist players.
I'm Actually surprised so many people commented their opinions about it. Only came here to blow some steam off, I never actually thought people would share their own thoughts. No matter The opinions i'm happy to read all your comments and i'm very grateful some people took the time to read. Thank you. Still unbanned and Riot is not budging from their decision. Even though i have lost a lot. I accept it. I dont want to give up but it looks like i have to. I'm only one person.
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