Eambo (EUW)
: This is a legitimate email (we use @email.riotgames.com). The reason it looks so funky is all the rich content is being blocked by the spam filter, but rest assured this is one of ours :-) You can find a list of our most commonly used domains [HERE](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/events-tournaments-en/ndsehojK-free-skin-links-scamming-and-phishing) and some information on keeping your account safe. Good job on the vigilance however! :-)
Thanks for that information! Now I can "enjoy" the funky mail ;) Any thoughts on why I get automatic Blitzcrank requests several times? Support request was: "general questions about league of legends" Answer was: We cannot help you restore your account"
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: I might sound ridiculous but the naming and shaming rule can get you a boards-ban. Nice to know there is still the possibility of a "good game".
I'm pretty sure not - because the rule is defined as combination of naming and shaming while I am naming+honoring. Naming&Shaming is not bannable because of naming players, but because of the shaming.
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ƒ Vayne (EUW)
: Adding a 'Skins' tab to see which skins you own!
I think this is a pretty cool idea and I'd like to add the funktion to activate a certain skin as used skin in game from that feature AND a box that asks you to use a new bought skin as primary skin in game after you purchased it.
: [Winner Announcement] Best Plays Challenge
Lol Udyr didn't even try to smite the baron Edit: The baron was at 15 HP when poppy used the ultimate Edit 2: GG anyways
PsyKzz (EUW)
: Developers! Share your league of legends projects
This was my league of legends project some weeks ago: http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/9r9v2RR9-complex-mastery-system-a-fan-project-100-hours-of-working
Eambo (EUW)
: Hi Truetobi91, The host we use for our support site is currently experiencing issues - we've reached out to them and they're working on a resolution. Sorry for the inconvenience, but we hope to have it back ASAP!
Thanks for the quick answer. I checked out the service status and didn't find anything so I wasn't sure if this was a general problem atm.
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Eambo (EUW)
: Hi DEN1A, You are rewarded based on your standing at season end - so if you hit gold then are demoted to silver, you get silver's rewards.
That's why we have so many Gold V guys out there (including me) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Perilum (EUW)
: ***
So your grandchildren will be 1/8 russian? or maybe 3/8 russian if some of their partners is 1/2 russian?
Zeromatsu (EUW)
: Too slow paced. When I hear this I feel absolutely nothing. Last songs were different on that.
Agree. Songs for big events should just be AWESOME . This is meh at its best.
Eoshen (EUW)
: this is so stupid :( the day i actually feel like playing singed and spamming him becuase i was watching singed420 stream all day :( and now he gets banned becuase of an issue :( i'm so sad !! riot please fix this fast :(
Not banned - disabled {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: That feeling when....
When you're not paying attention at the start of the game and buy {{item:3302}} as {{champion:1}} support
Sianon (EUNE)
: You pick the champion. Alt tab to look at some youtube plays to get hyped. Runes and Mastries. Did I... You switch back. Only 3 seconds to switch them. You start looking at them and suddenly the silly names you made up for them don't ring a bell. The game starts. You are now playing as Jinx adc with runes and masteries for Janna. Have fun.
Played Karma with attackspeed runes and ADC masteries - win the game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: you have no idea how stupid i feel right now
No need to {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Chessbraino (EUNE)
: Basically some dude came on and fed, trolled and intentionally helped the enemy team. I ended up insulting the guy, result... punishment for flaming and stuff
Whenever someone insults another one, he deserves his punishment no matter if the other one was trolling, feeding etc. It has been discussed a million times and people just need to stay silent - which is hard I know. You have to pull yourself together in every of those situations and now you have to do the same and get through the punishment.
: @Riot Meddler
Wrong boards. You need to post on na boards if you want to get noticed by certain na rioters.
: Ryze Bot stacks his Tear of The Goddess at fountain.
Ryze AI constantly tower dives you if you are below 33% health
Eambo (EUW)
: But I'm always here :-( Croissant is an OG - posted a lot on forums, intermittent visitor to boards. Maybe this post will encourage him to stick around! Thank you though, positive feedback is a great thing to hear - something to share around the office and maybe encourage more Rioters to jump in! :-)
I didn't even know that there were other Rioters than you on EUW ;)
: Should Riot "do a Blizzard"?
There are no ressources for such projects. However the real question is: Would riot even let an independant producer get their hands on their game for the purpose of making a movie?
Guimmo (EUW)
: IMPROVEMENT - Change Summoner Spells on the first 20 secs of game
Problem with this is following: Opponents see your first locked summoners in loading screen and because they are able to change them too they could also do so trying to adapt yours - like *oh mid laner as tp now I rush tp also to counter his one* All this could result in people picking some random summoners nobody uses and than everybody changes their summoners at the beginning of the game.
DaveRod (EUW)
: What is the guaranteed way of getting an S on a Tank champion?
play Aram a lot so you get to play him from time to time. As jarvan supports are quite easy to pick up thanks for the aura, get farm and don't die to often.
: could some1 tell me where/ what website I can go to in order to place my predictions for worlds and hopefully get the ultimate skins?
Riot hasn't announced anything like that for this year yet
: Dont forget Rox Tigers, they were very strong in lck summer.
Rox are my Group A favourites
: Worlds Group Stage in a nutshell
I don't think CLG will have a hard time, I think it's only hard for them to be 1st Place in that group - 2nd place is nearly sure for them. Group B is most interesting to me, because flash wolves showed super performances last year and I don't know how they played throughout the last season. SKT and C9 are super strong for sure. For me it is pretty safe that there is no EU team going to survive the group stage - not after G2's MSI performing.
: Make a sightstone to store one pink ward up. But tbh, I think that they wont make it, since players can use lens to scan for stealth champions (works only if team has a good teamplay, mostly).
The lens doesn't reeally reveal stealthed champions. You can only see the shapes if in range with one tick per second - still you can't click them.
: offtop. i am looking for a new main now. i played Shen A LOT, since he did very well in a lot of matchups, like: {{champion:245}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:86}}{{champion:240}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:58}} and even{{champion:48}} as you can see, this is quite a lot of champions and they are consistently popular. now with Shen removed my top lane repertoir is incomplete. looking for a new main. any tips?
: Is Shen ult too good for professional play to make Shen soloQ balance possible?
After the teleport nerfs shen's ultimate was even more valuable in competitive play - that's a huge reason why he is picked so often. You cross map tp plays are much more reliable with his ultimate.
Antony9 (EUW)
: Should I keep on playing support?
Play whatever you have most fun with - or else you end up quitting league sooner than later.
: lol wut, nunu is a beast atm
: Nunu
He's on the high priority lists on champions for upcoming vgu's. atm warwick and galio are reworked - nunu could be somewhen after that.
: To me that looks like a chroma pack, a simple recolored skin with a couple puffy/round flower leaves.
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: Yorick's rework
Yorick is intended to go live on 6.18 but will be disabled for worlds (source: Meddler)
: Yasuo rework
When there are 10 bans I can literally delete him from my games {{champion:117}}
: I dont't enjoy in game anymore.
I felt the same about 2 months ago and stopped playing back then. I just started playing Aram yesterday or so and its quite a bit fun again since I didn't play aram a lot that time.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: I would like to see Riot retry the Support / Assassin Concept again (Nidalee has since moved on from Assassin / Support to Assassin / Fighter).
: Tahm kench is spotted more often now top then support. he actually does great there. -
I thought Riot stated somewhere that he was originally designed as top laner in the first place and as support secondary (not 100% sure about that)
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Not necessarily because the champions released are not being released by lane, but by playstyle as well and what/who they are defined as. Mage, Assassin, tank, ADC, etc. Not top jungle mid, adc, support. So if the next champion isn't a Support I wouldn't find anything wrong with that.
Riot **does** take lanes into account a lot. They want every player no matter whether they are top or adc to have a new champion from time to time.
: I kinda dissagree Supports had 3 times more realeses than assasins had in Recent history. the last champ that was realesed that was supose to be an assasin was {{champion:245}}, Supports had in the in this time {{champion:44}} {{champion:223}} and even {{champion:432}} shortly before {{champion:245}} . also a Couple of nice reworkt Supportitems and a Change to the Exp. system. I would love to see another Assasin realesed and i'm kinda confused wich the Classrewort will have. point is Supports had way more love than the Assasin class had IMO.
Assassins as class is not what riot looks for when deciding what the next champion will be (see my post above)
Allosen (EUW)
: Could the next Champion be a new Supporter, please ?
I think it's going to be either a jungler or adc. Riot doesn't choose their new champions by classes, instead the position is more important for their decision making. They want every player on every position to have a new champion from time to time. Taking a look on the new champions of the last 3 years: >Mid: 4 Top: 3 Support: 2 ADC: 2 Jungle: 2 >plus: >Ekko: (Top or Mid) Tahm Kench (Top or Support)
: Kalista in this meta
Kalista was falling down immediately after they nerfed her base AD ratio on auto attacks from 100% to 90%
Husker (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Wa5abi65,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=EE7d58Pu,comment-id=00070000,timestamp=2016-08-12T12:34:34.910+0000) > > Hi, thanks for joining the discussion. It is good to have an official response. > How about the idea of just raising awareness of these 2 points? As you can see from this (and other) discussions on the topic, there is some confusion/doubt about whether report calling is punishable. > Can there not be something done just to bring this to people's attention as it is clearly a common experience in games. > It seems that some don't see the connection between report calling and harrassment. > If messages like this appeared in the 'tips' bar in the loading screen, for example, it might be helpful. I personally think that it would be a better use of that space than informing me that Miss Fortune's first name is Sarah! > Of course, people might chose to ignore it but they couldn't say they didn't know. That's really good feedback, thanks! I'll spend some time working with the team who are experts on the system and I'll try get a post up on the client in the coming weeks with a brief explanation of what is and what is not acceptable behavior around reporting.
Sooo... if I ask people to report an account that is obviously a scripted bot (there are many signs for it) I can be banned for it?
: Do you think someone else than KR will ever win worlds ?
I think EUW was in a better position last season - however chinese team are always very good. Many players in KR that don't get a position on KR teams go to china and improve their overall competitive quality. NA with TSM and IMT will be very tough contenders if they can keep up their match quality. I don't care that much about whether a Korean team wins worlds, but I don't want it to be the exact same team over and over again.
NotNanö (EUW)
: Pulsefire Ezreal and Arcade Ezreal
How can Annie in wonderland be worse than frostfire-annie?
Parasyt3 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Truetobi91,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=R6REdKp9,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2016-08-09T15:31:50.917+0000) > > It's just about 2 times per day someone makes a threat about it xD Oh? What are Riot's answers, if you could link it?
Riot replies rarely to these requests as they are simply too many to answer - they rely on other active players to spread the usual information. For my part it is easier to spread now the information again as to search for a few official statements in several hundreds of these botting-account-threats: Riot has a detection system for botting accounts (accounts that script bots to play 24/7 to level up to lvl 30 in a short time). This detection system does not ban them in the first place - but links them somehow (I think), because these accounts are banned in waves. I do not know what time space is between each wave, but it has a sense: Scripters do not know immediately whether their new script is detected by the system. It's a war comparable to viruses and anti-virus prorgamms. However it usually takes long enough to completely level these accounts to lvl 30 before they are banned in a wave. Riot dropped the experience rate needed to reach that level - which is on the one hand bad because these accounts are "ready for sell" earlier but on the other they spend less time with real new players. The botting accounts reach lvl 30 earlier and are then more in games of the more experienced players that play coop from time to time or frequently for their first win of the day bonus. As I know these botting accounts are either for sell or own use from players that are more likely to get banned for other reasons (like toxicity) and so have a fresh account with lots of IP when suspended from the game. However these accounts are even banned (or especially) when in the hands of players who sold it. Now about Riot: Riot does not want to talk to much about that topic because they don't want to give any information that could be usefull for the scripters. Riot is aware of all the botting accounts - they know how many accounts they are banning in every wave, even though this happens automatically. So what they state most of the time is that they HAVE the detection system, are IMPROVING the system and ask for patience on the players side. I think thats mostly all I can remember right now, hope this helps you out.
Parasyt3 (EUW)
: Amount of bots in Co-Op games
>And also if this has been posted recently somewhere, I couldn't find it, as well as if this is the wrong place for this sort of post, I don't usually come here It's just about 2 times per day someone makes a threat about it xD
Zephyr77 (EUW)
: That..i can agree. You would rarely see a pure tank toxic player, or even less support.
Yep yep - I don't think a selfish player would ever play an unselfish position *cough*support*cough*
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