: Darius needs to be nerfed. Urgently
Pick the correct champion for the job newb {{champion:161}}
: Riot, next time hire ACTUAL artists
As someone that draws naked people not in college and not an artist - she thik - fapalapalap - mhm ok.
: Stun combo champions are unhealthy for the game
{{champion:92}} No-i-disagree...stuns-are-incredibly-fair....-some-champions-need-a-lot-of-skill-to-100-0....stunning-is-not-easy....please-ignore-rito..
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Shamose (EUW)
: Can you imagine being a Tryndamere and just getting 3 free crits of because you can't be CC'ed? Does that example make you see how stupid your suggestion is?
Hopy (EUW)
: Is Jhin a "late game champion"?
no he's among the worst at dealing with tanks, early/mid game = jhin
Hopy (EUW)
: Glacial augment on LeBlanc?
no thunderlords is far more intimidating, being able to trade with auto - q - auto is a valuable tool.
MikeBiss (EUW)
: Why does Azir his W insta kill gangplank kegs?
yea but 2 sand soldiers for one mere keg? puhlz l2p {{champion:268}}
: Are bans even worth it nowadays? (soloQ)
I ban evelyn without exception every game, the games you lose against evelyn are excruciatingly painful and cheap. Most players are ill equipped to deal with her even at diamond elo. She ruins the game on a fundamental level, that's just my opinion of course.
: Once you buy boots, it becomes easier to dodge it, and it doesn't do a lot of damage early game, so I don't see why he needs a nerf, he seems kind of weak right now actually.
I rush swiftness boots basically every game the problem is the laser starts right next to you and so there is nothing to dodge, either i'm just playing against much better viktor players that really understand how broken their laser is or you're wrong i don't think i'm bad at dodging, i think i mastered the fkin xerath matchup based on my ability to dodge but viktor is impossible.
: Once you buy boots, it becomes easier to dodge it, and it doesn't do a lot of damage early game, so I don't see why he needs a nerf, he seems kind of weak right now actually.
I buy swiftness boots every game, and boots first back, even so you are getting hit by the laser it's hitbox is ridiculous there's nothing to dodge it comes out and then hits you in 0.1 seconds try dodging an obese man shot at you through a rocket launcher that's what viktors laser is.
: If I go AP Master Yi support, is it trolling?
The word viable is the key word, master yi support is not viable but what does viable mean? The word viable only matters at the competitive level, or where play is conducted optimally. Most scrubs that play this game need not worry about the term viable ever. Master yi ap is not meta and it's not good though.
: He gets 2 lasers? I assume u mean his w? Its not that hard to dodge and costs quite alot of mana
It's not that hard to dodge yes it is, it's essentially impossible to dodge hence the reason i made this post so obviously i disagree with you, you underestimate or you're just flat wrong.
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: sick and tired of zed
I feel the same way - Zed is listed as a 3/3 difficulty champ whereas a champion such as karma is listed as a 1/3 difficulty champ on both midbeasts own tier list and lol wiki. Why? Zed has :- Easy last hitting with his passive (among the easiest in the game). No mana to manage. Nice easy escape tool that happens instantly (unlike lissandra for example that can be interrupted). Great Waveclear. Simple itemisation. Easy trades that happen at great range and if you hit your combo you can go in, if not you can back out and wait for your W coolddown to try again. At zero risk. Easy assassinations and game plan, find squishy w r onto them press r, zed does so much damage doesn't matter if you miss a shuriken or 2 who cares. Zed is a pansy champion for bad players. Zed can kill you even if the person using him is an absolute trash player Karma has :- Awful last hitting that takes a lot of skill and no aid whatsoever. Painful waveclear. Has to commit fully to trades if you shield in you cannot shield out. Missing skillshots directly hurts your ability to use your ultimate. Understanding which mantra to use in which situation can win or lose game, who do i shield? Maybe i should mantra Q their adc? Or maybe i mantra W heal myself in this hectic moment so that i can survive longer, maybe i should focus on dealing damage and carrying or should i enable my team? Should i build tankier and play a supportive role? Should i go full ap? Tricky itemisation choices. Which runes are you taking? Aery? Comet? Klepto? Maybe you dip into the resolve tree? Karma is a hilariously difficult champion to win games with even if you know what you are doing carrying is incredibly difficult. I would flip the difficulties around completely.
: How is Lissandra strong vs. Yasuo?
I thought lissandra sucked before any changes were made to her - before her passive was changed - her new passive - does nothing unless you kill someone and even then it may be totally useless, not a fan. Her old passive allowed you to poke people down a lot more and was useful at least in every game. Her q damage was always terrible, i've had diana players literally start dorans shield into me and whenever you q them they just shield and totally ignore you, her q scales awfully and now it's nerfed again? This champ is unplayable, her base health scales the lowest of most mages champs like xerath and vel'koz that don't need to dive into 5 have more innate hp. If you get behind lissandra is worthless and even if ahead she struggles to kill anything, her dash is so easy to interrupt, i stopped playing her long ago. How is she strong vs yasuo? She's not - she's safe against yasuo, yasuo can pretty much tank your q for days but you can't outplay lissandra's W and so yasuo should never be able to kill you, you can also self ulti to avoid his ulti and at level 6 it's basically guaranteed kills > with your jungler. (good luck one shotting anything on liss without prior damage.).
: How is teemo a counter vs. Darius?
I disagree with Febos, Teemo counters darius if you are fkin very good at teemo otherwise you will feed constantly. You have to be using your W like an actual god to win with perfect kiting and blinding and info on where the enemy jungler is, you also might want to be taking ignite and trying for extremely early kills which means you are all in from level 1, also you have to be running the rune setup that gives you the most damage as early as possble etcetc. The lane is not free.
: ornn has 1 skin
Inaphyt (EUW)
: How reliable are ranked stats?
I'm bored so i'll reveal my highly calculated builds to you all. This is my core that i aim to get every game -{{item:1056}} {{item:1056}} {{item:2065}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3152}}. Swiftness boots without exception every game. Sorcs are a financial hinderence and movespeed to an intelligent individual can equal damage, damage that sorcs cannot achieve. In league there are a lot of highly mobile champs. When building any champion any item you buy is fixing one of the inherent flaws your champ has, every item answers a question. Swiftness - shurelias allows you to dodge every skillshot in lane {{champion:101}} and allows you to confirm kills on any Q you land, if things go badly swiftness boots and shurelias allow you to return to lane much faster, one of vels problems? One of the worst skirmishing champions in the game during the extremely clumsy early (where you don't have max cdr). Shurelias offers every single stat you could want on vel'koz, mobility, health, ap and mana regen it's also absurdly cheap. Versus ludens echo that answers no question, vel can demolish waves in seconds without ludens. For other champs this is not the case which is why ludens is a painfully expensive and worthless buy. Dorans rings also offer every stat you could want, i buy 2 and keep them aslong as possible. Protobelt is great against any champion in league and gives vel'koz a psuedo dash - exactly what you need, it can help you dodge pyke hooks, dash out of udyrs stun range dodge jynx ulti's, it's invaluable on vel'koz and also gives cooldown reduction health and ability power which is everything you want. Situational items - {{item:3157}} if the enemy has "unavoidable" damage, e.g {{champion:238}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} against champs that can be "avoided" {{champion:77}} {{champion:75}} {{champion:24}} you don't bother with zhonyas instead opting into more speed or health. {{item:3027}} Roa in situations where you ask yourself the question? What do i need now? I need more bulk! (because vel'koz does overkill damage anyway with little ap purchase and literally zero magic pen). Also purchase them if i don't need anything and happen to have 2700 in one go as you can't go wrong with a roa. {{item:3102}} Vs things that are "unavoidable" {{champion:30}} or to deter all ins from ap champs {{champion:7}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:142}} aslong as they are playing the "hehe i pinged your banshees shield" you aren't dying and everything is cool. The core of this set up is extremely cheap compared to your opponents items and their jungler will have a tough time actually ganking you as you don't get dropped in one - if they do not drop you in one go they will definitely die being right by a vel'koz that can 100-0 them with no effort. Today a jarvan flash ulted me with full health and ignited me i used {{summoner:21}} and deleted him in a straight up everything hit for both parties situation, if they can't kill you in one - and they can't hit you with skillshots what can they do? This build also allows you to play much more aggressively adopting a mid/forward position and you can even splitpush depending on how much relative threat there is on the opposing side.
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Kruxs1sUwU (EUNE)
: trynda is broken
Is hail of blades bad on trynda?
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: How really good/bad Evelynn is
She's exceptionally good, i ban her every single game in ranked purely because she destroys the rules of the game completely and makes my entire teams wards useless. Pretty broken i'd happily see evelyn removed from league or fully reworked (removing the perma stealth).
MrMayonaise (EUNE)
: lethalithy
Lethality is supposed to help assassinate squishies, not delete tanks. Botrk and last whisper items vs tanky teams. Or just play champs that literally do not care and kill anyone without worrying about all that {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:161}}
M3GTRDragon (EUNE)
: Scorch is good for champions like teemo, brand, darius or basically anyone with dot effects. pair it with aery, corrupting potion and red buff and you get some insane dot damage early. Also, the longer the game goes on, the less effective scorch comes. at 30 minute or longer games, gathering storm is HUGE. but before that point, the rune is essentially useless. I find using scorch over anything else, because well, not many people get to use rivers extra speed, when most fights tend to happen in the lane. And the gathering storm has awful stats before 30 minutye mark, making it quite a gamble in fast paced metas. by the time it gets to be effective the game is usually decided already anyway. only place where gathering storm would be good is when 2 lategamer teams went against each other. any other case, it's a risk.
Still though those shrooms are going to hurt so much more with gathering storm which isn't gated by cooldown what if multiple people run into my shroom field? scorch will only effect one versus the multiple people that are getting hit by multiple shrooms. I massively prefer gathering storm on teemo. What you say is how the rune should work in theory but in reality it barely cancels out health regen, it's like a worse twitch poison.
: Why do you say "on any champion" and then bring up only Vel'Koz? There is also for example {{champion:54}} Q-max with Comet and Scorch. You take the Scorch because pre 10 minutes, you can have already won the lane with the bonus damage from it + Comet and Q-max. It does, especially early, way more than just damage. It brings an enemy into kill range, softens him up for solo-kills, forces him to run through sustain quicker, brings him lower for a jungle gank to be more likely to be successful. As Vel'Koz, you don't have to do that of course. Given the high scaling with AP and the ability to always resort back to just waveclearing and stalling out, that damage from Scorch may indeed just not be worth it. Scorch can also be a good choice on Supports who tend to want to use base damages and dont scale that well because they dont get that much XP or gold, so the increased early game damage can pay off to win the lane. There probably are more examples like that, but you get the picture.
On any champion because of all champions in the game vel'koz is among the highest damage dealers on average per game. So if you thought scorch did no damage in the example i just gave your malphite wont be coming anywhere near 1000 damage damage in any game, especially early.
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: Should I Onetrick?
Before you start the game you have to look who the opponents jungler is, if it's a lee sin or anything capable of ganking really well, ward one side level 2 and only last hit minions while harassing your opponent with bend q's and through w's (vel'koz) - if they try to push you in, counterpush and just play the lane out safely. Always watch where your jungler is and stand on that side of the lane (so if you get ganked he can react more quickly). I recommend editing the .ini file in league to make the minimap twice (or more) as large to amplify it's importance. I used to one trick vel'koz and i reached plat 1 with only vel'koz but the problem is, if that one champ get's banned it's almost an auto loss and even now i feel my vel'koz is thousands of times better than any other champ i've tried to include in my champ pool. One tricking will permanently mould your mind to see league a certain way - when i'm playing tf and losing i know that if i was vel koz..... i could do a lot more damage right now and maybe carry - when i'm playing karma shielding people who aren't fed enough... vel'koz is at the back of my mind. One tricking is dangerous.
Hansiman (EUW)
: I honestly don't think localization between american english, and british english, is really worth it. You understand both versions just fine, no? Besides, what's the language of EU again?
English and in terms of localisation we should respect the localised language.
: Make Guardian Angel's Resurrect Active ability
cause the ability to revive immediately is actually so op and could literally shape the meta, imagine 5 revives (like flash) every game, and baron fights the most fiesta circus ever with no risk, go all in do not fear the consequences and we all revive for round 2. I understand totally why they removed it especially with the ability to cycle between summoners in utility runes now. Also if you're going to troll revive is the fastest way to feed.
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: Reach high enough elo and then tell me that people can solo carry games. Everything up to diamond 5 can be carried easier but definitely not always all by yourself you will still loose many games because of this one teammate/s even if you are 20/1. I've seen pro players complaing for the same shit... . Saying that this game has turned too much teambased and your own skills don't really matter without having a decent teammates... Not to mention that in high elo people often get autofilled and the team with most autofilled players instantly looses. The reason is obvious
No at the highest level of play - player skill makes a difference. Tragic erroneous talk.
: league of whoever gets the troll
Sounds like a bunch'a crap to me i see people solo carry games every day. Go watch professor akali and tell me he doesn't solo carry games.
Shamose (EUW)
: Is it okay to not leash my jungler?
You should be able to get there fast enough if you leash correctly, even if the jungler doesn't invest into your lane he can impact the map much more effectively and more quickly if you give them a great leash.
: > [{quoted}](name=Inaphyt,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=W2vur7rl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-03-22T06:10:33.164+0000) > > Sometimes if you right click mid from base you get STUCK on the tier 2 tower, this has happened many times to me. Actually never noticed that More on the **topic** I know this pathing glitch/issue has been part of the game for many years, and in the beginning I actually assumed it was part of the game to allow players with higher apm to have an advantage by coming faster to lane. Now it just seems that its somthing thats either forgotten or neglected by the majority. I mean literally nobody benefits from your hero moving in a straight line and then suddenly start moving diagonally away from the target location. {{summoner:3}}
Oh you want **On topic?** Your issue doesn't exist never noticed it and if that's a problem to you click more often problem solved.
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: Pathing on lanes
Sometimes if you right click mid from base you get STUCK on the tier 2 tower, this has happened many times to me.
Rioter Comments
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: Twisted Fate base stats
You have to be bold against le blanc her W has a long combo and although she can burst you you must fight her when she jumps in with yellow card rather than running, run towards her warp location guaranteed yellow card and Q, Her W has a massive cooldown early and without it she can't waveclear so constantly push the wave with auto's and get ready to pull yellow card and hug minions. If you manage to yellow card her as she w's you she eats a lot of minion damage.
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: What is a good farm for the midlaner?
you are farming extremely well if you have 10 less than the current time e.g 4 minutes you have 30 - 10 minutes you have 90 - 20 you have 190. I rarely ever get that high only in games that are quiet early and minion farming sessions.
: Season 10 Suggestion. Answer Why Riot Lost 40% revenue in 2018
: Can you please give me mid?
i always queue with mid / support which gets me mid roughly 95% of the time, support is actually a very popular role now and if i get support i dodge.
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: Is there anyway to stop a fed Vel Koz?
1. There are so many counters to vel'koz in league and that's how you deal with him. {{champion:103}} {{champion:84}} {{champion:164}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:555}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:29}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:238}}{{champion:64}} If you don't have those champs you are more or less %%%t though.
: Morgana Q hitbox.
I think the hitbox has been fattened since rework, binding wasn't a skillshot i considered a threat before but now it's like a mini ashe arrow.
: Buff kata wtf riot
Agreed, Kata is weak, literally bullying the poor lady under tower and tentacle raping her every time {{champion:161}} kata is so weak that unless she roams and gets fed 7 kills from your awful team without losing too much farm she's irrelevant and even if monstrously fed it isn't game over. Some champs are better left in the gutter though imo ;)
Earrl (EUW)
: Why is zoe even still in the game
Zoe is too nerfed for even pro play atm i think they did a good job balancing her and i rarely have problems against her in soloqueue, lane isn't won or broken from one item but consistent worse play than the zoe who better be good at using that champ at this point.
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