Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Lol you bronze oh well..No wonder you talk nonsense..Whatever believe what you want.
Idk how you got your rank when you don't even know basic stuff like armor counters lethality or anyone can build some defensive items and that doesn't make them tank. Maybe learn the itemisation before you write bs comments hereafter.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: You realise {{item:3047}} got changed long time ago and made it op vs adc right?Auto atack champs not assasins ad.Wont help you vs ad assasins.Not a chance. And ad assasins are probably the lowest to worry about.Ap assasins are broken.And yes adc right now is mostly to stay alive but you cant.Because is 1 shot fiesta.And if your team dies no one will give you the chance to do dmg. Thats why even high elo players said "if you dont have a team as adc you dont get to do dmg".So youre just like a minion but give more gold. If you get a nice team decent ofc..will be Amazing to play adc.If not you just dont count at all.And this is solo que not pro stage.
{{item:3047}} gives armor too which counters lethality; that's why I wrote earlier that {{item:1029}} negates {{item:3134}}. And if it counters opponent adc too isnt it good? I write this because high elo players (diamond 1-2 rank) said me to go always {{item:3157}} because it has armor and it will stop assassins instantly deleting as more armor means lethality is negated. This is also made as complaint by assassin writing mages with this item alone counters them. Yes, adc is dependent on team and more on players not feeding; but in my rank(i was silver last season and right now Bronze due to some reason) it is simply going and inting. I played mid like 5 games and I swapped to bot 2 times till now; in second last game I played right now I was 1v2 in bot lane against fed {{champion:18}} +{{champion:89}} and I was just setting up kills for {{champion:157}} who was originally adc and went to mid after 4 deaths. But players will never play for the team; the jungler was waiting for taking kills and not securing objectives. Last game I played {{champion:74}} apc with {{champion:45}} supp and in game I became supp and he became apc because I was giving him kills. Mid {{champion:99}} also joined us because any cc hit after glacial slow is sure death and we were like 3v5 because top+jg were going split(fine with that 1 3 1), but so much into opponent side with no vision and dying 1v5 always. If I were an adc main in silver or bronze, I would've been writing non-stop saying supp is ks or taking cs or no vision or mage veigar is not supp,.... and go full int mode making the seemingly 3v5 a 2v5 game. This is the difference between an adc playing adc and supp playing adc. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
RayleighTT (EUNE)
: playing this game is just out of discussion...
{{item:3047}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3026}} are there for increasing your chance of survival and negating lethality.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: No one said they cant build armor...But they are restricted.They muts build their item core first or they will do 0 DMG.{{item:3031}} {{item:3095}} {{item:3094}} something like this.Then you can build whatever you want for last 2 items if enemy have like 0 armor so you dont have to buy {{item:3036}} .So with that you get to 5 items with {{item:3006}} and only 1 item to choose from. You realise adc dont have same choices like ap champs right?Or maybe you never play adc so ofc people talk without knowing nothing. Without dmg youre just a minion that is a little bit more tanky standing there ready to be deleted even with 1 or 2 items of defence.That wont save you my friend.Immagine tanks how mutch dmg they can get from ap champs wtf can you do. Or you already forgot that this is 1 shot fiesta meta????
If there is more lethality and more lethality items(thanks to the buffs and meta shift) what's wrong in building {{item:3047}} in place of {{item:3006}} ? I don't main adc, but I played it few games to know that it is better to do multiple aa or abilities to do 400dmg, stay alive stalling for time for my team to reach me than to do 1-2 aa or abilities of 400 dmg with full dmg build and die making it disadvantageous for my team. For me escaping with low hp and serving as a bait is contributing something to the team, than having grey screen and blaming it on supp and team to contribute nothing to the team.
: > [{quoted}](name=IndianItachi,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AkZlistH,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2020-01-16T05:50:06.696+0000) > > Support role has become more dependent on adc and team; get a bad adc=gg, get a bad team=gg. I play other roles too, but within first 5 mins if bot lane goes and feeds it seems impossible to stop it and it has been the main reason for me to play support. No. If you get a bad ADC, you setup vision so your ADC can farm safely... then you roam with your jungler and make plays elsewhere. Having a Bad Support is way more detrimental to a teams success than a bad ADC. Bad ADC doesn't make a Support useless. Bad Support makes an ADC useless.
Bad adc means the laning phase is lost automatically, quest gets completed very late; if adc doesn't ward before supp quest completion there is no means of setting up vision and roaming because as soon as supp leave lane adc will go to feed. If asked adc player write only supp should ward and they think saving the ward they get free is going to give them gold, xp and automatic win. Players don't choose supp because bad adc=losing game and getting tilted for no mistake from supp side. NO farming and full feeding is not job of adc, but most adc players do this and blame all to supp. No defensive build, no playing for team and adc will go feed to make others lose.
Luciferrx (EUNE)
: Ez to say hard to do.You try adc then say all of this.{{item:3047}} is an item that few adc can take it because most adcs need {{item:3006}} .And armor..magic resist?Wtf are you a tank? You are the dmg dealer thats what you are.Until you reach 4 5 items keep dreaming.YOu need your core or 0 dmg.
Lmao! Where did you learn that building armor or mr is only for tanks? {{item:3047}} {{item:3111}} {{item:3155}} /{{item:3156}} {{item:3140}} /{{item:3139}} {{item:3026}} are situational builds for marksmen and if someone is not going to wait to scale up in laning phase by going like 0-7 in 10 mins and going full brittle damage build they're to be deleted instantly. {{item:1029}} negates {{item:3134}} lethality and it is needed for players who position badly or push blindly. If someone is dead they deal 0 damage and items don't magically do damage while respawning; because adc goes and dies, team is put into 4v5 situation and of-course I will play it sometime soon.
: Games are to short, and champions deals to much damage.
Don't say that ADC is weak; if they don't even build armor against AD assassins running around with lethality or MR against AP assassins running around with multiple dashes they're bound to be deleted in 0.03s. I play mid or supp or jg(in normals) and assassins aren't the ones who is destroying adc in lane. {{champion:555}} or {{champion:35}} are capable of doing that, but most of the adc players lose lane because they don't respect opponent's damage. If I play supp, they don't ward, don't farm, don't trade or poke when opponents poke but go in unfavorable situations of one against two or one against three(in case of jungler ganking) and always stay with low health and mana to get {{item:1038}} first back whatever maybe the game condition. Ignores dragon, ignores giving first blood, ignores giving free farm and exp lead but knows how to spam ? ping or write blame on supp. I play mid or jg, before I go for first back, adc is like going 0-3 and single handedly decides to lose game because they want to get farm full game to the extreme end into opponent's side and to feed them. You write anything like build {{item:3047}} instead of {{item:3006}} or ward to push or wait for team, they go full inting mode. I don't know how it is in other ranks, it is what happen in Silver and right now placements are even worse. If META changes to assassin or burst damage play accordingly and not all adc are weak right now. Champions like {{champion:18}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:236}} have been strong in solo and duo lane for long time, but because most of the players don't know how to play adc champ they screw up. Just had a game where {{champion:18}} top and {{champion:236}} adc were playing like bots, I switch roles to make them help and stop opponents from going full force, but not only they int, they troll and have no common sense. "If I am not carry, game should be lost" is the mentality they have and it is common to see autofilled support players hate them because they get blamed all time for adc's mistake. Mid or supp I build defensive items and even if I am ahead I build it because I want to delay giving my bounty as long as possible, but without this common sense of-course adc will be deleted so fast. If ADC players don't know how to play adc and play safe with defensive items just go mage in carry as mages are very good against almost all champion types.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Did the support role change much?
Support role has become more dependent on adc and team; get a bad adc=gg, get a bad team=gg. I play other roles too, but within first 5 mins if bot lane goes and feeds it seems impossible to stop it and it has been the main reason for me to play support.
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Damoy (EUW)
: "There was an unexpected error with the login session. Please try again." AFTER SUCCESSFUL LOGIN
This happens to me lot of times and this has been occurring for long time. Other than waiting for few mins-few hrs for it to go away, if there is any other way it will be nice to know.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=dMbYLk5q,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-15T09:52:19.745+0000) > > Are you using Windows 7? its not win related i use 10 and have the same problem, its the client getting stuck, a temporary fix is to open task manager and end all league tasks, than restart league of legends, but the problem might occur with a new match though.
I use Windows 7. is there a different solution?
: Riots didnt care about it. adapt or die as a player.
Yes. I stopped playing ranked, but even for normals it is a struggle to start a game without any trouble.
: Game wont launch after champ select... losing LP...
Same thing; I have similar problems for last 2 patches and I stopped playing ranked due to this.
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: {{champion:5}} is probably the one you're looking for, other picks that kind of have the same concept are {{champion:77}} , {{champion:59}} and {{champion:19}} but they don't have the same carry potential as {{champion:24}} since non of them have an ability to dodge attacks.
Thanks. out of all I played only warwick. I will try others.
: Yeah i always find the enemy jungler ganking before me too. I usually go for ganking top more than any other lane. Ganking top is very easy most of the time. I would prefer to gank top over botlane because if your toplaner isn't helping you don't require him to kill the toplaner. Unlike botlane where there are two enemies. Also my botlanes usually feed their asses off so i don't trust my botlanes that much.
True. Sad thing is I play support in ranked only to reduce the feed and somehow they still feed-even if said with pings and chat. I think duo mage bot lane or some composition like sona+taric(or any other supp) is better as they can support the other laners twice the amount.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I would advise for WW. It has temporal burst in defense, followed by CC. In mechanic it is pretty similar to what you are used to play with jax. It is good at dueling, quite resilient, and can be used as split pusher. Otherwise Xin, but I do not think that you will like its commitment to the kill.
Yes. Warwick is good and have not played Xin. I see some games where he take dragons solo and stay at almost full health even from low level and I really like it.
: why do promo's often end up in nightmares?
Same for me; Silver 2 100 LP Promotion game 1: Top laner (mordekaiser) feeds opponent darius and master yi. Though myself (zyra) and adc(ashe) are ahead, master yi comes and just dodge my root-kills in 3-4 seconds. They continue to take tower, even with us attacking them , with mid (kassadin) refusing to surrender till they come to take nexus near fountain. And we surrender with 4-1 vote. promotion game 2: Top laner (riven) feeds opponent ashe. Though myself(morgana) and adc(caitlyn) are ahead at start, once they start grouping we can't do anything. Riven goes 1v5 them always without any plan or warded areas to give them free dragon and baron; my team has no option but to surr.
: The obvious choice for powerfarming and lategame destruction would be {{champion:11}}, but if you want cc and bruiser stats {{champion:48}} or {{champion:5}} would be good. Blue side: red, krugs, raptors, wolves, blue, crab then gromp. Your a powerfarmer so clearing all your camps before looking for a gank is better. But if a gank is available after you're at least lv3 it's your desision to take it or not. Don't let your laners bully you into ganking them.
Thanks. Ya, because opponent jungler ganks before me (i start E and then W and then Q as given in most popular build), my team always asks me to gank. I also ask the same when I am playing top or support, but only playing jungle I find difficulty of ganking.
This needs to be stopped; there is no way to invite new players to play with if we do not know who is high ranked and playing on new account and who is actual new player.
: This match is totally balanced. Most of gold 4 players that are stuck there, have a really bad mmr, because you have to lose a loooot, to get the red warning for silver I. So the ranked system was balanced. Maybe what changed in the game is the experience as some unranked guys have less experience or they just started to play this season or they didn't perform in the game. All you should now is that that rank does not mean anything, it's all about MMR. There are games where there are plat 4 and silver 3.
I dont know; two of the team mates say do not go farm away from towers and without placing wards-but kayle and tristana doing that repeatedly only to die. When i also say that, kayle player said I am braindead and went to do it again. Twitch player goes invisible and others remove wards I keep and we ping don't go , while kayle tristana goes to the same area we ping. This feels more like imbalance, because other team play as team of 5 while my team play as group of 3 and group of 2. This may be not related to rank, but out of all games (2-3 games had team like this) this game is totally blown up.
: MMR is a hidden number that represents your skill. It gets adjusted every time you win or lose. So if someone is gold but plays really bad, he will be matched with bronze. There are no scripts for matchmaking. It doesn't exist and it can't exist.
Yes; read about it after writing this. thnx.
: Rating is same for both teams. This is low elo. What you expect. People are trash here.
That makes me also trash {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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: Every time you win/loose game your mmr is adjusted and then you are mached with people with similar skill lvl.
ok,so this mmr or match making rating is same for both teams? because if this means skill, this game is just giving loss directly. Because see result: and I feel game is even worse than normal game; earlier one game I ping for jungle not to attack red bramble and let my plant take damage, he attacks and gives buff to me and then leaves the game. I reported and no feedback. Ranked game looks worse than normal game.
: Rank is meaningless. Games are mach by mmr.
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Same. And sometimes I get black screen in game; if I exit and try to reconnect it keeps saying critical error.
Wannes (EUW)
: Vision Champ
Few champions have skills that is related to vision: nearsighted (quinn, graves-locally, nocturne-globally) and to scout (ashe). Something similar to this on a support champion will be good.


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