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: > [{quoted}](name=Hansiman,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=dMbYLk5q,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-08-15T09:52:19.745+0000) > > Are you using Windows 7? its not win related i use 10 and have the same problem, its the client getting stuck, a temporary fix is to open task manager and end all league tasks, than restart league of legends, but the problem might occur with a new match though.
I use Windows 7. is there a different solution?
: Riots didnt care about it. adapt or die as a player.
Yes. I stopped playing ranked, but even for normals it is a struggle to start a game without any trouble.
: Game wont launch after champ select... losing LP...
Same thing; I have similar problems for last 2 patches and I stopped playing ranked due to this.
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: {{champion:5}} is probably the one you're looking for, other picks that kind of have the same concept are {{champion:77}} , {{champion:59}} and {{champion:19}} but they don't have the same carry potential as {{champion:24}} since non of them have an ability to dodge attacks.
Thanks. out of all I played only warwick. I will try others.
: Yeah i always find the enemy jungler ganking before me too. I usually go for ganking top more than any other lane. Ganking top is very easy most of the time. I would prefer to gank top over botlane because if your toplaner isn't helping you don't require him to kill the toplaner. Unlike botlane where there are two enemies. Also my botlanes usually feed their asses off so i don't trust my botlanes that much.
True. Sad thing is I play support in ranked only to reduce the feed and somehow they still feed-even if said with pings and chat. I think duo mage bot lane or some composition like sona+taric(or any other supp) is better as they can support the other laners twice the amount.
JustClone (EUNE)
: I would advise for WW. It has temporal burst in defense, followed by CC. In mechanic it is pretty similar to what you are used to play with jax. It is good at dueling, quite resilient, and can be used as split pusher. Otherwise Xin, but I do not think that you will like its commitment to the kill.
Yes. Warwick is good and have not played Xin. I see some games where he take dragons solo and stay at almost full health even from low level and I really like it.
: why do promo's often end up in nightmares?
Same for me; Silver 2 100 LP Promotion game 1: Top laner (mordekaiser) feeds opponent darius and master yi. Though myself (zyra) and adc(ashe) are ahead, master yi comes and just dodge my root-kills in 3-4 seconds. They continue to take tower, even with us attacking them , with mid (kassadin) refusing to surrender till they come to take nexus near fountain. And we surrender with 4-1 vote. promotion game 2: Top laner (riven) feeds opponent ashe. Though myself(morgana) and adc(caitlyn) are ahead at start, once they start grouping we can't do anything. Riven goes 1v5 them always without any plan or warded areas to give them free dragon and baron; my team has no option but to surr.
: The obvious choice for powerfarming and lategame destruction would be {{champion:11}}, but if you want cc and bruiser stats {{champion:48}} or {{champion:5}} would be good. Blue side: red, krugs, raptors, wolves, blue, crab then gromp. Your a powerfarmer so clearing all your camps before looking for a gank is better. But if a gank is available after you're at least lv3 it's your desision to take it or not. Don't let your laners bully you into ganking them.
Thanks. Ya, because opponent jungler ganks before me (i start E and then W and then Q as given in most popular build), my team always asks me to gank. I also ask the same when I am playing top or support, but only playing jungle I find difficulty of ganking.
This needs to be stopped; there is no way to invite new players to play with if we do not know who is high ranked and playing on new account and who is actual new player.
: This match is totally balanced. Most of gold 4 players that are stuck there, have a really bad mmr, because you have to lose a loooot, to get the red warning for silver I. So the ranked system was balanced. Maybe what changed in the game is the experience as some unranked guys have less experience or they just started to play this season or they didn't perform in the game. All you should now is that that rank does not mean anything, it's all about MMR. There are games where there are plat 4 and silver 3.
I dont know; two of the team mates say do not go farm away from towers and without placing wards-but kayle and tristana doing that repeatedly only to die. When i also say that, kayle player said I am braindead and went to do it again. Twitch player goes invisible and others remove wards I keep and we ping don't go , while kayle tristana goes to the same area we ping. This feels more like imbalance, because other team play as team of 5 while my team play as group of 3 and group of 2. This may be not related to rank, but out of all games (2-3 games had team like this) this game is totally blown up.
: MMR is a hidden number that represents your skill. It gets adjusted every time you win or lose. So if someone is gold but plays really bad, he will be matched with bronze. There are no scripts for matchmaking. It doesn't exist and it can't exist.
Yes; read about it after writing this. thnx.
: Rating is same for both teams. This is low elo. What you expect. People are trash here.
That makes me also trash {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
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: Every time you win/loose game your mmr is adjusted and then you are mached with people with similar skill lvl.
ok,so this mmr or match making rating is same for both teams? because if this means skill, this game is just giving loss directly. Because see result: and I feel game is even worse than normal game; earlier one game I ping for jungle not to attack red bramble and let my plant take damage, he attacks and gives buff to me and then leaves the game. I reported and no feedback. Ranked game looks worse than normal game.
: Rank is meaningless. Games are mach by mmr.
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Same. And sometimes I get black screen in game; if I exit and try to reconnect it keeps saying critical error.
Wannes (EUW)
: Vision Champ
Few champions have skills that is related to vision: nearsighted (quinn, graves-locally, nocturne-globally) and to scout (ashe). Something similar to this on a support champion will be good.


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