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sirDarts (EUW)
: Well how can we check whether you actually have an issue with MM when you post from a smurf?
aTaQ It's not a smurf, just an alt account.
: Well, that's kind of subjective. You've been playing for a really long time, it's normal that you're getting burned out. Tbh, I feel like this season is much more balanced than the latest ones in terms of champs and roles and they're taking steps to make the game more dynamic and diverse, like the removal of Tracker's Knife. I do agree though that eSports have become extremely boring, but it's normal too, since with experience players polish their macro and micro and they end up taking always the best way to face a match, it's not like s1 when everyone was braindead in terms of game knowledge and you could go yi ap mid.
Yeah I know, but it's only been a recent thing for me, I have spells currently where I'm enjoying it. But mostly in season 8 not so much, even though I've been playing for so long, I've never had this opinion about league, it may be more to do with the community in-game tbh because theres so many more feeders afkers, flamers etc. knocking about and it makes trying to get better at the game incredibly hard for me, I don't care about my rank too much, I just want to focus on getting better, but when team mates are doing stupid things and intentionally losing games and tilting others, I started getting a bit fed up with it all and I've hit my limit with it. I also feel like a large portion of the champions available have becoming incredibly dry.
: I feel the same way. I started around same time as you and have to admit it was much better then. I like when there were quests at end of season 7 but overall it's pretty boring. I wouldnt be playing much but thank god I found few good players to play with.
The missions added something, but wasn't enough. Generally I've been pretty fed up with league this season and can see myself having the same outlook the entire season. The game just feels like it's becoming stale, meta driven (While it has been for a while, there was at least some freedom, now it seems only a handful of champs are worth picking up), and esport focused and it sucks.
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sirDarts (EUW)
: Huh? Where? You are Silver 5.
this account is silver 5 yes, not that it matters. Nice way to add to the discussion btw... {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Rismosch (EUW)
: The actual question is what are you smoking? Riot reworked Makoai because they had that stupid plan to rework a class as a whole. Thus they reworked champions who doesn't even need to be reworked. And this is also why they said that they wont rework a group of champions ever again. If anything Maokais rework was a mistake and their explanation they gave is just an excuse the rework. And for Zoe, she desperately needs buffs, as she is literally the worst champion in the game right now. Volibear needs an actual rework, those changes are most likely just to shift his strenghts and try to shift him into the right direction without changing him completely. And the new champ isn't even out yet. How do you know she's OP?
I can get behind a lot of that, but Zoe was not in desperate need for buffs. Even after being nerfed she was still good, but these buffs I feel are going to put her back into a similar position pre-nerf if not better.
: > Probably because he has a lower play rate or something like that Usually lower play rate champions have relatively higher winrates, since it's mostly onetricks playing them. Also he has almost no mobility, is kited easily and he has no hard CC or gapclosers, so he needs the tankiness and damage.
Depends on the players I suppose, they could be terrible but play nothing but him. I agree with that, but when he can do what other champions who play similarly to him, more effectively with little to no effort I feel thats when it becomes an issue, while I personally have no issue with Garen on the whole, there are some little things here and there in his kit which make him feel a lot stronger than many other picks. While he has more in his kit, I feel Darius is the same (while he definitely is much stronger, and has a lot more in his kit to help him) when someone who is supposed to tank can deal as much damage if not more than some carries causes some problems, while there relatively easy to play around (kiting etc.) when they snowball the way they do, take little to no damage and deal a truck tonne you can see where some issues can come into play. I'd side more with you on this, Garen is not really overpowered, but it feels like they have a bit too much too them which gives them an edge to a lot of picks.
: He's sitting on a comfortable 53% winrate in bronze, and a 50% in Plat+. Doesn't really seem OP to me. ^the one is even Korean statistics, and he's sitting on a 49% winrate. They onlt have the statistics for Korea, since he isn't played enough elsewhere. So how again is he too strong or overpowered?
Probably because he has a lower play rate or something like that (can't say for sure since I haven't look up the stats) but you have to agree certain aspects of his kit are a little much, while relatively easy to play around (balancing out I guess), but when a champion can build 1 or 2 damage items and then go full tank and still deal as much damage as he does is problematic. When he can out-tank a full tank (with no damage) and still output as much damage as some carries and bruisers, sometimes more, it's an issue. While I agree he isn't too strong or overpowered, certain tweaks should be made to his kit and other tank / bruiser champions as they seem to be unbalanced in certain areas.
sirDarts (EUW)
: The system matches players based on their CURRENT MMR, as such I don't see anything possibly wrong with your screenshot. And yes it doesn't take into account your winrate when matching, but high winrate does make you go up faster.
I hear this a lot, but I'm currently hovering around s1 / g5 mmr, and I've noticed I've been getting matched with a lot of plat and sometimes diamond players, luckily on my team. So the games have been relatively boring as the average mmr of each team has been similar, but one or two players seem to be much higher than most of the game, and they stomp. This makes games way more boring being on either side of it. I know the matchmaking will never be perfect, but it does seem like there could be some changes made to it to make games a bit fairer, imo, it takes a lot of fun out of the game.
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Suffer (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tompoes4310,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=kj8Tjg2Y,comment-id=00080001000000000001,timestamp=2018-02-15T14:44:11.470+0000) > > The general community (if you include the boards, the cosplayers etc.) is great, but as soon as you set foot into a game I can guarantee at least 50% of the players in game will do some form of tilting stuff, like the odd passive aggressive comment or outright flame. Exactly. That is the part of the community my post is directed at. It looks like all the "good apples" just hide themselves from the bad tomatoes, which further twists the general view of the community.
I suppose its more directed at the player base as opposed to the community, the boards and the people who attend the events etc. are generally sound people, but like I said when you get into a game, you're going to encounter someone who ruins the game for either your team or the enemy team, and when your trapped in those games it leads to those situations and it's not a fun experience at all, and once all fun is sucked from a game, there's no point in continuing. For me, while I enjoy being competitive and playing ranked etc. if I'm not enjoying the game I can't bring myself to play it any longer.
Benshirro (EUW)
: I bit through a controller playing Super Tennis on the SNES as a kid. Now that was a frustrating game. I would argue that our community is awesome, but MOBAs like League in which individual performances have such a big impact lead to feelings of high stress, which then leads to people handling that stress badly. There is very little else in gaming quite as frustrating as getting dumpstered by someone in lane and feeling like there is nothing you can do. Or of course, watching that happen to someone else on your team knowing that you are going to need to deal with that fed Riven later in the game. Whenever you go to a League event, away from the pressure of the game itself, you meet such amazing passionate people, who by and large are completely lovely. They just want to talk to you about how much they love the game, or how much they hate or love Teemo. If we could learn to handle stuff when it doesn't go our way, I think we'd all be a bit happier in game.
I just mean the people you encounter when playing games. Most of those people are horrible people, at least from personal experience which is why I've now stopped playing, besides the occasional game. The general community (if you include the boards, the cosplayers etc.) is great, but as soon as you set foot into a game I can guarantee at least 50% of the players in game will do some form of tilting stuff, like the odd passive aggressive comment or outright flame. Although this is personal experience I'm not the only one who see's it that way, if you get put into a game with toxic people, the enjoyment of that particular game and sometimes 2 - 3 games, is sucked dry and demotivates the player, and this leads to them not wanting to finish the game and therefor punished for being forced to remain in a game they don't want to play. It's expected, there's only so much you can do to keep a lid on toxic players etc. but if one individual in a game is the target of 3 / 4 others, and the player on the receiving end just straight up quits because of it, that player essentially is getting punished for being abused, and that's where all fun is removed from the game contributing to situations like the OP has. Granted this isn't the only reason for those problems, but I feel like it's a big part of it.
: >Social interactions are not an essential part of the game, that is where you are wrong. We can only make assumptions how the social interactions play out in different games, but my point about their importance wasn't actually made up. The social interactions are **one of the** top reasons players continue to play or quit a competitive online multiplayer game. Sure, it might affect some more than others, but a study in League of Legends has shown that social interaction definitely has a huge impact on whether players continue to play or quit. When players are exposed to toxic behavior, they are up to 320% more likely to quit. [Source: 11:19](
Does that stat not show you something here and support the argument to have the option of disabling team chat? If players who are exposed to toxic behaviour are 320% more likely to quit, giving these players the option in the first place would completely eliminate that stat (should these people choose to use this feature if it were to be implemented). I get that communication in any competitive multiplayer game, but there are forms of communication in league (pings) which are more than enough to convey a message, such as lets take drag -> ping for assistance at drag or ping on my way to drag pit. Having the option would generally help reduce toxicity in game, as less people will be exposed to it, if less people are exposed to it, those who are toxic etc. won't have this power over others in there games as they won't be getting the responses that there looking for when flaming others.
sirDarts (EUW)
: Perma bans are needed because some people just don't learn. They are bad for the game and need to be removed. It's a last option, nothing else helped, so the player is deemed unreformable and removed. That's why permabans are a thing. Flamers lower the chance of winning just as inters and trolls, they need to change or need to be removed. And just because someone else needs to be punished doesn't mean others, who are also breaking the rules, don't.
There's a problem with your logic here, "people who are bad at the game dont get removed" implies that you need to have a certain skill level to be able to play the game. Additionally anyone caught flaming etc. is in line for a ban, or some form of punishment regardless of whether or not it is in retaliation. It's against there rules therefor inexcusable.
Suffer (EUNE)
: Thank you for the reply. I tried to utilize some of the advice given here in the thread in two games I just played, and although I lost both, continuing my loss streak, I raged less than I would since I was focusing on why I lost my lane and what I could improve on. I am genuinely surprised how good the response is to my post, I expected people to make fun of me for saying that I cry over things like this.
It happens to everyone, I've been through it myself, albeit to a lower level (I did use to destroy quite a lot of shit around my house though lol) I agree, the community in general is bad and not very enjoyable to play in, but if this is a big reason why you find yourself not climbing and being put into those moods, before you forget just mute all before you leave base ^^
Ellizia (EUNE)
: excuse me did you actually read your title and post ,, how you call i see it in emotionally unstable , you don`t need a freaking algorithm to get gold just use hands maybe ? and stop reflecting your inability to do it on others . you will never improve that way and you will get people in trouble fueling flame .
I can relate to the OP here, and I think the way you've responded to him shows you need to take you're own advice, or others advice here.
Benshirro (EUW)
: As someone who is very competitive, but unfortunately is terrible at League, I very much understand your pain. (not saying you are as bad as me!) It's been a long road for me, but ever since I switched my focus to improving, rather than winning I am much happier and slowly climbing season on season. Whenever something bad happens I try and question myself - why did it go that way? What could I have done differently? etc - it's something I picked up from watching streamers like Foxdrop and Huzzy - you see them do that completely naturally after every mistake. It's helped move my focus away from my team and more on to me and my own play, which has helped lower my stress level during play (as it's something inside my control) and the knock-on impact is that I don't get as upset by the people I play with anymore. I'm not saying I am great at this, I still tilt and get angry when I play and things don't go the way I want, but I am getting better. :) I also wanted to say thank you to everyone in the thread so far, there is already some great advice here.
I'd argue it's also entertainment value, typically if players aren't enjoying the game and it's making them the way the OP is feeling, there going to become demotivated, stop playing, and eventually move on. I don't feel it's so much skill (as whatever elo there at your going to be against similarly skilled players) it's just if people are becoming bored, they'll play worse and generally not want to play the game there in anymore, and this is amplified by the fact there's no way out. You're trapped in that game for however long with 4 - 9 other players stopping you from leaving. Especially when you're trapped in a game with toxic players and the likes.
: Zoe should never have been made
At least we got the nerfs we wanted right? xD
: yeah but i play games such as LOL to enjoy myself, i don't play it to get pissed and enraged. i have a feeling its the server, i think europeans are spoiled. i am thinking about changing servers, not sure about the latency though.
As do I, which is the reason I decided to search for another time sink, if thats how you feel and you no longer get enjoyment from playing, its time to move on.
: Yea - here's the thing - I have no problem playing my lane, defending it - and checking what's tilting my teammates and trying to improve their match so we can then group up and take home objectives - works usually. And even if I lose my lane I don't see the issue with falling back and going for a comeback - works really well right now again as well. And tonight everyone was like FU I do whatever I want. Dunno what's going on either - it's not like it's because of a quest or anything so... hm
I feel like thats just how the league community reacts, the community isn't getting any less toxic anytime soon so enjoy those kind of games xD
Hansiman (EUNE)
: PUBG? I also hear Fortnite is pretty popular these days, but I haven't tried it.
My current pc isn't good enough for PUBG I don't think lol, been looking into it for a bit though I've had some fun playing it at friends etc.
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: I cant help you, try sending a ticket to player support about it :)
Cypherous (EUW)
: Tried a different browser?
Yeah, I've tried Chrome, Firefox and IE and the same has happened on all of them.
Cypherous (EUW)
: Delete all riot games related cookies and try again, sometimes it derps
I've already done this, still hasn't helped.
: No harm in trying.
Oh yeah I'm not saying don't, but how often is it you try to be kind etc. just to be met with a wall of flame xD
: The best counter is: teamwork and items to counter his health and or armour.
"teamwork" how often will you find that in a game though xD especially in low elo games.
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SeekerK (EUNE)
: Then write your issue under another topic and Riot Support personal will direct you themselves.
I can't, I've tried multiple times but every time I tried it says "(my username) is suspended" and won't allow me to open the ticket, but I've had no warning etc. and can still access my account and have re-logged in multiple times to check but no warning or message saying I've been suspended or banned or anything.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: You can send a ticket to Riot Support without logging in to your account.
Most need me to sign in except for unauthorized charges and account recovery, even then it says my account has been suspended but as I'm writing this I'm in game and have had the same message pop up a number of times when I've tried to send in a ticket.
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