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: the classic d4 hardstuck is better than you in every way. You as someone who can't even get there has no right to belittle them. They are your superiors. You don't call a sergeant that wants to get a promotion a ''hardstuck'' either if you can't even get to corporal when you tried.
Hahahaha, I guess you'd be the shitty sergeant in the army who hangs around in the lower ranks bunks and demands respect because he's not feeling respected enough by the people around him.
: I don't really know about that one. From my experience (can be different from my elo to yours), people usually aren't that annoyed by smurfs in Diamond. If you lane against a smurf you can learn much more from that lane than laning against a same skill-level player. But hey that's just me.
What do you think the maximum number of players difference there is between someone in Challenger and someone in Diamond? If I'm in Silver 4 and we go that many players up the rank we'd still probably be in silver. So yeah, getting "smurfed" by people not much further up the ladder than you isn't annoying. Very different situation.
: That's not the point silly. OP is probably new and wants to play with other new players in order to understand the game. Getting curb stomped repeatedly doesn't allow you to learn shit.
Not new, just in my true elo. But you're right, people like Flopus always want to side with the smurfs to make themselves feel more important, even if it means saying something so completely ridiculous as "report for being a better player" Really I has hoping for a response from a riot employee, not sure where to go to get that.
: Because they force smurfs to hit level 30 before they can start playing ranked? Honestly, ask yourself. If you were good at the game and created a new account to try and rank up, how on earth would you go about it without wading through those early games with other beginners? There isn't another way and while it may be frustrating for you, most smurfs don't do it intentionally. For most of us who aren't beginners, we would go straight into a ranked game at level 1 if it were possible, but that isn't the case.
No way they couldn't have got a new account placed higher than bronze 2.
: "ikr? classic D4 hardstuck" - classic bronze hardstuck
Lol, if it was the same I'd be making a new lvl 1 account to play against fresh players to make myself feel better. Have you ever smurfed?
: There are actually legitimate reasons for having multiple accounts. When you are in Challenger every match counts and Challenger players know they don't play that well in the first game of the day. So they do a couple of warm up games on a smurf account to get going before switching to their challenger account. Pro players use smurf accounts to practice new champions and strats to use in pro play. They use secret smurf accounts rather than their main accounts to avoid getting scouted. Finally, Challenger players can quite often get 30-40 minute queue times, which is not very good for streaming. So they stream from a lower level smurf account to get faster queue times and get more games in each stream.
That's a ridiculous reason, they would just play a game of normal in their true mmr, it's be much more competitive than dropping 4 divisions
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: Is it just ranked that's down or everything?
Oh nevermind, it jst started working again
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: Is it new to take LP away from you for a win if you afk'ed for some of the match? Can I complain?
Hmmm, well, I guess it makes sense in keeping people with disconnects from climbing the ladder too easily, but I doubt it will keep people from getting to gold if they're good. And since most of the players base is in Bronze to Gold, for the majority of people the main thing is that if you do disconnect there's no longer any point to try and get back into game and win. And that doesn't just apply to yourself, if someone afks now I guess you just give up the game and surrender, because the whole aim of playing on was stalling it out whilst the disconnected player returned. So imagine a game where 4 people are doing decently and deserve a win, now when 1 player disconnects unless they can win 4v5, they all get a loss? Assuming the disconnected player gives up on trying to reconnect because they're going to be docked points anyway. Why can't they make it so that the disconnected player doesn't gain any LP? That makes a lot more sense, so players still have a reason to log back in and try to win, but are still penalised for having disconnects. Rather than penalising the whole team by telling the affected player "There's no point you trying to come back in now"? How would I get a Riot employee to respond to this?
: isnt new, and yes, you always still get the low prior
It's never happened to me before, and I've been playing for years. a while ago my computer was much more unstable and i'd be on and off the low priority queue, even tried to get support from the official channels but it wasn't really helpful and eventually the problem reduced, presumably more stable clients screwing around less with my DirectX. That's why I always rush back as soon as possible, because even on games where i get penalised and sent to low priority queue I would want to get the win if possible. Also, i'm not sure you read my post properly. I never questioned being put on the low priority queue, I questioned being docked points even after rushing back and helping to win the game, that means I'll no longer be doing that if my comp freezes.
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: Ah, thanks, well i ran it again from cmd line not from start>run and it turns out that's the whole output, theres nothing printed after the 15th hop number, so that's the whole of the output.
Urgh, ok looks like it was just a "reset my router" thing, don't know why it suddenly went so bad, but i've just reset router and the tracert is bringing all the times down to sub 20 ms. My bad, but thanks for the tracert tip.
: > i copy pasted the tracert output whilst it was going on since it would close automatically at the end. I don't know where any output file is saved. This is what I got. Well tracert is a command executed in cmd so starting cmd and then typing tracert into cmd is the correct way to do it. (starting cmd commands on their own results in closing upon finishing) Beyond that by doing the tracert command and then for example** > "C:/Users/%USERNAME%/desktop/tracert.txt"** after it will create a file called tracert.txt on your desktop once it's done containing the output. the > sign means it will make a new file while >> would mean it will add to an existing file.
Ah, thanks, well i ran it again from cmd line not from start>run and it turns out that's the whole output, theres nothing printed after the 15th hop number, so that's the whole of the output.
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: Hi Indraneelan, Can you please make a tracert to then post it to a []( and share it with me here? :)
Hi, thanks for the response, i copy pasted the tracert output whilst it was going on since it would close automatically at the end. I don't know where any output file is saved. This is what I got. Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 * * * Request timed out. 2 11 ms 23 ms 19 ms [] 3 * * * Request timed out. 4 * * * Request timed out. 5 16 ms 34 ms 33 ms [] 6 268 ms 48 ms 34 ms [] 7 * * * Request timed out. 8 * * * Request timed out. 9 188 ms 225 ms 319 ms [] 10 361 ms 105 ms 63 ms 11 * 297 ms 31 ms 12 36 ms 31 ms 42 ms 13 45 ms 32 ms 37 ms 14 * * * Request timed out. 15
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