R5T Gavriel (EUNE)
: I do not deserve the perma bann
you don't deserve this big toblerone!
: When is tft season ending?
6th of November, confirmed.
: For the love of Ahri, please do not stay idly by your tower waiting for the minions to arrive.
: There goes ap malphite!!!
link to your match history?
: where's the juice, riot?
In Europe URF goes live between 28th October 23 p.m. and 29th October 4 a.m. depending on your time zone
: How do you deal with Kai'sa in late game
You have the option to simply ban Kai'Sa though...
: Championship Ashe (Golden Chroma) + icon
it is a Chroma for said skin and if you don't have the skin, you can't use the chroma
: So you can get scripts that now reduce cooldowns?
When Tristana explodes her bomb (E) on maximum stacks, her W resets
: Question about malphite.
What about possible +12 armor from rune shards and +9 armor and +5% armor from Conditioning rune?
: Who ever has Malphite in their team has a 80% likely hood of losing.
But it was only 2 games. The last one you won and Malph seems to have done fine.. the other was a remake. whats wrong?
: Account hacked -> Toxic player -> permabanned -> Help me get my account back!
Hi, I am sorry to have to tell you, but no one here on the forum is able to bring your account back, you can only turn to Riot Games support as they are the only ones who could actually unlock it and those things. For the future make sure to protect your account better. Safe password, not entering it on 3rd party sites, etc.
: If I delete my account, what will happen?
If you ask for your account to be deleted, it will... well... be deleted and gone. You will not get any money back though...
Zakir (EUW)
You seem to have spent more time chatting than playing, chat ban deserved.. How about rather play than chat?
Mr 0fficer (EUNE)
: How would You punish the bad players ? Feeders,trollers, or just simple unskill noobs
Assuming you play enough games, you will be in the League/Division that reflects your skill level. Assuming you are not a feeder, troll, etc.: there are 4 teammates and 5 enemies, you actually have more chance to have them on the enemy team instead of yours. Negative behaviour should get punished tho, and it does
: Still prevented from honor
or how about ignoring it and just playing your game?
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Till when can I get the 10 year gifts?
The end date for the anniversary missions is November 19th
Luqiez (EUW)
: TFT: all about luck!
The game is not only luck but also involves skill. In the long run everyone has as much good and bad luck as everyone. So in the long run it comes down to skill.
: Why the %%%% has yi been buffed
As far as i know the last buff for Yi is about half a year ago. And anyway Master Yi is balanced i find
: What did you get as your legendary skin?


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