Postponed (EUW)
: I just won 7 out of the 10 placements and were placed in Iron 1... Have not played ranked in years, but last time I did placements I won 5 out of 10 and was placed in Silver 3. This is for certain going to make sure I play a lot less, and probably not play ranked again this season.
I ended last season in Gold 4 between 60-70 LP, win 7 placement games to be placed at Silver 4.... best thing after placement games become so unbalanced they are not even fun to play... there is always someone goes AFK, or someone just feeding to a point no one can do anything about it.. I only had 1 balanced game..... and sadly I don't have a lot of time to play, I can afford to play like 1 max 2 games per day and the way riot manage rank reset to make you climb all over again and then how matchmaking works it's demotivational
: how long until riot hires a student that fixes their client?
This post was funny to read :D The only software without a bug is the software that is not written... well maybe if you do a "Hello world" it's bug free
: Champion Collection viewing options
You have filters to help you searching that page. So if I want to see all the champions I'm still eligible to win a chest there is a option for that there also :)
: Lose forgiven
I feel your pain... but in the end it's only one game in the middle of many, some games are not winnable, just deal with it and next game it will go better. Also I don't think that system would work because people would start to exploit it and then someone encouraging the rest of the team to play bad and lose hard while him get a lose forgiven...
: What sorcery is this?
They kept {{champion:63}} and {{champion:115}} away from the servers this time :D No secret mambo jambo kind of sorcery was involved
FlameClub (EUNE)
: About gameplay overall!
While learning new things, or improve some things win or lose doesn't matter as long you use that time to learn / improve. If you consider to learn only new things if you win than you'll have a hard time... When I play normal games even with my main I don't really try hard to win the game, I try hard to improve on something that I can then apply in ranked, if I want to train map awareness I play flex games as the probability of getting lot of premades on the enemy side is bigger, meaning you need to focus more on other things.... then ranked solo queue is the ultimate test to what I'm learning / improving Usually I eventually learn more from games I lose than the ones I won, granted some games are not winnable based on a lot of variables, but still in the end I can have the answers to this questions: - Did I play lanning fase well according to this lane matchup - Did I win my lane, and if not why did I lost it - Did I keep track where the jungler is - Did I set the lane for my jgl to gank when he's close by - Did I communicate enemy lanners cooldonws, my game intentions, danger situations or game opportunities to my team - Did I do good objective rotations - Did I keep track on assassins (in my case because I'm adc) - What could I have done better - What did I do that was good - In a losing game, did I try to find game changing opportunities or did I keep going with the same losing strategy over and over again
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: fountain lazer ignores everything including invulnerabilities the only thing it doesn't ignore is untargetabilities they changed it from 9999 true damage because ravanous hunter deaths dance and gun blade allowing them to full heal on execute now i think it just shows the 9999 but it doesn't really deal 9999 damage before urgots ult when it did 9999 damage vandril made a video of surviving it and a few patches later they made it real damage as well
You can still survive a Urgot ultimate.... if someone kills Urgot before he pulls you :)
: You are correct but I simply vouldnt care less about that. Riot shouldnt perma bann for chat use. give us a chat restrict instead and we wouldntrhave to make 100 new accs.
You shouldn't say bad things in chat that can get you banned in the first place... Just pretend chat doesn't exist in game and live happier:)
: > So if you like to live in the edge of the knife and live with this adrenaline pumping in your veins... then this is the role for you :) damn.. talked like a true vayne main (i don't know if you play vayne but you should imho)
I'm not vayne main, but I like the play style... I'm Ashe main..... 0 mobility and 0 survivability :D and I also main Caitlyn, Sivir, Jhin and Jinx
Danyka (EUW)
: ADC is the worst role ever
ADC is a hard to balance role because in a competitive team where all the team protects the ADC he can deal tons of damage as he is the primary source of consistent damage, and in this environment ADC are very strong...... SoloQ no one cares about the ADC and being a very squishy champion well you can't do mutch.... So if Riot decides to buff ADC they would become broken for the competitive environments, on the other hand if they nerf they become impossible to play in SoloQ I'm a adc main, so what can I say, try to position in ways the enemy can't one shot you but you still able to do as much damage as possible... In SoloQ you can't rely on your team to peal for you... some exceptions might happen in some games, but for the majority everyone tunnel vision and forget about you There is a reason I like to play this role: it's because in SoloQ is very hard to play it, you do a very small mistake and you're dead. So if you like to live in the edge of the knife and live with this adrenaline pumping in your veins... then this is the role for you :)
Kleokk9 (EUNE)
Project pets would be better :D Featuring: {{champion:12}} the cow {{champion:350}} the cat {{champion:107}} yet another cat {{champion:498}} the bird {{champion:268}} a pigeon (yet another bird)
: Actually it technically can be blocked by shield. Don’t forget that real damage can go through tryndamere ult, hence why he can’t fountain dive... an ulting tryndamere can’t die from pyke ult showing it’s true damage. The mechanics of how it works is that pyke ult deal near infinite damage, if you look at the damage numbers it’s 9999 the highest number it can show. Realistically no champion can be below the thresh hold and also have enough health through shields to survive that amount of damage hence it still kills them. So it doesn’t ignore shield persay... it simply deals enough damage to go through them and still kill.
{{champion:15}} Shiled counters Pyke ult :)
: Raging because of kill steals
As a main adc I don't see what is the problem with supp get kills in lane... I call it a win because we set enemies in lane behind... later in the game I don't really care who gets the final hit to get the kill... but, I'm not a KDA type of player, I do my part with sustained dps in team fights and focus what really wins the game.... objectives
: Again promos again a %%%% fest
I think riot should remove promo games between tiers and leave only rank promotions like Silver to Gold and so on... I would remove this promos and the thing preventing a 0Lp player to demote, in fact they could do each rank going from 0 to 400Lp , you get a tier upgrade when you pass the (100, 200 and 300 LP marks) I think ranked progression would be much smoother and enjoyable this way
iChivo (EUW)
: Ultimate low graphics option
Maybe consider in tuning your current PC to shutdown unnecessary services and tasks running in background. Update drivers, clean your S.O or do a clean install. The game is not heavy, it runs very well in older PC's and I have a old laptop that is still able to run league with a very decent FPS. Also consider searching the web for guides to help you tuning your PC if you don't know how to do it
: "What counters me is OP"
In a nutshell :D yes Best comment I've ever seen {{sticker:vlad-salute}}
Pxerkza (EUNE)
: whether you climb or not is determined by the 20% of games that are placed on your shoulders the other 80% of games you matter very little this is the design of a 5v5 ranking system you are one out of 5 people and thus in theory only 20% of the games are up to you 20% means that out of 100 games 20 games you win or lose based on your own performance 20 games of 20 lp if you win all of them means that you will climb 4 divisions or 1 tier ie if you are really consistent in your plays and win those games you would go from gold 4 to plat 4 in 100 games this is pure math you aren't stuck because rito doesn';t like you or ratirl decided to create his 100th smurf because he lost 1 game in plat 2 you are stuck because you lose games that you should be capable of carrying ie 60% win rate if you can't reach 60% then you are playing at a level for the elo you are currently at ie you can't influence more than 50% of the games that the system gives you the chance to influence duoing doubles those numbers most 70%+ smurfs are duo abusers
My latest games i achieved 60% win rate :) But yes, smurfs can disrupt the natural course of your games, they will stomp making that match not fun to play, if enemy have that said smurf, your team is crushed... if it's your team to have the smurf your team will crush... Lucky for us smurfs are not that a big happening, yes they show up once in a while until matchmaking has enough information to classify them as smurfs and they will climb faster than you can imagine.... I did this experiment once, I was at Silver 1, almost gold (same as now xD) and I created a second account.... the unsuspected result, I climbed all the way to Gold 1, the matchmacking even auto promoted from Silver to Gold without need to play the promotion series :D
: Vayne is OP| Change my mind
Vayne early? no... this is so wrong... she can't win any other adc in the early unless they do some big mistake. Mid game, well yes she can deal with some adc (not all) but only if she is good Late game: well GG if you let her get to late game with core item build.... but she's not alone in this: {{champion:145}} , {{champion:222}} are also very strong late game... and I would say kai'sa is more over tuned then any of the other options
: I am planning to create an Esports Watching Discord Channel
Yraco (EUW)
: The problem is that it's way too situational. There are almost no situations where disabling a single turret once every 120 seconds is worth taking up an item slot and 2650 gold when you could simply buy something else instead.
The item also gives a insane hp regen + colldown reduction and it's a good item for divers like Vi or chmpions that can do this agressive plays like Fizz... Honestly it's not used that much because people that tower hug stay in positions that makes it easier to dive, but if they stay behind the turrent meaning you need to go deeper the item is good.... It also can prevent bad tower dives, I still remember one of my Ashe game where I got a quadra kill because of a bad dive and I survived... barelly :D Honestly I'm glad people forget that this item even exists, bot lane is already a camping fiesta.
: > [{quoted}](name=Infinitty,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Un3Yo55x,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-02T14:13:54.399+0000) > > hell no... the item is already good as it is, just that people don't really see the potential of disabling a tower to allow better tower dives Then why is it completely out of meta? I don't see anybody building this item and it's sad. Just thinking of ways to make it more of a viable choice, since most times teams can execute a tower dive without the need to disable it anyway. Especially since there's lots of champions that can already reset tower aggro now.
It's situational item. Actually a friend of mine mentioned it in a game that it would be a nice to have that game.
: Do I sell all my support items and go full ap if my adc is hard inting?
It's Ok to do dmg items, as long you keep the ward items. Just do what you think your team needs to win
: How to Rework Ohmwrecker
hell no... the item is already good as it is, just that people don't really see the potential of disabling a tower to allow better tower dives
Kisushi (EUW)
: I watch either a vod or a live game but i never receive the reward of the mission
You received knowledge {{champion:161}} the most precious resource of them all :D
ryandub (EUW)
: ha ha. The other day I was playing a game. Dealt most damage, had 9 kills (most in the team) died for first time at lvl 11. Top said I was trolling and asked team to report me the rest of the game. People complaining about my positioning etc... You can imagine what I did after that xD
Thats why mute all is a blessing :D
: Maybe you can smurf in your next life,who knows
yee... as a ghost {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: > [{quoted}](name=Infinitty,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=OEkdx44G,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2019-10-01T14:27:50.604+0000) > > As a 35 years old veteran lmao... it's partially true we lost a bit of reaction speed if we stop practicing... while its also true I don't play as much as when I was around 20 I still and I will keep playing games... > I'll reach 99 years playing online games and I'll be damn "...... I'm all out of gum :D" > > Now the curious part, because I've been a gamer all my life it actually helped me in real life situations, mostly avoiding some car accidents that could be problematic specially when driving at around 120Km/h, I own that to my reaction timings and cold blood :D 33 years here and i have to say i can't do a perfect lee sin combo without some mili seconds of lost time anymore^^ but yea for most champs it really doesn't matter if u game alot.
Even that, if you practice it you'll able to pull it off... I mean I'm still able to do Machine gun Caitlyn Headshot auto resets (who gave this huge name to this damn) with a very good consistency after practicing a bit. And it requires some precise timings with your autos + attack move commands whenever you proc your traps and nets... Guess ping also helps a lot... usually I've less than 40 ping
: Just a small question
He got lucky, and his mmr might been a bit messed up...
: Toxicity
mute. sometimes ignoring someone is the best gift you can offer. and report by the end of the game
: i can't get s on yasuo
Tier ranks are obtained by CS amount, kill participation, objective participation, vision control, and a positive KDA. By positive it doesn't mean you need to have a chase kills :D only don't die a lot and be active in what your team is doing / fighting for. In the end achieving mastery 7 is just a extra emote
: What a big bad boy you are,playing Need for Speed IRL
Actually never my fault :D well only once where my car drifted in wet road while curving :D managed to hit no one and also kept car in the road until it stooped... a bit scary this one The rest of them it was because of IRL trolls and afk's :D Trolls not respecting driving rules and even one afk talking to the ladie next to him... So yes trols and afk's also happen IRL :D I wish I could smurf also IRL :D going back time with the knowledge I currently have
: depends. theres a time limit on this: after 25 years your reaction speed will start to slow down so this means your mechanics will get worse. but your knowledge of the game can still improve alot. - cs ing - micro / macro - warding spots - wave management - priority objectives - matchup knowledge - champ knowledge ( cooldown of all skills ) - learn to watch minimap ! all this + natural talent for this kind of games if u wanna get master / challenger. for the first part 3-6 months should be the average if your not braindead. the 2nd part can take 3+ years with all the champs that still increase and stuff.
As a 35 years old veteran lmao... it's partially true we lost a bit of reaction speed if we stop practicing... while its also true I don't play as much as when I was around 20 I still and I will keep playing games... I'll reach 99 years playing online games and I'll be damn "...... I'm all out of gum :D" Now the curious part, because I've been a gamer all my life it actually helped me in real life situations, mostly avoiding some car accidents that could be problematic specially when driving at around 120Km/h, I own that to my reaction timings and cold blood :D
De Kus (EUW)
: You cannot sell the same skin twice on the same account. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Lets say you have 100 bucks to spend on skins... you'll either spend that amount on one account or both... but in the end it's the same amount that Riot will receive :D unless you magically transform 100 bucks in 200 bucks... if that's the case teach me that kind of sorcery :D Well sure you can buy skins for your alt account that you already have in your main, it's your money....but.... hum, if you have that much money to spend on alts, share some {{item:2319}} with me hahaha :D
Anoligarh (EUW)
: What champion(s) do you find genuinely fun, enjoyable and exciting?
Any adc is the most fun to play for me.... you literally put your life on the edge of a knife, one small mistake, one tiny winy little misstep and you're dead... oh and everyone on the enemy team will want to kill you, and no one from your team with some exceptions in a very few games will want to protect you.... so tell me if this is not fun :D specially if you can avoid death consistently and also be able to output as much damage as possible....
: caytlin machine gun combo and auto cancels
I can do it... Its not that hard :)
Anoligarh (EUW)
: People who were bronze/silver for a long time, what changed and how did you climb?
While it's true that macro is the important factor is hard to say without watch your games. So lets see, start simple, the best way to learn macro is you need to make decisions in game (good or bad) and evaluate the outcome, if if works consistently don't fix it while it works... if it does not work fix it... The rest is just repetition until it becomes a habit and you don't really need to think of it. There is a difference between knowing things and be able to put them in practice... you need to focus specific things to be able to improve. Also you need a lot of time, if you only play like me, in average 1 game per day it will take a hell long time to improve, still possible but you'll climb very very slowly and because ranks reset every season, well GG start climbing all over again :D Some will say that micro is the only thing you need to climb, but don't fall for that, lots of silver players are very skilled in mechanics and can have huge leads in lanning phase but at the end they can't win the game, and they end up doing some big mistake losing the lead they had... Silver games the lead is like a ping pong, always switching sides.... Macro will always beat micro because macro relates to all that is game knowledge, it ranges from how do you play your lane in certain match ups, what champs can or can't do, how to manage minion waves to pressure the enemy, when and how to rotate, how to position in a fight, if you / your team is in condition for a fight or not, when to force fights or avoid them... the list goes on..... Micro relates to your ability to cs and control your champion, things you learn by playing and practice that champ over and over again, reason why one trick a champion is also a good idea while you want to learn and improve, because if you one trick you stop focusing in the micro parts of the champion and leaves your brain more alert to macro things and also allows you to be more aware of what's happening in rest of the map.
Infinitty (EUW)
: Doesn't matter... keep your ideas, I'll keep mine I'm climbing slowly, but climbing with my 1 average game per day :D
Given that you don't get the fact that I can't afford to play much this days I don't even know what else to reply to you :D
: Well thanks for that history lesson that no one asked for. No anyone from plat or above knows that Silver and below the skill levels are so abominably bad that if you just learn to farm correctly, get the skills to pull off good trades in lane and not int in teamfights and you'll climb to gold in less than 100 games. Just look at how LS reacted to someone claiming they were stuck in Silver because of bad luck and team mates. He burst out laughing and told it as it is. Silver and below the skill level is so bad that there is no reason to be there unless you truly belong there because getting better at the game allows you to exploit the lack in skill in every other player. As for a challenger player with bad mechanics by all means find that person tell me their tag and I'll watch their games and happily explain to you why you're wrong. I don't know why I've gone this far to be honest. Of course you're silver yourself so you're going to go to any lengths to claim it's all complicated to climb ranks. You're not an authority to speak on matters of something you've never done or even come close to doing.
Doesn't matter... keep your ideas, I'll keep mine I'm climbing slowly, but climbing with my 1 average game per day :D
: There are no silver players with high mechanical skill. KDA doesn't mean anything as you can last hit kills that your team is setting up for you play overly safe without reason to stop yourself from dying and do plenty of other things that don't indicate either mechanical skill or game knowledge. There are definitely 0 challenger players with low mechanical skill. There might be players who are more mechanically gifted than other challenger players but you can not get to challenger without mechanical skill that is at least as good as the best mechanically gifted diamond players in your role. If you're playing ranked then you should be playing to improve. Getting a chance to play against someone better than you is the best opportunity to improve.
Well you're wrong about not being mechanical skilled players in silver (don't know why you assume the KDA was given to them and they ware not able to acquire by their skills), and yes there are also challenger players without being mechanical gifted, there is a very good mid lanner witch I don't remember his name now... and yes I play ranked to improve.... not to be stomped by a player that shouldn't be even playing in my games... being stomped by smurfs won't make you a better player... If I want to play vs better players than me I play normal or customs with them... if ranked games ware meant to be played by different skill / rank levels there would be no need for a matchmaking system... But well it's my generation that made the smurfs in the first place back in the 90's in Warcraft 2, the reason for this name smurfing it's because of 2 very good players fake their identities with "papasmurf" and "smurfette" witch are characters from the smurfs cartoons...
Digedie (EUW)
: Player afk after 3min what to do?
Riot could come up with a math formula to reduce the LP winning or losing based on the time there is a afk in game... so if someone afk after 3 minutes and the game last until 25 and they have a formula like matchLP = normalLP - afkTime * someFactor, this could solve a lot of problems while still make the game competitive. Because in this scenario a team with a afk will try to make the game last as longer as possible and the team without a afk will try to win as fast as possible and possible do some mistakes in the process :D Also they could use this formula after a threshold of 3m for example meaning this is only applyed if someone is afk for more than 3 minutes to avoid the exploit of someone go afk at the end of the game..... I've made a post about this with this exact same formula but no one really care about it...... I'll put the same examples, assuming a factor of 0.6 and a afk time of 20m and with someone winning normally 25LP per win and losing 17Lp per lost in this afk game it will be: winning -> gameLP = 25 - 20 x 0.6 = 13LP (13 LP for winning a easy game sounds fair) losing -> gameLP = 17 - 20 * 0.6 = 4LP ( 4LP for losing an unbalanced game it's just a symbolic amount... according to some calculations I made you need to hold 30m to lose 0LP, and if you did it well played you don't deserve to lose a single LP point) Afk guy still loses the same amount of LP...
: Matchmaking balance
I stop playing duo because I've come to the conclusion soloing is way more easy :D
JancevFTW (EUNE)
: Matchmaking
I was matched with a fresh lvl 30 in the 4th ranked game as Shaco with 75% win rate ... and by the way he played I can say he know all the tricks about Shaco, plus the advantages he always took in even the smallest mistakes..... in conclusion that guy stomp all lanes :D All other players > lvl 100 at least and between Silver 2 and Gold 3.......
SepharU (EUNE)
: Morganas Q are one of the best abilities in LOL
Imagine combining Morgana Q with Lux Q for a chain CC :D Then you can say you did travel around the world, return and you still in CC :D
DutchPro (EUW)
: Honestly I started playing ADC this season and yes I do enjoy it but like 50% of the games u just get %%%%ing gutted by like 2-3 of these kind of champions. In those games your only objective is staying alive, which usually includes staying in fountain
As a ADC main I must say, sometimes the thought that I should have stay at fontaint comes in to my head :D You see, when you play ADC you're literally putting a big red mark on your head saying "Hey I'm here, come and get me, I'm squishy and juicy..." Does anyone notice that ban fase hardly no one even bothers to ban a single ADC? Well other than Jinx and Kai'sa but very rare... even me I don't even ban ADC while that's what I like to play, I rather ban Jax or Riven or some other champ that can snowball really hard to the point of no return
: I got wrongly Perma-banned for allegedly using 3rd Party Apps ? Almost 10 year old account mind you.
I have a alt account that was hacked for a few days, mostly because I did not set things properly like email to recover passwords and so on... The way the account was hacked was by setting this email to the hacker email, ask for a password recovery and it's simple done...... In the end Riot helped me retrieving my alt account and I set things properly... no harm has been done except for one ranked lost game, I'm just sorry for those that have been in that match :D... oh... and he bought gifts to another account with a few RP I had there, not the brightest idea because this way it was easy to track the guy that hacked my alt account. Don't know if Riot did something about that guy, but in the end I also have a bit of gilt on those events because that account was not properly secured.... Hope I never have problems with my main account, I invested more money in this game than in any other game in my entire life... It would make me real mad :D
: Well I'm not gonna reply to the rest because there's nothing to reply to but your final statement ignores one massive fact. The very fact that you are in your own words "not gifted" is the very reason why you it is easy for you to learn new things. The standard for your skill level for each champion and the required champion knowledge to play them is lower because no one in silver have that high skill level. Think about it like this if you're going from being a 3/10 on an adc to a 2/10 on a midlaner its not that hard to switch but if you've spent 7 years learning a set of adcs and you switch to learning midlane then you're gonna go from being a 8/10 to being a 5/10. Much bigger difference which would guarantee a lost game and is just not productive for the individual. Edit: I'd also like to add I've just surveyed a number of friends of mine to get their opinions on these things. Just before you make any claims about the results I didn't tell them anything about why I was asking the questions prior to them giving their answers and their skills level ranges from plat 3 to diamond 2. Of 5 people I asked all 5 said it was roughly a 50/50 split between game knowledge and mechanical skill when climbing to diamond 4 however 4/5 of them then went on to say they think mechanical skill is far more important in the lower skill brackets and you can easily climb to platinum with virtually no game knowledge. When asked if they think smurfing can be productive for a high elo players improvement when playing unknown champs 4/5 of them said yes and the 5th said he would rather play normals but would agree that playing a champion you don't know in ranked for the first time wouldn't be recommended. 1 of them did display that they had a distaste towards smurfing while the rest thought it wasn't a problem. It would seem that your friend is a bit of an outlier as most people both think that at best game knowledge makes up for about half of the improvement gap from low to high elo and most think that smurfing is productive for the player.
There are silver players with high mechanical skill unable to climb because no macro, lack of knowledge on how to close the game for example (also know as the players with 20-0 kda but still lose the game)... as there are challanger players with low mechanics because they have a very good macro... By the way, got matched vs a guy called Wholesome Shaco, fresh lvl 30, mostly only playing shaco (75% win rate) literally that guy just stomp every single lane.... the irony of "smurfing for learning purposes" Well yes he deserved to win that game, but we also didn't deserve to be matched vs that guy.... matchmaking is to make competitive fair matches, but smurfs ruin the system by making the games look like a stomp fiesta
: Why do you smurf?
Actually players say smurfing is legal... well it's not illigal (true), but no game ever support this, and riot is no exception..... the problem is that it's just hard to prove someone is smurfing so it's hard to counter this behavior... and also because it's so easy to create a fresh account and lvl it up to 30 is so fast that almost no effort is required.... so in the end it's up to the players according to their values to do it or not.... And It must be karma, following this topic and just now played vs a one trick Shaco, fresh lvl 30 smashing gold players (100% win rate with Shaco with only 4 games)... "learning purposes" (hahaha)…
: That's a lot of metaphoric analogies without a single in game example to back it up. Comparing a general profession to a competitive game just doesn't work. You don't directly compete with others on an individual basis in the vast majority of professions so making the comparison is a bit ridiculous and the analogy at the end I just don't know what I'm reading there it looks like an attempt at a haiku. As for your statement about this trying to be our universal justification for smurfing let's be real here. No ones trying to justify it. We don't care whether you believe the truth or choose not to but we're not on trial here. Riot is not and never has directly combated smurfing and likely never will. It makes them money, lots of money. People who smurf are likely the individuals who spend the most time on the game and spend the most money. Having more accounts to buy your favourite skins on makes Riot a happy company. So no us telling you that we smurf because it helps us learn things we don't yet know isn't a justification however your ridiculous claim that smurfing doesn't help people in any way learn new things does make you seem like your trying to hide an unhealthy jealousy and hatred for those who've styled on you a couple of times. As for that claim in of itself let's dissect that shall we. So what you've substituted for your original claim of Macro is actually game knowledge and I assume you're not going to half way through a discussion change your original claim about it being un-learnable while smurfing just because we changed the name, good? Ok then. You cited in your original comment that some of these skills that make the difference that you claimed to be game knowledge are, wave manipulation, power spikes and knowing where you want the wave. First off the most obvious one. How can a Diamond player magically transfer his knowledge of power spikes from a champion he does know to one he does not...when they have different power spikes? "Zed becomes strong at his first item why doesn't twitch". "Gangplanks abilities get really good at level 13 why doesn't Nami's" Etc. Secondly where you want the wave. If you haven't had the time to see what a champion does and more specifically how you combo your abilities together in order to do it and how effective that is against different champions then how can you transfer this knowledge from known champions to unknowns. Going back to ADCs if you know Twitch then you want the wave just outside of your turret range so you can farm safely from range. Xayah or Jhin you want the wave in the middle of lane and even so you can fight the enemy laners as much as possible and for Caitlyn you want it at their turret so you can take plates and harass with your extraordinary range. These are three different examples from the same class of champions and you need time with a champion to learn your strengths and weaknesses to decide what you wanna do with your wave management skills. Wave manipulation is really just the same as the last wave management with the added skills of knowing how your champion can do that which again comes from experience of knowing that champion. All of these things (which you chose) require extra time to learn and bring up to a similar level to what your known champion pool is at. So I'll repeat what I said earlier. If you don't wanna believe people when they tell you the truth about why they smurf because you painting them in as evil of a light as possible to justify your own rather sad obsession then that's down to you. Believe the truth of don't but when you try to argue your points it just seems sad.
Professional example is just that, an example... you make your interpretation as you see fit. I could use a game like chess, everyone knows that a professional player would win without a sweet someone newer to that game (because of macro) and don't try to tell me that the game is not knowledge / experience based... I'll not prolong this discussion because we have different perspectives and different life experiences... and I'm not here to judge smurfs as their actions are for those who commit them… I just made my point that I don't think its fair or ethical to do so... I read your way of thinking, I understand and respect your line of thinking, just don't agree with it... you don't have to agree with what I say or my believes. And you're the first person I heard saying macro is not needed to climb in this game... And cmon even me low rank player can learn a champion power spike without the need to play with lower ranks and I'm not gifted, and more I play like in average only 1 game per day (other life priorities)
: I guess I'll be permabanning Blitz for a bit
just dodge to the side... its a longer hook not a wider hit box :D
: I’m a little pissed off... The High Noon skin line
High noon Ashe........... shut up at take my money :D love it
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