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SeIcric (EUW)
: Help with ADHD causing me to react badly to players in games
i also flame a lot uncontrolably coz of my mental health, i would like somebody to talk to regularly who have the same problems and be able to control the circumstances better. <-- thats the way to cope with it, u need to control the circumstances that leads to ur emotional distress (play schedule, other activities, having a healthy behaviour and responsible)
: any support champion recommendations please
im otp taric, i have tried many champs since season 1 and i can tell you he is prety good to carry as support. He can play agresive or defensive and he have super good scaling and defense in mid-late game. If you wanna learn i can aanswer your questions (i know the most efficient builds and runes in low and high elo and i even have own build paths). On mid-late game all you need to know of strategy with taric is to group and stomp the team fight since he is in extreme advantage there. One of the most important things about taric is that he is pretty much misundersruood by his teammates and he have a eally weird playstyle , u need practice and patience to cope with early game and team uncolaborative behaviour.
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DeltaAFK (EUW)
: My look on not losing MMR in provisional games...
What you said made sense to me, you seem like a good person.
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