: New nickname --> Free Mystery Skin/icon
Youthanasia (EUNE)
: Pantheon new splash art leaked?
: The reveal page is up guys!
KarvaNakki (EUNE)
: Aurelion is a homophone of Aurelian, which in turn is the English pronunciation of the Latin name Aurelianus, which in turn means 'golden'. Sol is the Latin word for 'sun' and comes from the Roman Sun God Sol Invictus, whose cult was given official statues by emperor Aurelian. Aurelion Sol Golden Sun
Aurelion Sol is a great GBA game
: Blizard created the funny 'ez' censoring, but i have an Idea what Riot could do !
: Vi
You can't
Matyanson (EUNE)
: Suitside Squad team
Everyone wars a suit then in the Suitside Squad? Why not just give em all Debonair skins thens
Charibasa (EUW)
: at level 1 you also had 0 of each...
NocStroke (EUW)
: That's why you can switch between them <. <
Switch like it's an actual feature Riot has inplemented?
: Seriously, Karthus isn't that op in All 4 one
Building mr items against 5 mages?! Oh my gosh, i never thought of that
Husker (EUW)
: Which team are you on Pokemon GO?
Team lvl 4 cuz i don't have internet outside of my house
Isalendur (EUW)
: Project skin boarder
Damn, i wish i had 2 more cores to craft the triangle. Guess i gotta wait for the special caches to come out for 1500 IP
: goood for you! I thank you for your useful contribution to solving the bug!
: [6.15] Lux Ultimate (Final Spark) not hitting (dealing damage to) champions Lux has no vision of
: You can cancel Vi's Q by activating recall.
: Please show some love for Uberdanger
XxlordCobra (EUNE)
: I've Quit League of Legends | Gross Gore ( help him out guys :"( )
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Give me your ward skin ideas!
Arcade Ward Like the thing on top of Final Boss Veigar's staff. When destroyed, the ward combusts into pixels
Naruto Leo (EUNE)
: Current Ryze Login Screen Creeps Me Out
: The Hidden Broken Build. Feat. Soraka
next patch that won't be possible anymore
: Pokemon GO is the bomb.
tfw not officially out in germany yet
dexcore (EUW)
: when to max W?
when you go supp
gameR1610 (EUNE)
: How me transfer my acc to Russia?
There is a certain ritual you need to do. First of all, play Viktor untill rank 7. Embrace his accent and his playstyle. Main Viktor for the rest of your LoL career. Go into a Twisted Treeline game (It HAS to be TT) and pick Viktor once more. Make sure your teammates picked Freljord champions to symbolize the coldness of Russia. Ingame, type "Cyka blyat!" EXACTLY 50 times. Win the game. You have to make sure to lasthit the Nexus and get the extra 50 gold. Your client will now crash. Upon logging back in, you are now on the Russian servers. GLHF!
: I don't understand Syndra and Riven? XD
I didn't find a pic of Spongebob wildly jumping around like a lunatic, so the one i got for Riven was the best i could find. And Syndra... i didn't find any pictures of Spongebob with spheres floating around him. But you know what Syndra has? Some really, really nice legs
Rioter Comments
: You are the first pick. What is your flexpick/safepick for your main roles?
{{champion:133}} You can play her Top, Jungle and ADC. People will have no idea where you would be going. But if you want to trick them, you can always hover other champs. Like, if you are ADC, and you hover over some top lane champs before picking Quinn, they will think you are a top lane Quinn and try to counterpick you top lane
bulz7 (EUNE)
: Assassin Draven
Secondary role should be exclusive for him. It's called Draaaaaaaaaven
Colsh (EUW)
: What is the best Trundle skin
Daddy Trundle. Aka. Traditional Trundle
: Shouldn't Fizz Wear One Of These?
No, because he's not a sponge, nor is he a starfish
: What does Brexit mean ?
Britain + Exit = Brexit
DaveRod (EUW)
: Should I get Jarvan IV?
No, you should never even think about getting this champion.
: Summoner Name
I ward for you is already taken. Spilling Wards is the only choice
: A+?????
I just checked your match history. You had 85 farm at 29:27 There is your problem. Glad i could help. Farm more next time.
Koracks (EUNE)
: Was I Lucky When I got Spirit Guard Udyr In A Hextech Chest (Did not buy any chests for RP)
Pikajew (EUNE)
: Share some funny names you have encountered !
: Vi ultimate bug report
I had that problem too once. I hope Riot looks into it.
: Can someone explain to me WHY Dynamic Q is..
Maybe you are secretly a god at this game deep on the inside and the game recognizes that. There could be far more potential in you than you can see in yourself. You have to discover your limits, how good you are and what you are to deserve to play against high ranked players. The game must know that deep within you sleeps a pro player who is soon gonna wake up and see himself in the LoL World Championship. The game wants to prepare you for the road of a pro player. Skill and a lot of fame await you, as well as money. Something only the best LoL players deserve, and the game wants YOU. You are the chosen one to become pro. Be that one person that Riot will listen to when it comes to game balance. You know what's right and what is wrong. You are gonna be a pro player that Riot works for. You will put down tencent and bring back LoL to it's former glory. A new age of LoL is comming, and you are the one that will save us all. Or The matchmaking system is just messed up
Maiziea (EUW)
: Don't really care for this feature, but I've been curious if this is about kills or kills and assists? If anyone knows please let me know :). I'm also not against this idea but I just don't find it hard to keep track of this myself, and I only need 3 kills for it to be stronger than the other option.
Bounty Hunter would be way to strong if it worked on assists too. Only works on kills. And i just want this feature because i easily lose track of my kills.
kurnubego (EUNE)
: Wouldn't you be better off with mercurial, if the stats is all you want? Although price might be the issue here, it gives more benefits.
nvm, i switched the Maw in my built for Banshees. Much cheaper and more tankyness
Pućo (EUNE)
: You will deal increased % dmg equal to your kills. (15 kills = 15% more dmg) I don't see why that would need to be seen on screen. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Deal 1% increased damage for each unique enemy champion you have killed *UNIQUE* Educate yourself before you try to educate me
: Sure why not. And when you hover over the icon it displays which champions you have killed. Sounds about right
Yeah, i totally forgot to also make it show you which champ you killed. Gonna edit it. Thx for the reminder.
Rioter Comments
Wulfer4x (EUNE)
: Dual Lifeline Build?! WHY insist on building it?!
I like Sterak's for the extra tankyness and Maw cuz i like the stats of it
: Riot wake up! Your decision about soloQ hurts the game and people are actually dropping the game!
Been playing Overwatch, then i came back. Overwatch is pretty much a huge DynamicQ when it comes to playing with others. So, no difference here, except that it are completely different genres of games.
Rioter Comments
Febos (EUW)
: He's getting one, mate. [El Rayo Volibear](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idWOQzRsxDA)
Doesn't fit in with the "cool" category tho. But hey, now he has ANOTHER 750 RP skin, one 975 RP skin and no 1350 RP skin. Give the bear some love pls
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