Strigina (EUNE)
: Well...yeah :-D Honestly, the fact that I proved myself skilled enough to obtain these tokens but can't have lvl 6 anyway because of essences, bothers me as hell...
I mean no offense buddy, but the system is built in a way so that everyone can get level 7 mastery, unless horrible. All you are required to do is have the patience to do enough games with the champion and eventually you get the mastery. You might argue that skilled player with a champion can get it much faster, still anyone could get it. Therefore having high mastery level is pointless honestly, except if you are into aesthetic visuals in the game like the emote. The only way i could see this showing any real skill level is if there is a criteria with cs and kda per games.
: > I am curious to find out which tier is the saltiest However thats not what you will find out with this poll. This poll will tell you which tier is PERCEIVED as the the not very representative board community. Additionally people normally consider their own tier the saltiest (because everybody is the center of the universe), so the perception will be strongly biased towards the most common tiers of board users (probably silver to plat)
Of course, i am not expecting this to be reliable or credible, its for fun sake and most likely it will end up with a result showing silver or gold cause the majority of playerbase in ranked is placed there, however i wouldnt really bother getting into such detail. Its after all a fun experiment. Thanks for the constructive feedback though. :)
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Azure9861 (EUW)
: Just played with this MF who AFK'd because i took one CS.
Grow up, its LoL there plenty of salty trolls move on report him and enjoy 1 less retarded player in your games, texting here about your bad experience with this has 0 impact. But ofc that is my opinion.
: Becoming a better player. Tips? Suggestions?
As someone who has climbed quite high on the ladder(currently dia 4) i can give you this advices. Make sure you are communicating with your teammates and announce big cds, make sure you always maintain good vision, PINKS PINKS PINKS i really cannot stress out the importance of those and also always try to counterpick.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Riot's aproach towards the Farsight Alteration is wrong.
I agree with you. The nerf on the yellow trinket was too harsh, which resulted in people using the blue one more and indirectly nerfing the red one. Pitty.
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: D4 Top and D2 Mid LF Diamond Team
Hey guys, Diamond Top laner here, I am also searching for a team, if you are interested we could form a team together and search for other players.
King Zant (EUW)
: Diamond Botlane is looking for a serious/competitive team (+Dia)
Hello, guys. I saw your post and you seem like interesting people. I am diamond top laner and look for a team as well if you are interested maybe we could create a team and look together for other players. P.S. I know some german as well :D
: Dia 4 adc looking for team
Dia Top laner here, if you find a team or anything count me in, I am also searching for a team, Btw i am from Denmark :D
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: Saturday League Recruit !
Diamond Top laner, looking for a team, would like to try out how it would work out with you guys
Ovy (EUW)
: A diamond team with a coach recruiting MID and TOP
Diamond Top laner here, I find your offer interesting.
: EUW Diamond Jng/Botlane Searching for a team
Diamond Top laner here, maybe we could form a team together or something
Emmy (EUW)
: DIA 5 - Looking for DUO partner! ^^
Hey, I think i am your person, I added you in game so we can discuss.
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SüjiN (EUW)
: LF Diamond/Plat | Top, and Support - A$AP (Must have either TS3 or Skype) English Speaking Only,
: Diamond 1 jungler + Diamond 3 mid laner LFT ( High diamonds if possible )
I just got demoted from d4, but i am pretty decent top laner interested ?
: LF DUTCH Toplane Main High plat/Low Diamond to play team ranked 5v5
I aint Dutch, But i am diamond 5 almost d4 and my nickname is Uber Dutchman ? :D
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: Huh that sux xD
Garurumon (EUW)
: Hacker =/= 1 drophacker for every 100.000 players.
Damn I must be a freaking unicorn then ... Yesterday i got drophacked 3 times, 3 motherfking times... In total I was unable to play for 5 hours because of this hacks...
Daveth96 (EUNE)
: What do these drop hacks do? Couse i have like 4000-20000 pings and dc-s totally randomly in some of my games. Can it be my internet, couse it would be strange.
I am not really certain how it goes for others and haven't researched it much, but fore me usually when I am winning and it's obvious the enemy team will lose occasionally the game just drops, nobody can reconnect and your client becomes just useless... Yesterday I had 3 games dropped and had to wait around 5 hours in total...
: Faith in humanity restored
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: Server EUW Having Problems
I think someone is purposely trying to make this game unplayable, player all across every tier and division seem to be spamming this since couple of hours and its increasing, I am having the same problem and I actually have considered the possibility of attack on League of Legends player base actually :/
Vithonil (EUW)
: I think I just got drophacked :( now i am stuck in a ghost game... Fck cheaters
Well, same here. I am so freaking pissed at these people .... I recently reached d5 and since then the amount of times, which I have been in this position has grown severely... It super hard to gain points and once I gain 70-80 pts I get freaking drophacked or whatever this is called or used ... srsly !!!!!!!!!
: Monthly Skin Giveway Round 2! [June]
I don't want a specific skin, but 2 mystery boxes... 'Cause Imma greedy pleb {{summoner:30}}
: I have 47113 RP!!! WHO WANTS A SKIN??? #3 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
{{champion:59}} Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV {{champion:54}} Glacial Malphite {{champion:24}} Nemesis Jax Eventhough I will probably not win, thanks for the giveaway mate, keep making us the average players of LoL happy :)
Adrenalotr (EUNE)
: Riot activity (with some numbers!)
Really interesting post, I really do find your effort to support your statements with facts (eventhough it might be considered as indirect). A commendible effort, however knowing how this community opperates I think that your post will be simply forgotten or ignored I really do hope you can gather more attention on this topic, maybe combine it with a reddit thread. Either way good job, let there be more vigilant people like you :)
Rich (EUW)
: I'm feeling generous. Free skin?
Respect, it's really nice that someone does that :)

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