: Let's not. She's a 53-54% win rate champion. "Close" Her "poke" ability is 800 range.
Percentages without context don't mean much and her true "poke ability" is weaving in empowered AA's, which have much less range. She has a low pick rate of 3,03% in plat+, which means mostly 1 tricks and I'm assuming mostly bot premades in soloq will pick her and make her winrate unnatural.
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: Riot's a bunch of Riven mains {Copied thread from NA}
: A idea for the Champion select
Wildman (EUW)
: Should refunds be regenerated every year?
At least you should be rewarded with more if you buy RP. RITO PLS
Nedooo (EUW)
: [Suggestion] New ping System ?
Now with this you could work more like a team without afk typing too much. Great idea!


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