Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Sorry for late reply. About building your social network, you can always send mail (or traditional letters) to actors. It works, even if it is not easy (if i did it, everyone can, my social skill have a negative value after all). You just need to remember about few things. 1) Be polite (use a proper addressing forms), use a correct language (don't overuse ellipsis, don't use slang words) but don't look like a lowly slave waiting for master to spit on him just to be happy. You want to speak with someone who is inspiring you, not with a god. 2) Talk with that person considering that he is a human and not a character that he have played. If you want any tips about how to become actor, don't go with "you performance as Iron Man was amazing! I want to play like this also!" You are not asking about his acting experiences, you just like the character that he played. And it was written the way to make it likable. Tell him, what parts of his acting made you admire him, not what he played. As for example. There are two movies that I consider way better than books. Those are "The Silence of the Lambs" and "The Shinning". The main reason for that, are the actors that played main roles. Both, Hannibal Lecter and Jack Torrance, are presented flat and boring in the books. The thing that made them awesome was what the actors did to them. In your mail you should point exactly those things when you want to ask about some advices. 3) Don't give up. When I needed to meet some people of culture, I send over 60 mails and e-mails. Got answer from 5. It is not that easy, but it is not impossible.
Thank you for the encouragement and advice. :) I actually did some research the past days... concluding that, first above all...I need to get into a class and more practice. >.< Which I can't wait... but it will be later next year. :( So, studying, practicing...preparing to get ready at least 6 months to a year, and depending on then skill level. I can maybe audition to an agency. >.< (That is like my strategy atm) Aside of work, would need a shit ton of luck... Another good thing to find would be a practice partner. That is I actually have no clue where to find one of those. Like: 'Hi stranger, I'm random newb wanna get into acting practice, you wanna practice together with me and read some scripts?' :s
Mcgalakar (EUNE)
: Does getting into actress bed also counts? {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} But now honestly, reading some actors and actress biographies, it is important to try every single thing. Is there any theatrical group in your school? Maybe someone is doing a casting for a music band, kid show, anything. Many actors mentioned the early exposition to acting as one of the reason why they succeeded. It is maybe not an actor, but speaking with few artists that I know, they often mention that this is a really hard job, where you need to spend countless of hours before even getting a chance to shine. And even then, this is only a start. Good luck with acquiring your goals. ######I just beg you of one thing. Never. Be. Like. Kardashian. Don't do this to humanity.
I have only applied to a drama class...that isn't going to start until next year in february... so meanwhile I wanna do something already. xD I don't know anyone who is into this, so I don't have much of a contact network in my area... But I did consider doing and testing a multiple things. So far I actually managed to get myself in as an 'extra' for advertisement clip. :) But it really isn't much because I don't get any lines... just in the background. xd
Wex0r (EUW)
: Voice acting , you should apply to be in leagues new animated series
I actually tried to look up a link for it. I couldnt find any (in the job/career page) for riot...
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Kurotsu (EUW)
: You're leaving us? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
I plan to. (Just don't know when) But I wanna be prepared (to transfer my account when that happens) {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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: 🎃👻 Volunteer Halloween Quiz 👻🎃
Took the quiz, it was a bit challenging. :) ign: Intuitive Bunny (euw)
carotSLO (EUW)
: 10years aniversary permaban gift, thx RIOT
Used same account for 7 years, never got any warnings, punishments even once. Simply because I have never said anything offensive or cursed a single time. They don't ban unless you have said something offensive. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Do you like the new akali or do you prefer the older one?
Ah... nowadays I no longer play other lane than support... so... this new Akali... I did not play at all. :(
: Who Was Your First Main Champion!
{{champion:84}} Was the first champion I played and mained.
Iakovia (EUW)
: Let's see your PC setups
When I first started playing League many years ago, I played on a mini laptop that had a 11' screen. After the map upgrade I could not run the game on it anymore... so now I have a normal PC to play on. The game does not lag. And that is good enough for me...
: Hi Positive Bunny: Basically what you need is a manufacturer. These are the factories that make the product with your designs. You can find them on or through a google search. This is a similar cute personal store: I think the owner of the site uses to manufacture her designs. She has a youtube channel: This is an example of a manufacturer you can find on alibaba: I have read on several places that when you contact a manufacturer you will have to send them a PDF file with your designs. Here's an example of how to find and contact a manufacturer by a different personal store owner (he sells pins): I'm trying to make a personal store myself, it can be a bit overwhelming at first (so much to learn!) but I think it's really worth it to be your own boss. Edit: If you really like Kaworu's shop, she may give some advice if you ask her:
Thank you so much for the reply and the links. Sorry I did not answer sooner, I did not check this forums so often. But I will look into these for sure, and do some research!!
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Khanzax (EUW)
: Please help me by flaming me
Hi friend. I could understand your frustration. But we should remind ourselves to be the better person and speak to our fellow players in a nice manner. How they reply or what kind of action they take is their own problem. Maybe getting a punishment just based on this case is harsh. But regardless. Don’t bother going on the offensive towards others even if they are not on their best behavior! You can do better than them! :)
: 4 RP :(
Haha Yi’s dot eyes!!! Funny drawing!! :D
Eveninn (EUW)
: Here is a random evening hug!
Thank you for sharing of positive energy! \\\\٩( 'ω' )و //// Tho personally. I don’t like hugs to everyone... I only hug the special person. xd I will offer a friendly handshake instead! ^^
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: Cursor shakes randomly
I had that problem once. And i was using a wireless mouse. I changed to one that wasnt wireless and it fixed.
: Its so hot today
24C at my place which is significantly warmer than usual.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: You don't get focused? I get focused quite a lot, sometimes I'm quite surprised how hard assassins tend to focus me even while a perfectly good and squishy adc is right next to me. My playstyle already used to be quite lacking in self-protection, but this became a problem so I became more careful about that.
When I play support, I rarely get focused. Probably because I'm positioning quite safe at the back. But it happens that assassins (Zed especially) such really aim for me hard even if a do so. But they usually die if they do that. (Most wouldn't don't do that hard for me.) When I play against fed Shaco and Rengar, they could aim for me more often. Sometimes go for me before adc. But other champions... not so much.
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Atiw9TRz,comment-id=00120000,timestamp=2018-04-16T19:14:15.510+0000) > > I do not agree... > > I'm support main. I feel it is plenty easier than adc. Because I don't need to cs, I don't get focused. So I can calmly play my role. > I'm trying to learn adc. VS golds in flex... > > And it really isn't that easy. Because I lose all the time. v.v > Most likely because everyone jumps you, and you need to position correctly exact to do damage AND not dying. AND having good cs. That is a lot... You can not agree , and you will not agree , you already explained , you lose all the time , and that's because you are just bad , doesn't mean the role is hard , do not defend the adc role , it's literally the easiest role in the game , having good cs is hard for you ? oh nice joke then go play a mage in mid , position well ? of course you have to , even as support , everyone jumps on you ? you know that the fight is won when they focus the adc while the support is an enchanter , and that's not a lot , actually you get screwed if you play Lulu and you force the shield on yourself , you can't proc Ardent to give the adc that attack speed buff , I as a support , I do a lot more than any adc player , I do damage as , I do kite more than an adc , I do have specific times when to use my heals and shields, when to use Redemption , when to use Locket , when to use other support items , if you are bad even as support , don't defend the adc role.
That is a lot of nonsense you are saying that I actually thought you were trolling. But you're not. Yes I must be bad with adc and support as well. I have no clue what im talking about and that is why im not in silver like you. Must get better. xd
: i need a op summoner name for vayne main on euw server pls i gift the winner :O
looonster (EUW)
If youre toxic you get banned. If you dont wanna get banned then done be toxic. Learn to follow the rules. Simple. No one is forcing you to write toxic words in chat. If you have trouble controling yourself, better work with your own attitude first before playing more online games.
looonster (EUW)
: How many accounts do you have?
2 My main and one other I never use.
: > [{quoted}](name=Foxynerdy,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=E5WbFzg2,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-05-01T12:48:35.588+0000) > > Losing streaks happen. But at least you're not having ranked losing streak. happens too much for me causing me to lose motivation .-.
: Feeling misareble af ┐( ˘ 、 ˘ )┌
Losing streaks happen. But at least you're not having ranked losing streak.
: Looking For Serious DUO Smurf Player To Rank Up The Ladder! Stuck in Bronze!
If you really player on dia lv in older seasons you would still at least be gold or smt. .-. Ex dia stuck in bronze...never heard of
Rwobba (EUW)
: pff, so arrogant :P dont judge people using your experience, someone improves faster, someone slower. Not the reason to be jealous
It is not me being arrogant. Do you realize how big of a difference there is between p1 and master tier?
SKT Cutie (EUW)
: p1
Impressive that you are confident about getting to masters in this season already. You must be improving really fast. :)
SKT Cutie (EUW)
: I've got 30 on smurf and i need someone who will help me get dia/master
Ãrthas (EUNE)
: What can i do ?
You seem to have a high winrate on Lux, why don't you just play whatever champion that you have been successful with? It is either: Climb elo > Play champs you WIN with or: Play for fun > be hardstuck
: The two new tiers for 2019. What are they going to be?
DoubleDream (EUNE)
: I need serious help ASAP please
: Is it possible to climb in solo Q playing only support?
Playmaker and ap mage supports if you are below diamond. With those you can carry easier. If you play shield mages you will rely more on your team
: She is kind of squishy compared to the rest. With no real heal/peel. Silver players can't really dodge, rather not see my support one shot 5 times before lane ends.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
She scales really well into the late game tho. But yeah, she isnt as strong early anymore as she was before..
: Can you play her?
Yeah But i was just wondering why you did not include her
Great Lad (EUNE)
: Update on my transfer to EUW from EUNE: Still toxic, but in a different way and better people.
Played in both servers. Started in eune, then moved to euw. I can say: Eune d5 = Euw p5 More or less. Euw players are more cocky and have a bit higher ego. (There were euw players smurfing in eune and calling others 'eune trash' ) Euw smurfs are generally more toxic than eune smurfs. They bash a lot more of their teammates for being 'low elo/hardstuck' and so on. Both servers are more or less the same toxic, just in different ways.
: Looking for a Lulu/Janna/Nami in silver
HarrowR (EUNE)
: Why cant i down vote anything on this thread?
I wonder the same. Maybe they disabled it so ppl cant downvote xD
Str33TXeR (EUW)
: If you want them to reform, HELP THEM reform!
: I was just recently perma banned. Was it really justified? Id like to hear your thoughts.
Doesn't look like you were toxic or anything. But you certainly typed a lot in game. (Even if it was for defending yourself against flamers). I guess Riot don't accept that either...
fimpi1 (EUW)
: Game disconnect
Same, just now in ranked... so annoyed xd i was winning
: is this deserved?? be honest
Dont think it was THAT toxic (ive seen worse) but this is still toxic.
Viggo (EUW)
: Master Supp LF aram players to lvl new acc (all ranks)
Hi Viggo Mortensen, I guess I can play a few arams every now n then. I like arams when I don't play ranked. I usually play arams in the evening tho. Add me if you want.
: Still struggling to climb as a support in low elo and not sure how to improve my games. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks for the advice!
You climb most effectively as support in low elo with either: AP damage support such as brand/zyra. You will be the carry in your team that way even if your adc suck. You play cc tank play making support and roam with it. Thresh, blitz, leona and the like. Gank and set up kills for mid when you roam there. But mobi boot. If you play utility support... imo is the harder compared with the other 2 to solo carry. But if you plat say Janna. You need to try out poke enemy laner and try roam. (Not as effectivr as thresh and blitz tho) And last thing they all have in common: vision. Always carry a pink for objectives as well. I try to always have 3 pinks during mid/late. Don't randomly ward. Ward at places that matter. If you are ahead or even, try ward in enemy territory. If you are behind, ward defensively. You need to predict where enemy might gank from and ward that area. Different junglers gank differently. Also, lane with ignite and play aggressive. But not mindlessly aggressive. Ignite is a spell to pick when you intend to win your lane. Im support main. :)
: can any '' high elo '' player suggest me what to do ?
You play what you like. And in bronze, if you are good... you can basically carry with anything. xd I'm not mid main. But I do happen to play mid when I get autofilled. Midlane is a lot about roaming, having map awareness, being at the right place at the right time. You also have the responsibility to ward properly. Takes time to gain game knowledge. But if you want to improve fast, I suggest you either watch video guide or play with a higher elo player in normals to learn about rotations and strategies.
: Player reaching out for advice to reform
Hi. The most common things to do (and probably what most say) would be: -Mute all and disable all chat. (If you don't see your team being negative it might cause slightly less frustration. (This works for me) But since you said that it still tilts you when you have an 'inter'. Maybe you would need to try have a better understanding of yourself. -Why would you get so tilted because of that? -Is he/her actually intentionally feeding or just having a bad game? Imagine if you played with someone trying their best but just fails. And they are losing their spirit to try more and wanting to give up. Is that really someone would want to tell '%%%' to? Ok, if they actually ARE losing on purpose. Then think this way: If that person is ruining game for others, what difference does it make that you are flaming him? You are only risking yourself getting banned. And he will not care what you tell him. If someone doesnt care what you tell him, why wasting your time? If a moneky is dumb by nature, will you yell at it? In your next game you are most likely playing with others. If he is ruining your game already, why let him ruin your mood aswell? Basically. You are a good player. A good player is not only skilled in the game, but he/she has a good attitude as well. And manners. You don't want to get down to his level. But if you flame, you will. So stay cool. If you see a moneky, do not copy and like it. It is more like, monkey sees you, monkey should copy you instead. If you are a positive non toxic player, there is a slight chance you can Influence others to pick that trait up too. But in the end, it is not about how I tell you to think. If you don't want to be toxic. You need to understand and convince yourself about it - down to the core. Another thing you could try: Play together with a non toxic friend who always stay cool. And let them influence you. Personally, if I would play with a person I like. I don't want to disappoint them. So I try my best playing the game and staying positive. Cuz I want my friend to have a good game as well. One recent game I had. I got flamed quite hard. Even tho I'm not the type who flames back. It made the game very unfun to play that I wanted to just afk and leave. But because I was playing with a friend and he was telling me to ignore the flamer. I kept playing because I did not want to ruin the game for my friend. I feel frustrated in games too. Sometimes I get a bit passiveaggressivr and a tiny bit toxic if Im really pissed. But mostly I don't type at all. The stuff I told you works for me. I played since s3 and never got a single warning or chat restiction this way. Goodluck to you, you can do it! :)
: As for my experience from playing all roles , the easiest role is adc and the hardest role is support and mages , no jokes adc only need to auto attack what's in range , they got the supports to babysit them , they just need to move and attack which is not hard at all while supports got tons of things to do , supporting isn't only warding , you gotta use locket and redemption at a good time , and use your kit in a smart way and in a good timing , and you gotta know what to do
I do not agree... I'm support main. I feel it is plenty easier than adc. Because I don't need to cs, I don't get focused. So I can calmly play my role. I'm trying to learn adc. VS golds in flex... And it really isn't that easy. Because I lose all the time. v.v Most likely because everyone jumps you, and you need to position correctly exact to do damage AND not dying. AND having good cs. That is a lot...
skinTDM (EUNE)
: not ban-wise, cuz not even once I saw Lulu get banned. xD
Well, in games I play Lulu gets banned more than Nami. But if you're new to support... I think Nami is a bit easier than Lulu. Because W is easy to trade with. E can be a little more tricky in lane, because you want to use it at a right time. And Q isn't super easy to land, but it is a skill shot you can always practice on. Her ult is good for for follow up and peel. Having a heal is also a little bit more forgiving if you make a mistake. Lulu you will be more decision based to use your W/E on ally or enemy, to use ulty as cc or save. That is my opinion at least...
skinTDM (EUNE)
: lulu or nami
Nami cuz Lulu gets banned more often.
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