Goperod (EUW)
: Pathing is the most importent thing imo. Always have your camps Down and see if you can find a gank thats fit to your pathing.
: well as a grags main i am pretty sure u have runes figured out ... But still i would want you to have atlst flat -5% cd rune for Season 7... apart from that just watch how your team is playing .. try safe early ganks after a good leash on red u can ez gank mid or top and if the player doesnt respond well avoid ganking and focus on farming and just blockin enemy ganks in ally lanes... Thats the best u can do on low elo ... Rest if team is good u will steam roll
Thank you I think I need to look at my rune
Aonivar (EUW)
: I haven't exactly played a lot of jungle, or a lot of Rift really, just started a couple of days ago, but here's somethings I noticed when I was playing top. People tend to start at either red or blue, and typically kill that with a leash (and they tend to not use smit from what I've seen). From my (limited) experience they then tend to clear their side (if starting blue) or go invade blue (when red). From what I've gathered, the reason behind this is because both Gromp as well as the raptor camp is quite hard to solo at lvl 2. Anyway, there's a couple of reasons to go for a gank. But most of these should be coordinated with your laner (yeah, not going to happen, so you're going to have so judge whether it's possible). * If your laner is low he might want to back. So either he's pushed into turret and can't back without losing it, in which case you want to chunk out the enemy laner, or just offer to hold the wave for a while (don't mindlessly push it out!). * If the enemy turret is rather low, your laner might (will!) generally want to push out their lane and destroy that turret. If there's a recently recalled enemy top laner in the way, you might want to help with that. Note that it also really helps (in this scenario), if you can either find the opponent's jungler, ward the enemy jungle near that low tower, and generally adjust your path to kill some camp nearby. * If you're comfortable with tower diving, or have some ranged abilities, you might see lanes (most often top) build up pretty large minion waves. Either forcing the enemy laner out, killing him, or just throwing your spells at him under turret will cause him to lose a lot of cs. Now, obviously a kill is preferable, but any of those above points will help too. Other than that, you might want to asses your team and see who is most likely to carry. That might be you, if you're confident in your play and champion. In that case you should go for the easiest gank (bot lane is typically a level or 2 behind the rest due to it being a duo lane). Unfortunately the most oppertune times to gank requires quite a lot of communication and forsight for both the laner and the jungler. Small cooldowns, mana pools, even uncertainty about the presence of the other jungler, all can influence whether you're going to be succesful or not. Anyway, whatever you do, do not go chasing for a kill. There's only three possible scenarios: You get him: worth he gets away: both of you waste a lot of time but he gets away with low health, he wins. You get killed: not worth. In general, not worth.
Thank you now I know how laner thinks about JG :)
Just Cat (EUW)
: * Kite your monsters, even as melee, after each attack just fall back a bit, it will reduce the damage you take significantly. * If you gank with immobile or champion that requires lvl 6, you can risk and take ghost, it will allow you to gank before lvl 6, but you don't have a flash. * A lot of junglers can solo dragon early, Understand which champions can do when, purchase vision ward before hand. * ward enemy jungle and counter jungle a lot, specially if you are someone like lee sin. That's all I got for you
Thank you I like your advice a lot
iDunk (EUW)
: Take smite, smite stuffs, smite champs, don't feed. Did I do good?
Gojiraw (EUW)
: Think of your jungle camps as bread crumbs in your path, that you need to pick up. So, if you want to gank top, you do wolves, you do blue, Gromp, then gank top. Try to be efficient that way. Never do like Wraiths > Then head up to the top lane for a gank. Also, keep your ganks short and go back to farming. Don't stay in bushes to see if they have wards, don't wait the perfect moment. If you can gank, do it right away. Get in, get out and go back to farming. Make a habit of keeping track of the enemy jungler. He usually have the same path as you, especially in early game. That means that when you do your blue buff, he will be doing his red. And as we said earlier, he will usually take the most efficient path, so he should either gank top, or mid, from the side where the buff is. And do the same whole game. You went into his jungle, saw that he took his red and wraiths, you know that he's probably in bottom side, so ganking top might be a good option for you. Also, play around objectives. If you have Infernal or Mountain as first Dragon, it's good to try to secure it early, but also to keep an eye on it, so the enemies won't secure it. Jungle is a bit harder early on now. You pretty much need to gank at lvl 3 or 4, otherwise, you won't have camps in time. A common route is Red/Blue>Wraits or Wolves>Blue/Red>Gank or counter-gank. Counter ganking is pretty straight forward now. If your top lane is pushed at around min. 3, he will probably gonna get ganked, so you should head there. Most important advice I can give you is to type "/mute all" before the game starts. Don't overthink it, just do it.
: Is Normal Draft feel harder than Blind?
Thank you for all answer. I saw some answer about mmr I'm a smurf in gold5 but I havent play for a season and this is my new acc however I feel like Smurf in EUW usually play in draft.
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